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The High Commissioners


by Douglas Mercer

JEW TONY BLINKEN is nominally our Secretary of State. While he was being confirmed he told a crazy cock-and-bull story about how his father, or his stepfather, or some Jew, was rescued from a “death camp” by a roving band of American Negroes; it turns out the story is not true. It had been discredited years before; no one is sure where the Negroes really were at the time, though it’s probably safe to assume they were out raping some German women.

That Blinken would tell this obviously untrue story tells us all we need to know about him, namely that he is a Jew and likes stories that link Jews with the fates of “minorities,” as that’s good for business. And what better way to put the thumb in the eye of the White man — to bite the hand that feeds him, that is — than summoning up out of whole cloth the lachrymose tall tale of Leroy hopping out of a tank and giving old sixty-pound Ben-Yid a much needed helping hand.

And now Blinken is really officially spitting in our faces by inviting some United Nations “human rights” goons to travel to America to investigate us for the “crime” of “racism.” You heard that right. We’re in the dock now, in front of international interlopers who will circulate freely in our land and find out how “evil” we are. They are our judge and our jury. They’ll write a report about it; the media will sing its praises while they gravely purport to “have a national conversation” about it. A “long overdue national conversation,” they will say.

The Biden administration is formally inviting United Nations racism and human rights envoys to visit the United States amid a contentious ongoing domestic debate over the treatment of minorities in America.

Of course, when it comes to the “treatment of minorities in America,” they never had it so good. They get all the legs up legally; they get the media to fawn all over them; they get put on a pedestal; they get to burn down cities and get paid for it; they get to lord it over White women in advertisements and elsewhere; and if you say “boo” about them you’ll be railroaded right out of town. Why, we treat our “minorities” so well we’re about to make them the majority.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken also welcomed the adoption of a resolution by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to address racism directed against Africans and people of African descent.

Ah, the George Floyd Commission. Those Sudanese and those Somalis and those Ghanians will put on their best Sunday duds and travel the breadth and width of America — and they will suss out all the “racism.” They’ll see poverty-stricken Blacks; they’ll see crime-ridden Black neighborhoods; they’ll see Blacks with poor health outcomes; they’ll see massive amounts of Negroes in prison; they’ll see Negro babies without fathers; they’ll see Negro children failing miserably in schools; they’ll see Negroes being Negroes — and they’ll call it all a violation of some human rights protocol signed in Switzerland by a bunch of fools. You can book it.

The State Department announced late Tuesday that the administration would issue a standing invitation to all UN envoys, known as special rapporteurs, who compile information on race and discrimination and report back to the world body.

Not mere reporters, mind you, no; they are “rapporteurs”, which means they can stick their noses in the air as they look down a long Jewish nose at us and tell us all the things we’re doing wrong.

Of course they won’t find any real racism, at least not in the places they’re going to look. If they were being honest they’d see that White people have been relegated to the status of second class citizens. But they will not be on the level, and before their jet is refueled they’ll be claiming to find all sorts of “racism” by all the usual suspects in all the usual places. And when they announce it to the world it will have the world’s imprimatur. It will certainly have Tony Blinken’s Jewish blessing.

Just how heinous do you have to be to call on foreigners to come investigate you only so they can castigate you? But then, really, the ones calling the foreigners in are foreigners themselves — and want the propaganda hit they know the rappin’ rapporteurs will give them. It really is a racket played on the backs of our people.

Blinken said President Joe Biden’s administration is deeply dedicated to addressing racial injustice and inequities at home and abroad. Blinken said the administration would lead by example on the global stage by allowing international scrutiny of its own issues and publicly confronting them. The invitations come as racial justice issues loom large in the US and elsewhere.”

Blinken said great nations such as ours do not hide from our shortcomings; they acknowledge them openly and strive to improve with transparency.

This is diversionary smoke, the appeal to our greatness — as if we are so magnanimous that we can afford to have little rodent and peon counties give us a colonoscopy about race. What it really is is not a great country being big enough to examine itself, or to allow others to examine it. No. What it really is, is just more insult and injury in the long sordid history of the Jewish attack on our people; it’s one thing for Jews to come here and as an aggressive and hostile elite critically look at us and find us entirely wanting. Now they have so much power they can bring some albino-sacrificing shaman from the biggest and most backward states in the dark continent and use him begin quasi-legal proceedings against us with the full backing of the important-sounding High Commission of the United Nations.

What a farce.

In so doing, we not only work to set the standard for national responses to these challenges, we also strengthen our democracy, and give new hope and motivation to human rights defenders across the globe. As a first step, Blinken said the US had invited the UN special rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and the UN special rapporteur on minority issues to make official visits to the United States. “Responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record; rather, they should acknowledge it with the intent to improve.”

Notice this is the first step; soon they will establish their “Truth and Reconciliation” committees, just as they did in South Africa, to disempower, persecute, and imprison Whites. Soon there will be new Nuremberg Trials aimed at White Americans. This was all prophesied way back in 1959 in the great novel The John Franklin Letters. The crucial event in the book’s alt-history is what happened to the “Dayton Defendants.” A group of businessmen in Dayton, Ohio circulated articles which promoted “good old-fashioned American views.” As a result the World Court issues an indictment of the businessmen, setting up a final breach of American sovereignty. The businessmen were taken from their homes by marshals of the World Court and held in an undisclosed location. And so international organizations break over national boundaries, and this epochal event leads Franklin to join underground forces in an attempt to overthrow the government.

