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Jewish Judge Harbors Border Hoppers


by Douglas Mercer

WITH A NAME like Beth Bloom she might as well be standing next to a guy in that weird black hat who’s dancing the Hava Nagila at Canter’s while ordering bagels to nosh on while she kvetches with her bubuleh about what a mensch her son-in-law the doctor is.

Still, I had to check.

Her Wikipedia page discreetly omits her status as a full-time paid-up member of the International Criminal Tribe, but even they can’t help themselves — and tucked down toward the bottom they have a link that reads “List of American Jewish Jurists.” Two simple clicks, and there under “District Court Judges” is what we already knew.

Judge Beth Bloom is a crypsis-enabled, but still reptilian-looking, Jew.

Hava Nagila!
Hava Nagila!

Hava Nagila!
Hey hey hey!

Of course you could just take one look at her smirking face and see that she has a map of White genocide written all over it.

Blotting out Amalek is her stock in trade; it was her major as an undergraduate.

Florida Federal District Court Judge Beth Bloom has ruled that a law signed by Rick DeSantis which banned Sanctuary Cities is illegal because — wait for it — it’s “racist.”

That’s right. This obnoxious Jew is positively verklempt when she ponders the fate of those Brown morons who “live in the shadows” as they suck our welfare system as dry as a desert, or those voodoo-practicing Haitians who have to be very extra careful not to be caught murdering anyone for their eerie rites lest they draw unwanted police attention. But if Super Jew Beth Bloom has her way, they’ll have no worries — as they will be granted Sanctuary Forever.

Not that any of this really matters, now that the other Super Jew Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has announced to the world that five minutes after you cross the border we might (might, mind you) deport you but if you’ve established yourself here for ten minutes we’ll let you stay. He said that being here illegally will not by itself be grounds for deportation. He might as well have gotten on television holding a sign that pictured a big green light, and for all intents and purposes he did.

Now Jew Judge Bloom of Florida has said that because a law is “racist” it is illegal.

This is a can of worms in a hornet’s nest.

This is the new “logic” of the Ruling Elite.

Wasn’t too long ago that that a Vietnamese judge said that it was unconstitutional to make it a felony to cross the border a second time after being apprehended the first time because that law was based on “racism.” Since borders are inherently discriminatory and affect Brown people most of all, borders are “racist” and in the future borders will be declared illegal.

Think that’s crazy? Even ten years ago, it would have been deemed crazy that a Black psychopathic drug-addled lunatic with a criminal history as long as his arms would have been canonized as the Jesus Christ of our time.

So careful with the skeptical predictions.

The bottom is a long way down.

Soon enough they’ll be proscribing White people faster than you can say Jews are the plastic demons of dissolution.

Hava Nagila!

Look at the Jews dance. They look insane — criminally insane.

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down parts of a Florida law aimed at banning local governments from establishing sanctuary city policies, arguing in part that the law is racially motivated and that it has the support of hate groups.

Apparently some decent White folks banded together and pushed this law, which the Florida Governor signed. That was too much for the blintz-eating Judge. It recalled for her “dark images” of another man who once riled up the White folks back in the 1930s, and pretty soon Jews weren’t ruling the roost any more.

And, just so you know, a “hate group” is defined by Jews as any group of White people who don’t salivate at the prospect of serving Jews, who don’t bow and scrape before them, or who want an inviolate border so they can have a country of their own.

“This ruling is a victory for immigrants across the state of Florida,” said a news release from the Southern Poverty Law Center, which spearheaded the challenge to the law. “This law was clearly developed to encourage racial profiling, civil rights violations, isolation of immigrant communities, and unjust deportations. It did more harm for the causes of public safety than good.”

Just so we are clear on the status of things in this country today: Good and patriotic White Americans form an association aimed at stopping the criminal practice of Sanctuary Cities — and they are a “hate group.” And because they are a hate group a Jewish Judge overturns the law; on the other hand, the Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewed-up group I believe is bent on killing every White person down to the last woman and child, can “spearhead” the effort to “overturn” a duly-passed law on the say-so of one fellow Jew, and no one bats an eye. Just like it’s normal.

