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Denationalized Elites

by Douglas Mercer

NO GREATER tragedy can befall a people than to have denationalized elites.

In the old days it would not be uncommon for the boss to marry his secretary. Nowadays he might have an affair with her, but it’s unlikely he would marry her and form a family with her.

Assortative mating based on socio-economic status is the most broad of these general categories. It includes the tendency of humans to mate within their socio-economic peers, that is, those with similar social standing, job prestige, educational attainment, or economic background as themselves. This type of assortative mating includes the growing tendency in recent years for humans to marry people more like themselves in educational attainment or earned income.

There were always class differences in America, but, except perhaps for the completely down-and-out, those at the top and the bottom considered themselves to be one people, the same people. As indeed why wouldn’t they?

But that is true no more, that’s for sure. The people at the top, even when White, are much more likely now to ally themselves with the foreigners they’ve imported rather than with the White majority. The elite and those foreigners share interests, if not living space. Or, rather: The foreigners serve the elite’s interests.

When war breaks out, as it surely will, it will not be a civil war. A civil war is war among one people, and we are not that nor will we ever be again.

* * *

These elites are like men without a country, or those infamous “citizens of the world.” In fact they are citizens of nowhere, and from their tony zip codes on the coasts in exclusive neighborhoods which resemble nothing so much as feudal redoubts, they jet around the globe in search of markets, goods, or fun.

Though in the olden days, the feudal lord had a fiduciary connection to the men who lived on his land, a bond of history and trust and care. You can bet your last dollars that, were one of us to be walking down Main Street on fire, the new lords of the manor wouldn’t deign to walk across the street to piss on us.

As such, the nation fractures and war looms.

No greater tragedy can befall a nation than to have denationalized elites.

* * *

The proprietor of land is necessarily a citizen of the particular country in which his estate lies, but the proprietor of stock is properly a citizen of the world, and is not necessarily attached to any particular country.

Welcome to liquid modernity.

Capitalism is a revolutionary doctrine. Capital knows no country. The big brains at the top one day discovered the magic of supply chains and their ability to make things overseas using slave labor, or to import slave labor to this country and turn the White workers here into slaves. The watchword of capital is creative destruction — and a less conservative thing can scarcely be imagined than that. So by unmooring everything, they devastate communities, turn them into husks of themselves, into ghost towns rotting and rusting, and leave the last holdouts prey to opioid addiction and poverty.

It used to be that if you wanted to buy a television in America you bought an American television. If you try to buy an American television now, good luck. There aren’t any.

Not only does the remorseless eating machine of capital transform the physical landscape but also the moral one. When the money supply can be manipulated, inflationary pressures ensue with the loss of value — the loss of value of money and also the loss of moral values; the two always go hand in hand.

Not only is capitalism revolutionary, it loves revolutions: The cultural revolution brought novelty to bear with its consumption, the “women’s” revolution brought women into the work force and drove down labor costs; the “civil rights” revolution fractured working-class solidarity and made it harder for labor to fight for its rights. You can bet those in the corner office like it much better when the vilification is against Whiteness rather than against the one per cent.

Under capitalism, people become resources and numbers on a chart, units of production: exchangeable, expendable, expungable. In the 1970s some Democrats advocated “industrial policy” or a kind of National Capitalism, where corporations did not just respect the bottom line — but also the needs of the nation.

Suffice it to say that no one speaks of industrial policy today. Today they speak of supply chains.

The cheap labor came in, the jobs went out, the nation turned into an “economic zone,” and the country became the dumping ground and sewer of the world.

In the 2016 campaign it was revealed that Hilary Clinton’s fever dream was of an economic zone from the Artic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego, a zone in which “goods and people could move freely.”

This is the neo-liberal wet dream, the dream of all elites.

Multinational corporations see their interests as separate from America’s interests. As their global operations expand, corporations founded and headquartered in the United States gradually become less American. In the 1990s, corporations such as Ford, Aetna, Motorola, Price Costco and Kimberly-Clark forcefully rejected, in response to a Ralph Nader proposal, expressions of patriotism and explicitly defined themselves as multinational. America-based corporations operating globally recruit their workforce and their executives, including their top ones, without regard to nationality.

It’s like a version of Atlas Shrugged — the industrialists don’t go on strike, production continues, but they withdraw from the life of the nation.

Christopher Lasch called it the “revolt of the elites.”

* * *

Plutarch said if you want to destroy a county make it rich. But really if you want to destroy a country, make its elites filthy rich.

