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Time for Hitler

by Douglas Mercer

STORY IS that at a meeting of Soviet leaders Trotsky got in a real zinger against Stalin that left him speechless. Afterwards Trotsky was sky high on what had happened and he couldn’t stop talking about it. According to his associates he then went on to say what he’d say next time, this or that; he’d really let him have it. Finally one of these associates stopped him and said: “You don’t get it do you? You’re over here thinking up your next set of clever words but he’s off somewhere thinking about how he’s going to kill you.”

That is how it’s done.

That rotund schlockmeister Jerry Falwell was going to form a “moral majority.” First off, majorities never decide a thing, especially not in democracies. It’s always fanatical minorities with the unbreakable will to win that get it done.

The portly Falwell with the fair to middling intellect put on those leisure suits and said he told it like it was. He was facing endless revolutions of women, “gays,” Blacks, and Browns — all were clamoring for new-found “rights”; he was facing waves of violent crime, the loss of preeminence of the White world, and he was going to pray it all away. He and his congregants were going to appeal to the great phantom in the sky to right what was wrong and make holy what was profane. He and his men were certainly no Boomer Waffen, in fact they were likely to be taking their social security money to pay for their green fees.

Naturally the inexorable toll of time steamrolled him into oblivion.

When the Blacks began their final assaults on the citadel of American musical entertainment, assaulting it with their “bitches and hoes” brand of “artistic” disease, Al and Tipper Gore got the bright idea that they’d slap labels on this vile filth, warning parents about it. But when mediocre guitarist and degenerate rocker Frank Zappa cried “freedom” he carried everything before him in a trice.

Tucker Carlson and Michael Anton were once having an amiable chat when Anton explained the Blue State versus the Red State divide. He said that Blue States want to put an end to every Red State and make every Red State a Blue one. Whereas every Red State is fine with Blue States being Blue States, the Red States just want the Blue States to leave them alone. Clearly Anton believes that in this dichotomy the Red States are the morally superior ones. Yet given a normal understanding of human nature who do you think is going to win that war?

Bill O’Reilly and Mark Levin were once having an amiable chat and Levin said that the left are fanatics, that they pursue their aims 24/7 without cease or letup. Levin then say he doesn’t want those on the right to be like that, they shouldn’t knock themselves out around the clock, but if they want to win the war they should put in, you know, maybe an hour or so a week. Yet given a normal understanding of human nature, who do you think is going to win that war?

Time for Hitler.

* * *

When, after a long and circuitous route to power, Adolf Hitler was faced with a juggernaut of filth and political enemies all around him he didn’t mince words — or actions. He didn’t just “want to be left alone,” nor did he put in an hour or so a week. Rather he got down to the always bloody business of securing the living space of his people. He stripped Jews of their civil rights, he got Jews out German-language newspapers, he banned interracial marriages, he closed down “sex institutes,” he burned degenerate books, he cleared out museum boards of his people’s enemies, he closed off all cultural institutions to his people’s enemies, he ransacked their homes, he set up “wild” concentration camps where he put those declared enemies, he shuttered enemy newspapers, he put his message out around the clock on State radio, he closed down enemy political parties, he flooded the country with his positive propaganda, he executed even former friends who turned out to be lying degenerates and threatened the stability of his government, he made wave after wave of arrests of his people’s enemies whom he placed in warehouses where they were beaten to a pulp, sometimes to the point of death. He made men who had spoken against his men to the police walk down the street with placards around their neck which read “I will never complain to the police.” In charge of all this was a man whom he fondly called “The Man With the Iron Heart.”

The Communists were correct about one thing: Berlin did stay red — the red of the blood of our race’s enemies. Red blood in pools on the floor.

Time for Hitler.

There’s a famous scene in the movie Cabaret where two of the main characters witness National Socialists killing communists on the street. One of the characters is a German and he tells the other one, an Englishman, not to worry —we’ll let the Nazis clear out the Communists and then we’ll take care of Hitler.

