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“American” Cities: Lessons for the Coming Crises

As America heads into a multiple crisis situation on many fronts simultaneously — logistical (supply chain), economic (super-inflation), and demographic (declining civility, productivity, and rationality) — let’s look at the lessons learned during Hurricane Katrina to gain insight as to what our heavily-Black cities may soon be like all over this country.

by David Sims

HURRICANE Katrina’s pass by New Orleans, and the flood that followed, proved that most Blacks don’t look ahead, that they value short term opportunities to loot and engage in power-mongering above long-term survival considerations, and that they are in general the most useless, inept people in a crisis that you could imagine.

In fact, trying to help them can be a most dangerous undertaking.

Why did New Orleans Blacks shoot at rescue workers? If you know how they think, it’s easy to understand. After law enforcement broke down, ambitious Blacks who fancied themselves “leaders” tried to create fiefdoms within the city. Because of competition between them, each of these petty warlords and his gang of subordinates could claim only a city block or two (by shooting anyone who disputed that claim). Skirmish lines formed along every street that marked the boundary between contested territories, each avenue becoming a no-man’s land.

Into this war zone came small groups of good-hearted White rescue workers, brimming with loving-kindness, with vehicles full of relief aid. They expected their efforts to be met with orderly queues of grateful Blacks who would say “thank you” after receiving their fair measure of assistance.

Of course, Blacks don’t really cooperate in that fashion.

What really happened is this: The rescue workers’ vehicles were attacked by the first warlord gang to notice them, the supplies seized, and the volunteers abused in various ways. Each warlord wanted all the good things which the rescue workers were bringing in, and furthermore he wanted to deny those blessings to his rival warlords. Letting the relief workers pass through his territory to the next would have been a tactical blunder, from his point of view.

To put it another way, the relief effort was attempting to operate on a social scale larger than the one in use by the armed groups in flooded New Orleans, and since the Blacks had the guns, their scale and their values prevailed.

That’s why trying to help Blacks in such a crisis is a very stupid thing to do, unless you first send in military forces to kill the leaders of the armed factions that form spontaneously among them after law enforcement has broken down. To reestablish enough order to aid the remaining Blacks, you must first demonstrate to them that your soldiers can kill their soldiers, and the demonstration will necessarily be a lively one.

Those Blacks didn’t suddenly choose to be predators. They were born predators. For years, law enforcement suppressed their natural behavior. Then came the hurricane, and law enforcement was swept away. The gene-coded behavior natural to Blacks instantly reappeared.

However much circumstances can affect people, the result of environmental influences will always differ depending on the races involved. What leads one to violent factionalism motivates another to cooperation. What leads one to starvation trains another to hard work.

* * *

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LA Littlejohn
LA Littlejohn
19 November, 2021 8:51 pm

My grandaddy always said, “Niggers ‘ll be niggers”. He was more right than I knew, at the time.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
21 November, 2021 2:46 am

I expect this kind of tribal infighting to happen within the US military between blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc. Normal whites are rapidly being purged from the military, or they see where it’s headed and have the sense to get out.

It won’t take too long to cripple the US military and make it utterly useless… which is a good thing.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
21 November, 2021 11:15 pm

A car load of Congoids uses a SUV to engage in mass murder against white people at a Christmas Parade in Wisconsin. nationalfile.com/police-declare-mass-casualty-event-after-black-driver-reportedly-drives-into-christmas-parade-in-waukesha-wisconsin/

25 November, 2021 5:41 pm

i’m convinced tribalism is the mean for most of them. universalism and natural law is not conceivable to most of them. the bloodline has not had to survive ice ages. there was little necessity to invent or need future oriented thinking. dna has memory and they prove it constantly. the bolshevik relativists know this and use it to manufacture a behavioristic culture. normies are a useful by-product. poverty is no longer a credible reason for ignorance. ignorance in the info age is willful. the gullibility index is uncanny. therefore relativism is a good fit for them

Atomic Impact
Atomic Impact
29 November, 2021 6:23 pm

The situation with the black warlords reminds me of the wars in Africa like Somalia where the world sends in aid and the African despots horde it among themselves for power.