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Covid and Lack of Wisdom and Leadership

by David Sims

DAVE CULLEN (of Computing Forever) recently explained the psychology of the people who continue to get vaccine booster jabs and who wear masks, even though they figured out — late, but they did get there– that something sinister is going on. Specifically, these folks fear embarrassment for having been duped, for having been so sure that they were doing the right thing, but were wrong.

How did the fear of correction, of admitting a prior position was wrong, come into existence among the leadership and managerial classes? I can only guess. Leadership has its responsibilities, but it also has rewards. Our politicians make of their careers a pursuit of those rewards while evading, most of the time and as best as they can, the responsibilities. To acknowledge correction is believed tantamount to confessing a lack of sufficient wisdom to hold leadership, and to admit to being unworthy to the rewards thereof.

The fear of reduced circumstances will persuade many to live falsely. A threat to the paycheck can make most people pretend to believe every lie they ever heard.

Ironically, someone who really is worthy of leading other people does have the strength of character to accept correction and to be seen bowing to a wisdom greater than his own, when the occasion demands it. This is something that the wise know.

But there’s a funny thing about wisdom: most people don’t have much of it. Wisdom is a quality that emerges from other qualities, such as intelligence, experience, and honesty. Wisdom is found mostly among people who occur on the upper tail of the normal distributions for the qualities that it emerges from.

Because wisdom is properly regarded as the primary qualification for leadership, and because nearly everybody covets the rewards that come with a leading role in society, almost everyone pretends to be wiser than he really is. Nearly everybody is playing the wiser-than-thou game, and playing it falsely and badly. By writing this piece, I’m playing it — well, I hope.

There is no reason for wearing a face mask as a ward against coronavirus. Masks don’t work because the virus is small enough to pass through the stitching in even the finest fabric. If you can smell smoke through a mask, then the coronavirus can pass through the mask even more easily than smoke can. The requirements for mask wearing, when they aren’t prompted by ignorance, are motivated instead by an alliance of corporate and government bullies who believe that they have us under their boot.

Likewise, there is no reason to get the anti-covid vaccine. They have been proven not to work. You can still be infected by coronavirus if you have been vaccinated. Why? Because the virus mutates, rather quickly, to a form that the vaccine cannot deal with. In order to keep up with the mutations, a person would have to get a new vaccine every month or so.

The better way to deal with covid is to ignore it. Covid-19 is not airborne rabies. Your odds of surviving covid are better than 99.9% unless you are very elderly or unless for some other reason you already have one foot in the grave. Children are the least affected by the disease and are also the most severely impacted by vaccine side-effects.

By simply allowing the already endemic disease to spread, dispensing with all these “heroic” measures (and the concomitant drama in the media, and conspiracy on the part of the authorities), we can have a natural immunity to covid that is broader, more effective against mutations, and longer-lasting than anything that any of the vaccines can offer.

The pharmaceutical companies are motivated by a lust for our money, and they think that they can use the government to force us to comply. All it took was a noble-sounding pretext, a way for the elite to suggest that we must lose our freedom for our own good, and government swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

If your school district’s board of education is finding ways to impose mask mandates, despite public sentiment against them, then you should begin looking for ways to remove the members of that board and replace them with others whose wishes in this matter more nearly match your own.

[Also join with others who can help you, and do whatever you can to educate your children outside of the horrible anti-White public school system. — Ed.]

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Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
1 September, 2021 2:21 am

A commercial on the radio today had an anxious mother ask “is the Covid Vaccine safe for my teenager?” Then the confident and soothing voice of the female expert comes on and says “the short answer is yes,” which of course implies there is a long answer.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
1 September, 2021 4:00 am

It is great to see NV taking a
position regarding this greatest
of swindles. The so-called
“vaccines” are a syringe full
of death.

1 September, 2021 7:49 am

I don’t think that the idea of our government trying to harm and/or kill off people with these jabs should be discounted.

I believe that there are far more nefarious motives present than just profit.

Reply to  BuelahMan
1 September, 2021 10:55 am

It would separate the more docile, easier to control people from those known to be troublemakers.

One of my concerns is that the vaccines would provide protection against a yet to be released engineered pathogen. Our rulers would get rid of most of the troublemakers and have the confidence of the sheep who got vaccinated with a boastful “Didn’t we tell you to trust the science?”

However, I think the narrative is being greeted with increasing skepticism and even the believers are less enthusiastic about defending it.

Reply to  guest
4 September, 2021 6:40 pm

A possible scenario would be the Mareck’s chickens.

2 September, 2021 1:04 pm

If the present “leadership” of the old order is so venal as to follow and push the narratives of its corrupters (Big Pharma and far too many others in it for their own enrichment only) to the point of harming the masses in its charge, then shouldn’t a New Order be built to replace it? I believe a time is coming, and soon, when even leadership-capable men will see the disaster the old order is leading everyone to and want to take a chance on a replacement for their family’s sake. Sitting on a fence and waiting to see what happens isn’t an option, everyone will be forced to participate one way or another. We in the National Alliance are about building that New Order now to attract those families… Read more »

5 September, 2021 3:31 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, the article below is written in Czech language. A meeting with Czech friends in Usti nad Labem was the trigger to present it to you. You should note that the Corona-Plandemic is seen in the same way by all German nationalists which I know. MARTIN AUBRECHT / CHAIRMAN DM /: I WILL NOT WAIT. I AM NOT A SHEEP. Our members are not sheep. Under no circumstances will we be vaccinated with an experimental mRNA vaccine against Covid. They can easily blackmail us and push us against the wall as they wish. We will never become experimental monkeys! More and more scientific capacities, such as Ms. MUDr. Soňa Peková, Ph.D. or Mr. prof. RNDr. Jaroslava Turánek, CSc., DSc., Point to the enormous danger of the side effects… Read more »

9 September, 2021 4:07 pm

Another great article Sims! They are now pushing 12 year olds + to get the vaccine. I think the kid doesn’t even need a parent to sign for him!!!