In his life, Hitler encountered a handful of men more powerful, at the time, than himself and entered into an alliance with them. To a man, the other men believed that they needed Hitler but would simply use him for their own purposes as an instrument of their own power and then discard him. In each instance Hitler quickly got the better of the other man, used him as an instrument of his own power, and then discarded him. He would then leapfrog over that man to the next man and repeat the process. Indeed, even academics who are horrified by Hitler (and they all are) invariably report that Hitler had an almost supernatural and unerring instinct for politics. Hitler just would have said that he had an unshakeable bedrock of belief that allowed him to make the right decision at every moment of his political life. The last man that Hitler used and passed by was the fat conservative and Junker throwback Hindenburg. When he was gone, the thousand years was fully in view.

Time for Hitler.

There’s a second famous scene in Cabaret where the German and the Englishman go to a country fair. At one point a National Socialist youth gets up and sings a patriotic song, and after awhile the entire crowd is standing up and singing with him enthusiastically at the top of their lungs. It is a scene of stirring nationalist fervor, a scene of power and love of the Fatherland. As they leave the fair the Englishman sarcastically asks the German: Do you still think you can control him?

On January 22 1933, about a week before Hitler ascended to the chancellorship, the SA staged a major action in the neighborhood of a Communist stronghold in order to honor Horst Wessel. As they rode through the Communist stronghold, the SA continually chanted, We sh__ on freedom! We sh__ on the Jew republic.

Before the SA entered the area, the police of the German state cordoned off the neighborhoods, took prominent Communists out, and shut down the Communist newspapers.

The way Hitler attained final power was to become the largest party in Germany, hovering around 40 percent. The conservatives who held power wanted, like Hitler, to shut down the Republic and the Reichstag, to govern as an authoritarian state by presidential decree.

Of course they were upper class snobs, and so they would have left out the word “sh__” and, what is worse and actually fatal, they would have left out the word “Jews,” but they wanted to end the Republic for sure. But they also feared Hitler, and so they dragged out the inevitable. Finally Fritz von Papen convinced Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor, assuring the old man that conservatives would have many cabinet appointments and they would run the show.

When people warned von Papen that he was making a mistake, that he was dealing with the devil, he nonchalantly put them off saying don’t worry: We hired Hitler!

We will put Hitler so far in a corner he’ll squeal!

We’ll box Hitler in!

When, after many months in power, von Papen wrote to Hitler objecting to his rough and brutal tactics, Hitler wrote back, informing him that he never wanted to hear from him again, and reminding him that ten years previously the National Socialists had been persecuted and beaten with rubber truncheons and spat upon, and that what he was doing now was noble and just.

Safe to say, Fritz von Papen was no Nostradamus.

In the end the National Socialists cleared out the conservatives, whom they always considered just as much their enemies as the Communists. From the conservative’s (pathetic) perspective, in Hitler they had created a Frankenstein who soon roamed the land in search of prey, including of course them.

They were the last ones to be eaten.

Time for Hitler.

* * *

In the month of January, 1933 when Hitler was playing his high-wire and high-stakes game of power, he stuck to his guns. Often before the conservatives had offered him a share of power — but in a subordinate role. Each time he was offered it, Hitler gave a firm and final “no.”

It was to be all or nothing.

During this time, many in the Party became antsy and nervous. They had worked so long, and the “nothing” in all or nothing now seemed a real possibility. The asked and advocated: Why not take a share of power now? First and foremost among these babies and compromisers was Gregor Strasser. He went so far as to meet with, and negotiate with, the conservatives — and even contemplated splitting the Party and taking his men into power as junior partners in the state.

Gregor Stasser was a shortsighted man who was justly executed in the summer of 1934.

Strasser was shot once in the main artery from behind in his cell but did not die immediately. On the orders of SS general Reinhard Heydrich, Strasser was left to bleed to death, which took almost an hour.

Story is that Heydrich’s words on this momentous occasion were: Let the bastard bleed out.

Time for Hitler.

