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A Jew Says We’re Sorry

Matt Haney: pretty good crypsis, but the sick asymmetrical leer gives it away.

by Douglas Mercer

JUST RECENTLY San Francisco got their faggot hero number one Harvey Milk’s infamous name on a US Navy ship. Now the city by the bay is getting on its collective knees and apologizing to the Chinese. In both instances Jews are behind it.

How about that.

Asians are 13 per cent. of the population in California but they comprise well over a third of the students in the University of California system. If we had a meritocracy, those numbers would go northward of 50 per cent. And who wants to be ruled by Asians? We used to keep them out because they hurt Whites at the bottom of the social scale. Now they hurt Whites at the top of the social scale. Anything that hurts Whites anywhere on the social scale is bad. It’s our society and our scale after all — or it should be. We should have continued to keep the Asians out. They don’t belong here, and their presence is a part of a Chinese effort at the colonization of the world.

Our world.

But now San Francisco is going to apologize to the Chinese for what smart and brave White people used to do. As stated, a Jew is behind it.

San Francisco is the latest California city to consider apologizing for a legacy of discrimination against Chinese immigrants and their descendants. Antioch, San Jose and Los Angeles have issued similar statements acknowledging their harmful policies.

All these cities are taking a dive.

San Francisco is only considering the mea culpa now. It’s a proposal by a Jew. But is there one chance in a million they won’t make the formal apology? No, there is not. There’s not a Chinaman’s chance in fact. They’ll grovel all day long in front of this yellow peril.

San Francisco could become the fourth in the state to formally apologize to Chinese residents for laws that discriminated against their community since 1850.

Supervisor Matt Haney introduced the resolution for apology to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday (November 9 2021).

“Matt Haney was raised by a single mother in a Jewish family.”

That’s really all you need to know.

That, and that this all-out assault on America is a Jewish family affair. It turns out Haney’s father was a UC Santa Cruz social psychologist who was the principal researcher for the infamous anti-White Stanford Prison Experiment. Of course eventually this research malfeasance got rebutted, debunked, and discredited. Of course a Jew isn’t concerned about truth; Hell, no. But by the time people figured out that it was just another Jewish lie, the damage had been done. Indeed, currently Stanford University has a plaque commemorating the space where the experiment was completed as if it were sacred ground. Jew ground they mean.

The “experiment” is important because it led directly to that other Jew San Francisco official, attorney general Chesa Boudin, who has never seen a Brown or Black criminal he didn’t want to unleash on White society. You see the Stanford Prison Experiment said that prisons are bad. Too many Black people are locked up in them, don’t you know.

Roughly speaking, this “experiment” set out to prove that incarceration is always unjust and that prison guards are authoritarian/fascist. That is, Blacks are noble and innocent, Whites bad and predatory.

The primary reason for conducting the experiment was to focus on the power of roles, rules, symbols, group identity and situational validation of behavior that generally would repulse ordinary individuals. The experiment has also been used to illustrate cognitive dissonance and the power of authority.

It ingrained in Haney that context matters, prisoners are people, mistreatment has consequences, and perpetuated his passion about the psychological impact of incarceration, and his advocacy for humanization and reform.

These Jews style themselves as heroes who are “setting the captives free,” but really what they are doing is undermining all authority. Another, simpler way to put it is that Matt Haney’s father, back at the beginning of the cultural revolution (1971), contributed mightily to the softening of America’s core, and put that big question mark over “authority”; his son is just following in his footsteps.

And not just the son. The daughters are in on the game as well.

Haney’s sister Erin Haney is a former Public Defender and worked to free wrongly convicted prisoners She is also known for her work with Jessica Jackson and Kim Kardashian on the documentary film The Justice Project. Haney’s half-sister is a professor of Sociology at New York University.

Jews in the family.

So Haney is following in the Jewish tradition of subverting the host society; his father cast doubt on justice and authority, his sisters team up with Kim Kardashian and the cause of “prison reform.” The latter got Trump to free any number of criminal Negroes; Haney himself will issue an apology on behalf of White America.

See how this scam works?

The apology would admit wrongdoing and push the city to find ways to rectify the lingering consequences of discriminatory policies.

Here come the gibs, given this time to a group significantly wealthier than the Whites who’ll be paying for them.

That is a mathematical certainty.

San Jose formally apologized in September to the Chinese community for its treatment of their ancestors. In June, the city of Antioch apologized for its mistreatment of Chinese Immigrants who built tunnels to get home from work because they were banned from walking the streets after sundown.

My, a veritable Shoah it was.

What were we thinking? How did they survive? How much money and attention should we give them now? Should we offer apologies ad infinitum for our obvious superiority? No worries: Jews will do that for us as they pass themselves off as “us.”

