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A Congresswoman Pays the Toll

Mary Gay Scanlon

by Douglas Mercer

CHRISTMAS CAME a few days early for the decent folk of America when a Negro-worshipping congresswoman got carjacked at gun point on the streets of Philadelphia by five of the very Negroes she worships.

Status: Toll paid.

You live by the Negro, you die by the Negro, as the song says.

Safe to say, this is a story right in the White nationalist wheelhouse: An anti-White White woman who pays homage to Congoids gets her comeuppance. Having been molested by reality, though, don’t expect this witch to have learned any lesson thereby. In fact, the ink hadn’t yet dried on the arrest report when she came out shilling for “common sense gun control.”

We need something to control the likes of her. She has her head so far up the nether regions of Negroes she can taste the fried chicken.

And what we really need is common sense Black control.

Guns don’t kill White people — congresscritters like Mary Gay Scanlon do; and of course the erectus throwbacks that she loves.

* * *

It was not that long ago that we saw that typical Philadelphia story, the one in which some Blacks went in for a gang rape on a subway train, apparently to the indifference of their fellow passengers. In all likelihood no one wanted to make a report on a Negro — as we are coming close to becoming a society where that is in itself tantamount to a crime.

Some on the train, however, used their marvels of technology to record it for posterity.

And it’s safe to say that this incident, which drew the gaping disbelief of the world, is not a one-off thing in the City of Brotherly Love — which city, apparently, is anything but what its name implies. It’s a city of feral criminal Negroes. Like Black-majority cities in this country and the world over, Philadelphia is experiencing what they like to euphemistically call a “crime surge”: What it really is is Blacks returning to their normal state when the last vestiges of the restraints of White civilization have been removed from their dusky necks. The Congoids are a primitive and a savage lot, and in order for them not to revert to a wild state, they need the unwavering and strong hand of authority to keep them in check, or at least something resembling check; but when that strong hand of authority is removed, all there is to do is whip out your cell phone and record the mayhem. Don’t call the police; they have been instructed not to do a thing. And lock your doors — or get the Hell out, if you’re lucky enough to even have that option.

All across this country we have witnessed the withdrawal of the strong hand of authority over Negroes. And nowhere are the predictable results of this abdication more readily apparent than in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia the homicide rate in 2020 was the highest in three decades. The number of homicides was 499, up 40% from 2019, according to police department figures.

Our Beloved African-American Equals take a back seat to no one when it comes to creating killing fields; they set Olympic records in this area of human endeavor. If there is ever a Killing Hall of Fame, untold numbers of them are shoe-ins to be nominated unanimously on the first ballot.

So far in 2021, the Philadelphia Police Department has reported 521 homicides which is a 13% increase compared to 2020 and the city’s highest number of killings since at least 2007. Incidents involving a shooting have also increased by 4.4%, and the number of people who are victims of a shooting has risen by almost 3% over the past year.

Lately at the Law School of the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC there was a controversy over a painting of a Pieta which depicted George Floyd being lovingly cradled in the arms of a Black “Mother Mary.” Evidently some conservatives were miffed at the idea of a career criminal being portrayed as their lord and savior, and one of them actually went so far as to steal the picture. But “Floyd on the cross” and “George Floyd died for you” are now the ritual if not the literal slogans of the powers-that-be. They are the guiding principles of law enforcement, or no law enforcement as the case is. You can steal as many paintings of sacrilege as you want, but our rulers will neither cease nor desist from ceasing and desisting to have the law implemented.

Three years later Philadelphia has shot past its previous murder record of 500 set back in 1990. There’s a murder once every 16 hours or so in Philadelphia.

Tick tock — another one bites the dust.

A surge in carjackings is another troubling statistic confronting Philadelphia crime fighters. The number of carjackings in the city is increasing at an alarming rate, and in at least three recent incidents, weapons were involved. Police are reporting dramatic increases over the past few years. The number of carjackings jumped from 225 in 2019, to 409 last year and, to date in 2021, 720.

It was a carjacking that took down that anti-White White, the Dishonorable Mary Gay Scanlon. Five young Blacks hijacked her at point-blank range and took her car. It was just a ho-hum incident as far as the stats go, but in another sense it was a shot heard round the country. Just like when that bag of bones Barbara Boxer got mugged by another pet Negro in Oakland, this is part of an encouraging trend.

