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Patriotic Gore, part 1


by Douglas Mercer

JUST BEFORE the last Independence Day (which Kevin Strom has rightly noted should rightly be called Dependence Day), former Trump CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took to the electronic pages of Fox News and served us up a heaping helping of patriotic pornography and gave the world some of his patented patriotic gore.

What he offers up is ideological comfort food. It’s just home cooking, don’t you know.

In the fantasy world that is his interior life it’s always morning in America, Ronnie is always riding horseback with his beloved Nancy as they scan the high vault of the heavens, the Current Year is always 1982, we are always that mythical shining city on a hill, and good and brave and true men are always patrolling the Iron Curtain — and America, well, America is that last best hope of Earth, the only thing standing between our God-inspired light and thousands of years of darkness.

As a kid, I spent July 4th mostly in one of two places — at our home in Santa Ana, California, or, more often, on my Uncle Jim’s farm in Winfield, Kansas. Everything of course was in red, white and blue. Flags. Bunting. Paper plates. All of it. One cousin had memorized the Gettysburg Address and everyone would gather to hear him recite it. A couple of young cousins had put together a short play about America and we were all going to watch them perform that too. Simple. Fun. Family.


I’m sure at least some of those cousins by the dozens dressed up in powdered wigs and intoned “Give me liberty or give me death!” as the others sang Yankee Doodle Dandy off key.

What patriotic gore.

I too have fond memories of a childhood where America was a (somewhat) better place, and I’m sure you do as well. But we haven’t seen fit to work it up into a full-blown ideology.

Everyone should be so blessed to live in a nation like ours. Our Founders created a Republic where we can worship and gather and celebrate our freedoms. I pray each of you will gather on this Fourth and enjoy the God-given rights that He provides through his grace and the glory that is our country where we can join with family to thank Him and those who work to keep us safe and protected on this special day.

What a patriotic bore.

If the America in his mind ever existed it no longer does. If it never existed he would have had to invent it, which is what he does on the daily.

Fascism can best be described as nostalgia for the future, but in this man who’s been running for President from the time he left his mother’s milk, nostalgia is the hazy glow of a non-existent past, and is the first plank in his platform.

It’s syrupy hokum dressed up as a campaign pledge. And the shame of it is is that this is the very last thing his potential pool of voters needs right now. They don’t need saccharine and cloying paeans to America as The Greatest Nation Ever or rosy and false pictures of a long-dead past; they need to be violently wrenched out of this suicidal reverie and these counterproductive daydreams and made to face the present — a present where our enemies are cutthroat and bloodthirsty and are on the march: They are not anti-American, they are anti-White, and on the stations of the colored cross they are at the penultimate stop before lights out, White America.

What they need is a quick kick in the teeth to wake them up.

Bunting is no longer going to cut it.

On any given day you can check out Pompeo’s Twitter feed where he decries Critical Race Theory by saying the founders were not “racist,” America is not and never has been a “racist nation,” to say otherwise is to tarnish the immaculate conception of this nation, the only hope left on Earth.

But you can’t fight fire with idiocy. Or with lies. It’s a time-honored and time-tested truism. If the founders are looking down they surely are puzzled about why their most fervent inheritors haven’t clue one to what they were actually about.

And just to give you the depth to which the Martin Luther King-loving conservatives will go to prove their “non-racist” bona fides: At the height of the George Floyd madness Pompeo sent out a message intended to calm the waters, and stop Negroes from burning down what wasn’t theirs, by saying that George Floyd was, after all, “a man of peace.” No sir, St. Francis of Assisi was a man of peace, he chatted with winged creatures — but George Floyd was steeped in pathological violence. They think that such attestations will give them the “credibility” to say maybe rioting isn’t such a good idea, but all it does is feed raw meat to the Black beast; the people they are attempting to mollify simply couldn’t care less. It’s similar to their other tactic of calling our enemies “racist”; this just legitimizes their term, fights on their turf, and concedes their predicate. Better to stand on your own ground with your own terms, call it anti-White, create your own turf and dare them to fight you on it. But explicitly defending White people makes them nervous. So in thinking they are doing us a good turn, they are really placating what cannot be placated. Even their hero Ronald Reagan said peace is only won through strength; and cowardice only begets more attacks.

