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Democracy Dies in Blackness: Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams

by Douglas Mercer

THE ADVERTISING character/image “Aunt Jemima” got the bum’s rush a while back because it perpetuated some benign and pretty much accurate stereotypes of Blacks — but not to worry, the spitting image of the famous dough-faced Negro still stalks the land in the form of a jungle creature named Stacey Abrams. This is one non-lady who’s always returning to the buffet line. She has literary pretensions; she wants to take down all the memories of our heroes; she wants voting to be as easy as falling out of bed — and she hates you. That is, she wants you and your children dead.

And the sad thing is that the original Aunt Jemima always seemed to be smiling and jolly, as befits a “house Negro.” Things seemed a whole lot better in this country when Blacks were content with shining shoes with a toothy grin and doing a little shuffling before you tossed them a quarter. But the seeds of destruction — that is, their mere presence in our midst — were already there.

Even they aren’t going to like the violent, dystopian future they’re building at the behest and encouragement of Jews — but then thinking things out was never their strong suit.

Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democrat and leading voting rights activist, said Wednesday (December 1 2021) that she will launch another campaign to become the nation’s first Black woman governor.

And now this oversized quasi-human is running for governor of Georgia again. To hear her tell it, she won the first time — but roving bands of White men in White hoods (or red hats) were terrorizing Blacks in Georgia, preventing them from casting their votes. Down in Dixie they are always flaying Black men, as you know, and so that meek little lamb called Brian Kemp had to go to the governor’s mansion and sell out White people left and right.

Lately we hear that an extreme nonentity called David Perdue has announced he is running for the opportunity to sell White people down the river from the that very same governor’s mansion, and he has the full backing of that meek little lamb called Donald Trump.

So in 2022 White people in Georgia have a choice between two White race traitors and a vengeful Negro — which makes one pine both for the piney woods and for the days when Lester Maddox gave the boot heel to Congoids and denied that Communist rapist “Martin Luther King” the honor of lying in state in Georgia’s Capitol, saying he didn’t want that many Blacks smelling, or shooting, the place up.

Believe it or not, this ten-ton orangutan is one of the biggest Democrat guns; when they say they are going to wheel in the heavy artillery, in her case they are not kidding. She has her eyes on the White House and she is the non-fair-haired non-lady of Democrat dreams. Were she to win, she would be the first full-blooded erectus to occupy the house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Think about it.

The ruling Jewish elite see her as Black and articulate and female and Black and passionate about causes they are passionate about, like wiping the White race from the face of the Earth.

* * *

When the phrase “the New South” arrived it meant that a whole lot of White people down there were ready to turn the other cheek and have Negroes slap them silly forever — slap them if they were lucky. The New South meant a “cleaned up” media image, gleaming skyscrapers, lots of business, and a short goodbye to the color line, White pride, Confederate statues, and everything which made the good life possible for White people in the Southland. The New South meant the final stage of Reconstruction, when the re-education was complete and the South gave up its distinctive character, and became just another bland cookie-cutter place where the memories of the past were washed out like watercolors in a torrential rain.

As the imposed cliché has it, the New South was “too busy to hate.”

Big mistake. What did it get them? Why, soon enough the heart of Dixie will not be a little Mogadishu, but a big one. Why, not too far outside of Atlanta they have an enclave which bills itself as “the city that loves refugees,” and when they say they love refugees, they mean it’s a place where young White women can get raped by Afghanis, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and various kinds of Blacks, all in a single day — thus celebrating “American values” and a rainbow future.

Any place that bills itself as “too busy to hate” does not augur well for a White future. You should hate what is killing you. Make the time. You won’t regret it.

* * *

The signs of the times show that Georgia is going dark. It’s not the night the lights went out, it’s the flight when the Whites got the Hell out.

Georgia was once the heart of Dixie, a White man’s land — but in case you hadn’t noticed, things aren’t peachy in the Peach state, which is currently represented in the once august body called the United States Senate by a Negro and a Jew.

A Negro and a Jew?

Yes sir.

Time was when the latter would have been sent packing, and the former would have been kept to his side of the tracks. (Also a mistake — it should have been his side of the ocean.) But now they have the whip hand. The dwindling White population has zero representation. Safe to say, they don’t have our good in mind.

What could go wrong that hasn’t already? Lots more, unfortunately.

And for the “color-blind conservatives” in the back row, there is a simple lesson in all this. Thirty years back, Georgia was 75 per cent. White and reliably a “red state.” Didn’t do us any good, though — as we just got embarrassingly lame White men to fail to represent us, rather than Blacks and Jews. But at least slow-rolling genocide is a little bit preferable to rapid and immediate genocide, if only because it allows us to reconnoiter and live to fight another day.

Now Georgia is 50 per cent. White and falling rapidly —

Tough times ahead.

The Census of 2020 showed that for the first time in our history, the number of White people fell in terms of absolute numbers. Look around at the Whites of today, take a good look, because in ten years time a lot of them won’t be here. No race is served well by disappearing from the face of the Earth.

In the census of 2020, Georgia was 47 per cent. White, while back in 2010, a blink of an eye, really, it was 59 per cent.

Vertiginously and precipitately falling.

* * *

Just the other day that irreplaceable long-standing and tireless White advocate Kevin Alfred Strom averred that in terms of anti-Whiteness, what we’ve seen so far is only about one-tenth as bad as it’s going to get. One-tenth? After all we’ve seen, after the vitriol and venom and vituperation that has rained down on our race, we are only one-tenth through? What could be packed into that final nine-tenths? What horrors are in store?

One shudders at the thought.