Allowing the people who make policy to be totally unaffected by the results of their policies is a very bad policy. But when the Boxers and the Scanlons of the world start getting a good, long, and involuntary taste of the medicine they dispense, when cold justice comes lapping onto their shores, the decent and hardworking people of America can be sure that it could not have happened to a nicer bunch of people. The very people who fomented this crime wave finally started to get what was coming to them. I said started to get.

* * *

It goes without saying that behind this massive rise in crime, there is a Jew. When you turn over the rocks of evil and malice, the Jews always come filing out. But actually, in this instance, there are two main Jews behind it, two Jews who are the marquee names behind the murder and the theft, the rape and the robbery. (That there are many more Jews working alongside these two for our undoing is also certain.)

Larry Krasner is the District Attorney of Philadelphia; he was born in St. Louis. His father is the son of Russian Jewish immigrants and his mother was an evangelical Christian minister.

That’s a lethal combination, at least for the good people of Philadelphia. The day those two spawned him, you could already see the Blacks looting, raping, and murdering. The Jews with their fake “repair the world” philosophy and the evangelicals with their missionary zeal and their clamor for “social justice” — when those two are combined, you can bet the wretched of the Earth will be given the big green light to commence going on their sprees. Now that the Krasners of this world have the power, you can’t lock their Black pets up, you can’t police where they live, you can’t say anything bad about them. The real, though hidden, “moral philosophy” of the Jew Larry Krasner is that there are no morals, that morals are examples of White Hegemonic Structures or something like that — so just introduce your life to your hands when you walk the street, or hunker down in your home, because everything you have really belongs to the Blacks and the Browns and they can get it from you whenever they feel like taking it, and they feel like taking it right now. You see, it was your ancestors who stole everything from them. What the dark-skinned criminals are doing (say the Jews) is an act of reclamation, a “herald of justice” come to the world.

Since Krasner was elected to be the District Attorney of Philadelphia, it’s been a land rush for the criminal element — the message going out is that they are now to be coddled and worshipped, not chastised and given condign punishment.

Krasner, not surprisingly, is a big fan of whoring and weed smoking. And you can be sure that when he sips his cognac and laughs at what White people let him get away with, he puts some jazz on the gramophone.

When he took office he announced he would no longer prosecute marijuana possession, essentially decriminalizing weed without any legislative body — either in the city or the state — having a hand in that making of policy. Krasner also announced he was all but ending prosecutions of prostitutes.

But turning tricks and melting your mind with marijuana is penny-ante stuff for this Jew — he knows those killing fields are not going to populate themselves with fresh warm corpses; he knows they’ll need a big Jew helping hand to void the old “racist” laws to make that happen. So he got to work and made sure that the new “law” would be that there is no law — and “criminal justice” would mean that nothing’s a crime (except “White racism”), that the policeman’s job would be not to police, and the prosecutor’s task would be not to prosecute.

Then he instituted case reviews with an eye toward dramatic restructuring of sentences for Philadelphia’s criminals, particularly the non-violent ones.

So-called non-violent, that is. What they call non-violent crimes are property crimes and drug crimes for which violence, if it’s not used in the first place, is always just in the offing. And restructuring sentences is Jewspeak for letting them skate, usually right over your face. And Blacks being about as cognitively complicated as rats, if that’s not a slander on rats, when they see those sentences getting “restructured,” meaning racially reduced and heading towards non-existent, the Blacks know the downside of crime is next to nil. So that, to borrow words from current left-wing argot, “empowers” them and that, friends, is the point of the whole exercise. To topple White society, Jewry needs to unleash the Negroes. You see, the Jews aren’t going to knock off liquor stores in their own right, and the liquor stores won’t knock off themselves, so the Jews enlist surrogates, the Blacks, who are only too happy to comply, especially when the Jews promise them the consequences will be trifling or nothing. So the Jews are the generals and the Blacks the foot soldiers, and it’s bloody revolution all the way down.

For Jews, American carnage is not a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Krasner fought capital punishment. And Philly cop James O’Connor IV was killed by a drug dealer named Hassan Elliott, who was free thanks to Krasner’s decision to drop drug charges against him.

Hassan? Hassan? Why, he’s one of ours. Free that man!