In the novel, because of America’s “racist” past, the world government places America under “indefinite administrative penalty.” Chief among America’s supposed sins is its “historic psychological genocide against the Negro race.”

In the imagined history of this novel, it has become a high crime to be discourteous to a Negro.

We should have listened to those old guys. They knew a thing or two.

Last month, the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights released a report on racism and police brutality against Africans and people of African descent at the hands of law enforcement around the world, which includes examination of such cases in the United States.

When Biden nominated this Jew (one of his long-time advisors) for Secretary of State, he said that Blinken “comes from a family of immigrants and refugees that includes a Holocaust survivor who taught him to never take for granted the very idea of America as a place of possibilities.”

He certainly found it possible to turn our country into an international joke and worldwide laughingstock.

The goal here is to humiliate. The goal is to show that Jews have the power to bring low this once-great nation, and to bring in all manner of low-IQ miscreants and let them sit on high in perpetual judgement of us. It is revenge. And you can be sure when those Black, Brown, and Yellow “High Commissioners” issue their “reports” as to our supposed criminal “racism,” that execrable Jew Tony Blinken will be there to greet the “rapporteurs” with a “humble heart” on behalf of the good old United States. And he will gravely bow to them and concur with their findings, and say that America has a long long way to go to live up its founding ideals, that it’s all been lip service up to now. And this will just be a charade — the subtext of his remarks, under his breath, will be you know it’s not me, I’m a Jew. No, of course it’s the White people we’ve all been hearing so much about lately; they’re to blame, as we knew all the time but now can offically make our “findings.” And don’t be surprised if he also uses the occasion to repeat his tale about how the noble and heroic Barkevious burst into that camp like a Kang, and saved his skeletal daddy from being ground down into a dove bar.

My stepfather was saved from the Holocaust by an African-American GI and that extraordinary story of survival is what America represents to the world.

And he will piously intone how he and his fellow Jews will be eternally grateful (ha!) for what our noble and beloved African-American equals did for them in those perilous times. But the White man? His heart was hard, and he did nothing but wrong, unforgivable wrong, wrong for which no compensation will ever be sufficient, to Barkevious and Schlomo, blessed be their holy names.

And they’ll say they are doing right — on our behalf — as they proceed to do away with us.

* * *

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Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
23 July, 2021 8:38 am

The picture of Blinken here perfectly captures his essence. Merciless vile predator. This whole insanity about “racial justice” is sure to continue and worsen as long as Whites continue to remain passive. It is the law of Nature; you are bullied until you start to fight back. I think that we all learnt this lesson yet in our early childhood in school and on the street. The strange thing is that on personal level all people know this simple fact but somehow lose this understanding when considering interethnic relations. The relations between groups of people are subject to the same natural laws as relations between individual humans. Each step back is always exploited by competitors; each surrendered square foot is instantly occupied by others. There is no option of “living… Read more »

23 July, 2021 8:41 am

And the white man cowers in fear and does NOTHING but swap stupid emails to each other and pretend to be fighting the jew. Pathetic.

Reply to  Jim
24 July, 2021 10:14 am

I did something. I applied for legal residency in another country. My residency has been approved and I will eventually be leaving the U.S. for good. Let the jews and negroes have the U.S. I am of the opinion that this great “experiment” was doomed from the beginning.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  Jim
14 August, 2021 2:23 am

Inspiring words, Wolf, because they ring truly.

24 July, 2021 3:19 am

About thirty years ago some ‘Australians’ invited a delegation of UN officials to see the horrific conditions of the aborigines. The public TV watchers saw a group of them in a ramshackle debacle of shelter in the desert. The aboriginies wanted to show how they used to live a hundred years ago but the media tricksters pretended it was their current abode. the media con-artists ‘forgot’ to film the aboriinies new expensive four wheel drive vehicle that the government had given them. The ‘destitute’ had had driven it from their modern homes to the re-enactment.location.

da elpaso man
da elpaso man
24 July, 2021 12:48 pm

comment image

24 July, 2021 4:18 pm

Actually, the USA has become a circus show, where the main show is the whitey head, served on a silver tray.

Country of clowns, Kosher.jpg
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
24 July, 2021 9:46 pm

These cowards need negroes to be their janissaries. They would never associate personally with the schwartzes, but they are dumb enough to buy the Big Lies of the Nose Goblins. Just the other day a Jewess was raped and killed by a black thug. That’s what happens in real life if they are brought together. Whites outnumber the Jews by a factor of 30 to 1. Why do you hesitate? They want you dead, that’s for sure. 200,000. That’s all it would take to take down this Zionist Empire. It is now weak with “diversity” and bad economics. Will you wait until you are outnumbered like the poor Boers? That would be a bad idea. FEDGOV is afraid of a White insurrection. They cannot win that battle. They cannot even… Read more »

LH Collins
LH Collins
25 July, 2021 8:18 pm

The Orcs (kangz) and Skaven (long-noses) are a blight upon the High Elves (Mighty Whitey).

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
14 August, 2021 2:13 am

” …and say that America has a long long way to go to live up to its founding ideals… “ You bet we have a long way to go. And what were those American ideals? A republic for white men, their wives, their children and their posterity — ONLY. For no others. The illegal passage of the 14th Amendment is proof that America was made for whites only; otherwise, why was that amendment legally necessary? See the 1790 Naturalization and Immigration Law. Read Chief Justice Roger Taney’s comments in the US Supreme Court case of Dred Scott v. Sandford. Or simply read the Preamble of the US Constitution, which means it was all created for their literal “posterity.” Yes, we have a long way to go to undo all the… Read more »