You Are Not Dead

THEY SAY you fell in the terrible fray
Which lasted from morning until the next day.
You lay there, among the pale bodies.

I can’t believe that; I see you once more:
Your proud gestalt, golden mood evermore.
I feel them, all the dear memories.

The day you came home I was faint, I was happy.
I basked in the splendor and the joy of your company.
We felt it, all the young ladies.

And then there was song before the bright blaze,
I blushed and I trembled at your warm gaze.
Oh, all my golden memories.

When you came in the parlor for me to find,
Jubilation unending filled my soul and my mind,
New smiles met new energies.

You said you loved me; firm and manly you spoke;
I cried with happiness until my voice broke.
Oh, such good, good memories!

That summer we walked ’cross many an acre;
You loved every creature in God’s free and wild Nature —
Under the Sun that warms, and oversees.

All the flowers and colors I saw there with you —
The light on the green grass against the sky’s blue.
Oh, that summer’s beautiful memories!

We rested in the meadow with cheek upon cheek;
I knew then a happiness, total, complete.
Was it not more than a reverie?

You kissed the forehead, eyes, and mouth of your wife;
For me, the most sacred moment of life.
Oh, most precious memory.

You left — upon the highest command of your duty.
I’ll be brave. I will be your loyal beauty —
Even when hot tears down my face carry.

You gave me happiness; my heart is steadfast.
It is not true that you are now passed.
You live in the child, and my memories.

— From “Dagspressen,” in SS-hefte nr. 5, 1944 p.24, translated by Karl Jægerlund and adapted by Rosemary Pennington

* * *

Source: Volkish

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31 October, 2021 11:28 pm

Whenever I attempt to imagine the indescribably horrific rape and slaughter of the beautiful, idealistic German women and girls, and the butchering of their akin young men, at the hands of sheer evil – I cannot get far before breaking down in tears and shivers.

Reply to  Guest
1 November, 2021 6:07 am

Today you are alive and can make a difference for the sake of future White generations. We ourselves may be butchered as you’ve seen, so make today count with us together.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
3 November, 2021 7:41 pm

You’re on the side of truth and virtue, all but gone as those might be nowadays, but any practical aspects about building or joining such a noble community are absent from your message. I humbly suggest you focus more on that, while duly continuing to expose evil and to honor the incredible bravery of those millions of beautiful people slaughtered.

Reply to  Guest
8 November, 2021 1:06 pm

So, I take it that you didn’t read that was duly incorporated at the end of my message. Please take the time to read it, thank you.

Reply to  JM/Iowa
10 November, 2021 12:47 am

I did. I only mean well as I reiterate that it doesn’t offer any specifics (even if you’d be referring to a pan-societal virtual community, as opposed to an actual place with an economic and legal framework). Your ideology is uncompromising in its high aspirations, as it should, but it seems detached from reality (if your best plan is to wait out a supposed self-destruction of the Jew World Order), and a bit adamant, perhaps. Whatever is left out of the whites may still be the most capable race on earth but, should it ever regain its sense of identity, it may coexist peacefully beside other races, and any claims shouldn’t be based just on past results but on constant good work, rebuilding.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Guest
10 November, 2021 2:59 pm

“Things fall apart…
…the center cannot hold!
And a blood dimmed tide…
…is loosed upon the world!”

Reply to  Walt Hampton
16 November, 2021 10:21 pm

Watch this…

…and then visualize how they died, if you can.

No hope in this world. Not for me.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Guest
17 November, 2021 12:56 am

This is a most excellent video. Brought
home to the heartbreaking realization
that my young life and early adulthood
was to be condemned by growing up to
a life in the Jew controlled USofA. I am
fully aware that FBI reads everything I
post here. Choke on it, you dirt-bags!