You know that one day, their project will be to dynamite Mount Rushmore — to see the visages of those White men come crumbling and crashing down like toppling masonry at the end of the White world. That big fat hater of White people, Stacey Abrams, has a slightly more moderate and immediate goal, one that will also involve loads of high explosive and sand blasters, but which just might just, fairly soon, get the approval of enough despicable Whites to have it happen.

You see, this mud-dwelling sewer witch wants to sandblast Stone Mountain.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams called for the removal of the giant carving that depicts three Confederate war leaders on the face of state-owned Stone Mountain, saying it remains a blight on our state and should be removed.

Stone Mountain is that great work of art which celebrates the heroism and resistance of White people to the onerous rule of Blacks imposed by the evil regime in Washington.

As if in preparation for the day when that boat-sized baboon Stacey Abrams takes the reins in the state, some Georgians are getting ready for the kill. You know somewhere in cold storage they have packets full of dynamite and a fleet of sandblasters ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Changes announced last week (May 21 2021) at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park, home to the nation’s largest Confederate monument, are the boldest step that has been taken at the park since the state bought it decades ago, according to a park official.

“Bold steps” — give me a break. All the money and all the Jews and all the corrupt corporations and all of the traitorous elite are behind them; they don’t need to be “bold” at all. Their “bold steps,” though, can’t be good, not for us, not in this instance, not when they are taking them; “bold steps” means they are gearing up for the fight they know will accompany this atrocity. Because they know that not everyone is corrupted. Because there are a few truly bold people left — who will oppose them. In addition to being an honorable monument to honorable men who toiled in an honorable cause, this is a rare work of art — and people, even people who are confused on the race issue — tend to get a little queasy when the destruction of bona fide art is in the offing. It makes them think: What is next? And they are right to think that. Should the abomination occur, and the monument go, we will still only be two tenths of the way through the horrors.

The park’s board last Monday voted — unanimously, but with one abstention, according to its chairman — to add an exhibit to an existing museum that will tell the whole story of the monument — a giant carving of Confederate leaders on horseback — including the history of the Ku Klux Klan on the mountain and its rebirth there in 1915, among other things.

Here’s the whole story of the monument: It is a bona fide and honorable work of art depicting honorable men who toiled in an honorable cause.

But what they have done is the ever-present “recontextualization” that precedes the utter annihilation. Take a piece of great art and surround it with lies in the hope that enough people won’t see through them. (Like when they didn’t remove that Wagner bust at Bayreuth, but instead put plaques around it that listed every Jew musician who lost his job in the Third Reich. Could the spirit of Richard Wagner speak, no doubt he would say: “I’m surrounded by kikes.” Temporarily, divine Richard, temporarily.)

Critics, though, say it isn’t nearly bold enough.

What would be “bold” enough for these jackals?

The great spirit of Richard Wagner shudders to think.

But critics remain as unmoved as the granite the monument is carved into. They say the changes are tinkering on the edges, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and renewed calls for the removal of Confederate monuments and symbols around the country.

You see, they simply want it gone. As a prelude to us being gone. Nothing less will satisfy them.

“They’re really much ado about nothing,” said Richard Rose, president of Atlanta’s NAACP. “These changes don’t mean anything.”

“We see what they’ve done as completely superficial,” said Dennis Collard, an attorney and founding member of Stone Mountain Action Coalition, a group that was founded last year to bring about change at the park.

Our history and our heroes and our heritage have been handed over to hellish ghouls.

The board also voted to move Confederate flags — the battle flag among them — from their current heavily trafficked spot at the base of the trail leading up to the mountain top — to a more obscure location, and to remove the Confederate carving from Stone Mountain’s logo.

An even more obscure location would be an ash heap.

Back when they created this awesome monument to these dedicated Southerners, a confident and forward-looking people peered into the future and saw nothing but blue skies.

The carving is currently protected by a Georgia law which states:

The memorial to the heroes of the Confederate States of America graven upon the face of Stone Mountain shall never be altered, removed, concealed, or obscured in any fashion and shall be preserved and protected for all time as a tribute to the bravery and heroism of the citizens of this state who suffered and died in their cause.

Graven upon the face. Neither altered nor obscured. For all time. That’s how you write a law.

But while blood endures through thick and thin, laws are not even as good as the paper they are written on. And with all of these “paper citizens” running around that’s one law for which — though it nodded to perpetuity — time may be up. A law which said these White heroes’ granite representation should last forever can end in a minute, with one stroke of a traitor’s or an enemy’s pen. And that stroke of the pen will be tantamount to Stacey Abrams squatting down with her hulking haunches on the state that once was Georgia.

When the people are replaced, the laws will also be replaced. In a moment, it will be law no more.

Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that the state can remove an iconic statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a prominent spot in the state’s capital city, saying values change and public policy changes too in a democracy.

Virginia promised to forever maintain the statue in the 1887 and 1890 deeds transferring its ownership to the state. But the justices said that obligation no longer applies.

Just like that. A promise is only as good as the people who intend to keep it. A law is not worth the paper it is printed on. You only have those rights, and those monuments, you can defend. But change the people and you change the plan. You change the people and you change the values. And a statue of Lee which was meant to last a thousand years and more, which was meant to remain forever, for an eternity which was inscribed in law, is soon to be melted down and reconstituted as a statue of Nat Turner clubbing a White baby to death.

In the end, the great men of Stone Mountain will be lucky if they simply cart their rubble away.

Just like that.

“The monument is just an exercise in White supremacy. They continue this charade with claiming some memorial, some connection with honorarium of the Confederacy. It’s really an honorarium to White supremacy.”

You’re damn right it is.

For Mosley, who chairs the association tasked by state law with maintaining an appropriate and suitable memorial to the Confederacy, Stone Mountain would be just a big rock without the carving.