The city of San Francisco is a striking example. Once a famous blue-collar town, now it’s the home of homeless people defecating in the streets and Silicon Valley executives stepping over the needle-using homeless and their feces on the way to their limos. As for the workers who were once the backbone of the city, now they live in Vallejo. And of course the city is the “gay” mecca, as the elites have joined forces not only with the minorities they love to use but not live near, but also with the weirdos who stick it in the cultural eye of normal Americans.

They also have decreasing ties with the American nation. Coming back to America from a foreign strand, they are not likely to be overwhelmed with deep feelings of commitment to their “native land.” Their attitudes and behavior contrast with the overwhelming patriotism and nationalistic identification of the rest of the American public.

Of course these “cultured” despisers live in neighborhoods as undiverse as those of the 1950s America they despise (and destroyed), insulated and cocooned from the rest of us. The horrific plagues of their diseased cultural and economic policies infect us and our children — but never reach their mansions’ doorsteps.

Working with the Jews, they “liberated” themselves from any kind of national economic controls; they cracked the social controls of the Old America into a thousand pieces and fused them together to drive a dagger into the heart of our folk. But of course they don’t consider us their compatriots; no, not at all.

They’ve made their separate peace.

When the war comes, as it most surely will, it will not be a civil war. No, a civil war is a war among one people. And America’s ruling elite and what remains of the historic American nation are certainly not one — and never will be again.

Because no greater tragedy can befall a country than to have denationalized elites.

* * *

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
11 August, 2021 7:13 am

This article gets right to the core of the problem, leaders who don’t lead. This began with the “American Revolution” that sported the East India Company flag and brought freedom and liberty and banned those nasty kings and aristocracies. As Janis Joplin sang, freedom is nothing left to lose. The correct nation-building orientation is not freedom but obligation, obligation to one’s countrymen to use your energy and talent to do what you do best for your family and community. And the key ingredient is order that stifles freedom but brings wealth and distributes that wealth in rational ways. And order comes from kings who rise up out of aristocracies which are noting more than families who have their eye on the ball and support their own kin. At some point… Read more »

11 August, 2021 7:59 am

To dig more deeply, as to why elites in the USA decided to deracinate, and make Jewish influence groups their prime partners, over their tribal kin – People ask, why do 60% of US billionaires who are gentile elites, enshrine the 35%-40% Jewish billionaires as their partners, controllers of media, etc? Historically speaking, some fears US elites had, arose from internal issues of a weak and mutating Protestant religious culture … with core Protestantism so lukewarm, people outside the hierarchical, tradition-enmeshed South, got swept into great emotional ‘movements’ that Bible-culture tends to incite … the Second Great Awakening as the 1800s began, frightened USA elites, as all sorts of new cults sprouted, which elites feared they couldn’t control So first in early 1800s, elites brought in Catholic immigrants to offset… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
Reply to  Lohengrin
11 August, 2021 11:08 am

A very novel and thought-provoking note. Thank you. So instead of Jews making Jews out of white people with Freemasonry, white people making elites out of Jews to manage the rank & file rabble. Interesting.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Lohengrin
11 August, 2021 12:39 pm

[W]hy do 60% of US billionaires who are gentile elites, enshrine the 35%-40% Jewish billionaires as their partners? — The same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks. A deeper explanation:  Among others, Brooks Adams, the 19th-century American economist/historian, expressed it in his The Law of Civilization and Decay (1895). [He] saw the ascendancy of one type of man — spiritual man, epitomized by the English yeomanry of the Middle Ages, freeholding farmer-warriors — during the period when a new civilization is being established; and of a different type — economic man, epitomized by the mercantile class which flourished in the 18th and 19th centuries — during the period of a civilization’s decadence and collapse. And he pinpointed democracy as an institution inimical to the existence of spiritual man. More about that, here: Men… Read more »

11 August, 2021 8:19 am

If those are the elite, I’d rather be scum.

14 August, 2021 1:26 pm

“Denationalized Elites”
They’re not Denationalized; their nation is the NATION of power, money, self-interest

14 August, 2021 1:29 pm
19 August, 2021 11:17 pm

The ultimate immorality is extropianism which is the suicidal dagger that will wipe out all humanity. We need not worry about external environmental threats. We will destroy ourselves with our quest for immortality and that is the number one focus of all the elites today. They don’t see humanity as part of any ecosystem. They see humanity outside an ecosystem because their minds are disconnected from the natural world. When you have people like Bill Gates fostering insane paranoia worldwide all in the name of vaccine sales and he’s buying up farm land all over America and investing heavily in lab grown meat production, you better believe he is hell bent on destroying the natural order. For God sakes, he is even planning to spray chemicals in the ozone layer… Read more »