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The Racial Awakening of the German People, by Dr. Rudolf Frercks — Part 5

Written by a vice-director of the NSDAP’s Office of Racial Policy and published with official approval of the NSDAP in 1935. Translation by Hadding Scott, 2014. 

The Racial Policy of National-Socialism

EXAMINATIONS [of history] with regard to race and natural law teach us that there are three things that constitute the value and the strength of our people, which maintain its survival upon this Earth, but which will also bring its destruction without pity if disregarded:

1. the number and size,
2. the hereditary competence, and 
3. the character of a people. 

Over the long term in history a people can only be powerful and significant if it is large and rich in numbers; it sinks into insignificance if this declines. 

Not number alone, however, but foremost the quality and competence of a people’s particular hereditary lineages condition the level of its culture. If a people’s hereditarily competent lineages are degraded through faulty selection, its cultural achievements change accordingly. 

The character of a people however is conditioned by the purity of its blood. If this becomes mixed, then its expression, its innermost life, also changes. The people becomes uncertain when faced with the most important questions of its existence.

How do we stand in regard to these questions about the life of a people? Are we too already on the way downward to our demise? Is our number declining, are the competent dying out, and are the inferior increasing? How do we stand regarding the maintenance of the purity of our blood? Let us investigate these questions one by one.

To be continued.

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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