Everybody knows Larry Krasner is allied with the criminals and not the victims. Certainly the cops do. Why bother arresting anybody? That’ll only make them angry, and then they’ll just be right back out on the street.

When it comes to this Jew, it’s not even a revolving door — there is no door. There is no prison, there is no jail, there is no law. When the French outlawed capital punishment, a backbencher in their legislative body stood up and yelled out: Let the assassins begin!

Which is about the long and the short of it. Not to mention the rapists, the robbers, and the ransackers of it.

So what happens then is that the law-abiding citizens who are beset by rampaging, pillaging criminals decide that if the cops and Larry Krasner won’t enforce the law and keep the peace, they’ll do it themselves. They will begin to exercise that old American right and custom of self-defense — which is why they want to take our guns. Like that fourteen-year-old boy who shot that erectus robber in the face in Philadelphia when said robber was trying to rob the family pizzeria. Legend has it that outside that pizzeria now is a sign that reads: The pies are piping hot, but the justice here is served cold.

Mr. Krasner came to office as one of the so-called Soros DAs, top prosecutors whose campaigns were loaded up with cash from PACs funded by the billionaire [Jewish] liberal activist. Vowing to rectify what they label a systemically racist criminal justice system, they oppose capital punishment, cash bail, and prosecuting some crimes at all.

Cast your mind back to not too long ago, when, on Fox News, Newt Gingrich forgot his Jewish handlers in an an unguarded moment, and brought up the fact that George Soros is funding District Attorney candidates across this nation to overturn order and replace it with chaos, and Obama hack Marie Harf pursed her ugly lips and said, “Let’s leave George Soros out of this.”

You see just stating a fact or two about George Soros is by definition an “anti-Semitic trope” and Jews and their miserable White allies don’t like “anti-Semitic tropes.”

Fox News cut off former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich on Wednesday after he brought up the role of billionaire left-wing financier George Soros in funding the election of left-wing prosecutors in local races over the past several years.

But it’s true that the Jews and George Soros want an “Open Society”; who could be against that? Us, that’s who. An “open society” is one where are throats are held open for cutting; where anything goes — and, as for criminals, they operate with no constraints. Anything else (the Jews say as they snicker) is an illiberal state, is an authoritarian state bordering on fascist if not outright fascist. Yes, sir: the closed society, that is what we want. No wonder Hungary kicked that bastard Soros out and sent him packing. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we have weak-kneed governments and so this wandering Jew still wanders the Earth in search of prey. He knows he’s found it in Philadelphia. He thinks he’s found it all across America.

Running with no prior prosecutorial experience in 2017, Mr. Krasner received more than $1.7 million — a record sum for a district attorney’s race in Philadelphia — from one of the myriad Safety and Justice PACs funded by Mr. Soros to elect prosecutors with a far-left agenda.

Ah, safety and justice. When a Jew opens his mouth, it’s easy to interpret what he says. Whatever he utters, just know that his true meaning is the exact opposite of what he says. I mean they can’t very well call the PAC “Danger and No Justice,” can they? No, they don’t want people to get the wrong idea — that is, the right idea: that Jews have a vested interest in spreading chaos and fear. And if you ask yourself why a Jew hailing from his parasite’s nest in Europe would take such a keen and all-encompassing interest in DA races in big cities in America you’ve just asked yourself the question that answers itself.

Because Jews are evil and they want you dead.

These DAs, among which Krasner is foremost, are Santa Clauses checking off every Black criminal’s wish list. If you’re Black and a criminal, and a godawful number of them are, each and every day is Christmas. For the rest of us it means nothing but coal in our stockings.

During his tenure as DA, Krasner has sought to spearhead criminal justice reform. His policies include ending criminal charges against those caught with marijuana possession, ending cash bail for those accused of some misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, reducing supervision for parolees. and seeking more lenient sentences for certain crimes. During his time in office, he has advocated for greater police accountability and pursued police misconduct.

It’s a street criminal’s nirvana.

Larry Krasner has sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times. He has promised not to seek the death penalty. He has even called law enforcement systemically racist.

They call it “racist” because, if it works properly, it will arrest and lock up Black people by the tens of thousands, or the millions, all of out of proportion to their numbers in the population. Because when it comes to crime, Blacks punch way above their weight — often involving punching the mother of their children before fleeing th scene.

