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IT’S FUNNY, but sad, to read some of the comments from Whites relating to articles about events such as segregated college graduations and various other events demanded by “People of Color” (POC) in which Whites are barred, or are forced to pay “reparations” in return for participation, or sit in the back of the room, or in other ways are discriminated against because they are White. And it’s funny but sad to see mostly-White “authorities” and “elites” praise the segregated events while slamming those Whites who want to be included.

Why is it funny but sad? Because the presumably mostly-White commenters are now reflexively arguing for racial integration and are upset that Blacks and other POC are arguing for segregation.

We see many comments (again, presumably from Whites) that are similar to this “I don’t look at people’s skin color. I believe Martin Luther King was right when he said that we should look at the content of a person’s character and not the color of his skin.” How very virtuous of them, right? Nope. They are just very stupid and easily manipulated.

Not too many years ago, many of these same Whites would have been saying that segregation (separation of the races) is a good thing and should continue. They would have been right in their view then, but now they’re wrong.

So what happened?

Brainwashing is what happened.

In sociological/psychological terms this is sometimes laid out as “stateways vs. folkways,” which is a rather vague way of saying that once the government (the authority) steps in and enacts laws and forces people to act a certain way, which in the present case means to integrate and mix with those who are not White (authority approval of integration and authority disapproval of segregation) and encourages advertising and publicity in the media to push the government’s position, people give up common-sense and meaningful opinions (often denigrated as “prejudices”) and ways of thinking which are often experience-based (such as crime being more a “Black thing,” for example). They then adopt what the authority (the government) is demanding they adopt — and will ignore what their own eyes are telling them. That’s brainwashing, plain and simple.

Look around yourself, you brainwashed Whites. What do you see? You see violent crime — often against you and your kin — coming from non-Whites, and it’s endemic. You see something as simple and inoffensive as a statement saying “It’s Okay to be White” [to say nothing of “It’s great to be White“] treated as though it was a call for gas chambers for non-Whites — and then you see witch hunts for any Whites who dared to put up such a simple and correct statement. But, your eyes glaze over because you’ve been the victim of daily brainwashing and anti-White propaganda. What a weird, mad society we live in.

You also see so-called “anti-hate” organizations joining in and piling on with huge steaming piles of fecal mater as they label almost any expression of Whiteness as “hate,” when such expressions are almost always nothing of the sort. But their edicts on this are often accepted by the White hoi polloi because such organizations are a substitute for the government and are wrongly seen as the “authority” on such things in people’s minds. And, remember, it is the authority’s approval or disapproval that works on the subconscious and sometimes not-so-subconscious minds of individuals subjected to brainwashing. We often hear Whites say, with a resigned shrug of the shoulders, “It’s the law” by which they mean that they are law-abiding citizens and they always try to obey “the law,” no matter what it is. Why? Because it’s the law. So, it must be right. Right? Wrong.

You might think that such overplaying of their hand against Whites would cause a strong reaction, but so far, and except in smaller circles, this doesn’t seem to be happening.

So, we see in America today the small Black tail [manipulated by the Jews behind the scenes] wagging the large White dog and we see Whites acting like born in the wool masochists as they genuflect and apologize all over the place for being born White, for thinking White, for acting White. And, yes, there are White ways of thinking and White ways of acting and a look at the statistics of White communities as opposed to Black communities will show you this. And these ways of thinking and acting are not just cultural as some want you to believe, but are genetic. Genes cause culture, not the other way around.

Remember when White anti-Whites on various campuses showed great horror and conducted marches and sit-ins over those “It’s Okay to be White” sentiments expressed on a few pieces of typing paper taped up around campuses?

And in those protests against such earth shattering “hate and racism” you could see lots of Whites showing us how virtuous they were by pretending to “not notice skin color,” as they put it, while defending Blacks (who they defend precisely because they are of a Black skin color — ah, that they don’t see) as they played the parts of Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers showing the world that they were morally superior beings by defending Blacks against all those other Whites who are born “racists and haters.” and all the while very vociferously and consciously noticing the skin color of other Whites and condemning them if they did not drool all over themselves while apologizing for being born White.

