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Humans Conspire

And with reference to the Jews, it has been said that it’s the 98 per cent. who make the 2 per cent. look bad.

by David Sims

SOMEONE ASKED: “Are there any ‘conspiracy theories’ that you personally think are true?”

Humans conspire, and some of the conspirators are famous politicians and/or rich bankers.

Sometimes, someone who isn’t a party to a conspiracy nevertheless comes to believe that he has good reasons for suspecting that a conspiracy exists. These are “honest” conspiracy theories. Honest conspiracy theories can be either true (accurate inferences) or false (errors of judgment).

On the other hand, some conspiracy theories are inventions motivated by mischief or malevolence. These are “dishonest” conspiracy theories, whose creator knows that it isn’t true, but merely wants to cause trouble or sow confusion.

When judging conspiracy theories, there are a number of things you should do.

First, assess the plausibility of the conspiracy. Are any laws of Nature broken? Are any of the generally true characteristics of human nature contradicted?

Second, does the conspiracy theory imply motives on the part of the alleged conspirators that a reasonable person would assume them to have? In answering this question, a study of history can be of great help. The politics of wealth and of power today are largely the same as they were before the dawn of civilization, except the game board has grown larger. If you can learn from history how past politicians have behaved, it will be a good first-approximation guide to how politicians will behave now in similar situations.

Third, suspect anyone who tries to use the phrase “conspiracy theory” to mean “a lie” or the phrase “conspiracy theorist” to mean “a liar.” Doing such a thing is very dishonest, because some conspiracy theories are true and because some conspiracy theorists are people who are trying to understand what the Hell is going on.

Denying or deriding all conspiracy theories because some of them are false is like declaring all Jews to be up to no good simply because a lot of them are. Just because Arie Scher and George Schteinberg pimped poor Brazilian children and sold child pornography, just because some rabbis in New York and New Jersey launder money for the drug lords of Central/South America, just because some Israeli soldiers steal kidneys out of the bodies of detained Palestinians, just because some Jews are treacherous spies like David Greenglass or Jonathan Pollard, just because the lying mass media for news and entertainment are owned and run by Jews, just because Jewish bankers intentionally beggar nations by forcing them to use money systems based upon usury, does not mean that your Jewish neighbor is necessarily doing the same things.

Likewise, just because some conspiracy theories are false doesn’t mean that all of them are false. Some of them are true.

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27 December, 2021 12:09 pm

White people of European ancestry exhibit their innate sense of fairplay even when they’re speaking about their mortal enemies. In the case of the jews, the vast majority of them – the overwhelming majority, save a noteworthy handful over generations – support the overall jewish agenda in the Western world. They all know the jew agenda, and what jews have done so many times, over and over throughout history. All jews know their tribal history, and yet, they keep their lips sealed. They all keep the jewish secret. They don’t tell. They don’t object, while pretending to be us. And because of their cohesive deception as jews, gentiles can only wishfully think there are “good” jews. All of them are benefitting, and all of them are doing whatever they can to… Read more »

Reichsfürst von T.
Reichsfürst von T.
Reply to  DICARLO
27 December, 2021 12:48 pm

Our obsession with good Jews is one of the reasons for their success. As long as we distinguish between good and bad Jews, we will not get rid of them. All Jews are evil to Gentiles, differing only in the degree of evil.

28 December, 2021 11:20 am

What’s the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact?

About 6 months.