But since then, Mr. Krasner again benefited from money pouring into his campaign from liberal donors and celebrities including pop star John Legend.

Just so you know, John Legend was the Mulatto who, on the Jew Bill Maher’s show in late 2016, said he was “sick and tired of hearing about the White voter.” That is, he wants to steer those panel discussions among establishment nobs and snobs back to exclusively speaking ad nauseum about the supposed needs and victimhood of his fellow primitives. And when suddenly, with the advent of Trump, the controlled media for two minutes mentioned the deplorable and forgotten White voter, it got him out of sorts and bent his wide nose out of joint. But he needn’t have worried. The Jew-run media only remembered the White voter long enough to curse, condemn, and demonize him.

Krasner’s biggest 2020 contributor was Real Justice PAC, which was founded by racial justice activist Shaun King and others. The group received huge donations from Cari Tuna, a left-wing San Franciscan married to Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz.

You see, I told you there were more than two Jews behind this bloodletting travesty.

Dustin Moskovitz was born in a Jewish family in Gainesville, Florida in 1984.

And you know, the deeper you delve the more there are. The fact is that behind every dispossession of Whites, behind every effort to terrorize the White citizenry in this country, behind every chaos-breeding policy, there’s a layer of Jews yards deep. And the further you probe, the more you will find.

* * *

Mary Gay Scanlon is a congresswoman from Pennsylvania, and she loves “her” Negroes so much that, even when one of them points a gun at her head and steals her car, she won’t say one bad word about them. She loves Negroes so much she’d rather have anything happen than have them cast in a bad light.

It was Nathan Bedford Forrest who got yanked from the grave, and not Mary Gay Scanlon — though to look at the latter, you’d never know it. The living corpse has that hollow and emaciated and skeletal look that makes you think that, by comparison, what was left of Forrest when they pulled him up was quite as fresh as a daisy.

Back in 2020, Mary Gay Scanlon took a back seat to no one when it came time to worshiping Blacks. She was much more than ready to dedicate our entire country and civilization to their welfare. She considered George Floyd a holy martyr, and sat at the foot of his cross and wailed in lamentation while she washed his feet — even though she did not consider herself worthy of such an honor.

Scanlon has been staunch supporter of police reforms in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May 2020.

Said the brittle bag of bones from the Keystone state:

“We have seen too many lives taken and communities devastated by police brutality and racial profiling,” Scanlon tweeted shortly after Floyd’s death. “Action is long overdue. House Democrats are fighting for REAL reform in our country’s police departments. Justice in Policing.”

Which is surprising because, after she was threatened and carjacked by said holy Negroes, she had the gall to call the police — she had the gall to call them even though the memory of that feces-laden tweet was still fresh in the memory of the sane fraction of the public. She didn’t call a therapist, she didn’t call the NAACP, she didn’t call a Black Lives Matter front man’ no, not at all — she called the police. By rights, when they found out who it was making the complaint they should have laughed in her skeletal face and hung up unceremoniously. The gall of her, really: Have these people no shame?

No, they don’t. As long as the Blacks are perpetrating outrages on the “little people,” they don’t care a whit or a jot; but when it’s their ox that gets gored, they want the police to be out in force. By rights, they should be forced to put their money where their mouth is; or just hand it over to the Negroes — all of it — without so much as a peep or a squawk. When it came to the Blacks in 2020 and beyond, it’s no coincidence they got on their knees — for somewhere in their unconscious or subconscious, they wanted nothing more than to fellate them. That this is true is as obvious as the day is long.

* * *

No, really: therapists.

Scanlon is one of 125 co-sponsors of the Mental Health Justice Act which aimed to replace some police officers as first responders with mental health specialists.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen — we’ve had the broken windows theory of policing, we’ve had stop and frisk, and now we have the Abraham Maslow approach to law enforcement. When the thieves or the arsonists or the killers or the rapists strike, the therapy gurus can go out to see if the criminals’ “needs” are being met, if they are “self-actualized,” or if their inner child is feeling sad and needs a hug.

To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to States and political subdivisions of States to hire, employ, train, and dispatch mental health professionals to respond in lieu of law enforcement officers in emergencies involving one or more persons with a mental illness or an intellectual or developmental disability, and for other purposes.

