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Academic Slums, part 1

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE GRANDPARENTS or great-grandparents of most Americans watched in uncomprehending stupefaction while John Dewey and his gang of crypto-Communist racketeers took over the public schools and converted them into engines that manufactured the uneducated and uneducatable White rabble that fills the doomed country today.

When I was a young neophyte, intelligent professors in well-reputed colleges and universities comforted themselves with the thought that by imposing strict academic standards they could exclude from their campus the victims of the “Colleges” of “Education.” That was an illusion.

Civilized Americans have for decades perceived there was no hope for the big and celebrated universities. That was proved by many incidents, such as that which occurred at Yale, once a highly respected university, when its guest, the distinguished Professor William Shockley, tried to give a scheduled lecture. The hall was filled with the anthropoid vermin that Yale nourished in place of students, and they yelled and howled to prevent the lecturer from being heard. To the vermin’s dim minds that doubtless constituted scientific proof that there was no conceivable difference between races. Their trainers, of course, knew that Professor Shockley was right, but had to be howled down, if our race was to be exterminated and its civilization abolished to please the Yids with a New World Order of savages ruled by God’s barbarians.

But Americans still entertained some hope of the small, privately endowed colleges, and it is quite probable that there still are a few that are, or try to be, educational institutions. But the number is dwindling rapidly,

Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri was founded in 1851 by the Presbyterian Church but eventually made itself independent. It has been for many years a relatively small and presumably conservative college with a steady enrollment of about 660 students and a faculty that increased during the past two decades by almost fifty per cent. — from about fifty to over seventy. It is known in some circles for its Churchill Memorial Library, to which is annexed a replica of an English church that was destroyed by German bombers in 1942.

It attracted national attention in 1946, when Winston Churchill made his famous speech about the “Iron Curtain,” thus inaugurating what was called the “Cold War,” in preparation for the squandering of American blood and treasure in Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere, and for the demolition of American prestige by contrived defeats and contemptible precautions taken to ensure the maximum loss of American lives.

The College attracted attention again this year, when it paid Gorbachev $3,000 to announce the end of the fictitious “Cold War” and to pontificate about the ambiguous end of the Soviet Union and a Russia that is now really as enigmatic as Chruchill had pretended it was in 1948. (1)

(1. Churchill, as the half-English Prime Minister of the British Empire that he helped to destroy, had served the team of Roosevelt and Stalin in contriving the Suicide of the West, and could not possibly have had any doubts about the character and purposes of the surviving member of that infamous and unspeakably evil partnership or the nature of the Judaeo-Communist regime that captured Russia in 1917-18 and has now only changed to a different masquerade costume.)

To recommend a college these days one needs to be acquainted with some trustworthy members of its faculty and to have informed oneself about the courses that are actually given, the composition of the student body, the general atmosphere, and especially the extent of its pollution by aliens and alienated witlings. I did not have the requisite information about Westminster, but I knew nothing to its discredit before 12 May 1992, when I read a report that began on the first page of that day’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

According to that report, the President of Westminster, J. Harvey Saunders, at a closed meeting of the faculty a few weeks before, had made a proposal of college policy: “With the multicultural nonsense now sweeping the country, why don’t we take a stand for Western civilization and Anglo-American ideals and sell the hell out of it?”

Dr. Saunders was obviously a rarity among academic administrators today. He was sufficiently well educated to know what civilization is, and sufficiently honest to want to educate young men and women instead of exploiting them. He appears a sympathetic character and one wishes one knew more about him. (2)

(2. I can tell you none of the essentials: only that he was bom in Huntington, West Virginia, 22 February 1939, and was graduated from Marshall University, a revamped normal school in his home town, in 1962. He received the degree of Philosophiae Doctor from the University of Georgia in 1966. His major subject was American History, and his dissertation dealt with American diplomacy in Central and South America. He taught in the Northeastern Louisiana State College and Marshall University from 1966 to 1971, when he became Associate Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty at Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi. He became President of Westminster in 1977.)

Dr. Saunders also had the talent requisite in such administrators: He was a shrewd salesman. The United States is cluttered up with approximately 2,230 institutions that call themselves colleges and universities — you have only to glance at the horrendous list that occupies twenty-five pages of small type in any recent issue of the World Almanac — all competing for youngsters to keep up the body count and justify clamoring for bigger and bigger subsidies from taxpayers and alumni. With very few exceptions, the colleges all peddle the same kind of Marxian bunkum, slightly diluted with other courses below the high-school level, for victims of the intensive sabotage of children’s minds that has been carried on for more than seventy years in the public boob-hatcheries.

