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God Is a Racist and He Wants Whites to Be White Racists

by Arman
as told to H. Millard

FIRST, let’s begin with a very brief set of definitions so we can clearly understand what follows.


RELIGION/FAITH DEFINITION: Generally, a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the Universe, and the meaning of life and ultimate concerns.

SPIRITUALITY DEFINITION: Generally, a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves and usually a search for meaning in life.

RACIST/RACIALIST: One who believes race is real, and that it matters, and that it is a part of evolution.

WHITE PEOPLE: With a capital “W” means non-Jewish White people of European descent, no matter where they were born or live, who are born of two White parents who were born of two White parents who were born of two White parents — and so forth. Also known as Aryans. White with a lower case “w” just means color. So, someone might have “white” or a “whitish” skin tone but not really be “White.”

HOMO NOVUS: Arman says that God has selected White people to be His people and the ones He wants to evolve into the Übermenschen, or ones above man, which He also says will be a new species of human that Arman calls Homo novus.

CORE BELIEF: Whites must stay separate and not mix or mate with other kinds.

THE BIG THREE OF THE TEACHINGS: Right Blood. Right Belief. Right Action.

DISSEMBLANCE: In an emergency, one can hide, disguise or deny one’s faith or do what is needed to prevent harm or persecution by those who hate Whites and our deeply held beliefs.

[All of these terms and more have been described more fully in other writings.]

* * *

ARMAN SAYS that, even apart from the Teachings, other so-called true “racist” or “racialist” Whites share a common core belief — and Arman believes that even if they have never heard of The Teachings, and are not even religious, or have other religious views, that if they are “true and unshakable believers” in the core belief, even if stated somewhat differently, that they have been touched by the Divine.

The core belief is that White people are a different and unique kind of human and must stay separate and not mix or mate with non-Whites, or we will cease to be as we get blended in or absorbed into a different type of genome than our White genome; which stops our evolution and leads to our genocide and extinction. This is a belief that can be called racialist or racist, but in a good way. Of course, those who hate Whites use these terms and especially “racist” in a bad way — as a pejorative intended to try to shut Whites up about the reality of genes and DNA and race and racial differences, and trick us into blending ourselves into non-existence as White people.

Although the general definitions of religion/faith and spirituality shown above don’t include the word “God,” some of us do include God in our definition because Arman says that there is a God. However, religions/faiths and spirituality can exist without the concept of God and there may be many Whites who do not believe in a God, or who envisage a different version of God than that stated by Arman, who are still true believers in the core belief. Such people are our fully accepted brothers and sisters. And God, who is not insecure and who doesn’t need his ego constantly reinforced by humans, doesn’t mind so long as they are true believers in the core belief — because God is more interested in our evolution than in other things.

The core belief can be expressed in different words and it often is, because of different connotations and understanding of different words by different people, but it means the same thing: Stay White. Don’t miscegenate. Stay separate. Ask of everything, “Is this good for White people?” Do everything to keep White people safe, happy, and alive — and breeding pure White — and increase the number of White people.

Arman repeats that others of our kind (White people) who have a similar and deeply held and unshakable belief are touched by God — even if they deny there is a God, or conceive of Him differently than what Arman says He truly is.

So, our racialism or racism is a core belief in our deeply held and sincere religious beliefs. In fact, we believe it is demanded of us by God and it is essential to our religious beliefs, our faith, our spirituality, and how we see “the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe and the meaning of life and our ultimate concerns.” And it is necessary to give us a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves (this means God for many of us) and our search for meaning in life.

We White racialists or racists or whatever we call ourselves, (and never mind what others may call us; we are free people and we will identify ourselves as we wish), whether or not our racialism or racism is knowingly religiously based or seemingly secularly based, are a new people being born in the midst of un-awakened Whites — and we are eventually made purer because of our deeply held racial beliefs that are at the core of our beings. For many of us these beliefs are religious and/or spiritual and are closely linked to our DNA.

Ultimately, our religion, whether we call it that or not, requires Whiteness over all else.

True believers are not hobbyists playing at religion or racialism, nor are we fair weather believers, nor have we adopted our beliefs as a passing fancy or trend. We are very deep and sincere believers in the necessity of a genetic/biological connection to the Divine, or to ultimate meaning in our lives, and this is something that we alone have.

Arman says that those who truly and deeply believe they are touched by the Divine never fall from the sacred White path and never follow the evil paths — and they are taken over by a sense of awe and have a higher consciousness as a result of this biological/genetic deep belief in genes and race. This is what God wants — and it is what is needed as a step on our evolution ever upward.

This, once again, is the core message from God even if you do not believe in God, or have other concepts of God: Stay White. Live White. Be White. Breed White. Think White.

Be surrounded only by other Whites if possible; and even when not perfectly possible, then to the best of your ability and your circumstances. That is the core message and the heart of what God wants for us for ever. All the rest of the thousands of words used to convey who and what we are — our Core Identity — are just further explanations and elaborations of this, to give us details on why and how to live, and why and how we are different than others.

God has spoken to Arman in this day in ways very clear and plain so that there can be no confusion or misinterpretation. God has not come today and said things such as “don’t mix the white seeds with the black seeds,” only to have humans say stupid things such as “Oh well, God just meant that for plants not for humans.”