* * *

When he was incarcerated at Landsberg Prison, Hitler put Alfred Rosenberg in charge of the Party. This move surprised everyone, as Rosenberg was widely seen as “cold fish” who was disliked by one and all; he had no discernible social skills, and no skills whatsoever at organizing. But the reason for the appointment was as simple as it was obvious. All through the early years of the Party, Hitler insisted that the paramount issue was ideological purity. Whenever an opportunity arose to merge with an another party to gain more immediate power, Hitler categorically refused to do it. He knew that such a merger would mean watering down his message. He was fanatically insistent that ideological purity was more important than anything, that keeping to it would mean power in the end, and that compromise would spell doom

Throughout his life, Alfred Rosenberg was known as the man most dedicated to keeping the National Socialist flame burning with absolute ideological purity.

Time for Hitler.

* * *

In 1919, Thomas Mann wrote a famous essay called Reflections of a Non-political Man. In assessing this, essay one observer wrote:

Mann belongs to the class of avant-garde artists and intellectuals who flourished in the interwar period who despised the decadence, daintiness, and bloodlessness of modern civilization. They craved the vitality of raw power, of great souls, indomitable wills. Little wonder that Mann calls Nietzsche his master.

But soon enough, Mann haired out; when Hitler came to power and acted to bring about this vitality and power, Mann wanted no part of it. In 1933, Mann was traveling abroad and the National Socialists confiscated his home, his cars, and his bank account. The man responsible for this was Reinhard Heydrich — whom Hitler, you may remember, admiringly referred to as the Man With the Iron Heart.

In 1939, from the comfort of the United States, Mann published as essay in Esquire magazine called “Brother Hitler” wherein he slandered the Leader. When Heydrich was assassinated in 1942, Mann gave him the name by which the ignorant world knows him: “Hitler’s Hangman.”

On May 10, 1933, Thomas Mann’s books were burned in a German public square. After the war, Mann continued his life of cosmopolitan comfort and avidly pursued “gay sex.”

* * *

The National Socialists famously pursued the concept of kulturkampf, culture struggle or culture war.

It’s the war that really matters. It’s the war of hearts and the war of minds.

We too in America have had our culture wars — but in them, conservatives have disproved the dictum that there is only so much sh__ a man can eat. When it comes to fighting the culture wars, conservatives have shown their appetite for that delicacy, especially when it is delivered to them by Jewish sphincters, to be absolutely unlimited.

But today there is no culture war. That was is over; we lost, and it was a rout. Some dazed stragglers on the losing side wander aimlessly about pretending to fight it — but they are like those Japanese who came out of the caves in the 1950s, never having heard of Hiroshima.

* * *

Story is that when the Reichstag was still burning, Hitler came to the scene with his eyes aglow, knowing that now what he already had planned would be acceptable to enough Germans and he could see it through. The conservatives liked what he was doing, though they fretted effeminately about its “excesses.” Most of the populace liked what he was doing; feeling viscerally that after the years of weakness and vacillation of the Weimar years, a strong and unified Germany was again emerging.

One of Hitler’s friends from the Vienna years reports that after a seeing a performance of Wagner’s Rienzi, Hitler was in ecstasy and told him that one day he would free his people.

The impression he had received from that performance was merely the external Impulse that had prompted him to speak. Like a flood breaks through a dam which has burst, so rushed the words from his mouth. In sublime, irresistible images, he unfolded before me his own future and that of our people.

Till then I had been convinced that my friend wanted to become an artist, a painter, or an architect. In that hour there was no question of such a thing. He was concerned with something higher, which I could not yet understand . . . He now spoke of a mission that he was one day to receive from our people, in order to guide them out of slavery, to the heights of freedom . . . Many years were to pass before I could realize what that starry hour, separated from all earthly things, had meant to my friend.

The story of Hitler was of a man who in 1913 was sleeping on a park bench, and who thirty years later came within a hair’s breadth of imposing on the world a triumphant New Aryan Order for all time. He did it by focusing on a single thing, never compromising, never giving up; he did it by the sheer force of an iron will that knew nothing of surrender. And he did it by knowing that when it came to securing living space forever for your people, it is war all the way down, and that no qualms or scruples of any kind could interfere with the mission.

That is, no half measures would do.

The road to power lies in power alone, and nothing succeeds like success.

Time for Hitler.

High time really, and no time like the present.

There’s a war out there raging and waiting for us, too; but you can’t win it unless you wage it.

And wage it with an iron heart.