Meanwhile, too many other Whites who claim to oppose the anti-Whites avoid mentioning race at all and attribute the ills of society to Marxism, or Communism, or Leftism, or Democrats, or Liberals — when in many cases the real “problem” is not really a problem at all but is the way nature works. And, by this I mean that there is a principle in nature that we can call the eternal gene wars. Eternal gene wars is just a quick way of saying that genes and entire genomes struggle and compete, and this is a major part of the way evolution works. It even starts right in our own bodies as between 40 million to 1.2 billion individual spermatozoa (sperm) compete and race to be the one and the only one that fertilizes the egg (which patiently waits for the winner) and thus passes on its particular version of the gene code carried by the male. You who are reading this are the result of the one who won the competition. Now you have a chance to pass on your genetic code by mating and having children. And that’s the purpose of sexual intercourse — to send out your genetic code to make more like yourself.

In life, many genes and genomes lose the competition and are eliminated, while others move on to ever new struggles. This principle is found throughout Nature, from the smallest organism to humans — and it will never change, and shouldn’t change. Evolution is necessary if life is to continue. In humans we see simulated but unconscious examples of the underlying gene wars (which, remember, are a basic and universal principle of Nature) in sports competitions and wars and various other conflicts.

The point here is that conflicts between different types of humans are not a “problem” that will be “solved,” because they are a natural and necessary part of evolution. The important thing for us as Whites is to know this and to live and act in such ways that we are not the losers, in such ways that we will be the winners of the eternal gene wars — so that we continue on, and continue to evolve, and continue to be White and have our genes be the ones that successfully compete and win the competition of survival and evolution.

Now, as to skin color. It is not a trifle. It is important. It is not like paint sprayed over identical automobiles where everything inside and under the hood is identical. Skin color is, however, a little like other colors in that it lets in some frequencies and blocks others, but there is much more to it, and there is much that is still not generally recognized about how important our skin, its color, and its other aspects are. What is to be understood here is that skin color comes from within the genes. It really can tell you the content of the character of others — taken statistically — and it is no coincidence that nature has color-coded the major races of humans, as such color-coding also serves to tell one at a glance who is like oneself and who is not: “Stranger danger” is often a reality in this world — and one’s survival is enhanced by noticing differences at a glance and being wary.

Finally, it must be said again that in the religious views of some of us is the deeply held belief that Whites are forbidden by God to mix and mate with non-Whites Those who do that, or who condone that, are doing evil and will be punished by God. And, being brainwashed into not staying with your own kind — Whites — is no excuse to the real God, who has selected Whites to evolve along a strictly White path.

So, as you go forth in life, be guided by this principle; ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

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7 July, 2021 4:17 pm

Those evil White people are responsible for ten percent of crimes!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Truthweed
7 July, 2021 7:45 pm

millard and mercer…NV aces.

good job here.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
7 July, 2021 9:50 pm

Oh the brainwashing is “steady as we go.”
Observe the brain-dead masses stampeding
to get their “Covid19 Kill Shots!” The false
narrative of the “pandemic” has now replaced
the “holocaust” as the biggest hoax in all of
modern human history. Note that “holohoaxing”
was generally confined to Western countries.
The “pandemic” has totally ignored national
boundaries and cultures. The size of the hoax
is planetary, and will continue to be so. The
narrative will remain so – and early next year –
the brain-dead muttonheads will start dropping
dead or seriously compromised – and then
finally start looking around and saying “Gee
Whiz what the **** happened?”

12 July, 2021 5:42 pm

“The important thing for us as Whites is to know this and to live and act in such ways that we are not the losers, in such ways that we will be the winners of the eternal gene wars.” Speaking of losers. England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 soccer tournament because of politics. It was the final game and it was to be decided by a shootout. The English captain Gareth Southgate chose two white players and three negro players to take the penalty kicks. The first two England (white) players scored their goals in the shootout. However the last three England players (all negro) failed to get goals allowing Italy to win the shootout 3-2 and ultimately win the championship. One might assume that the English captain picked all the shootout… Read more »

18 July, 2021 5:54 pm

It’s about DISTRACTION, the key ingredient paramount to perfect theft of the US Treasury by the Jews. These subhuman psychotics never sleep and plan on plundering this nation till there isn’t a dollar left for anyone. Then and only then will they finally leave and start up again in some other nation. This is why there has to be a FINAL SOLUTION, cause this behavior will never change. Why should it ? It’s been working for millennia. Maybe everyone wonders why the world is in such turmoil, especially America. The answer is MONEY. Everything boils down to cash, everything, but why not kill 10 birds with one stone while you rob the nation blind : turn the country into one gigantic perverted ****hole, take away all national identity and sexual… Read more »