No! God has come and said: White people, don’t mix with non-White people and He even said: White people, don’t mix with those who may look White but who are not fully White inside. And God has also said: White people, you are also called Aryans. This means you are non-Jewish White people of European descent no matter where you were born or live. And He has said: To be White means you must be born of two White parents who were born of two White parents who were born of two White parents and the further back in this way you can go, the better.

In other words, God has said the same very clear thing in many different ways and repeated it over and over again. Why? Because God is angry at the way things are going and is stepping in to help Whites get on, and and stay on, the Sacred White Path and He wants to give us a chance to do the right things without being confused and without having to guess at what the right things are. And if we don’t do the right things? Arman says if we don’t get on the right path and quicken our evolution as He demands, that He will destroy everything and start over.

We Whites have many different views about things but if we have the core belief and are unshaken in this belief, and if we ask of everything “Is this good for White people?” we are united, and this pleases God.

The absolute core message that unites us all is Whiteness. You can believe or not that Arman received messages from God or you can believe in various other White religions and politics and social things and groups but all of these are secondary so long as you believe in and live Whiteness.

We who believe in Whiteness are a united people who deeply and sincerely hold that it is our Whiteness that makes us a separate and special people and that we must always be White and not mix or mate with any others. The inner aspect of our Whiteness, our Essence, is our biological/genetic link to God.

Pure Whites know this is true and are unshaken by impure whites who may look like us, but who are are impure inside in their genes and carry something that twists them against their own kind. Do not let them cancel our genes and our identity.

Avoid as much contact with other races as possible. Seek purity as a White for this is how you will evolve. The path is a White path and the Way is a White way and there is no other path and no other way for us. That is demanded by God. This is as God wants it. Arman says that it is his job to receive and spread the messages to our kind alone, for many of our kind are asleep and just need to be exposed to the truth to wake up their essence and their minds to the truth. It is up to Whites to believe and follow or not depending on whether they hear the call in their genes or not. There is no compulsion and no one is tricked into believing. You must have the feeling and you must just feel right about the faith to know that you have the right stuff inside, in your essence.

Live a good life, love life, be full of life. Love the breeze and the rain and the snow and the sunshine. Love Nature. Do not be an ascetic. Love food and love love, but always remain White and pure.

You are Aryan; defined as a non-Jewish white person of European descent no matter where you were born or live. Aryan is a synonym for White person with a capital “W” for White.

The blenders do not want you to have a strong identity as a White person. They want you to identify only as a plain wrap human — a sort of generic, no label, no identity, bland every-man who is raceless — and they want you to blend yourself away in your ignorance of your true identity by miscegenating — so that you are the last fully White person in your family line and so that you will create living insults to all of your White ancestors who came before you, insults to your now not-to-be-born White descendants who will no longer be you. This is evil and is going against what God wants.

Whites who are awakening, in contrast to those who are blending themselves away, are finding identity in a variety of ways but all should understand that there is a biological/genetic link to something larger and also to the collective Whiteness that we all share. We know that we are the evolvers among humans.

As you take the Sacred White Path laid out for us by the Supreme Being, never forget that we must live the Golden Rule and be quiet spoken and not harm anything or anyone except for our health, our safety and our happy and fulfilling White quality of life; and that we are to be good neighbors to all who are around us, no matter who they are, but we are not to intentionally mix or mate with them if they are not White. We can beg off from socializing in polite ways, if we choose.

We can practice our faith privately in our own homes and without announcing it to anyone, if that is our wish. Our religious beliefs are private and no one else’s business unless we tell them.

God does not want us to be martyrs. He wants us to live long, happy, productive, and fruitful White lives while birthing many White children.

Be aware that we have a principle in our faith called Dissemblance which means that we can and should intentionally hide our faith, or claim another faith or no faith at all, or disguise our meanings and intentions, when it is necessary to avoid persecution or harm of any kind to us, our people, or the faith.

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

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16 June, 2021 8:21 pm

Nice article.

16 June, 2021 8:57 pm

I pray to my White ancestral gods and goddesses every single day Sometimes the voices I hear speaking to me sound like Plato or Adolf, or my grandmother. And more often than not Dr William Pierce. I went to college to teach history so that our race would learn of our glorious successes and learn from our mistakes. To love our people wherever they may be and encourage beautiful healthy white men and women to raise strong families to become even better than we were before. It would be hard enough to teach in a class room with rival white groups such at the Irish, English, French and Germans but it would be impossible in a classroom filled with people that are not of our kind. They do not think… Read more »

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  Phil
26 July, 2021 9:45 am

Vivat Alba Deorum (Long Live the White Gods).

Aodh Macraynall
Aodh Macraynall
17 June, 2021 9:42 pm

Thank God for these essays. Thank God for this encouragement. It is needed by so many who do not even know how much they need it. I come here to be uplifted. We are bombarded by Noos and Joos in so many places. We need to affirm our Whiteness and one way to do that is to come to National Vanguard and take the best it offers.

LH Collins
LH Collins
26 July, 2021 9:42 am

I would define our people as “Indo-European Whites”, as in, the racial lineage who colonised Eurasia from Iberia to Siberia. It should go without saying that we’re genetically far removed from Homo Hebraicus (Jews).