That’s his charge, but you know he would like nothing better than to see it smashed to smithereens. Won’t some Aunt Jemima lookalike come along and win the governorship?

“Some of my folks want me to go out there with a bag of dynamite and blow it up, but that’s not the mountain that needs to be moved,” Mosley said. “The mountain that needs to be moved is skin color. That’s what we ought to be working on, moving that mountain.”

Sorry, Rastus, race is far more than “skin color” — and race is an immovable mountain.

But as for the future governor of the coming Black state of Georgia, as for that fat pig who wants to rob White people of their past and their future, she has no doubt what “needs to be done.” No sooner than she is in office than that new law which overturns the old law will be sitting on her desk. And when she signs it, she’ll go on television and tell us all what a great day it is, and what dark days those were, and all about how Georgia is the state that refuses to hate, that it’s the even newer New South, and how White people have no future. And then, with one brush of ink, she’ll sign our lives and even our memories away.

“We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union,” Abrams said in a series of tweets posted early Tuesday, a response to the deadly violence sparked by white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Removing the faces of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson would take a monster of a sandblaster and require a change in state law. The Georgia code has a clear mandate for the memorial, saying it should be preserved and protected for all time as a tribute to the bravery and heroism of the citizens of this state who suffered and died in their cause.

It doesn’t so much need a monster sandblaster as a monster Negro, and if you look down the track she’s heading right for us.

Georgia leaders have embraced recent changes to distance the state from its Rebel history.

No kidding, Sherlock.

* * *

Evidently this Stacey Abrams gorilla has literary pretensions, or a ghostwriter, or both. She writes novels, of a kind. From the titles alone you can place her firmly in the 21st century penny dreadful camp. They’re lightweight “legal-romance” thrillers, which makes her the poor man’s John Grisham who in turn is the poor man’s Scott Turow who, when you get down to it, was no great shakes himself. That is, her writing is a distant echo of a distant echo. It’s escapism meets cringeworthy “Black sass.”

Until 2021, she published her works under the pen name Selena Montgomery.

To say this is middlebrow crapola is to libel middlebrow crapola. No, these are books for people with just enough education to want to read, but who want the simplest of plots and the most basic of English. They have so little going on in their lives that they turn to this garbage, not for the transparent veneer of literature, but for an exciting story, and if the Negress or her ghostie sees fit to toss in some veiled or not-so-veiled dashes of sex, well, that never killed anyone, did it?

The titles to her “credit” are as follows:

Rules of Engagement
The Art of Desire
Power of Persuasion
Never Tell
Hidden Sins
Secrets and Lies

You see people on the subway and on buses and on park benches with this trash, going far away in their minds to a place where risks are taken, love is torn, but “justice” prevails in the end. In the movie The Big Chill a character who writes for People magazine says of his work that he writes articles just long enough to last for the time it takes the average person to finish his business on the commode. Stacey Abrams’ “novels” perform a similar function for the intellectually bereft.

With those snappy and breathless titles, you know what you are going to get. Some crime has been committed which the “good” but “complex” hero will have to solve. There will be a love interest thrown in, and if you’re lucky some discreet but smoky sex tossed into the bargain.

Abrams claims that she has sold over 100,000 books — which, if true, and given the going rates on Amazon, means that well over a couple of million dollars has gone up in flames.

The publisher’s description of one of these interchangeable books gives you an idea of their vapid banality:

Playing the odds has always been Fin Borders’ forte. As a professional poker player, she knows when to get out to keep from losing everything. But an innocent woman has been accused of murder, and to help, Fin will have to go back to the small southern town of her birth. It’s a place she’s been running from her entire life, a place of violence, where she got by with nothing more than her wits. Returning to Hallden, Georgia, means facing the ghosts of a brutal crime that Fin will never forget.

Believe it or not, many of our fellow citizens have wasted their time posting comments on her books. I can say that after gritting my teeth and reading about ten such comments, this one is more than representative:

I liked the suspense and character development. The characters are interesting and very different people with complex relationships. The love interest was steamy. Of course the takedown of the organized crime group was quite satisfying as well. The story moves a little bit slow at times but overall it was a very good read.

And, given that now this obese rhino has exploded into national consciousness, she has published a book under her own name, another legal thriller: While Justice Sleeps (May 2021). And now that she is world-famous for wanting the White race to die off, the Jew wants to get in on the act, to get a piece of the very large pie, similar to the kind Abrams is known to wolf down in a matter of seconds:

That novel is being produced as a television series by Working Title Films, a subsidiary of Univeral Pictures.

And just to get her name out in the public eye a little bit more, this cut-rate Renaissance woman has turned her hand to writing a children’s book which was released on December 28 2021. On the cover is (naturally) a little Black female with big Negro hair. The book is called Stacey’s Extraordinary Words.

Based on Abrams’ own childhood experiences, the book follows a little girl named Stacey as she prepares for a spelling bee while being bullied by a classmate named Jake. Stacey ultimately loses the spelling bee and learns valuable lessons in the process.

Keep your kids away from this trash.

* * *

The only consolation prize we get for tolerating the sewer ideologies of the likes of Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Cortez is that they pretty regularly rag on the Jews.

Stacey Abrams has her sights set a sight higher than them, and she knows that to be be elected President she has to reverence Jews at all times Hell, even when a Jew who from time-to-time bad-mouthed Israel got about a million feet from the White House, the Jews intervened and slammed him a couple new ones until he hobbled back to Vermont to lick his wounds.