The apologies come amid a wave of attacks against the Asian community since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Have Jews apologized on behalf of the ferally ferocious Congoids for those actual assaults? No, sir. They’ve been too busy covering up the fact that it’s the out-of-control Blacks doing it, and then using the crimes as a pretext for going after “White supremacy.” A Jew’s got his job to do, after all.

Have the Jews ever apologized — for themselves — for unleashing these nefarious animals on society? Again, no. They think being a Jew means never having to say you’re sorry. Unless they are saying they are sorry on behalf of White people. That they are very keen on doing. But when the bill comes due on that apologetic subservience, they are a million miles from the scene of the crime and once again they are Jews. No apologies then.

Not a Chinaman’s chance of that.

A resolution introduced at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday is calling for an official apology from the city for the discriminatory laws and practices imposed against the Chinese and other Asian immigrants since the 1800s.

Now the apologies widen. Not just the Chinese but also the Vietnamese, the Koreans, and the gods know who else; if their eyes are sloped they’ll get the expression of regret. And start lining up like hogs at the money trough. Of that you can be sure.

Supervisor Matt Haney, who filed the resolution, said: “Law after law passed in this building targeting Chinese immigrants. When we don’t confront it, that’s when we see it being used and continued.”

Don’t forget this man is a big fat Jewish rat from a long line of big fat Jewish rats. That’s all you need to know about him and his baleful brood.

During the meeting, the board of supervisors acknowledged the racism that Asian Americans endured for over 150 years.

And yet for some odd reason these Chinese, and every other racial group in the world, wanted to keep pouring in to America. They said, and say, that America is the worst possible place for anyone not White — and then when we deny them entrance they are outraged. You’d think this is the last place on earth they would want to be, but they sure want to be here and very badly too. Logical consistency is not a strong suit of the lesser breeds. If you ask them about this they will say they don’t want to come here, but we stole all their money in the (obviously imagined) past and so they are forced to try to get some of it back. It’s all our fault (again) that they are such losers. A Jew will apologize for us for it. When it comes to this racket, White people will never be able to win for losing.

They know that’s how they win, and how we lose.

Race-specific laws such as the foreign miners’ tax mainly targeted Chinese workers who had arrived in San Francisco during the Gold Rush in the 1850s. In the decades that followed, individuals of Chinese descent would face restrictions from getting government jobs, opening and operating certain businesses, using work equipment and more.

In some ways, America has always been a beggar’s ball. Our capitalists bring the lower races in exclusively for their own benefit, but once they are here they invariably hold out that bowl and expect us to fill it to the brim. What we created they could never create, but they certainly could and can leech off it. And then when the alien Yellow man is not straightaway granted the entire panoply of rights and ancient liberties that White people carved out for themselves over centuries, they stir up an unconscionable din. And a century and half later, Jews take up the cause.

Min’s group also found that many of the racist laws enforced across the country that targeted Asians were patterned from the very laws crafted by San Francisco’s own board of supervisors. The impact of such discriminatory laws is still felt today, particularly on how Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are perceived as perpetual foreigners.

Of course they are and will always be foreigners. That’s only natural; it’s how the world has always worked. Their skin is yellow for crying out loud. Would a White man ever be considered anything but a foreigner in China? Would a White man there ever be considered Chinese? There’s not a Chinaman’s chance of that.

After Los Angeles, San Jose, and Antioch have issued similar apologies for their historical mistreatment of the Chinese-American community, Supervisor Matt Haney wants one from San Franciso, possibly with reparations.

And that is always the end game. An apology, as horrible and as outrageous as it is on a moral level, is not and never will be near enough for them. In the end they want to fleece us of our money. The have their hands in our pockets while a Jew lawyer makes the tally of how much they are owed. And in case you wondered how much they are owed it’s a lot more than they will be given at any given point. They want to turn on that spigot, put their mouths to it, and guzzle down the wealth.

San Francisco has some uniquely bad history in this department. Chinatown was also blamed and quarantined for a 1900 Bubonic plague outbreak that was not its fault. White mobs brought ethnic violence against the Chinese during the Gold Rush era, and the Sand Francisco Board of Supervisors itself passed several racist ordinances during that era, banning anyone Chinese from a city government job, and even banning gongs and yeo ho poles used for transporting goods.

Gongs and yeo ho poles? Let’s just say those things are certainly not coon skin caps.

“This was really the hub of a lot of awful xenophobia and violence toward Chinese residents specifically,” Haney told the Chronicle. “At the time San Francisco was very much the urban center of this region, and so it sent ripple effects throughout the entire state.”

