White Teacher “Cancels” Herself

 Jessica Bridges (lower left) and other participants in self-flagellation and hatred of their own people

Introduced and with a note
by Jim Mathias

RECENTLY Jonathan Turley’s (Republican-leaning and mind-numbingly Politically Correct on racial matters) Web site reported:

We have seen in recent years that public attestations of being a racist have become more common among academics. Last year, we discussed the controversy over the acting Northwestern Law Dean declaring publicly to “I am James Speta and I am a racist.” He was followed by Emily Mullin, executive director of major gifts, who announced, “I am a racist and a gatekeeper of white supremacy. I will work to be better.” Recently, Brandeis’ Assistant Deans, Kate Slater, has triggered a similar controversy after declaring “all white people are racists.” Some have gone further. At CUNY, the Law Dean Mary Lou Bilek cancelled herself for once referring to herself as a “slaveholder” in a meeting in arguing for greater protections for minority students. Now, an Oklahoma State PhD student and teacher Jessica Bridges has cancelled herself from teaching Spanish because she is white.

Bridges’ testimonial on Instagram was picked up by a couple conservative sites after she participated in a conference at Southern Connecticut State University’s “Virtual Women’s and Gender Studies Conference” in April. A “White Accountability & Anti-Racist Education” workshop had a session on “White Women’s Work: Lessons from Engaging in Antiracist Work.” Bridges used the occasion to read a statement of self-cancellation due to her race:

“Learning Spanish from a white woman … I wish I could go back and tell my students not to learn power or correctness from this white woman. I would tell them to stand in their own power. White isn’t right.”

I’m holding myself accountable to this journey. Part of my accountability is to continue to struggle and grapple with my internalized white supremacy. Dismantling white supremacy in society looks like dismantling in my heart, first. It means I’m not going to teach Spanish. Accountability is ongoing because there is not end to the process.”

Under this theory, no white person should teach Spanish, a European language, to minority students.

Bridges also described how she corrected her “Latinx” students not to call themselves Hispanics because it was “the colonizers’ term” and they are not from Spain.

Another teacher at the conference declared that white teachers should only teach in white schools.

The import of these comments is that we should return to a type of segregation of teachers by race with minority teachers teaching minority students or at schools with a majority of minority students. These views were received with approval from others at the conference.

While Bridges and the other teachers were discussing what sounded like voluntary acts of self-cancelled or selection, any such policy at a public school would violate the Constitution under the Fourteenth Amendment. It also contradicts the vision of Martin Luther King who famously declared “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Obviously, any teacher can self-cancel as an unqualified or inappropriate choice for a given subject or a given student population. However, the use of race as such a determinative criteria (without reference to the teacher’s other qualifications or skills) is deeply troubling.

The question is how far this theory extends. Should white teachers self-cancel in teaching any other language to minority students? How about teaching race issues in law school or anthropology classes? We have seen similar calls being made at universities.

We need to have a real discussion of the use of such racial classifications to bar (either by mandate or choice) professors from teaching in these areas. These are faculty who spent their lives researching and writing in areas due to a deep personal and intellectual connection. A high school teacher may be White but also be an extraordinary teacher of Spanish.

These teachers clearly feel deeply about correcting what they see as the hold of racism and white privilege in education. That would make for a wonderful and informative debate at universities, which should value a diversity of viewpoints. However, these conferences often seem to exclude opposing viewpoints on these issues. They often seem like echo chambers for the participants. I do not mean to make that assumption about all of the participants or sessions at this conference. However, this particular session would have benefited from greater diversity in viewpoints and an exploration of the implications of such racial classifications for education on the high school and university levels.

I kind of like the idea of Whites separating ourselves from non-Whites. Now you have an excuse to do so without being called horrible names!

I do recognize that it’s much better to just come out of the closet, admit you’re a Cosmotheist (or pro-White if you like,) and say “to hell with these ungrateful non-Whites!” while having your own plan to meet your family’s needs to live and function.

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Source: White Biocentrism

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Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac
6 June, 2021 3:53 am

I’ve been saying “I’m a racist.” for decades. I think the problem is that they are not racist and probably don’t know anyone White who is.

Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen
Reply to  Joe Lowsac
16 June, 2021 1:53 pm

People say community colleges are a more efficient alternative to universities, however, even they’re not safe from the agenda. I’m in a Spanish class right now and they’re teaching students “4000 Spanish words come from Arabic”. Is so preposterous. Stating that “Most if not all of the Japanese alphabet came China” would have made more sense.

Julius Streicher Jr.
Julius Streicher Jr.
6 June, 2021 5:08 am

Only JEWS are racist, it’s their “religion” JUDAISM/TALMUDISM for goodness sake, don’t people get it? Non-jews are lowly animals according to their psychopathic racist self-chosen “religion”. Spread this fact to dumb jew-loving christian goyim and other self-hating whites. Inform them that they are insects and vermin according to the jew. While you are at it, educate them about the Kol Nidre, which gives jews a license to cheat, steal, lie and plunder non-jews.

Reply to  Julius Streicher Jr.
9 June, 2021 4:47 pm

From what I heard from others, the term “racism” is actually coined up by Trotsky (I think that’s his name), and is used to ransack and destroy other cultures.

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
Reply to  Alex
11 June, 2021 6:17 pm

Magnus Hirschfeld, actually, in around 1928. He was a Jewish homosexual who wrote in German and coined the German term “Rassismus.” It’s English equivalent was first used about ten years later by the American mulatto economist Lawrence Dennis.

Reply to  Alex Wells
12 June, 2021 1:53 pm

That explains everything. I hate homosexuals, I met both a Jewish and Indian one. They are the worst type of people I have ever met. The Indian one obnoxiously annoying since he yelled at me for calling him a dude and preferred to call him female. The Jewish one was slightly friendlier, but he gave me so many red flags since he hates men (probably white men) but supports a bunch of destructive beliefs. Personally, I met blacks who are much more tolerable and friendlier than these nincompoops.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
9 June, 2021 4:41 pm

To be a teacher in the United States is to have sunk to the bottom rung of human worth. No wonder they are self-loathing. Perhaps they would do better to permanently cancel themselves by taking the mrna “vaccine.”

Reply to  Axis Sally
10 June, 2021 1:01 pm

Then let’s reinvent the profession, Sally. It is within our power as Whites to teach our own children by writing better curricula. Make mine Cosmotheist, please!

14 June, 2021 3:10 am

Too many white women with worthless college degrees chasing too few jobs. They can’t work for government in big cities unless they want to be tortured by non-whites, so they flee to upper academia or white liberal areas from where they can safely throw stones at conservative whites.