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Repairing the World

by Douglas Mercer

THE shofar-blowing Jews blew the big Jew shofar and and all the big Jews went running to their screens to participate in the thousand-Jew Zoom meeting with our current “President.” Not too long ago we saw sleazy Alzy Joe on bended knees before the big Jew leader of the world, servile and obsequious, begging him for his blessing, promising him his undying attention, and declaring his unquenchable love for the Jews — ceremoniously letting him know who was master and who was slave. So now Biden has met with 1,000 grandmaster wizards from the international criminal tribe and he made some eye opening statements. Any decent White American listening into this festival of fellatio would have to wonder who this country belongs to. And conclude: not them.

The Jewish High Holidays begin with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year — which begins at sundown on Sept. 6 and ends at nightfall on Sept. 8 — and ends on Yom Kippur, which begins at sundown on Sept. 15 and ends at nightfall the following day.

About 1,000 rabbis and Jewish community leaders from across the U.S. participated in the call on Thursday (September 2 2021).

President Joe Biden joined over a thousand Jewish faith leaders and scholars from across the country on Thursday for a virtual event celebrating the start of the Jewish High Holidays.

The event was organized by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and hosted by Chanan Weissman, the White House’s new liaison to the Jewish community. Rabbi Michael Beals, long known as Biden’s hometown rabbi in Delaware, delivered an opening blessing at the start of the event, before the Rabbinical Council’s Rabbi Mark Dratch introduced Biden.

Biden shared Rosh Hashanah greetings and praised the US Jewish community for “being the backbone of staying with what’s right.” That is, he thinks they are repairing the world.

The president spoke at length about the urgency of addressing rising anti-Semitism and bigotry in the US, and he praised the Jewish community for being a partner in the fight for justice while also sharing some of the familiar stories he has shared with Jewish supporters for decades.

There were a handful of Jews up on the screen that Biden could see, like Big Jew Brother. Those handful represented the thousand and the thousand represented the 6,000,000, and the 6,000,000 represented every last Jew on Earth. It was a pow wow of shame. The occasion was the onset of the so-called Jew “High Holidays,” from Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur. Once some Jews held up a sign that said “Yom Kippur means abolish ICE,” so we know which side of the road they’re riding on.

As the video conference started, the supposedly Catholic Biden referred to someone was “my rabbi.”

“Y’all think I’m kidding but that’s my rabbi.”

We don’t think you’re kidding.

We believe you.

Then an ugly Jew said he wanted to “usher in the High Holidays” with the President. And then another ugly Jew said we need to pray in this “extraordinary” time, a “time of Afghan refugees and a redoubling of efforts at racial justice.” He then refers to the year as 5782 when it’s actually 132, and says we need to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

To “repair the world,” the Jew will leave it in rubble.

We must celebrate the divine image in which each person is created.

Not every person. Not the Negroes who turn our hospitals into orgies of blood, not the Jews who flood our airwaves with vile filth. The way you know the Jews are not the Chosen People is that you know no divine entity would choose these cellar-crawling slime. If the list involves life, they’re not on it.

After the Hebes left off bloviating about the poor helpless refugees and justice for Congoids and equality, Biden metaphorically got on his knees and asked for permission to open his mouth.

“Am I to speak now?”

Permission granted, goy.

Biden then waxed emotional, remembering the time when he was Vice President and lived near the Naval Observatory and used to serve apples and honey at this time of year.

We’re all familiar with the Jewish custom of dipping an apple into honey and eating it on the night of Rosh Hashana.

Apples and honey: For Ash­kenazi Jews, these words are an inseparable pairing. We dip a slice of apple in honey to express our hopes for a sweet and fruitful year.

Traditionally, as early as the 7th century, it was customary to wish someone “Shanah tovah umetukah” (a good and sweet year), and honey, whether from dates, figs, or apiary, was the most prevalent sweetener in the Jewish world and was thus the most available sweet for dipping purposes.

He then noted that the current occupant of the Vice Presidential Residence near the Naval Observatory, a mixed-race being of mongrelized genetic factors, is married to a Jew — a Jew who is now called the “Second Gentleman of America.” See, Jews Jews Jews — when it comes the power structure of the United States, it’s Jews all the way down.

You’re doing good, goy. Keep speaking.

Biden then promulgated an idea near to the black hearts of Jews: that America is “an idea,” not a people; that “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” He then said that no other nation on earth is dedicated to that idea. Yes, he brags, we are the only lone raving maniac on the block who has made a lie its mission on Earth. The Jews nodded gravely, and laughed within. And wanted him to keep going.

Biden then said that the “scourge of anti-Semitism” is all too present today, and that his disgrace of a father used to rail that we should have bombed those railways that led to those camps in order to save Jews. Sure, and we should have let in those Jews from that ship the St. Louis too; it’s the ever-present canard. (But even Jew-run Franklin Roosevelt knew that to dump hordes of vicious Jews on America was a political loser.)

Then he said it (the meaning of “it” being obvious to those present) “can happen again,” to which one can only say from your lips to the ears of the gods.