Just now, the competition is to see which college can surpass the others in the stench of pseudo-intellectual garbage that is called “multicultural” to disguise its uncouth antagonism to our race and civilization. But the stench of cultural putrescence has become commonplace and almost uniform. To attain any distinction, a college must stand apart from the horde of fattened and diseased lemmings that are all rushing to the same precipice.

Although it is true that the majority of Americans have lost the will to survive and have also lost the mammalian instinct to protect and educate their immature offspring, there is still a minority of Americans who are reluctant to send their sons and daughters into the pseudo-academic slums that are now commonplace. To these parents an institution such as Westminster, which is about the optimum size of a first-rate college, could appeal successfully for pupils and, eventually, endowments.

I am sure that the number of American parents who feel some intelligent affection for their offspring is more than sufficient to supply a hundred and fifty freshmen (including females) to Westminster every year, and if it had appealed to them as a college that proudly championed our civilization instead of denigrating and defiling it, Westminster would certainly have flourished as a bright oasis in the American desert, and would have profited accordingly. But Dr. Saunders’ business sense seems to have been as far above the mentality of the faculty as was his interest in education as distinct from depravity.

Even conscientious administrators make mistakes, and what was probably Dr. Saunders’ worst mistake was made five years ago, when a noisome alien, evidently imported from India or adjacent regions, named Vishvajit Pandya, was made Professor of Anthropology (and of what kind of anthropology, you can guess!). The report in the News-Dispatch gives no further identification, and India is, of course, the model for the stinking multi-racial Melting Pot that Americans are making of the country that once was theirs. Vishvajit could be almost any ethnic compound, but his name suggests that he may be a Dravidian. (3)

(3. The Dravidians are an anthropological puzzle that, so far as I know, no one has satisfactorily solved. They are of short stature, have the complexion of niggers, and the bony structure, especially in the skull, of Caucasians, perhaps specifically of the Mediterranean branch of our race. They inhabited southern India long before the invasion and conquest of the sub-continent by the Aryans, who, as is evident from the Ramayana, regarded them as a useful species of monkey. (Rama employed them in building a causeway from India to Ceylon.) The Dravidians of today profess a barbarized form of Hinduism and are distinguished for their hatred of other Indians, signalizing their sentiments by dynamiting crowded passenger trains and similar violence. The Jewish government of Canada is importing them in large numbers to terrorize the White boobs of that unfortunate country.)

Simple-minded Americans do not perceive the contempt for them felt by racial aliens whom they admit to what was their country, a contempt that is certainly justified, and is greatly augmented when the aliens are subsidized by being given “welfare” and even more when they are given well-paid and responsible positions that would be reserved for Americans, if our people were not bent on suicide.

Vishvajit, incensed by Dr. Saunders’ respect for Western civilization and the hated Anglo-Saxons, ostentatiously resigned in protest at such a “parochial [sic] attitude,” and flitted off to another and doubtless more profitable perch in a “multicultural” morass.

Some malicious and knavish informant who had attended the closed meeting of the faculty “leaked” Dr. Saunders’ disgraceful respect for Western civilization to the leading jewspaper in this benighted land, the New York Times, which reported his horrible deficiency in hatred of our doomed nation — reported it, of course, with the usual Yiddish yowls.
According to the News-Dispatch, the faculty of Westminster, perhaps embarrassed by the suspicion of academic integrity to which it had been exposed, unanimously asked Dr. Saunders to resign. (4)

(4. In academic institutions the vote is technically one of ‘no confidence,’ which, like the comparable vote in the British Parliament, is tantamount to a demand for resignation. In so small a college as Westminster, I suppose that the entire faculty voted. In large universities the suffrage on such issues is usually restricted to full professors, who form what is called the academic senate. They are not more honest.)

The trustees of Westminster were reluctunt to accept Dr. Saunders resignation, but he insisted. And no wonder; who would want to coexist with such a rat pack?

Many decades ago, and before the general prostitution of American universities, there was an invidious ditty sung by undergraduates at various institutions, to each of which it was adapted, but containing lines that affirmed that “the dying mother said, don’t send my boy to Harvard; I’d rather see him dead!” Well, I need not advise you; you will know how to react to a suggestion that you throw your son or daughter into the swamp at Westminster.

Westminster, to be sure, is a loathsome tumor on the American body politic, but it is only typical and commonplace. If you have been in the least astonished by what happened there, you have received a propaedeutic lesson in a subject that must be of interest to all Americans who hope that their offspring will not someday wish they had been aborted in the womb — a subject that calls for extensive treatment and to which I intend to return in future issues of this magazine.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, February 1993

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