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Saint Hitler, World War 2, and Nature’s God

Divinely inspired messages to Arman as related to H. Millard

GOD IS great, and He has selected Whites!

World War 2 was a great struggle of the White genome against the evil forces that want Whites to stop evolving and to blend in with non-Whites — and thus go extinct as Whites.

Saint Hitler and the National Socialists were uber-pro-White, and were trying to help Whites improve and evolve as the Supreme Being wants.

You may have seen books or movies trying to convince you that it was wrong for the National Socialists to measure people’s heads — wrong to be looking for certain mental and physical traits and characteristics — wrong in demanding blood purity for five generations — and wrong to encourage the best Whites to mate and produce children. But such books or movies are the products of anti-White minds and are evil.

Saint Hitler and the National Socialists were right in trying to improve Whites and help all Whites evolve, although some National Socialists probably didn’t realize they were doing the Supreme Being’s work. They were using the best science and the best practices that were then available concerning genetics and how to find the best characteristics among Whites.

That’s what Saint Hitler and the National Socialists were really all about, and the enemies of Whites knew this instinctively, if not always consciously, as surely as dogs have an instinct to chase cats — and these instinctive enemies of Whites worked to stop Whites from improving and evolving.

These evildoers did slow Saint Hitler’s work down temporarily, and slowed down our conscious evolution, but that 80-year slowdown is less than the blink of an eye to the Supreme Being. And the work done by Saint Hitler and the National Socialists lives on even in books that try to demonize them. When you read books on the subject, seek out the true facts amidst the anti-White propaganda masquerading as “anti-Nazism.”

Today we must consciously work on our evolution again. Now we should be awake. The Supreme Being has now been direct and clear as to what He wants — and there is no more mumbo jumbo inserted by humans or expressions that can be misinterpreted. And He expects us to obey. Now we consciously know that our duty and our purpose is spiritual and religious.

If you doubt the positive things just written about Saint Hitler and the National Socialists, just ask yourself if you honestly believe that Whites would be better off or worse off today if Germany had won the war.

If Saint Hitler and the National Socialists had won Would War 2, would we now have CRT and “wokeism” and have our White children being taught that they are evil?

Would we see statues of Whites being torn down and replaced with statues of Blacks? Would Whites be second class citizens in the US, as we are now? Would we still be being told that it is “racist” for us to want to be our best? Would parts of our major cities be no-go areas for Whites and full of Black crime?

Would Whites be told that we must become less White in the name of “equity,” and that we must discriminate against our fellow Whites in our hiring and college placements so that non-Whites get the jobs and college seats that should have gone to Whites? Would we be seeing major corporations forcing DEI — “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” — on everything, including their hiring practices so that they refuse to hire perfectly qualified Whites just because they are White?

Would we be seeing Whites being told they must essentially renounce their Whiteness and their abilities and be less that they truly are, and apologize to non-Whites for their Whiteness?

You know the answers.

We would be much better off if our White German cousins had won the war. The Germans were doing God’s work. Those who opposed them were doing the Devil’s work.

Again, these haters of the Supreme Being as He truly is, are evil people who want all Whites to die off because we are their replacements — and they have an instinctive knowledge of this, subconsciously, that causes them to hate Whites.

This instinctive and subconscious hatred of Whites is similar to the instincts of lower animals that cause them to protect their territory against others who invade that territory. The human territory is Earth itself and all non-Whites want to protect it from Whites. Yes, in a sense we are the invaders of the Earth. We are a different type. We are a new type of human. Whites are already a later evolutionary development of the human kind, and collectively we are continuing to evolve faster than all other races. And we, as individuals, should consciously help with our evolution as we are commanded by the Supreme Being — lest we and our particular White family lines be left behind as other Whites continue to evolve.

One major flaw in Whites that we must overcome is that we can still produce viable offspring with non-Whites. The result of this is that too many Whites mate with non-Whites and introduce genetic pollution into our collective White gene pool — and this causes devolution.

We are, as stated above, selected by the Supreme Being to continue to evolve along a strictly White path and we are destined to become a new type of human that will look much as we now look, but will be smarter, healthier, live longer, be better at our survival — and will become a new species of human, separate from all other types of humans, and will eventually replace them in the fullness of time. One of the most important things about our evolution is that when we cross a certain threshold, we will no longer be at risk of having children with non-Whites and then our evolution will skyrocket.

But there are enemies of the Supreme Being who are trying to stop our evolution. They have been with us since our existence began as the new kind of human on this planet, and they use all means at their disposal to thwart and kill us. Some of them are clever at propaganda and advertising and other means, and use them to convince Whites of the big lie that all races are the same and that we should thus mate with them. This mating between Whites and non-Whites pollutes the White genome and destroys White family lines.

This angers God, for it is the opposite of what He wants. “There is only one race the human race” is one of the propagandistic clichés that too many Whites foolishly believe and mindlessly say.

Those Whites who have violated the Supreme Being’s laws must pray to Him for forgiveness. This they should do all by themselves with no priests or intercessors. Their relationship with God is personal.

In fact, even the Bible (which is not a holy book for us) talks about original sin. Real original sin is miscegenation by Whites. Adam and Eve weren’t the first people on the planet; they are a mythological representation. Think instead of the first White people on the planet, and some of these White people committed original sin when they mated with non-Whites, causing Whites to have impurities in our genome. Christians have meaningless rituals to try to remove sin (this is what Baptism in water is about), but no, folks, you can’t wash away the sin and impurities of miscegenation with water.

Our way is one of freedom and happiness. We can pretty much do as we want and live a good life, but we must try to do it in an exclusively White context and try not to associate with any non-Whites, unless temporarily needed for some reason that will ultimately benefit Whites. But even if we must from time to time be with non-Whites for business or other reasons, we must never do it out of wanting to be with them as though they are our kind: They are not our kind. Be polite and be respectful to all, but stay White — and never mate with any non-Whites.

Ask of everything: “Is this good for White people?”

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

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