And then he quoted “work will set you free,” and it will, which is why those work-shy Jews hated it so much. He then made a random remark about having visited the chambers (you know what “chambers” means, right?) and seeing all the nice homes nearby and everyone pretending not to know what was going on. Perhaps they did know, and they approved.

It was at this point that Biden revealed where his bread is buttered. He said that it was a tradition in his family to take his children to Europe on their sixteenth birthdays. First stop on the itinerary: of course, “the camps.”

Since I became an elected official, on the 16th birthday of each of my children I put them on a plane and take them to Europe and the first stop I’ve taken them to was to go into one of the concentration camps, because I wanted them to see how this can happen again,

Just so we’re straight on this, on his children’s sixteenth birthdays, Biden took each of them to Europe, and the first stop for them was not Stratford-Upon-Avon or a shrine to Charles Martel or the place where Columbus set sail — no, none of that. The first stop was the “death camps,” so that he could impress upon them who has them by the neck. He later said that he also did the same thing with his grandchildren, so that the lie will extend down the generations.

The next item on the agenda was that lifeblood of a nation, hatred. He said that back in the 1960s when all the Jews flooded the South on behalf of the semi-simians to take down White rule, he really felt that “we could end hate.” But now he says he is wiser — and he knows that “hate” cannot be defeated: It only hides from time to time under rocks, but when given oxygen comes roaring back.

Jews, of course, are the oxygen and who is hiding? This is all published and available at all times for those White people interested in surviving.

And what gathering of atrocious Jews would be complete without a laudatory statement about how one of the core Jew values is “welcoming the stranger”? Of course they “welcome the stranger” in lands where they are strangers, though they do quite the opposite when it’s their homeland. Then the stranger can go f___ himself.

Of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees he is inviting to kill us, Biden said,

“We now embark on the next phase of this mission, which is the cause that the Jewish community so often led. We have to integrate these newcomers and help them begin to renew and rebuild their own lives.”

Right off the bat, let’s point out that when it comes to these foreign rapists, “integration” is the last things the Jews want. Integration means assimilation, and Americanization, and 100 per cent. Americanism. First off, this is impossible with Stone Age Abrahamic cave-dwellers — but even if it were possible, Jews would be against it — they want the Afghanis to sit in our national stomach like a great big matzo ball or an atom bomb, all lumplike and undigested. They want them as part of their cadre of evil to take down the Fortress of Whiteness, burn it to the ground, and rape and murder the survivors.

“We now embark on the next phase of this mission, which is a cause that the Jewish community has so often led, whether it was Soviet Jews coming to America or Ethiopian Jews headed to Israel,” Biden said.

One commenter on this rancid Zoom Call noted that:

Jews were able to leave the Soviet Union in 1989 and they went to the United States and Israel, while Jews left Ethiopia two years later in what was a covert Israeli military operation called Operation Solomon while Ethiopia’s government was being toppled.

It’s true that even as soon as the early 1980s, suicidal evangelical Christians would put huge signs on their churches that read “Free Soviet Jewry” — that’s how we got the likes of Max Boot and Julia Ioffe. As for the Ethiopians, the Jews love that tale — because it’s the one time they brought in non-Jew Jews and, when we rightly claim they want open borders for us but not them, they point it out and say: see? But of course the Ethiopians are the peons of Israeli society, the menials who do the drudge work and are looked down upon.

Ethiopians have been treated differently because of their foreign culture and dark skin. Israelis of Ethiopian descent live remarkably dissimilar lives from the rest of their light-skinned counterparts, as they have unequal opportunities for housing, employment and education.

Slave Biden then worked to assure his masters that he was going to do everything under the sun to take down White people who still love their race and aren’t willing to fold and throw in their cards with a coffee-colored future.

When asked how he plans to fight a recent surge in anti-Semitic incidents, Biden said Attorney General Merrick Garland was hiring more staff to help prosecute hate crimes. “America’s first-ever comprehensive effort to take on the threat of domestic terrorism. “All anti-Semitic attacks aren’t just a strike against the Jewish community. They’re a strike against the soul of our nation and the values which we say we stand for, no matter its source or stated rationale.”

Then (of course) Biden called on the Senate to confirm his choice for Ambassador for the Jews, Deborah Lipstadt — that ghoul with blood dripping from her fangs, so she can travel the world on the White man’s dime and lacerate White men for not wanting Jews to rule them — although that is not in the State Department’s job description, that is exactly what she will be doing.

There was a time in this country when a father celebrating the race-mixing, the miscegenation of his White daughter would have been met with universal horror and condemnation. That time is not now.

“My daughter married a Jewish young man. And — you know, dream of every — every Catholic father that she marry a Jewish doctor,” Biden joked.

He then ballyhooed his daughter’s “co-confessional wedding” and said he brought in a rabbi to the Catholic Church for the event, and that there was a “huppah” on the altar.


