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René Binet and his “Theory of Racism,” part 6: Birth of a Racial Consciousness

by René Binet

From Théorie du Racisme, 1950, 
Translation by M.M. & Hadding Scott, 2016

BUT IN THE END nobody can permanently oppose the laws of his own race, and all the development of the existing societies is only a long struggle of the biologically healthy forces against the anti-natural rules of capitalism. Increasingly violent struggles are joined against the global capitalist structure and against its dominance through undermen. Also, whenever at any point on the globe the healthy elements of a race triumph and oppose the capitalist stranglehold on their country, along with the racial decay that both causes and results from it, turmoil erupts in the entire capitalist world.

The capitalist world then gathers all its strength to break the emerging resistance and arms to crush it. But with each new attempt, the crisis of capitalism is more serious and capitalism’s ability to break the resistance is reduced. Capitalism itself, through its economic oppression, through the barbarity of its forms, through its constant promotion of more and more racially inferior strata to power, has driven an increasing number of racially healthy elements into opposition.

These become conscious of the divide between the economic, political, and social representation of capitalism and the aspirations of their own race. The capitalist state thus gradually generates the army that will abolish it.

Less and less does the controlling stratum of the capitalist state interact with the mass of the people. Less and less does it represent the people, which is driven into opposition and into struggle for its own preservation.

Thus the effort [of the people] to improve its economic lot goes hand in hand with the struggle for political independence and for protection of the race.

Whereas the exploitation of peoples through international capitalism is only a consequence of the struggle of races, the fight of peoples for national independence and for the defense of the race leads automatically to the battle for a new social and economic order. This battle is not confined within narrow national boundaries.

Aryan man, whom the tyranny of gold has ostracized from society, undertakes the struggle for possession of the means of production that his race has created, and this struggle is only part of the overall fight that he wages for the survival of his race.

The power of gold has allowed those who possessed it to eliminate from positions of economic management the racially superior men. Through the interplay of political struggles first on the national level first, then on the international level, this process of elimination has in no way slowed. The great “imperialists” totally controlled by them, now acting globally, have proletarianized not only the domestic competitor but entire nations. Thus the rupture between the proletarianized peoples and their puppet governments, which are agents of foreign imperialisms, now becomes total.

There again, international capital in the hands of inferior races creates from the outset its own contradiction and the weapons that will defeat it. When not only social strata but entire nations are proletarianized, the oppositions between rich and poor within each proletarian people gradually diminish. The consciousness of a community of interests develops and the alliance of the nation’s capitalists — less and less numerous — with the nation’s workers, becomes a tangible reality and a vital necessity.

Only the minority of the nation’s capitalists who agree to place themselves at the service of international capital can survive for a while — for exactly as long as it will take for the inferior races to eliminate them. During this time this narrow social stratum will not only become estranged from the race and the nation, but will be its enemy.

The state in this case is not only, as we stated earlier, the organization of domination at the national level by an inferior socio-racial stratum, but also the instrument at the international level of a group of the same kind having conquered a global power.

The state, the instrument of one race’s oppression of other races, has become, additionally, that racial group’s instrument also at the international level.

Initially the controlling clique of the liberal capitalist state was therefore recruited in a single racial stratum, and the men who exercised power were recruited in this stratum. But the assertion that justified its possession of power, that all races are equal, led to a constant promotion of inferior races. The sidelining of all the superior socio-racial strata drives almost the whole of the nation into opposition, and hereafter the new elite of the opposition is recruited in all the strata of the nation that remain healthy, whatever their economic status may be.

The racial elite at this point in historical development is, however, still scattered and disorganized. It is constantly induced to fight on behalf of its enemies. Indeed, it has not entirely taken cognizance of the irreconcilable antagonism of its interests, which are those of the superior race, toward those of the clique of the controllers, who are members of inferior races.

The slender vanguard that becomes fully conscious of this fact thus represents the interests of the race. It thus becomes involved in some battles, often lacking any larger strategy, where it is at first regularly beaten. But all the struggles, even the struggles in service to that vanguard’s enemies, induce ever larger masses to converge with that vanguard and to acquire improved consciousness of the historical necessities. The capitalist state thus furnishes to the race that it oppresses the elements of a cognition that serve for its emancipation.

But, when this antagonism of races will come to an end, the social decay will be total. Even the elements that ignored racial solidarity and aligned with the momentarily dominant clique will detach from it and rejoin their own race.

Moreover, the moral conditions of existence that capitalism imposed through and for its controllers are alien to increasingly broad strata of the nation. The idea of ​​the importance of possessing gold is displaced by an ever clearer sense of the essential value of labor and creative activity as the media of expression of a superior race.

The moral values ​​of the inferior socio-racial stratum that controls the capitalist state become ever more incomprehensible and unacceptable to the people, and a new morality consistent with the traditions of the race and its aspirations emerges. New relationships are established among the members of the race on the way to its emancipation. There no longer exists a shared morality between the two groups.

Finally, insofar as the subjugation of the healthiest racial strata can be maintained only through international action by the inferior strata, the battle for the emancipation of the white races is obliged in its turn to become international or at least to organize an international coordination of its activity. 

Part 7 not yet published

* * *

Source: National-Socialist Worldview

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