No, Stacey Abrams knows that the extreme anti-White left wing of the Democratic party, which she will represent, is not all that crazy about Israel. So she throws them a sop by defending the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and then goes to rush to embrace the loving arms of the Hebrews. She knows you can offend the far left on an issue or two, especially if you’re a bulked-up Black non-lady who will tear down Whiteness every chance she gets, but with the Jews you have to walk a finer line — that is, you have to declare your “love” in no uncertain terms.

* * *

A “Black Jew” is like that son Arnold Schwarzenegger had by that Mexican menial he knocked up — half of him wants to jump the border and the other half wants to ask himself for his papers. Similarly, a “Black Jew” is torn, half of him wants to walk side-by-side with himself on the Edmund Pettis Bridge and work together to overthrow White society, and the other half wants to accuse himself of flooding his communities with drugs and making the rent so damn high. Half of him is sure the Jews are the real Jews, and the other half thinks the Blacks are.

A “Black Jew” is a strange animal. But ever since Jew Norman Lear had big Black Jew Sammy Davis Jr. plant a big sloppy wet kiss on Carol O’Connor to put a thumb in the eyes of White America, we’ve all known that the “Black Jew,” whether he has any Jewish ancestry or not, is yet another weaponized enemy inhabiting the American zoo.

And when it comes to that orotund elephant Stacy Abrams, the Blacks and Jews and all our enemies are in awe. Why, it will be like the old days when known rapist Martin Luther King and twentysomething Jewish snots from hyper-privileged backgrounds swarmed the South with their lies and fomented race revolution. It won’t be like when a Jew scribbler penned an inflammatory article called “My Negro Problem — And Ours” — no, it won’t be like that, it will be like when the Negroes and the Jews walked arm in arm and sang We Shall Overcome, like when Jew Bob Dylan wrote hackneyed song after hackneyed song extolling Negroes with the theme of Our White Problem.

Jews are all in for that gargantuan wildebeest Stacy Abrams. In some ways, she’s their perfect front man. She’s Black for one and she’s angry for two. And did I mention she’s Black? So the Jews are all in for Stacey Abrams and Stacey Abrams is all in for the Jews. Throwing a sop to the BDS folks doesn’t slow down the genocide train at all.

Said one “Black Jew”:

“In my work on voter registration, I witnessed white Jews speaking out and standing up for Abrams with historically marginalized groups to fight against hate and injustice just like they did in the Civil Rights movement. Though the days of Dr. King are behind us, Abrams presented Blacks and Jews another opportunity to mend, bond and create a better Georgia together.”

Now don’t let the phrase “white Jews” mislead you. The “Black Jew” who wrote that did not mean what we mean by White Jew — that is, White people who act like Jews, who might as well be Jews given their anti-White bent. No, by “white Jew” she means actual Jews who look White. As opposed to the Sammy Davis Jr. types.

Got it?

When it comes to Jews, the masks are always revolving.

“Abrams has reconnected these communities and is herself a role model for courageous leadership, and her values and commitments deeply resonated with many in the Jewish community.”

You bet they “deeply resonated” with the Jews, Jews of all stripes and hues. What’s not to like? She has the looks of a bruising linebacker and she’s ready to blitz White people to death.

“Stacy Abrams exudes the tenacity, strength, and courage that Jews of color — especially Jewish women of color — must have within the Jewish community.”

The person who wrote that is named Heidi Senior, who is herself a “Jew of color,” and who is a co-founder of something called Multicultural Jews, which is redundant.

“At almost every event I went to, whether a campaign rally, debate or postcard party, there was always the presence of strong Jewish women. For me, and for these women, Stacey Abrams’ commitment to healthcare is compelling.”

“Jews supported Abrams like they supported Dr. Martin Luther King and the causes he fought for. Jews marched for Stacy like they marched with Dr. King. Jews made calls, rode buses and canvassed for Stacey, like they did when they fought for civil rights in the 1950s and 1960s.”

Just like the good old days when Jews instigated Blacks and set them on White society. You almost get the impression that Abrams is herself a Jew, but she’s not. Though she’s the next best thing.

“And yes: Abrams is not Jewish but she really said she sat shiva”

Sitting shiva, in case you don’t know, is always the prelude to squatting over your corpse.

Perhaps her presidential campaign book will be called Stacey Sat Shiva.

“As a legislator and statewide leader, Stacey Abrams has proven herself to be a staunch ally to the Jewish community, a progressive champion for all, and the most qualified candidate in the race.”

And just as the “Black Jews” were falling all over themselves to praise Abrams from a Jew perspective, Abrams herself was falling all over herself to laud the Jews. After all, that campaign cash isn’t going to give itself. And that fawning media coverage of her as the “great savior of democracy” doesn’t happen without Jew approval. They say a politician needs first to secure the base, but that’s not true: First he needs to secure the Jews. Everything else is a footnote.

“I am a proud 2003 alumni of the American Jewish Committee and Atlanta Black/Jewish Coalition’s Marvin C. Goldstein PROJECT UNDERSTANDING Black — Jewish Young Leadership Retreat.”

And of course there is nothing more de rigueur for a budding power-hungry politician than to make the requisite trip to the so-called Holy Land. It gives you those Jew-loving bona fides they crave so much, like a drowning man craves a raft.

“I continued my engagement by visiting Israel through the 2011 Project Interchange program. Over the years, I have been a repeat attendee at AIPAC’s annual legislative event in Georgia, I have supported a range of civic and charitable efforts spearheaded by the Jewish community, and for several years, I have served as the annual sponsor of the Genocide Prevention and Awareness Month resolution as House Minority Leader, organizing an official audience with our entire legislative body.”

She left out that time when she licked Jew feet, and that other time when she rubbed oils all over her giant frame to serve as a supplicant at a strange Jewish rite.

Got it? She loves the Jews. She wants to make that very clear — crystal clear. She loves the Jews!

