Henry Hafenmayer, Champion of German Freedom, Dies at 48

Henry Hafenmayer, 1972-2021

ONE OF THE foremost champions of free historical research and discussion — Henry Hafenmayer — died last Wednesday (11th August) in southern Germany, aged 48.

A former train driver who was dismissed for his political opinions, Henry became a prominent public champion of German historical revisionists, in a country where one can be jailed for questioning the official version of ‘Holocaust’ history. He was best known for his website Ende der Lüge (‘End of the Lie’) and associated social media accounts.

In this task he was especially closely associated with four jailed revisionists: former leftist lawyer and philosopher Horst Mahler (85); publisher and ecologist Ursula Haverbeck (92); lawyer Sylvia Stolz, first jailed for defending the late Ernst Zündel; and filmmaker / video blogger Alfred Schaefer. All four have served long prison sentences, and Mr. Schaefer is still in jail.

Henry Hafenmayer, Alfred Schaefer, and Lady Michèle Renouf during Alfred’s trial in Munich, 2018.

Henry himself faced several criminal charges, and until his untimely death was very much in the sights of occupied Germany’s political and judicial system.

He was a regular and convivial guest at political and social gatherings in Germany with comrades including H&D‘s assistant editor Peter Rushton. We are shocked and saddened at losing this greatly valued friend, but are confident in the knowledge that Henry’s courage, honour and loyalty will not be in vain. Henry Hafenmayer’s name will live on in the annals of a future, better Europe.

During several months of serious illness this year, Henry was treated at clinics in Germany and Switzerland. As reported by our friends at Recht und Wahrheit, a close comrade had to pick up the entire bill for this treatment and for Henry’s funeral costs, so H&D encourages readers worldwide to donate if they possibly can to help defray these costs.

The German account for such donations is as follows:

Account name: S. U.
IBAN: DE13 8405 5050 1250 0169 63
Payment reference: 1108201

Horst Mahler has given Lady Renouf permission to send us this English translation of his tribute. Horst writes:

It is an honorary title they give us when they call us “Nazis”. That was what Henry Hafenmayer had understood. He lived his life so that he might earn this title through action. He did not fear death, and when he made up his mind to call the recognized enemy of the peoples by its name, he knew what to expect. Under the banner “End of the lie!” he finally moved from defence to attack and thus became a role model for those German youth who still want to be German. He held out when his well-paid job as a train driver was terminated. His answer was to multiply his efforts to make the invisible enemy visible. He laboriously scanned the Talmud (in twelve bulky volumes published in German by the official Jewish publishing house Jüdische Verlag) and placed it in the global electronic network. [Three sentences deleted and part of postscript deleted due to UK race laws.] With his web blog “The End of the Lie” lobbing intellectual grenades at the emplacements of the anti-German front in his own country, he has branded the Big Lie as an attempted genocide. He was one of the first to give the New National Socialism (NNS) a face. That makes him unforgettable. Hail Henry Hafenmayer!

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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Thomas Cole
Thomas Cole
19 August, 2021 9:03 pm

Denying or even questioning the Holohoax in Germany is illegal and punished by very harsh prison sentences – rape, by the way, usually only leads to very minor sentences, that’s why Germany is the promised land for Niggers and Arabs. Fighting for the truth in a deeply anti-truth society shows Henry’s courage. He is a true martyr who gave everything for his people. His life and sacrifice should inspire us to work harder for the survival of our race and culture and fight the lies on which the power of our enemies is founded.

Diversity is Genocide
Diversity is Genocide
20 August, 2021 3:17 pm

What an honourable man. Gone way too soon. Too bad there are not more Germans like him, but they have been brainwashed and guilt-tripped for sixty-plus years.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
21 August, 2021 5:38 pm

For those who might be interested in Mr. Mahler’s tribute in the original German: Horst M, [14.08.21 19:41]Es ist ein Ehrentitel, den sie uns verleihen, wenn sie uns “Nazis” nennen. Das war’s, was Henry Hafenmayer begriffen hatte. Er hat sein Leben geführt, auf daß er diesen Titel sich durch die Tat verdiene. Er fürchtete den Tod nicht, und als er sich entschloß, den erkannten Feind der Völker bei seinem Namen zu nennen, wußte er, was ihn erwartet. Unter dem Banner “Ende der Lüge!” ging er vom Widerstand endlich zum Angriff über und wurde so ein Vorbild für die Deutsche Jugend, die noch Deutsch sein will. Er hielt stand, als ihm seine gut bezahlte Anstellung als Lokomotivführer gekündigt wurde. Seine Antwort darauf war die Vervielfachung seiner Anstrengungen, den unsichtbaren Feind sichtbar zu machen. Er hat den vom Jüdischen… Read more »

Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
26 August, 2021 9:21 pm

What kind of illness did he pass away from?

Joe Burke
Joe Burke
Reply to  Wondering
27 August, 2021 3:52 pm

I’m sure whatever it was, it will be counted as a covid death.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Joe Burke
8 September, 2021 1:03 pm

you ain’t lying. another filthy Jew Hoax in their never ending crusade of ritual Goy humiliation. sickening scumbags .