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Why do White Liberals Speak for Black People?

by David Sims

THE REASON White “liberals” speak for Black people is because the liberal Whites are better-spoken — meaning they have superior language skills, as compared with the Blacks themselves. And the liberal Whites are cleverer liars than the Blacks are.

That’s not to say that Blacks aren’t frequently liars. But Blacks aren’t especially skilled in making their deceptions convincing. Blacks make mistakes when they lie, and then they have to resort to intimidation, violence, and dogged persistence and repetition (chanting in large numbers, for example) while pretending that their views aren’t internally contradictory when, indeed, they are.

White liberals, full of sympathy toward Blacks’ ineptitude in creating their own falsehoods, are often willing to lend them a hand by offering them, and by telling on their behalf, a wonderfully well-crafted set of monumental lies sure to win the hearts of dishonest media pundits and corrupt judges.

Of course, some Blacks might consider this unasked-for aid to be patronizing, and I can certainly understand their point of view. But liberals are liberals, and treating their inferiors with hypocritical condescension while at the same time assuring them, falsely, that they are “just as good as anybody else” is what liberals do.

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Etic Ford
Etic Ford
9 September, 2021 5:42 pm

The true sour e of this problem is the lack of awareness of the deceptive push for Whites to empathize with their enemies both former and present. Jews use this emotion against Whites and it wont stop until Whites become aware of this emotion and what it can do.

12 September, 2021 9:43 am

The photo of the white female in dreadlocks parading with an oversized sign with two words expressing distilled and elemental murderous hate for her own racial kind is the very limit of evil. That face, that person MUST BE CAPTURED, FILED, AND REMEMBERED. And if *we* should ever recapture a land, a country, and full-orbed white racial governance in some fervently desired and necessary future if we are to have a future, SHE must be brought before the BAR. And if those who pass judgment and degree of penalty are AS I AM in their purposes for such a creature, she will not live out the day. And all like her will fall likewise and their memory will not be merely extinguished BUT DESECRATED AS A MEMORIAL FOR ALL TIME,… Read more »

Matthew S.
Matthew S.
Reply to  Servenet
15 September, 2021 9:01 pm

I would be willing to bet that most (if not all) of these “Whites” are in fact jews.

Reply to  Matthew S.
16 September, 2021 12:19 am

And I for one certainly would not bet against you….

Reply to  Servenet
16 September, 2021 12:17 am

Yes Servenet, I agree. One particular sign I recall being held by one of these deluded overzealous evil creatures was “Will trade Racist for Rapist”.
Can’t seem to find it again but it’s out there.
Is SHE really aware of the repercussions? Of course not. The way feminists advocate for UNscreened muslim migrants shows they haven’t thought things through at all, and it’s more than clear that their primary goal is to infuriate and incite White Hetero Conservative Males.
Nothing else explains such shortsighted stupidity.
(I may’ve seen it in a VertigoPolitix video… I’ll post it here if/when I find it again)

27 November, 2021 1:17 pm

Aligning ourselves with you Alt-Righters was the single worst mistake us Republicans ever did.