“As a state representative, I have consistently supported our state’s investment in Israel and our vocal support of Israel’s right to exist. I fundamentally agree with the nature of Israeli democracy.”

This is one darkie who’s not going to mouth off about the Benjamins. Because she knows she needs those Benjamins.

But then she pivots (just a bit) and throws a sop to her other co-conspirators, the lunatic left. Of a bill that barred the state of Georgia from doing business with companies that boycott Israel, she parsed it rather fine.

“Consideration of SB 327, however, required a more complex analysis. The legislation, as presented, takes the unprecedented step of denying state contracts to any business that participates in a boycott of Israel — shifting from a statement of principle to a matter of law and restriction of state funding.”

Here it comes. She is against the state of Georgia denying those contracts to companies that boycott Israel.

“Judaism is a faith grounded in the importance of law, and the respect of the state of Israel for democracy is one of its finest features.”

There she butters the toast; there she lays it on thick. And now the twist.

“As the ADL notes, the origin of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is based in the anti-apartheid movement.”

There it is. Quoting Jews to stymie Jews. So BDS can be seen as “good” because it can be seen as anti-White. When the Jews hear that, and then they hear her praising them to the skies, they’ll call that one a draw and let her off the hook.

“My fears are not speculative. Just this year, the Republican legislature approved a measure to deny funding to private colleges that supported efforts to shield undocumented students from draconian federal immigration tactics. I staunchly opposed this bill as well.”

And there is the coda. Being against apartheid, and being for illegal immigrants — those are two issues near and dear to those dark and evil Jewish hearts.

When Jews hear that, they will just wink and nod and call it a win.

She’s big and Black and angry and hates the White race, after all, so Jews can countenance bit of heresy. And so after walking this tightrope to placate the two big parts of her constituency, she returns to the home cooking: Jew worship.

Because the truth of the matter is that no one, and I mean no one, is ever going to be the nominee for President of the Democratic Party unless the Jews give their full-throated stamp of approval.

“I can never fully comprehend the apprehension and fear of the Jewish community; however, I learned from my time in Project Understanding and Project Interchange, as well as a range of engagements, to consistently refer to my own experiences as a guide to better serve as an ally. More importantly, I will proudly continue my efforts to center Georgia as a staunch political ally, economic partner and moral defender of the state of Israel.”

Somewhere Moses Goldstein is dreaming, dreaming of the Edmund Pettis bridge.

* * *

So Stacey Abrams has thrown her rhino-sized hat in the ring to be the next governor of the once-proud once-White state of Georgia. To think that the state house, where so many glorious racists once presided, could be taken over by this massive primate is really depressing. Once installed, and after hiring dozens of new kitchen staff to keep that lard coming, she’ll waste no time at all in taking a sledgehammer to White people, to White history, to White everything. If there is a historical marker at a roadside rest stop that praises a White man, she’ll have it hacked to bits. If there is a portrait of a White man in a courtroom or a school, she’ll be sure to have it taken down and burned. If there is a statue anywhere of any White man, she’ll bring in the cranes and have it removed, pedestal and all.

The 2020 run for Georgia governor, against either Kemp or Perdue, is a big one for the simian. She has reputational heft (ahem) and she has rather large stature (ahem), but can you really go directly from the Georgia state legislature to the US presidency? Probably not, so she knows she needs a big win under her big (ahem) belt.

And if she seizes the day, she’ll march forthwith to Stone Mountain with the dynamite and the sandblasters and leave not a trace behind.

When she’s done, she wants White people in the state cowering; if any of those White people don’t want that to happen in their state, they better begin to take the time to hate.

Because Stacy Abrams hates you and she wants you and your children dead.

* * *

Of course Abrams is fully on board with the Jewish push to legalize crime.

Abrams supports criminal justice reform and wants to end cash bail for poor defendants, end the death penalty.

And even more, she is the big fat champion of something very euphemistically called “voting rights.” This issue has become her calling card. “Voting rights” was the deceptively anodyne phrase that in the 1960s toppled a White nation. Now voting rights means Stacey Abrams wants polling places that are no holds barred, so the dead can vote, the criminals can vote, the felons in jail can vote, the illegal aliens can vote, the underage can vote, and the fictitious people can vote, those without the minimal wherewithal to get an ID can vote — so that means the anonymous and faceless can vote. She thinks that she really won the governorship in 2018, and by now Stone Mountain should only be a rumor, but she was robbed by gangs of red-hatted and hooded men who robbed the poor Black man of his vote.

Abrams’s national profile as a voting rights champion was raised even higher by the many opportunities she had to comment on and organize against the voter suppression law enacted by Georgia Republicans earlier this year.

Of late, she wants Congress to get into the act of giving the store away and making a mockery of the democracy they say is “dying in darkness.” (Or is that Blackness?)

Stacey Abrams, who built her national reputation by advocating for voting rights, is calling on Congress to take action on federal voting rules as the Democrat launches a second big to become Georgia’s governor.

Indeed, if there is one issue associated with Abrams (other than that she’s Black, hates White people, loves Jews, and wants to grind Stone Mountain into a fine dust) it’s so-called “voter suppression.” And voter suppression, in case you don’t know, is a rule-based voting system of one-man, one-vote and each one has to prove who he is. And according to Stacey Abrams, nothing is more bigoted than that.

Were I running against her, I’d watch those polling places in the dead of night. You might need infrared; her kind is hard to see in the dark.

* * *

And you can be sure that while those eyes which usually ogle the dessert tray are now focused on the state house — they’re really focused on the White House.

Georgia has a history rooted in racial terror, systemic oppression and white supremacy. People of color navigate through a maze of historical racism, injustice and past phobias that still threaten their freedom and safety.

