A Race-Based Argument

I’VE BEEN documenting the steady erosion of our institutions for a long time, but I feel today’s incredible dispatch from the national cadaver represents a major concession to the encroaching necrosis. The sort of insane jurisprudence formerly confined to Western European disaster areas like Cuck Island and Swedenistan has arrived in the idea that is the North American Kosher Globalist Economic Zone. Open season has been declared on free-range Whites. You need to be armed. You need to get out of the “urban” sewers. The “rat-a-tat-tat” promised by a moronic tar creature is here. Whites are the target. The “five oh” has given up, our criminal government supports these attacks and the “racist” kkkort system has decided that your life has no value whatsoever.

A man who confessed to shooting a 77-year-old man has been found not guilty of murder by a South Carolina jury.

Chaos and death followed by jury nullification. It’s okay, the victim was one of the designated scapegoats for all the massive failures of our “multi-cult” zoo. Twelve mongrel idiots all agree: dat nikka dindu nuffin.

After his arrest in connection with the 2017 shooting, Devon Dunham told police that he killed former Hardeeville volunteer fire chief Ernest Stevens.

Muh fair and speedy trail. An event that occurred before our collective psychotic break will be judged under the new standards of a land gone mad. Another forgotten victim. There will be no gold coffin. Even the cold comfort of a few years in the “crib” for the vile animal will be denied. Did you know Whites wiped out Black Wall Street because we didn’t like the color of their skin? It’s true, honest to g*d!

Despite that admission, the jury took less than two hours to find Dunham not guilty, according to the Island Packet.

You can be forgiven for naively assuming that a full confession to this sickening and moronic attack on Legacy America would ensure at least some form of token punishment. It’s not so much a question of “Will this elderly and decrepit patient with stage four cancer get better?” as it is a question of what will happen after the undignified flat line finally ends the pitiful suffering.

Dunham breathed a sigh when the verdict was read and reportedly fist-bumped his attorney. 

Sheeet, gibs me some skeeen, shlomo. Eye canna bee-leeb eye kann blass wite debils an yew week peenk mudda fuddas ain eben gibbin a fyne.

Dunham, who lived in Hardeeville at the time, was arrested the next day in Savannah, Georgia. In a post-arrest interview, he admitted shooting Stevens.

No one is coming to our rescue. We’re on our own.

During closing arguments, 14th Circuit Solicitor Duffie Stone claimed Dunham thought of Stevens as an easy mark while Dunham was looking for a ride.

Preying on the most vulnerable available victims. The content of their characterYou need these slaves, it’s an economic necessity. What a bargain for you, goyim.


He claimed Dunham demanded the truck and put all eight rounds there were in his 9mm handgun into the older man when Stevens sought to leave.

I know it looks bad, but did you know they had really low unemployment during the brief respite from the rapid collapse that seems like a hundred years ago.

“He shot Mr. Stevens because he was losing his ride,” Stone claimed.

Even the prosecution is afraid to call out this horrific behavior from a creature totally incompatible with a civilized nation, instead resorting to bizarre language about “rides.” Yup, time to take Barkevious home from Africa Ball practice. Uh oh, I just got shot eight times.

Dunham’s defense attorney, Jeffery Stephens, said Stevens acted in a threatening manner, prompting the shooting.

The elderly victim of 60 I.Q. Negro pathology was acting threatening. Come on, use your imagination! He probably said the “en word” or maybe had a forbidden “racist” thought at some point in his life. Not guilty.

Stephens brushed aside the statement Dunham made to police by saying said his client “is not the best communicator.” 

Yeah. I believe this is true. We can’t accept its confession because this worthless genetic alien is literally too stupid to understand the likely future outcomes of its current actions.

He also claimed the comment came after being chained in an interview room for six hours while being “sleep deprived.”

Homie was all tuckered out. We all know sleep is “racist” and the ancestral memory of Black Wall Street getting bombed made it hard for Dajewjuan to saw wood. If this doesn’t justify killing a “random” White, I don’t know what does.

A race-based argument was advanced but the judge refused to allow it to continue after the prosecution objected.

I’m honestly surprised by this. Give it a few years and “we wuz slabes” will be fully admissible in the extremely rare cases where attempts are actually still made to control the Negro.

Victim Stevens

Dunham’s lack of “intent to harm means it’s not murder,” Stephens said.

I didn’t think repeatedly shooting the colorless person would do any harm. This statement is so completely grotesque and bereft of even the appearance of some form of logic I’m not even sure what to say. We’ve got a bright future with our democratic experiment, that’s for sure.

South Carolina law requires “malice aforethought, either express or implied” to prove a murder was committed. 

There is no past and no future in the primitive mind of the living fossil, only an endless present. We can’t punish it, it’s incapable of abstract thought. Did you know “blacks” are routinely given more severe sentences for the exact same crimes by our “racist” courts?

* * *

Source: Modern Heretic

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
3 June, 2021 6:36 pm

What? I am in SC and have yet to
hear or see of this (except here)?

4 June, 2021 9:49 am

If you view youtube local news video coverage of negro crimes, the comments are overwhelmingly race realist. As recently as a year ago you would find most trying to tip-toe around the obvious. Not so today. Many news channels have had to close off their comment sections. If these comments are genuine, there has been a sea-change in the actual expression of public opinion. The only thing that gives me pause is that I see a lot of comments claiming that the covid vaccine makes you magnetic which is unlikely because of logic and the physics involved. Plus, I have tried sticking magnets on people who have been vaccinated and confirmed it is not true. So there are either a lot of liars or copycats commenting or there is an… Read more »