Those “other purposes” leave it rather open-ended, no? When you’re writing a law you don’t want to get too specific; you just want a blank check to do whatever the Hell you want. And this isn’t the Ferguson Effect, or the Floyd Effect, this, apparently, is the Freud Effect, though the effects will be the same. Stop those bad White racist men with the guns from being the front line of order, and replace them with the touchy feely dweebs who will wonder what kind of toilet training regimen the criminals had (perhaps it was too harsh), or maybe their mothers were too domineering. Though you know that when the weak sisters who write the laws now find themselves on the business end of some Black thug’s weapon, the cops will be called out in formation; there will be no therapizing then.

Congress wants to make it easier for state and local governments to defund the police by instead funding mental health services and empowering them to respond to emergency calls instead of armed officers.

Perhaps you can talk a man down from a ledge; but to try to talk a man down from a carjacking means you yourself are certifiably insane.

Scanlon, who previously backed the radical agenda behind the Defund the Police and Black Lives Matter movements, immediately needed desperate help from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Of course she did. What, was she going to call a psychiatrist? Were they going to dispense some lithium? Oh yes, they talk a good game, these sniveling White female liberal maggots. But when the chips start flying and the chips are down and it’s their life and their property, they come running to Bid Daddy for aid.

* * *

The florid nonsense that got piled up like a dung-heap recently around that criminal George Floyd — whose cold corpse should have been chucked in a lime pit — was truly astonishing.

Mary Gay Scanlon was first into the pit:

“Like millions of Americans, I am feeling a small sense of relief today following the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. Clear video evidence and expert and eyewitness testimony proved what was obvious to a watching world since last May — Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd. Today, justice was served.

“Over the past year, our country has begun a great reckoning sparked by the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I remain committed to confronting the harsh truths about law enforcement practices in our country that have allowed police violence against communities of color, especially Black individuals, to persist for far too long. And I will do everything in my power as an elected representative in Congress to push for meaningful reforms.”

A great reckoning came all right, one she surely didn’t reckon with. It happened a few days before Yuletide on the streets of Philadelphia.

“If we truly believe Black Lives Matter, we must change law enforcement in the United States.”

On the other hand, if you don’t believe Black lives matter, or if they don’t matter to you, a change in law enforcement may be necessary too, one that will turn a blind eye and give free rein to whatsoever the police deem necessary to subdue the Negroes. Better yet, separate them from us — forever.

“The House of Representatives passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act as a much-needed comprehensive first step to hold police accountable, change the culture of law enforcement, empower our communities, and build trust by addressing systemic racism and bias to help save lives. Now, more than ever, we need the Senate to act. We owe it to George Floyd and all those who have lost their lives at the hands of U.S. law enforcement.”

I think we can all of agree on an assessment of this woman, this horrific Mary Gay Scanlon, as assessment which is both tough-minded and fair:

What a disgusting, treasonous piece of excrement.

* * *

Now the good news. Sometimes there seems so little of it that when it does come, it is incumbent on us to rejoice.

Sometimes justice is sweet.

Police say Scanlon was approached on December 22 2021 by two Black males, aged approximately 20-30, as she walked to her vehicle before they demanded she hand them the keys. Scanlon handed over the keys to her blue 2017 Acura MDX and one of the suspects drove away in it while the other drove away in a dark-colored SUV.

Two Black males. That’s the honey part.


The pies are piping hot, but the justice is served cold

It simply couldn’t have happened to a nicer lady.

Scanlon’s phone and purse were stolen by the attacker, according to WPVI-TV of Philadelphia.

Two Black males. Turns out there were five Negroes involved in total. And not a budding therapist in the lot.

The FBI charged Josiah Brown, 19, with carjacking and the use of a firearm in the carjacking. Police identified the juvenile suspects as a 14-year-old female and three male juveniles, aged 13, 15, and 16.

Young and feral and a female with them. Old enough to know it’s open season on White people in Philadelphia.

The FBI? This is a local matter, right? Nope, when the very reverend Mary Gay Scanlon, a Very Important Person, is involved, they pull out all the stops. They call in the top dogs and no stone is unturned. Had it been you or me, those five Negroes would still be sitting pretty.

Imagine those Negroes’ chagrin when they found out they’d knocked off a member of Congress and there would be actual heat.

Justice all around, both sides taken down, the sweeter it is the more you think about it.