All their nonsense will get us nowhere; no one believes it anymore, save for people who secretly want to dress up in powdered wigs or Uncle Sam hats from time to time and who say they are going to “get their country back.”

They are not going to; that country is long gone — gone with the wind. We have to make a new one, and to do this we must first disabuse them of their childishness.

Tweeting out “RETWEET if you are grateful to live in the land of the FREE” really isn’t very helpful.

In fact it’s just patriotic gore.

* * *

As Mike Pompeo will be the first to tell you, way back in 1986 at the height of the Reagan craze he was out there in occupied Germany patrolling the Iron Curtain (“freedom’s front line”). Now it’s not like they weren’t kicking over a house of cards there or anything — the Soviet Union by that point was going to collapse of its internal contradictions at any moment either way — but I guess the ones who are standing there when it goes down get the bragging rights.

Meanwhile, right under their noses, the ideology of the Soviet Union was infecting our universities right then and there to such an extent that thirty years later a Black thug with a criminal history longer than your arm was canonized into the lists of all American saints. The other irony is that, as he stood there at that wall, what he was really protecting, whether he knew it or not, or knows it or not even now, was the inalienable right of every man and woman (and sometimes child) in this country to wave his or her private parts in public and be as degenerate as they want to be; liberty has simply become license and one man’s freedom is another man’s sex shop. Meanwhile on the other side of that wall, the countries under Communism’s heel, they were trapped in historical amber in the cultural history of 1945, so they happened to miss all the later revolutions, and when they emerged they had retained their racial self-respect, had not been inundated by mud people, and were prepared to go the distance to remain a people. So who’s laughing now? If it all weren’t so tragic, the irony would be delicious. History has many cunning passages, and this was one of its deepest.

* * *

Since leaving the administration, Pompeo has been crawling on his knees to New York City to vie for Jew money, pledging undying love for Israel, and reiterating over and over how much he loves America (the greatest country in the history of civilization, he is not ashamed to say); and going from podunk town to podunk town endorsing podunk congressman or podunk congressional candidates in the hope of accruing enough chits so that when the feces hits the fans he’ll have the votes to carry him across the finish line at the 2024 convention.

His big calling card now, or his “hook,” is that some guy in his chain of command once commended him to be a “pipehitter,” loosely translated as a guy who, by God, gets things done.

As in: Come join Mike Pompeo! Be a pipehitter!

Now as most of you know who haven’t been shut-ins these past decades, or lived under a rock in a remote location, a “pipehitter” refers in the larger world to a drug addict who uses a small glass device to smoke either crack cocaine or methamphetamine. The pipehitter simply places the small rock of the potent substance in a small circular bowl at one end of the device and, when it is lit, inhales the sickly sweet smoke which travels through glass tubing and into the user’s mouth and thence into his lungs.

Hunter Biden is a pipehhitter!

But in Pompeo’s naive cluelessness about the wider world he has taken to saying:

“Ronald Reagan was a pipehitter!”


This is the equivalent of the political goof when George Bush the Elder (“I have Mexicans in my family”) marveled at the mechanism by which a simple greengrocer scanned his item at the checkout counter, something that the normal Americans (who he and his Skull and Bones sinister elite cronies had been hosing over forever) had been familiar with for many, many years. So when it comes to wider cultural matters that don’t involve the sports page, it’s fair to say Pompeo may “not be too swift.” He is just as out of touch when he says that America is the greatest country in the history of civilization (it’s the “last place to flee” and “freedom’s front line”).

Of course this clod with his clod-like boner and his repeated insistence on repeating it ad nauseum like it’s the most clever thing ever said, opened him up to the most merciless mockery on the Internet:

That time when nobody on his team warned Mike Pompeo what 99.9% of the people would think when they hear the word ‘pipehitter.’