Abrams has shown us all the power of resilience. As the first Black woman to run for governor of Georgia, she is a symbol of hope for traditionally oppressed groups in a state with a strong Confederate history.

She’s hoping to ride this wave all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue. She’ll be the first unalloyed Congoid to reside there. Obama was half White, and Harris has the gods know what in her DNA, but this will be the first time a bona fide Black rules the nation. And if that fatal day arrives, you can be sure she’ll be the first to tell us that she now lives in a house built by slaves. But it will be us who will become the slaves.

You can be sure she doesn’t have our good in mind.

Her anti-White animus is of long standing.

As a freshman in 1992, Abrams took part in a protest on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, during which she joined in burning the state flag. At that time, Georgia’s state flag incorporated the Confederate battle flag, which had been added to the state flag in 1956 as an anti-civil rights movement action.

Don’t look up now, or you’ll see what’s heading towards you. It’s a blimp-like, chimp-like object with its own zip code, one that could serve as an aircraft carrier so big that no instrument landings would ever be required. You can see it from miles away; the only primate visible from space.

And, unless we act, it is about to slowly begin squatting down upon our nation, feeding off of us, and smothering us to literal death with its unspeakable filth.

* * *

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30 December, 2021 11:26 pm

Thank you, excellent damn article. This filthy obese primate with her White hatred and gap-toothed intellect will decimate any State she controls, and God forbid this oversized hulking tub of lard ever become President. On that day, you’d better have an action plan to move somewhere to the South Pacific islands and hide amongst the coconut trees, that is, IF YOU’RE VAXXED.

Reply to  Pete
31 December, 2021 12:29 pm

I feel sorry for you guys,things seems to be getting too extreme ever since 2020,I’m not even American but even I cannot take anymore of this anti-white climate.

Reply to  Pete
31 December, 2021 10:24 pm

Run and hide “on that day,” Pete? C’mon, are we White men or abject cowards? We in the National Alliance need more White men and women worthy of the name, not those who run and hide and wait for the day we’re each individually hunted down and exterminated.

This website was not erected to encourage others to go to the grave meekly and at the hands of feral Congoids.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
1 January, 2022 3:44 pm

Cleanse the water supply first yes? Millions upon millions peeing out the pharmaceuticals doing whatever happens to others unawares. No proof that water suppliers filter out said pharmaceuticals – look up the greek origin of that word

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
31 December, 2021 6:50 am

This is perhaps the scariest article I have read because it exhibits the inexorable drift to the African lifestyle, a lifestyle incidentally that never built a boat or a structure with more than one floor. But it is clearly happening. It started by, in my view, creating a society that banned aristocracy and monarchy and substituting popular vote as if the people had any business ruling themselves. Welcome to clown world and we all sing its anthems. Also, with regard to Stone Mountain, I believe the Battle of Bull Run was not followed up with a Southern victory and the hanging of Lincoln because “Jewdah” Benjamin talked Jefferson Davis out of it. Stonewall Jackson was so upset he later intended to resign, but he was conveniently assassinated before he could… Read more »

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  Patrick Pappano
11 January, 2022 2:24 am

I take the revolutionary’s approach: Worse is better! I voted for Obama twice believing that if a black president in the White House wouldn’t wake up white people, nothing would. And sure enough, a lot of white people woke up. And they voted out the Bushes who once controlled the Republican Party; granted, Trump is far from what we want, but he was a step in the right direction. Just imagine what a President Abrams will do. She might make the Republican Party the party for white Americans and propel a genuine white champion to the fore. For us, worse is better. We need the country literally falling apart to have any chance of salvaging a future for white people here. There is no better person to destroy it than… Read more »

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
31 December, 2021 3:53 pm

Only in a nation completely adulterated by verminous, Marxist Jew filth…..would we even know who this disgusting blob is.

You try not to curse when you think about this. Go ahead, i dare ya.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
31 December, 2021 5:12 pm

Not to be completely puerile and grotesque….but i can smell that Simian
s&$t-creature from all the way here in Ky.

She won’t need a sandblaster for her history -erasing ….she can just lick the White Truth off Stone Mountain, like icing off a spoon.

Brother Art
Brother Art
31 December, 2021 5:57 pm

A trip to any major city today maybe considered a concrete jungle safari, but without the utmost hyper vigilance and extra preparedness, instead of hunting the animals they hunt you. If I happened to catch a glimpse of this oily tar dripping gap toothed upright hybrid hippopotamonkey opening its rotten mouth I imagine the stench would be capable of enveloping and dissolving every thing living within a 10 meter radius. In an attempt to subdue this abomination, cannon balls would bounce off her FUPA (fat upon the pelvic area) with a bellowing boom and splinter into shards of molten iron melting from radioactive rays issued from it’s Afreakin Amerikan Pie hole, known to be capable of devouring an entire puff pastry bakery before noon after it’s weekly visit to the… Read more »

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
Reply to  Brother Art
1 January, 2022 3:34 pm

Were you describing the creatures in this video?

Brother Art
Brother Art
Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
1 January, 2022 9:56 pm


Brother Art
Brother Art
Reply to  Brother Art
2 January, 2022 11:02 pm

that sounds like a couple jews with a special FX modulator.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
1 January, 2022 1:25 am

What caused the decline in Georgia’s White population? Percentage-wise it’s easy to see that immigration from Mexico and Asia is partially responsible. However steep declines in the rural White populations have happened, with educated Whites leaving for more urbanized areas where women are likely to delay having children to build a “career” and to have a non-White sexual partner. Georgia is no longer a Confederate state by any measure, so it’s time to cut bait and move on; even if it means Stone Mt. is recarved into 3 George Floyds on scooters. Whites have to carefully choose the states where they foresee themselves successfully taking a stand with fellow Whites against a political system that is increasingly harmful to White population growth and traditional freedoms. California, Florida and Texas are… Read more »

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
Reply to  Travon Martinberg
1 January, 2022 3:32 pm

Ah yes when whites are 20 percent of the American population and exist in only a handful of enclaves in a few states then we will revolt guys. It totally worked out for the South Africans and the Rhodesians.

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
2 January, 2022 1:49 am

No. Now is the time to act. An obvious direction for White separatism is realizing that “red” states (and recently turned blue states) can be refuges for Whites, such as Tennessee. The key step is for Whites in White-unfriendly places like the Bay Area of California or NYC to relocate and bolster White majorities in such states, buying up all the real estate they can, while demanding pro-White electoral candidates (opposition to CRT is a good quick test now). Unfortunately, White employment will be throttled as large woke corporations most certainly will boycott such states due to states’ opposition to equity redistributions and White submission. This will actually be a good thing, building a foundation for separatist independence and economic self-sufficiency. The arrogance of wokeness is uniting Whites against the… Read more »

1 January, 2022 9:07 am

Great article, thank you. I moved to Georgia ten years ago for a job where I travel far and wide all throughout the state. And its easy to see that the black population is far higher than given data from the government. In some places here I have seen only blacks. In other places, like the Stonecrest mall just south of Atlanta, on an average day you can count well over a hundred blacks for each person who is not black, I know this because I did it, more than once. Travel into the deep country areas of Georgia and you will find black sheriffs, black fire chiefs, black city workers, black convenience store managers, black delivery truck drivers, fast food restaurants with all black employees, etc, etc. The few… Read more »

Reply to  Stanley
2 January, 2022 12:39 pm

“I have to go now, my white daughter is on her way over with my chocolate grand kid.”


Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Tank88
2 January, 2022 5:33 pm

Dads, don’t let your daughters hang around feral Congoids. Tank88, your comment was right on target, I felt the same way as you did.

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
Reply to  Tank88
3 January, 2022 9:24 am

lol I wonder if Stanley’s case is similar to this?

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
1 January, 2022 12:10 pm

I can easily see the danger signs here in
the central SC area. Except perhaps for
the highlands, SC is lost territory. I would
like to migrate out of the area completely
for my own safety. However, I am trapped
here by economics. When open armed
conflict begins, the first to die will be the
young and the old.

Reply to  Walt Hampton
3 January, 2022 9:10 pm

“When open armed conflict begins……..

You mean like at Kenosha, followed by Waukesha?
Ruby Ridge?
The Zebra Killings/Murders?
A typical night in Denver?

WHO keeps being the first to die, and who is putting a stop to it?

“When” happened long, long ago.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Santa
3 January, 2022 10:57 pm

I refer you to Chittum’ s book, “The
Coming Breakup Of America.”

Therein Chittum describes the front lines
of the fighting passing thru the lower
Appalachian foothills. That means most
of SC will be behind enemy lines. That
does not forbode well for yours truly.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Walt Hampton
4 January, 2022 12:31 am

Walt, I don’t believe that Chittum was that good of a prophet to detail out how things will evolve, though his work did accomplish the purpose of opening consciousnesses. Considering your proximity to congoids, this by itself does not forbode well for you should overall conditions devolve into anything similar to Chittum’s CWII tract.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
4 January, 2022 10:00 am

I agree.

Paul Drake
Paul Drake
1 January, 2022 2:33 pm

You have penned yet another incisive, foreboding article, Mr. Mercer. Well done, as usual. Over a decade ago, I posted the following comment to an article I had read on the net somewhere. The passage of time has only confirmed my beliefs expressed therein. “Your observations and predictions of America’s future are spot on. I have long posited the question: When Congress and the state legislatures are controlled by blacks and hispanics – and the Supreme Court is constituted exclusively by “wise latinas,” liberal, collectivist jews and redistributionist, anti-white blacks – which groups of people will benefit from the laws which will be enacted by such august legislative bodies? Whites of European descent? Not a chance. No, unless Whites wish to resign themselves to a future of state sanctioned persecution,… Read more »

1 January, 2022 4:50 pm

The problem here is that these filthy neggers, these want a be ‘Aunt Jemima’s’ who think that they have the pulse of the nation in their little pea brains is absolutely laughable in the extreme. This woman is an out and out communist bitch who doesn’t have any goal in mind but to destroy white people. The only way we have forward as Caucasians is to separate ourselves from our enemies as soon as possible. But this separation is becoming harder and harder to achieve as we become more invaded by the scum of the earth from Third World crap holes. These open borders here and in Europe are causing our demise as a major issue as well as this so-called ‘critical race theory’ whose purpose is to undermine and… Read more »

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
1 January, 2022 5:17 pm

Great stuff, as usual, Mr. Mercer. I knew Stacy loves Jews, but not to the extent you have proven here. White Georgians are in big trouble. Atlanta was once known as the “Capitol City of the American South,” but is better known today as the “Capitol of Black Power in the South.”

Where is Lester Maddox with his ax handle when he’s needed? Or better yet, where is Bill Sherman with his matches? Atlanta needs burning again, but for the right reasons this time.

Through all this, let’s try to keep our humor. I remember a joke from the 1980’s about Atlanta’s rapid transit subway system, MARTA.

Q: What does the acronym MARTA stand for?
A: Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta?

It’s not so funny 40 years later, is it?

Travon Martinberg
Travon Martinberg
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
2 January, 2022 2:45 am

Should the NA remake itself as an NGO with the goal of redirecting the US’s scattered White population to red states like TN and AR, and away from blue states like NY or CA where their votes are increasingly useless, to build White supermajorities that pose a formidable special interest voting bloc against wokeness? Such coordination is needed as Whites are being pressured to leave blue states due to equity and CRT demands in schools and workplaces, along with rising violent crime rates. NV articles that report analyses of demographics by states could guide readers to which states are or will be White and economically successful by occupation. Low population White states like Wyoming and Utah each still carry two congressional Senators like NY or CA, but they must stay… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Travon Martinberg
2 January, 2022 6:48 pm

Travon, the National Alliance is already a “non-governmental organization” and has goals clearly spelled out here: that you may find enlightening. Specifically, we can create Local Units with a sufficient number of dedicated members (some could even be ‘Cosmotheist communities’) to group ourselves together in areas favorable to our kind as they see fit.

Urging Jewish Ben Shapiro to put in a plug for Whites to do something like separation seems far-fetched. I can count on Jews to do anything only that serves their kind. To have a powerful media voice to urge Whites to do anything in the interests of our survival or progressive is our own responsibility, not a Jew’s.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
3 January, 2022 7:35 pm

Good response to Travon’s telling NA what we should do. Jim. He is not an Alliance member nor even a financial supporter, but loves to comment here is full of advice for us.

From what he suggests we do, I believe it’s safe to say he has never read What is the National Alliance? at the link you provided, and probably will not read it now.

Anyone who sings praises to that disgusting, fast talking Jew shrimp doesn’t belong anywhere near our Alliance.

I like your username change here at NV. You earned it.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
4 January, 2022 12:43 am

Thank you, Will. It’s a responsibility I take seriously.
There’s hope for the Travon’s of the race, if only this one would learn to follow before he tries to lead.

Brother Art
Brother Art
Reply to  Travon Martinberg
2 January, 2022 11:29 pm

If you think we the white race can survive by stuffing boxes with paper, If you think we stand a chance by playing politikal games devised by the enemy I think your dead wrong. I’m sick and tired of hearing “when things get bad enough” then we will act, the way I see it were tiptoeing into a black abyss to the tune of a Jew harp and the majority of the white race is fanning with palms and feeding grapes to the fat rapacious king of jews in hopes not to get scolded for stepping out of line. If you don’t know the enemy, your blind, If you know the enemy and afraid to speak your mind or say JEW out loud your a mute and a coward and… Read more »

3 January, 2022 5:56 am

Any Euro who still can’t see the Jude behind any one of the Lefts intersectional golem is waste of paleface skin…the post-war Europhobe consensus is racist that is Europhoboid and it is the rabid Rabbinate who are behind this because of their mad cult of atavist vengeance. An accurate idelogoid attack on Judaism itself needs to be begun because these feral Afreakans are nothing but attack dog cannonfodder for them…what actually lacks IS white pride or racism….it’s the same in Red Europa, ‘HitlerNaziholocaust’, or Britainistan which is an uberYiddish kehillat. I don’t think Freemason Putin is a friend of Russians either…it seems the war against the CSA has been continuous since 1865…what a huge inferiority complex drives these bonobo racists, driven by the huge superiority complex of Satan’s Chosen mafia.… Read more »

Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac
5 January, 2022 1:14 am

Considering that Georgia elected Hank Johnson as congressman I would say her chances are good.
Hank Johnson –

5 January, 2022 6:02 pm

Georgia is NOT a state to move to if one is white. Blacks are almost 33% of the state’s population according to the 2020 census. I still remember as a 13-14yr old watching Oprah with my mom when she went to Cobb county to talk about “racism” and at that time throngs of proud white people, mostly men showed up to defend their heritage. I doubt that would happen today especially since back then Cobb was 85% white while today I think it’s barely 50% white. Plus whites have become so brainwashed and cowed by Jew propaganda. Staci Abrams is a black beast and there are enough self hating whites in that state to elect her. Abrams will rule the state like an African potentate while the country club Republicans… Read more »

6 January, 2022 9:33 pm

Given the full-throated, unabashed 24/7 expressions, written or verbal, of hate-on-whites at this moment in time…the NINE tenths notion is massively extraneous. Nah, one more ¨10th” will bring us to the slaughter house. We have simply got to see a bonafide sea-change on this continent. Weŕe out of time…none for even ONE MORE TENTH.

10 January, 2022 3:59 pm

White South African Stoned to Death.        

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
11 January, 2022 1:54 am

I shared this one, with friends and online.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
11 January, 2022 2:54 am

It’s difficult to be optimistic about the prospects for white people living in Georgia. Don’t forget a mostly white jury of Georgians recently found Travis and Gregory McMichael guilty of multiple counts of murder, kidnapping, assault, etc. for as clear a case of a self-defense killing as you will ever see, sending these two upstanding white men to prison for life — for defending their white neighborhood from a prowling black man who was literally crazy and violent.

The verdict made me sick.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
11 January, 2022 12:57 pm

Sweat hog Abrams’ big issue during her second bid to be Governor of Georgia is “Voting Rights” or “Voting Reform.” As Mr. Mercer points out: Thirty years back, Georgia was 75% White… Now Georgia is 50% White and falling rapidly. What is this voting reform that Abrams is pushing on Georgians, if not the dispossession of Whites who live there and vote through the <cough!> democratic process? I’m reminded of how South Africa was ruled by Whites until ‘voting reform” — “one man, one vote” — was instituted there nearly 30 years ago, when Whites were outnumbered around 5:1 by Blacks and Coloreds. White South Africans actually voted for their own demise with the stupid one man one vote “reform” in their electoral process! Dr. William Pierce had the opportunity… Read more »