The 15-year-old male was charged with receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, and two counts of criminal mischief, officials said. The other three juveniles were charged with receiving stolen property.

When what they really did was unknowingly deliver a kind of royal justice on a platter, and then took a helping of it themselves.

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon at a South Philadelphia park — as the city continues to see a surge in crime that has been downplayed by the far-left district attorney.

By “downplayed” they mean “facilitated.” Downplayed as well, but facilitated first and foremost. First he facilitates it, then he downplays it, a Jew through and through.

Scanlon, a Democratic congresswoman from Pennsylvania, was returning to her vehicle at about 2:45 p.m. following a tour of FDR Park when she was targeted by two men in a dark-colored SUV.

Hey, looka that skeleton lady. She look like she couldna put up a fight if she wanted to. We pick her bones clean.

The men demanded the keys to Scanlon’s vehicle, which she handed over. The station reported that Scanlon’s personal cell phone, government-issued cell phone, purse, and identification were inside the vehicle.

They cleared the skeleton out.

The frightening daylight carjacking came as the City of Brotherly Love is enduring one of the most violent years in its history.

Maybe, back when it was our city, we shouldn’t have named it the City of Brotherly Love. It gives people the wrong idea now. Better to be the city that hates. Your descendants will thank you.

It should have been the City of White Brotherhood from the beginning, then none of this, and this, and this would have ever happened.

Earlier this week, police confirmed that there had been 540 homicides since the beginning of 2021, far outstripping the previous record of 500 set in 1990.

The hominids set a new record high. It’s pretty impressive if you’re an anti-White sociopath.

Scanlon is far from the first carjacking victim in Philadelphia this year, with police reporting 720 such crimes as of Dec. 9, compared to 409 last year and 225 in 2019.

Despite the shocking numbers, far-left Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner said earlier this month of the city: “We don’t have a crisis of lawlessness. We don’t have a crisis of crime. We don’t have a crisis of violence, and that is a category that includes gun violence.”

Nothing to see here, eh? No crisis, no criminal surge, no nothing. Just move right along. Remember, whatever a Jew says, the precise opposite is true. I’d say tell your “we don’t have a crisis” to Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon now, but so in the bag for the semi-humans is she that she’d most likely back you up. They say people live and learn, but in cases like hers she’ll never learn — and unless we stop the likes of her we’re not going to live.

* * *

Kimberly Lightford

And the early Yuletide gifts kept coming for the decent hardworking folks of America. It really was a great time to be alive. It really was an embarrassment of riches.

On December 22 2021 Illinois Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford recounted the harrowing moment when she and her husband were carjacked at gunpoint in suburban Broadview Tuesday, saying she begged for the carjackers not to shoot her.

Santa came a few days early.

Earlier, the Negro Lightford had come up with this doozie:

“We have never seen the sort of groundswell that we have seen in the wake of the George Floyd murder. And murder is indeed what it was. I think what was different is that the nation was forced to watch the brutality and inhumanity of a human being killed on video, on TV, if you will, right before our very eyes. And this particular footage was beyond anything that any of us have witnessed before. We got to see it in excruciating detail.”

After condemning untold numbers of innocents to death, she was begging for her life. If only we could have seen that in excruciating detail. Bring in the popcorn, we’re almost at the point where she begs for her life.

Status: Toll Paid.

And speaking of living (if just barely living, given her looks) and not learning, Mary Gay Scanlon did get a lesson from her harrowing experience up close and personal with the Congoid criminals. Did she repent of all that Black Lives Matter nonsense? Did she see the errors of her ways? Did she stand up sober and declaim that the scales had fallen from her eyes and she now realizes that there is an epidemic of Black crime in this country, that Black crime is the health crisis, that Black crime permeates day-to-day life in America?

Did she become a decent American and say she sees now it’s the Blacks and Jews who must be stopped? That our cities must be reclaimed? That when it comes to these sub-animals, all the stops must be pulled out, no inch or quarter given?

No, of course not. None of that.

Mary Gay Scanlon called for common sense gun laws to be passed after she was carjacked at gunpoint on Wednesday.