That’s about the long and the short of it. Sometimes it’s good to open your eyes.

* * *

Other than occasionally making a fool of himself in the public square, Pompeo’s been going to and fro cleaning up in the think tank and conservative org business. Right out of the gate he went with the hoity toity Hudson Institute, befitting one with his long CV and alleged august resume:

Michael R. Pompeo, 70th US Secretary of State, joins Hudson Institute as a Distinguished Fellow.

This was the first of the cashing in, the playing of our society like a pachinko machine, endemic to all the swells in the upper echelons. The world for them is a gaping one-handled monster that only and always comes up all cherries. Their privilege is a thing.

The Hudson Institute claims to “promote American leadership and global engagement for a secure, free and prosperous future.” It was founded by Herman Kahn who was born in New Jersey, the son of Yetta (nee Koslowsky) and Abraham Kahn, a tailor. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. Raised Jewish, he later became an atheist, meaning he remained a Jew.

The Hudson Institute has emerged as a force in GOP politics, crafting or greenlighting many of the policies that are now popular in the party. It also hosts prominent Republicans such as Jon Lerner, a strategist who’s worked with former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and former Vice President Pence.

The institute announced earlier this week that former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao was joining the think tank as a distinguished fellow. She will lead a public policy program centered around labor and transportation policy.

Elaine Chao, married to racemixer and uber-Establishment cabana boy Mitch McConnell, is an open-borders fanatic who arrived in America at the age of eight speaking no English, and got citizenship the age of 19. Haley of course, is that unspeakable Sikh American who never tires of “defending” “little Israel” (“the only democracy in the Middle East!”) at the UN and who took down the Confederate flag in the heart of the Confederacy; and Lerner is her confederate; Pence, of course, is the ultimate placeholder non-entity, the less said of him the better.

What this goes to show is that for all it’s “prestige” what the Hudson Institute really is is a kind of backstop or a turnstile, where bland and non descript “conservatives” can always go back to if they lose an election, or if the person who appointed them loses theirs. It will embrace them with open arms for being the kind of bland and nondescript “conservative” they can count on in a pinch to put in place and argue for the kinds of policies the ruling class does and will always prefer (they don’t have your good in mind). When the base gets too unruly they’ll offer up the requisite rhetorical sops to what the base wants — and then continue to put in place and argue for the kinds of policies the ruling class does and always will prefer. War isn’t the only thing that’s a racket, though it’s one of them.

As such, Pompeo will be right at home there, as comfortable as an old shoe.

A typical headline from the Hudson Institute’s Web site reads: “Can Hong Kong remain a viable financial center?” If not no worries, we’ll just bring millions of them to our homeland to partake in the fleecing. The world’s ruling class is never at a loss for options.

No sooner had the gig at the Hudson Institute been announced than he continued to clean up by getting the nod at the other end of the country at the Nixon Foundation.

Former Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo and former National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien will co-chair a new, monthly seminar-style roundtable discussion to consider and advance policies that maintain a balance among the world’s great powers that is favorable to America’s national interest.

At this place they magically convert the Old Man’s brand of “conservative realism” into a way to use America First slogans of relative restraint as a cover for continuing to antagonize Iran for the sake of Israel. You can be sure when you hear the slogan “balance of power” what they really mean is keep the world in balance so Israel won’t sink into the sea.

Next Pompeo began some slumming. Anyone who has followed politics intently over the past twenty years has surely heard of one Jay Sekulow. He’s one of those guys who has been toiling in the lower to middle branches of the conservative vineyards for years and years and would from time to time appear as a guest on a round table show; or you’d see him on a late-night call in show talking about the “victims of the Holocaust.” Finally after working in near total and well-earned obscurity, he was plucked by Trump and vaulted to a kind of brief fame — in an administration where they’d run through so many people that at the end they’d started sifting through the janitors, and they burned through lawyers like pipehitters do through crack; most would not touch Trump with a ten-foot pole. And so it was that Sekulow got the tap and became Trump’s number-one lawyer and go-to mouthpiece towards the end of the four years — and also became one of his impeachment attorneys.