The huppah is a symbol of [the Jewish] God’s presence at a wedding and in the home being established under the canopy. It was said the divine Name hovers above it, sanctifying the space below; after the ceremony, some rabbis invite couples to stand inside to recall — or anticipate — their own weddings.

This is ritual pollution in service of our current illegitimate rulers, the Jews.

Biden then said he would “never waver” in his support of Israel and that the American Jewish community was the backbone of “staying with what’s right.”

“If we walk away from ‘Never Again,’ it’s going to happen again,” he said.

When they say “never again,” we say well, maybe one more time. We don’t want history to repeat itself either — this time we’ll do it right.

“Please do not doubt my commitment to Israel.” He promised that he would never allow another Shoah on his watch. The president also talked about how precious Israel is to his administration. As we already know, you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, and Joe Biden is certainly a Zionist.

“We’re going to maintain those deep bonds that started at the birth of the Jewish state,” Biden told the audience, referencing his recent meeting with Israel’s new Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett.

The call was attended by the leaders of all four American Jewish denominations — the Reform Central Conference of American Rabbis, the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly, the Orthodox Rabbinical Council of America and the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association.

“I hope next year — not only next year in Jerusalem, next year at the White House, God willing,” he said.

And finally, in yet another Alzheimer’s moment, Biden grasped for a word, and unable to come up with it, said “sorry, my mind is going blank.”

No worries sir, that’s why you were chosen. And the Jews are more than happy to fill it up.

All in all this was a sickening display of sycophancy, a conference call of abject surrender. If you want to learn who rules over you — it’s the Jews.

* * *

The Jews are not repairing the world. But the German National Socialists really were repairing it — one Jew at a time.

They were near to creating a world where no shofars blow, where no immigrants are brought in to kill us and rape our women and girls and boys, where no Presidential conference calls with a thousand Jew overseers could ever take place, where an Ambassador for the Jews could never exist, where Jews could not infiltrate our upper classes, where Jews are kept 10,000 miles away from our daughters, where no huppahs disgrace our altars, where “never again” means never again will Jews threaten our way of life or sully our living spaces. In short, a world where the sleep and peace — and beautiful future — of every White child is never disturbed.

* * *

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10 September, 2021 1:25 pm

” … and declaring his unquenchable love for the Jews — ($$$$$$$$$)”

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
10 September, 2021 4:16 pm


Mercer is ripping it up!

tight work sir.

please keep saying the things that many of us wish we could say….but don’t necessarily have the skills to say….or the platform.

your intuitiveness in relation to these
plague ship-rats is astounding .

every piece you do is a reaffirmation
of hard fought experiential field data concerning these “things.”

11 September, 2021 12:30 pm

I doubt the first place he took his kids to visit was the death camps in Europe. Biden is a serial liar and user.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Anon
11 September, 2021 5:02 pm


and a greasy, monumental example of human s..t.

just seeing this grotesque grifter on the ZOG box in passing….is demoralizing.

This is not a serious country.

These ((insects)) have inverted everything into the opposite of its objective meaning.

and we let em’.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  mortal goyal
12 September, 2021 9:18 pm

[W]e let em’.

You have a rat in your pocket, mg?

Speak for yourself. We in the National Alliance, sponsor of NationalVanguard and Douglas Mercer, who wrote this piece you like so much, haven’t let Biden & Co. do anything. We attack them!

Why don’t you join with us instead of just deploring and lamenting from the sidelines?

12 September, 2021 8:07 am

That was and outstanding piece of articulate rhetoric, absolutely excellent.

12 September, 2021 4:41 pm

Seeing the dates you give in this article for the Jewish High Holidays, makes me wonder if the disaster of the World Trade Center wasn’t a blood sacrifice to the Jewish god. Kamela Harris’s husband is a Jew. I’m beginning to think that Jews marry outside of their race to anyone who will fall for them. Trump brags of his Jewish daughters marriage to a Jew. There’s certain White women, movie stars and political , who married Jews and blacks and I’ve often wondered if they were blackmailed into it or forced to ,to make integration a possibility in the future , like Archie Bunker and In the Heat of the Night television shows to show racism and integration. The Jews are allowed to make comedy of WW11 , with… Read more »

Reply to  Gene
14 September, 2021 12:30 pm

I’m beginning to think that Jews marry outside of their race to anyone who will fall for them. “
I disagree; they appropriate the best for themselves by taking it from us – leaving the crumbs behind.

12 September, 2021 4:51 pm

Joe Biden shows that he may have been brought up as a Catholic or had a mother and father of Catholic background, but he is not a Catholic or religious person, but a One Worlder seeking the glory of bringing the world together as Robert Maxwell, the Jewish business man said and father of Ghishane Maxwell, sexual procurer for another Jew, Jeffery Epstein.
Robert Maxwell said:
“You will have a New World Order.
You will have a one world religion.
You will have a one world economy.
You will have a one world currency.
You will have a one world military.
You will have a One World Government whether you want it or not.”

26 December, 2021 8:00 am

In short, America is the NEW ISRAEL. Get used to it, little Goy.