It is not normal.

Jews are not normal.

They are demons disguised as humans.

This of course should be more than enough to make us think that man who riled up White folks back in the 1930s had more than a decent point — actually, he was right about everything.

Hava Nagila!
Have Nagila!

You can bet there was no Jewish Community Center in Berlin in 1940.

In a 110-page ruling issued Tuesday (September 28 2021) , US District Judge Beth Bloom said the law — signed and championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) — violates the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause because it was adopted with discriminatory motives.

Oh yes, the Equal Protection Clause, that catch-all of anti-White ideology. The one that does not protect White people from being treated unequally in every aspect of American law and policy. Informally known in law school faculty lounges as the White Genocide Clause, this Equal Protection clause was tucked away in those Congoid amendments which were illegally passed after the Civil War — illegally passed by anti-Southern, insanely equalitarian White men. most of them fanatically Christian, who thought it was perfectly all right to put a Black male in a top hat and install him in Congress.

We now live by rule of the Equal Protection Clause, by rule of the 14th Amendment. It’s like they abrogated the original Constitution and put a new one in its place in the dark of night. That it took a hundred years for the worst evils of this rule to materialize is neither here nor there. Jews have had White people in their sights for thousands.

By best estimates, the current interpretation of the Equal Protection Clause is that Blacks and Browns must be elevated to the status of untouchable gods and White people better like it.

US District Judge Beth Bloom in Miami said the ban was enacted based on biased and unreliable data generated by anti-immigrant hate groups.

Here’s some reliable data for you. There are (at least) 30 million illegal aliens in this country (all of them, except maybe three or four, non-White) hunkering down waiting for Jews like Beth Bloom to set them free. There are 60,000 Haitians winding their way up Central America so they can live near Beth Bloom (oh no, sorry, forgot — they would never be able to live near Beth Bloom).

What’s chilling is pictures of those 10,000 Haitians massed along that river. What is chilling is reports by a Panamanian diplomat that there are 60,000 Haitians currently trekking through a Colombian jungle on their way to the homeland of the Big Gringo. 10,000, 60,000 — pretty soon you’re talking about an invasion.

And what is disparate will be the effect that these criminal aliens have on our White way of life.

The judge also objected to advocacy groups that she said had an influence in crafting the law, like Floridians for Immigration Enforcement, which she said has been labeled as an anti-immigrant racialist group.

Labeled by whom, I wonder?

“Allowing anti-immigrant hate groups that overtly promote xenophobic, nationalist, racist ideologies to be intimately involved in a bill’s legislative process is a significant departure from procedural norms,” Bloom wrote.

Procedural norms? That’s Jew talk for Jew rule.

“This involvement strongly suggests that the Legislature enacted SB 168 to promote and ratify the racist views of these advocacy groups.” Bloom said the law would likely disproportionately impact Latino and Black people in Florida by expanding the scope of policing in a state that has historically applied laws unequally.

Lichtman and wife

Another “big” Super Jew named Allan Lichtman who ironically is a professor at “American” University, testified in this case. He advocated for opening the borders; and for allowing border-crossers to remain in the country until Congress finally gets around to legalizing said border-crossers remaining in the county indefinitely in order to commit their crimes, bilk White people, rape White people, terrorize White people, dispossess White people, and replace White people.

Jew Lichtman defined a Sanctuary City this way: “A Sanctuary City is a sacred space, like a church, shielding those inside from violence or criminal prosecution.”

Hitler made Germany, and then most of Europe, into a sacred sanctuary for White people — as it should be.

These discriminatory motives are made evident from the historical and ongoing pattern of racial discrimination by law enforcement and the growing reliance on an immigrant threat narrative to justify the enactment of anti-immigrant legislation across the nation.

So said Judge Beth Bloom. The judge who did this is a Jew. Remember that.

Have Nagila!
Hava Nagila!