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
14 September, 2021 6:35 pm

An excellent commentary on one of the
most fascinating leaders in modern

14 September, 2021 6:39 pm

Great new documentary from Jonas Nilsson:

Why is Sweden multicultural?

14 September, 2021 8:21 pm

A brilliant article. Typical of Mercer!

BTW, the last quote regarding Hitler’s reaction after watching the opera “Rienzi” belongs to August Kubizeck’s book “Adolf Hiler: Mein Jugenfreund” translated into English as “The Young Hitler I Knew”. It is a fantastic book. Kubizeck did not paint a false, negative image of his friend, like many people who knew Hitler did later on, out of cowardice and/or greed knowing that degrading/vilifying the Führer guaranteed a bestseller. Unusually, Wikipedia has a decent article about Kubizeck, here it is:

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
15 September, 2021 2:39 pm

Is it possible in today’s jew world order, for a savior like Hitler to appear? Although I am Agnostic, I pray one will. For the White Race to survive. If the White Race does not survive, the Black/Brown/Red/Yellow will be slaves to the rodent jew. (or is that snake?)

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
17 September, 2021 4:19 am

“Time for Hitler” – it is the ever more relevant idea; for all White countries.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
17 September, 2021 7:36 am

Douglas Mercer put it in the best fashion:
In their decades-long effort to demonize Hitler, the Jews made a mistake; they didn’t count on the eternal fascination that his life has had, and will always have, for the best and noblest of our people. For the cowardly many, National Socialism’s mighty war against our race’s enemies is a horror show, but for the sanest and wisest among us, it’s a sacrament.
When the grand aesthetics and sweeping vision of National Socialism takes center stage it commands the world’s undivided attention; and the Jews, in making Hitler forever the object of the world’s gaze, have done their unwitting part to keep the eternal flame alive. It can and will never die.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
18 September, 2021 6:11 am

So very well put, Mr. Stoner, as usual…it’s as if the Germanophobe demonisation sorts the cretins and criminals out for us.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Stefan
18 September, 2021 4:18 pm

Thank you, Stefan, but these are not my words. I forgot to put D Mercer’s words in quotes. These are his words from one of his previous articles. But D Mercer’s vision resonate 100 percent with me. I have read all his articles. He is able to present the most important natural ideas in the best form. His straightforward frank way of expression is very effective; like a devastating artillery TOT (time on target) strike. There are very few from among present day thinkers who possess such abilities. Kevin Alfred Strom is the first among them. There are yet two exceptional men that I want to mention: Varg Vikernes and Eric Striker (Josef Jordan). These men have the ability of influencing minds of listeners immediately, like ancient magicians. There are… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
6 January, 2022 11:50 am

Let’s hope not.

As a self-administered test in absurdism, try the following : compare ANY politician in the Western Hemisphere to Adolf Hitler. The results are so laughable as to be almost suicidally disheartening .

Let us hope not.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
17 September, 2021 1:06 pm

What a great article and an inspiring read. A great inspiration for the natural order.

24 September, 2021 8:50 am

I keep asking this simple question and for some reason I frequently get ignored! Pierce said iranians are only almost white and not aryan enough. What on earth does that mean? Yet you say a significant portion of persians are aryan. So does that mean pierce would have disclaimed the maps of cavalli sforza?

25 September, 2021 5:38 am

Richard Tedor “Hitler’s Revolution” came in the mail yesterday. The very first page tells you it is well written and will be great reading. ” Certain historical eras are timeless in their facility to inspire curiosity and imagination. Ancient Egypt and Rome recall grandeur and power while the Renaissance stands as a marvelous expression of human creativity. Napoleonic France demonstrates that one man’s purpose can define an age, and the American Wild West personifies the ruggedness and adventurous spirit of the pioneer generations that conquered a continent. There is much to be learned from milestones of civilization, though people interpret events differently, conforming to their particular beliefs and interests. A comparative newcomer to the chronology of significant epochs is National Socialist Germany. Richly intriguing and not without arousing a sense… Read more »

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
6 January, 2022 11:40 am

In America, the cesspool the Jew has made it, it is an anomoly when a man eats something besides S$&t.

Stumbled on this older post. Great work DM. Again.