Sekulow went on to become chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice, founded by televangelist Pat Robertson. ….Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the Senior Counsel for Global Affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice….

What makes Sekulow a real specimen is that he’s a self-described messianic Jew who has discovered that his lord and savior is none other than Jesus Christ himself. Who knew? That is, he’s a “Jew for Jesus”; that is, he’s a Jew. He uses this Jesus thing to in turn gull his “fellow Christians” into plumping for messianic Judaism, into being fully fledged and over the moon Christian Zionists.

And so this is how in our debased times the squares get circled. Or, as best I can figure, that’s how the racket operates.

The “Jews for Jesus” very own Web site offers the following truism: “Jews for Jesus has been a nonprofit since 1973, but Jewish people believing in Jesus has been a thing since, well, Jesus. Think about it. Jesus was Jewish. His first followers were Jewish. The authors who documented his life in the New Testament were Jewish. Christianity, which actually just means followers of Messiah, is Jewish to its very core.”

Christianity is Jewish to its very core. Think about it.

ACLJ listeners and members, we are happy to announce that the former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is now our Senior Counsel for Global Affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice. Let me say this again — Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State, former Director of the CIA, former Member of the United States Congress, is now serving as the Senior Counsel for Global Affairs.

Let me say that again. Christianity is Jewish to the core.

So a big Jew-lover who once said he didn’t see why God hadn’t appointed Trump to be the salvation of the Jews, a Messianic Christian, a Christian Zionist, a man who is such a frequent and fervent visitor to that stupid wall that he should really start paying rent there, is joining forces with a messianic Jew who found Jesus in order to bring the promised land to America.

What could go wrong? Other than everything, that is.

* * *

To be continued

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
28 July, 2021 9:34 pm

Don’t worry.
Everything Q has predicted has come true.
Billary has been arrested, Swampthing Trumpowitz is still Da Prez, the swamp is almost drained, all those children the pedophiles were holding hostage in underground tunnels in Australia have been freed.
By the Marines.
Murca ! Yeah !
What’s that, Nancy?
I nodded off again ?

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
28 July, 2021 11:58 pm

To be continued... I can hardly wait. It has been apparent for some time now that Mike Pompeo has the Establishment credentials and is on track to be the GOP presidential nominee in 2024: first in his class at West Point > congressman > Evangelical Sunday school teacher > Trump loyalist > CIA Director > Secretary of State > Fox News go-to conservative guest. Mike is quite the politician, whose phony rah! rah! patriotism and further grooming by Jews for the top spot is exposed here by Mr. Mercer. “POLITICIAN, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. When he wriggles he mistakes the agitation of his tail for the trembling of an edifice. As compared with the statesman, he suffers the… Read more »

Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
29 July, 2021 5:10 pm

Will, I’m writing America off as an entity worth any White’s time and effort to make an attempt to save, reform, or whatever. That beast is wrecking itself and wants to take us down with it, so it appears our job is to avoid their designs. And that’s a big challenge! As KAS has said, individually we’re incapable of doing much, but together we can.

Tip of the hat to Mr. Mercer, he has exposed one more reason why we should avoid getting entangled with the Pompeos of our race.

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
29 July, 2021 10:03 am

Pompeo is a jewish whore sock puppet Judas Goat.

2 August, 2021 3:32 pm

Every time I see the U.S. flag in this article on the NV site, it reminds me of a house at a lake we rented for a few days shortly after the 4th of July. The White owners had spent the holiday at the house and their red, white and blue flowers were still fresh in vases. They are apparently super patriots because their doormats, garden decorations, bedroom and bathroom linens, etc. were all red, white and blue and/or star-spangled. Bill O’Reilly’s books were on a shelf. These people must feel that their country has treated them really well to have earned such devotion. But on a beach at the lake, we were the only White people in the group. I wonder how their grandchildren will feel in a few… Read more »