This is the new rationalization of our criminal ruling elites. If they say a law is “racist,” then they can make that law, or any law, null and void. First a Vietnamese judge pulled that fast one and now a Jew. Are there no American jurists in American courts? There are some, but sadly they’ve nearly all capitulated to this Jewish chop logic.

This is where we’re headed. In this Brave Jew World we inhabit you can be sure of that — as sure as Jews will bitch and moan and then send out the indoctrinated “law enforcement” (what a joke!) goons at any sign of White pride or White resistance.

Knife crime? That’s a Mestizo specialty, so laws against it hurt them the most — therefore those laws are of no effect, therefore MS-13 slitting your wife’s throat is perfectly legal.

Laws against murder? When it comes to it killing, Negroes punch way above their weight. Just look at death row — it looks like the bench at an NFL game. So the laws against murder have to go — they’re “racist.”

Let the assassins commence.

Yes, indeed they will de-criminalize crime, just as sure as they will criminalize White people’s existence.

These plastic demons are Hell bent on our destruction.

Hava Nagila!
Hava Nagila!

They’re dancing on our graves.

* * *

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5 October, 2021 11:59 am

This obnoxious Jew is positively verklempt when she ponders the fate of those Brown morons who “live in the shadows” as they suck our welfare system as dry as a desert, or those voodoo-practicing Haitians who have to be very extra careful not to be caught murdering anyone for their eerie rites lest they draw unwanted police attention. “

What is the meaning of the word verklempt?

Verklempt – choked with emotion (German verklemmt = emotionally inhibited in a convulsive way) This is not FAKE Yiddish – unless you are one of the linguists who consider Yiddish a “fake”, i.e. non-transformational language. OY, vey. When that schmuck of a doctor told me I had cancer I got all verklempt.

unless you are one of those who consider all ‘Yiddish Kikes’ a “fake” …

Logical Extremist
Logical Extremist
5 October, 2021 12:27 pm

It is weird to us, but makes sense to a jew because they believe they’re at the top of the pyramid. This case should have easily been opined like this: I don’t care how many or whoever this law affects. The question is if each of those individuals are illegally here or not. The end. This is of course the underlying problem with equal protection as is anything else jews inject their natural duplicity in… When it is used against Whites then it is based upon a group dynamic, when it is used in favor of non Whites, somehow it many times gets morphed into upholding an individual dynamic. The Constitution was supposed to defend individual rights, but jews were able to convince everyone to realize individual rights, we need… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
5 October, 2021 2:22 pm

tight work.

Lichtman and Bloom….”chosen” by NO ONE to Jewsplain to us why we can’t keep our communities free of marauding , verminous , subhuman filth….

do these demonic tapeworms have any idea how thoroughly despised they are?
i think they do, and that it sexually arouses them.

the fact that they literally look like Rats, even their “prettiest” females, does not help the grotesque optics that emanate
from these alien lizards.

thanks again jews….for making the world creepier by a day.

Limousine Liberal
Limousine Liberal
Reply to  mortal goyal
6 October, 2021 8:39 pm

Sanctuary cities are another form of ethnic cleansing.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Limousine Liberal
8 October, 2021 1:18 pm

indeed. and with a happy shiny faggot people smile in the process.

White American majority= a box of tissues.

15 October, 2021 12:06 pm

This already happened in California 30 years ago. Everything that happens here, will happen everywhere else. America doesn’t care or pay attention though, just blame those dumb Californians! her dur, look how dumb they is! It didn’t care when police were pointing guns at them to force desegregation, it didn’t care when tens of millions of illegals poured in through our border, it didn’t care when the political class forced this upon us, a judge even overruled the people’s vote to not give these invaders Medicaid, and so on. Now, illegals under 25 get Medicaid, tuition and other benefits no citizen of any race can get. America cares more about foreigners than what happens on its own soil. Liberate a country? How about liberating California or even Portland for starters?… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
16 October, 2021 12:58 pm

It looks like that “Conservative” British MP who was taken out by the jew-tool Somalian was a jew tool himself of the Sco-tard variety. Good riddance!!!

“Amess campaigned for many years to have a statue erected in honour of Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary