Are Non-Whites Penalized More Harshly by the Justice System for the Same Crimes?

by Russell James

ARE non-Whites penalized more harshly by the US criminal justice system for the same crimes?

To the contrary, most evidence points to the fact that Whites are held to a much higher standard regarding crime than any other group. Crime is so rampant in some non-White communities that “minor” infractions, like the possession of small amounts of drugs or possession of unregistered firearms, without a license, are routinely overlooked by law enforcement. And “crimes” that are routinely enforced in majority-White communities, like traffic violations and jay-walking, are unheard of in America’s inner cities.

Entire categories of crimes, like “hate” crimes are selectively enforced, almost solely, against Whites, even though Whites are much more likely to be the victims of such crimes than the perpetrators of them. Jury nullification is so rampant in non-White communities (see the O.J. Simpson and Reginald Denny cases) that it is virtually impossible for prosecutors to gain a conviction against non-Whites if their victim is White.

A few years back, the Obama administration’s dismissal of a case involving Black Panthers, caught on video engaging in voter intimidation, vividly demonstrates the unequal enforcement of the laws. The White population, of entire states, is under a form of consent decree (the Voting Rights Act) forcing them to divulge to the federal government any changes to their voting practices, in order to prevent them from “intimidating” non-White voters, yet as that case shows, Blacks may intimidate White voters with impunity.

And finally, perhaps the most egregious area where Whites are discriminated against by the criminal justice system, is in the area of immigration. While non-Whites, from every nation on earth, are flooding into our nation in violation of our immigration law, it is only White Europeans who are routinely rounded up and sent back to their countries of origin for simple violations like missing a check-in or overstaying their visas.

Most of the alleged data supporting the propaganda that Blacks are punished more harshly by the criminal justice system seems to come from the fact that the propagandists are comparing apples to oranges. They point to the fact that there are more Blacks in prison, per capita, than there are Whites, but they never talk about the fact that when you compare crime rates of Whites to Blacks, the data show that, given the fact that there are far fewer White criminals, Whites are actually over-represented in our prison system.

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Source: The Foremost Problem

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
2 January, 2022 5:28 pm

In support of the excellent essay Mr. James shared with us above, there’s a Bill in the Washington state legislature reducing penalties for drive by murders. Why? See for yourself:

Phil Keup
Phil Keup
5 January, 2022 1:04 pm

Last Sunday a negro professional football player who signed a 85 million dollar contract was charged with assault. One of the employees was filming him at a Walgreens pharmacy and he didn’t like that. After a confrontation he left and a few minutes later came back in and attacked the manager. Negros in the media blamed the violence of the sport of football and said he is a good person he just needs more understanding. Negros will take credit for anything but responsibility for nothing

Brother Art
Brother Art
6 January, 2022 1:24 am

We, White men have been moved like chess pieces on a game board against one another in war. We did not create the game were subject to – we did not write the rules- we do not move the armies… Fratricide! WW1 WW2 the “civil” war, on and on and on, brother against brother- courageous white men by the millions slaughtered one another under a black magic spell cast by Jewish trickster overlords. It must stop, we are a species in grave danger. The survival of our species, the bearers of brilliance, invention and builders of magnificent civilization, hangs on the future we set forth for our children and they’re children and they’re children forever into the future… Where will we cast them? How long will our blood survive the… Read more »

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
6 January, 2022 11:48 pm

I have a certain familiarity with and knowledge of the prison system in my home state, and I can confirm everything that is said here. In fact, because there is a glaring difference in incarceration rates between blacks and whites, from what I have seen whites seem to get the book thrown at them to send them to prison and keep them there as long as possible just to try to ameliorate those criminal justice disparities. White liberals are embarrassed by the glaring crime statistics in the same way they are embarrassed by the wide and persistent learning gap between blacks and whites in our school systems. In both situations blacks are given extra credit, extra chances, free passes, etc. to make a good showing, while whites must earn everything… Read more »