Faction of French Nationalists Carries Out ‘Anti-Fascist’ Attack in Paris

Yvan Benedetti speaks

Let this be a lesson: “Civ nat” factions in the “alt right,” especially when funded and promoted sub rosa by Jewish money, can be deadly enemies of true racial-nationalists.

A REACTIONARY FACTION of ‘traditionalist’ French nationalists carried out a disgraceful ‘anti-nazi’ attack against the 55-year-old French nationalist and revisionist Yvan Benedetti at the ‘Joan of Arc’ commemoration in Paris on May 9th.

This monarchist faction is a breakaway from the long-established traditionalist movement Action Française and was acting entirely without the support of the official Action Française leadership.

As can be seen in the videos on this page, the mob heavily outnumbered M. Benedetti and viciously punched and kicked him, but their victim bravely refused to run away. M. Benedetti is a leading figure in the radical French Nationalist Party (PNF) and was formerly a leader of the banned Oeuvre Française. He has been prosecuted several times and is a prominent ally of the author Hervé Ryssen, who was jailed last year for questioning the official version of ‘Holocaust’ history.

While attacking M. Benedetti, the mob can be heard chanting ‘anti-nazi’ and monarchist slogans. To his credit M. Benedetti regrouped with some comrades and returned to the scene of the attack so as to lay a wreath and deliver his speech, paying tribute to his old comrade Pierre Sidos, the Oeuvre Française founder who died last September aged 93.

Do the ‘traditionalist’ cowards who attacked M. Benedetti genuinely believe that ‘nazis’ are responsible for the state of 21st century France? Have they not perceived that the defeat of ‘nazism’ in 1945 also signalled the slow death of ‘traditional’ Europe? Can they point to a single monarchical figure since 1945 who has lifted a finger to defend our peoples, our race, and our traditions?

There is of course a long history throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries of European royal families and their hangers-on being exploited (whether via ignorance or financial greed) to serve the interests of Europe’s enemies.

These range from the Spanish-Jewish gangster Juan March, who bribed Spanish generals and royalty as part of a high-level conspiracy to ensure Franco’s Spain didn’t ally with Germany and Italy during the Second World War; via the Anglo-Soviet exploitation of decadent royalist circles in Germany and Austria in that same period; to the boundless corruption in recent decades of Spanish King Juan Carlos and his fellow ‘royal’ scum in Saudi Arabia.

In France there has been an unparalleled tradition of serious revisionist scholarship and pro-White cadres within the academic community.

Pierre Ceyrac, Mossad agent inside the French National Front

However there have also been persistent efforts to subvert nationalist movements in the interests of international Zionism. These appear to have succeeded in recent years with the success of such factions in dominating the inner circles of Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National, from whose ranks M. Benedetti was expelled for ‘anti-Zionism’, though even the most reactionary RN factions have never stooped so low as to launch physical attacks on comrades from other traditions at the Joan of Arc commemoration, which has usually been seen as a cross-party, cross-factional event.

Mme Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Front National, the RN’s predecessor, were targeted for infiltration by the Israeli intelligence service Mossad during the 1980s. H&D has known for decades that Pierre Ceyrac, one of Le Pen’s leading officials, an MP and MEP for the FN, and a member of the ‘Moonie’ cult, was the principal tool of Mossad in its efforts to take over the FN. It seems that the Mossad plan suffered a setback in the autumn of 1987 when Jean-Marie Le Pen instead turned towards a form of historical revisionism (though he never fully committed himself in this direction).

The attack on Yvan Benedetti is the latest and most serious stage in this effort to suborn our movement.

While there will always be personal differences, policy differences, and differences of strategic emphasis within our movement, it should be clear that racial nationalists across Europe – including ourselves at H&D – stand with Yvan Benedetti against this brutal, disgraceful, and dishonourable attack by thugs who should now be viewed in the same light as the worst of ‘antifa’.

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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Julius Streicher Jr.
Julius Streicher Jr.
15 June, 2021 6:26 am

Anyone smell a jew in the attackers?

15 June, 2021 7:40 pm

Yes, there’s definitely a fishy odor, reminiscent of gefilte fish.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
15 June, 2021 9:39 pm

Horst Wessel had it right: ♫ Kam’raden die Rotfront (Antifa) und Reaktion (‘the Right’) erschossen, marschier’n im Geist in uns’ren Reihen mit.’
The entire system we mistakenly call ‘Democracy’ (or ‘Republic’ – tomato, tomahto) FORBIDS racially aware parties and politicians -certainly ever since an Austrian watercolor artist showed ’em what happens when they don’t. And the few who do slip[ through the cracks when the system is strained beyond containment levels get attacked, assassinated, smeared, character destroyed or otherwise removed.

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
15 June, 2021 9:41 pm

As I (others as well) have so often said, “this” cannot end, and will not end in our favor without blood. It has been, and is being forced upon us by our very committed enemies. If this provides rationalization or mitigating circumstances for those who like to have them or feel they need them, for any sort of moral or psychological justification, so be it. We shouldn’t need that, but given the current state of our jewish induced self preservation stupor, it might make a few of us on the fence feel better. Ok then. But as many as possible need to fix in their mind that we must, of necessity have to be equally committed, or more committed and more ‘radical’ than our enemies. Otherwise we’ll lose. Plain, simple,… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
Reply to  Rommel 41
16 June, 2021 6:07 am

True enough but the genius of The Jews, is to break up any hostile assembly and disconcertainly, they have no trouble doing that. I believe much of their success is in the grooming of the American public, and of course, putting the American public on a Jewish payroll and payroll financed by the American people themselves. Yes, we are paying for our own kidnapping. Without money and media to reclaim our own, it will be difficult, unless our own family leaves the Jews and comes over to our side. According to one estimate, that is 80% of the people.

19 June, 2021 1:52 pm

Its TIME..
Our military is even questioning why they aren’t doing anything.