Now the truth is that, given the way she looks, it looks like someone might have just pried something from her cold dead hands, but that statement is really too much. She knelt for Negroes in 2020, and then she got carjacked at gunpoint by Negroes in 2021 — and what she took away from her ordeal is “we need more gun laws.” She wants to take our guns away. So a Jew declares open season on White people, Blacks are only too happy to take him at his word, and this White witch wants to strip you of your last vestige of hope in defending yourself.

Better to think of that Black who tried to rob that pizza joint and ran in to a little problem. Because there is an old American custom called self-defense, and when it’s you or the savages, that’s not even a choice. The authorities have abdicated their authority and now function as little more than gang look-outs. They don’t have your back, they have the criminals’ backs. And unless you want to get shot in the back it’s best to take matters into your own hands, if and when the time comes and it’s you or them. Such self-defense is legal, at least for now, at least in some places, but you can be sure they’ll try to change that too. And when the dust clears, there’s only one and one thing only you’ll want to say. Indeed, they can put it on the assailant’s headstone for all you care, if they can afford one.

Status: Toll Paid.

For normal folks everywhere, it’s a banner day. Yuletide come early. Yuletide come every day.

And just so you know, that erectus who got shot in the face at the pizza place — he was one criminal who was really easy to find: They just followed the trail of blood.

That’s a racial reckoning I can get behind; a harsh reckoning, but a true one.

* * *

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mortal goyal
mortal goyal
27 December, 2021 10:05 pm

Are Negroids even capable of chagrin?
i say we start by asking them to spell it.

Another thorough expose’ here from Mr. Mercer. More ‘bad news’ of course..What else is there in Amorica?

Born and raised in Philly here. My father got us out of that Tarred abyss eventually.
Thirty years as a cop there was enough collected field data for him, i suppose.

We’re all equal.
We all bleed red.
America is
F&$?!N dead …

My leftist- defective brother wound up moving back there at some point. He lives in a loft don’t ya know. He worships Jews, and swears by their ridiculous Hollowhoax, so i’m sure he sleeps like a baby. Plus, he has the new Kike -Virus Hoax to occupy himself with, and his Pfizer donations.


5 January, 2022 7:43 am

“…don’t expect this witch to have learned any lesson thereby.”

When I hear of a white anti-white escape a black “incident” I regret that the perp isn’t the LAST PERSON THEY WERE TO EVER SEE. You see, we simply can’t get to that place where enough whites wake up to the obvious displacement, take-down, GENOCIDE that is and has been ongoing for more than a generation now. We have to rely on reluctant fate to take up our cause for us. Which is weak tea, indeed. I foresee “cities” being increasingly fled by whites. It will be interesting subject matter to see the result of virtually 100% non-white cities and towns absolutely empty of whites in the near future. What then?

pj dooner
pj dooner
5 January, 2022 12:59 pm

The final homicide total in 2021 in Philadelphia was 561 and while there were a few non-white on white solved cases reported like the murder by a black thug of the white Bernie Sanders student organizer, I count 15 unsolved murders of whites in the city in 2021 alone. Most of these murders are in sections of the city that are close to black areas or have become mixed in the last few years. The Jewsmedia will never report this but it appears that Whites are being targeted: Nicholas Rowan lost his life in Philadelphia on Sunday, December 12, 2021. At 1:56 a.m., Philadelphia Police Officers responded to the 6600 block of Charles Street and found Nicholas suffering from a stab wound.Two people were shot on the 4000 block of Passmore… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  pj dooner
23 January, 2022 7:11 pm

This is the last unsolved murder of a white in Philadelphia for 2021:

Christopher Oaks was murdered on Friday, December 31, 2021. At 1:55 a.m., Philadelphia Police Officers responded to the 3000 block of A Street and located Christopher lying in the street. He had been shot in his back. Medical personnel arrived and pronounced Christopher deceased at the scene. 

Christopher Oaks, 29 year-old White male, resided on Lansing Street in Philadelphia, PA. 

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
7 January, 2022 12:40 am

This MUST and will be shared with other white people.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Old Aardvark
7 January, 2022 8:08 pm

Great idea, I have 3 acquaintances to forward this one to.

8 January, 2022 10:17 pm

Maybe the crime victims are merely totalitarian lightweights, who have ceased being useful to the Communist Cacodemon and its minions, both with flesh bodies and without flesh bodies. (It’s okay, don’t worry, if that sounds idiotic or even insane.)

— Elfriede Lentner,