“Yet there’s the question of whether this would merely be symbolic, and just a meaningless set of words saying we’re sorry and thanking the Chinese-American community for their commitment to fostering reconciliation and friendship.”

Words will never be enough. The want the mother’s milk. Money is what they want. They want to be up to their yellow gills in gongs and yeo ho poles or whatever the modern equivalent of those vile things is.

“What does making amends look like? Are reparations on the table? What about reinvestment in the Asian community and its organizations?” executive director of the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco Justin Hoover asked the Chronicle. “An apology is great, it truly is, but it can’t just be a gesture.”

Oh no, even when that gesture is us on our knees, or Jews forcing us on our knees, and enough White people to follow the order, that gesture will never be enough. They wants the green. And Jews and cowardly White people will queue up to give it to them.

Haney told the Chronicle that he wants to hear from the community on any tangible remediations that might be included in the legislation. One idea is something similar to Mayor Breed’s Dream Initiative which reinvests $120 million in the African-American community.

Mayor London Breed is herself a Congoid so her giving money to other Congoids seems like a conflict of interest.

Much like the Jew speaking on our behalf.

* * *

So cowardly and craven are our “leaders” they have turned yellow in fear. They choose, with lots of encouragement from our Jewish rulers, to bring White Americans even lower on their knees, if that is even possible — and always saying “sorry” to every invading and somehow aggrieved group is a good start. We have to say sorry to the Amerindians for having cleared them from our living space; say sorry to the Blacks for the situation they find themselves in due to their being at the very bottom of the evolutionary totem pole; sorry to the wetback for having “stolen” his land; sorry to the perverts for being repulsed by their proclivities; sorry to the “trans” freaks for their delusions. And now sorry to the Asians. Sorry sorry sorry: that’s what they want. Apparently the “love of humanity” means always having to say you’re sorry, at least for White people.

For Jews, and the rest of the race aliens, the love of humanity means White people on their knees.

It’s what they want.

* * *

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James McClelland Dafoe
James McClelland Dafoe
17 November, 2021 2:41 am

I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about Chinese money laundering. In Canada at least, they are known for backdoor illegal transactions with casinos usually, then obviously sending the money home to China or investing heaps of it into real-estate. The Chinese North American are a disease used to cripple our housing market.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
17 November, 2021 10:51 am

This is a wedge to open the door even wider to eventual “reparations” to be given to blacks.

Every single time, it seems, as Dr. Pierce said, you lift up that rock of corruption, the one that makes the others possible, and underneath it is a Jew blinking in the light that is shone on him. Then he scuttles away like a cockroach.

17 November, 2021 10:36 pm

The only thing a Jew is ever sorry for is that he has been unable to subvert the society even to a greater degree than it has already been. They have nothing that resembles a soul. Nothing that even resembles any kind of a heart. They live only for the lust of greed and power and being able to conquer their enemies at the least cost to themselves. The best thing that we could do is round up every Jew take all of their wealth and place them on the Isle of Madagascar to be carefully watched and managed and allow them to live in the type of world they wish for us. The other thing that we should do is to force ALL nonwhites out of our respective countries… Read more »

20 November, 2021 4:01 pm

I’m not sorry and on top of that I’m adding some of my strength to that of this website’s sponsor: the National Alliance. Our New Order aims to replace the terminally corrupted (by Jews and their treasonous collaborators) System that’s killing us.

LH Collins
LH Collins
28 November, 2021 11:10 am

Don’t apologise on our behalf, sheenster, We’re not sorry, and you’re not one of us! Back to Israel with you.

WN lady
WN lady
30 November, 2021 6:01 pm

Yet we’ll never see the Chinese apologize to Whites (or anyone) for anything. They seem to be in the middle of an aggressive forward trajectory, though where it will end nobody knows. They seem to know, at least, that apologizing constantly is not the stuff successful civilizations are made of. They also continue to buy up the Commonwealth, as with my home country of Canada, low-hanging fruit that it is. Whatever they have planned nobody knows; we can only know that whatever they end up doing, it will be shrewd and without a shred of guilt. May we escape this fever and return to that mindset again one day.

1 December, 2021 10:06 pm

Several cases that Haney backed had screaming evidence against the perps. Thankfully, one was executed but the other still in prison for life. The Innocence Project has freed wrongly convicted, but they seem to have been hijacked by California perverts like Haney. Hurricane Carter was guilty, Mumia is guilty,. I think they just enjoy tormenting the victim’s families. Chinese are 20% of the globe’s population. Chinese Exclusion Act was a good thing

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
9 December, 2021 9:20 pm

I’m just so proud to be a ‘merican!

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