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The Show Must Go On!

by Revilo P. Oliver

BY COINCIDENCE, the January issue of Liberty Bell, which contained a notice of Professor James A. Van Allen’s strictures on a “space program” designed for publicity rather than practical scientific results, was in press when a publicity stunt at Cape Canaveral backfired and blew up, destroying the “space shuttle” and its crew and passengers. No one even pretended that the launching would serve any purpose other than to entertain the audience of the boob-tubes and incidentally show them the place in the world they have made for themselves. It was to be a pageant of “multi-racialism.” A Black named Jackson, who has a good chance of presiding as a nominal “President” over the country that the Americans gave away, crowed that the “shuttle” would be just like “a rainbow in the sky.”

The “shuttle” was Black, Yellow, Red, and White. It contained a Nigger, who was touted as a great expert, who would tell the stupid White crew what to do; a Japanese, to represent the vigorous race that has attained a technological and social superiority over our own; a Jewess to represent Yahweh’s Master Race, now owners of the United States; and an attractive woman, a pretty and evidently charming school teacher, who had the misfortune to be included to please feminists, appeal to the gallantry that has not yet been entirely extinguished in American men, and make everything seem folksy. And, of course, there was an American crew to act as chauffeurs and waiters.

The ham actor in the White House, registering sorrow for the cameras, appointed a committee to ascertain the responsibility for the spectacular failure of the publicity stunt. That should be easy: The committee has only to ascertain who ordered the launching or who put pressure on that man to order it.

Everyone who watched the launching saw at once that something had gone wrong with one of the booster rockets, from which flames were issuing, showing that the casing of the rocket had been perforated in some way, and it was not remarkable that the flames quickly reached the huge tank of liquid hydrogen beneath the “shuttle.”

It is a matter of record that the temperature at Cape Canaveral fell to 28 degrees, four degrees below freezing, before the launching, and that while the launching was first delayed to permit removal of a handle that had apparently been frozen in place by contraction of the metal, and delayed another hour to remove some of the ice that had formed on the metal hull, the temperature was still around freezing when the machine was launched.

It was admitted, after the fact was disclosed by an independent expert in the technology of rockets, that it was known that freezing of the solid fuel in a rocket produces changes in its composition that are likely to cause the ignited fuel to burn through the steel casing, and that the manufacturers of the rocket specifically warned that it must not be exposed to temperatures below freezing. Someone therefore deliberately took the risk of ordering the show to go on rather than disappoint the television producers and their audience. And someone else did not have the courage to insist on not gambling on the chance that the predictable and predicted result of freezing had not occurred.

It was also obvious at once that the “shuttle” had not been launched on the preceding Sunday, when the weather was entirely favorable, because on that afternoon the attention and the brains of the expected audience would be engrossed by a football game in New Orleans. Every impresario wants his show to play to a large audience, and a maximum audience is requisite for a spectacle designed to smear “multi-racialism” in the faces of the hypnotized viewers. One can only speculate about the several possible reasons why the promoters refused to wait for favorable climatic conditions.

The press, at the orders of its owners, attempted a “cover up” and I noticed one especially putrid blob of verbal slime that averred that the scientists of the Space Agency were convulsed with guilt for “their” failure! It soon had to be admitted, however, that just before the launching the producers of the show had been specifically and repeatedly warned of the likelihood of the disaster that did occur. What our professional liars call a “snow job” to cover up the facts will certainly tax their ingenuity.

There is one crucial consideration: It is quite likely that the disastrous fiasco would not have taken place, if the Space Administration had not been demoralized by the shocking removal of Dr. Arthur Rudolph to please the Jews and show the world how the American poltroons cringe before their masters. (See the article by Jim Taylor in Liberty Bell, February 1985, pp. 11-12, 49-52.) It was Dr. Rudolph who was primarily responsible for the design and construction of the remarkable vehicles that made a success of the American “space program,” and Aryans who have not been thoroughly denatured would have felt a profound obligation of gratitude to him, but a spiritual disease has left only the husks of men of our race, traitors to themselves and incapable of magnanimity and gratitude as they are incapable of manhood and courage. They felt no obligation when it pleased the world-destroyers to claim that Dr. Rudolph had not kowtowed to them in Germany, more than forty years ago. They would have as cheerfully sacrificed their own parents and they are, of course, blithely sacrificing their children, who will live to curse the persons who so fecklessly brought them into the world.

The genuine scientists of our race must have been chagrined and demoralized by the disgusting demonstration that no accomplishment, no service rendered the American people, would win them the slightest consideration from the white-livered Aryan ingrates. And I imagine that serious scientists and technicians were further demoralized when they found themselves in the show business. They had, of course, long been aware of the facts stated by Professor Van Allen, the partial abandonment of scientific research and the subordination of the rest to publicity stunts, and they must have noticed that the performances were becoming anti-American propaganda.

The foolhardy destruction of the space-craft will not be greatly regretted by our alien government. They will simply tell their White slaves to work harder and pay for replacements. The show must go on!

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, May 1986

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