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Purity and Sin

by Arman
as told to H. Millard

YOUR PURPOSE in living is to make more like yourself to help God — who has created and selected Whites — with His plan for our evolution along His path that He wants for our kind alone. Don’t be a dead end. Breed. But breed only White. Get your unique genes into the gene pool. They’re needed to help Divine Selection and Natural Selection in our evolution into Homo novus and to raise us to a higher state of consciousness, closer to God.

Whites were created and selected by God out of earlier forms to be a holy people who are supposed to evolve into a new species, as desired by God.

Other races have different destinies than Whites and they are not your concern, just as you are not their concern. Stay separate from them. Mind your own White business and let other races mind their own business. Neither help nor harm them if there is no benefit to you and to Whites.

Even now, before we evolve higher genetically, God wants us to be a separate nation or a tribe — existing in the midst of other races and in other nations if we must — but always keeping in mind that we are different and that we owe our first allegiance to God, who has created and selected Whites to be this special tribe or nation (even before we evolve into a new species) and to be His helpers. We are the only ones He wants to evolve — and the only race which has the potential to evolve — into the new species of human, Homo novus.

Know this as true: Whites are on the threshold of becoming a completely new human type; a new species of human, but we need to make it happen. To be clear, Homo novus will look much like the best of our kind now look and will easily pass on the street as Homo sapiens, but will not be able to bear viable children with Homo sapiens, will have longer lives, will be physically and mentally stronger, will be smarter, and will have slightly longer skulls (top to bottom). Our muscles will be longer rather than bulky and we will be much stronger than we might look.

Unfortunately, Whites have sinned and miscegenated and have in one manner or another absorbed elements of non-White DNA into our genome and this has slowed down our evolution, as it takes time to breed out the non-White DNA. We must actually — physically — and also (but not exclusively) ritually purify ourselves and rid our DNA of these non-White elements so we are purer and can continue to mutate and evolve ever higher, as God wishes.

And to help this along we must stay separate from other races to avoid all contamination from their DNA. As you probably know, all living organisms, including humans, shed DNA all the time no matter where they are. A room full of diverse human races is full of diverse shed DNA and should be avoided by God’s people — Whites.

And a room full of White people only is full of shed White DNA. This is good for us. This tells us that we must make our environment, and especially our homes and our religious places, fully White.

In a general sense, we need not be as concerned with DNA shed from most non-human organisms other than those that can make us sick because, again generally, their DNA does not contaminate our inner DNA or genome and the essence of who we are as Whites.

Other faiths sometimes talk of “Original Sin.” To us, that is really Whites miscegenating. And it is not removed by being ritually dunked in water or having water put on your forehead when you’re a baby. We have to purify ourselves — this has to be bred out or “watered down” in our bodies (or via saltation) and this can take time.

God has revealed himself in our age because too many Whites are making very bad life decisions and going against what God wants for us.

God is not “love” as the current cliché goes. He has love, but he also has other emotions and it is God’s anger that we must be aware of.

If enough Whites don’t awaken their mostly dormant inner essence that is a link to God, and don’t help along our evolution, to the point that there is no longer any real chance that we will purify, mutate, and evolve as God wishes, we can expect that God will be angry and may destroy all and start over again. God is eternal and He has the time.

God created Whites by causing our evolution in Europe through Divine selection and Natural selection; however, we did not evolve fast enough to become a full new species incapable of devolving by breeding with non-Whites before the modern era arrived. As we see now, millions of non-Whites can easily travel to our once-isolated lands and mate with us and slow our evolution down (and even reverse it) and cause our devolution even more by incorporating more of their DNA into our White genome.

Non-Whites don’t have to consciously hate us and some may even be nice to us, but this doesn’t help. It is their presence that harms us — just as germs don’t hate us and just want to live, but many kinds of germs can harm us just by their presence.

The White genome must be as pure as possible for our evolution to continue as God demands of us.

Today, we see impurity running wild, with miscegenation being accepted and homosexuality and birth control and abortion of White babies and Whites not having children and being forced to live among other kinds — and many other things that lower our birthrate and our purity, and this angers God. Other kinds can do these things, but God has special laws and rules for Whites as His selected kind. We must strive to be better, to be good people (harming no one or anything except if necessary for our safety and health) and we must strive to follow His plan for us. And His plan for us in simplest terms is to increase Whiteness and White purity in all possible ways.


GOD is the incorporeal and divine force, both transcendent and immanent and the great power and first cause and the supreme being above us that has will, personality, emotions, intelligence, and purpose. He has selected White people to do his work for him and to evolve along the path that He wishes which will lead to us being a new species of human that we call Homo novus.

RELIGION is the consciousness of God and the recognition of our belief in Him and the things we do to guide our lives and our conduct so as to please this great power above us.

THE TEACHINGS are the messages received from God and distributed in various ways. Some of these messages appear to be fiction but have the messages hidden in them and some of the messages appear to be political or social writings but, again, have the messages contained in them in various forms.

THE CORE MESSAGE: Whites should remain as separate as possible from other races and should never miscegenate and should live in a manner told to us by God.

THE THREE CORE BELIEFS: Right Blood, Right Belief, Right Action. All the laws of God and the Teachings are contained under one or more of these three core beliefs. Right Blood, is the first and most necessary of the three and it means right genes and it also means you must be born of two White parents who are also born of White parents. Without Right Blood, Right Belief and Right Action are for naught.

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

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Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
29 May, 2021 6:41 am

Perfect sermon. I like this style. We should deny Christians their monopoly on preaching. They like to occupy the high moral ground and to teach everyone of what is good and what is bad. But our nations have lived for centuries according to their tenets; and what is the result? – The total destruction of the European civilization. Christianity is bankrupt on all accounts. It is the ripe time to discard it and to throw it into the dustbin of history, together with communism and liberalism. The time has come to return to the religion of Nature – the only true and infallible religion. The cult of the nailed vagabond leads nowhere, as well as the violent cult of the polygamous cutthroats; because both of these cults are rooted in… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
30 May, 2021 12:07 pm

I am – and have always been – in love
with my own personal goddess Stevie
Nicks (from a distance of course)! I hope
this does not make me a heretic!

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Walt Hampton
31 May, 2021 9:35 am

Walt, for one who understands so thoroughly the damage Christianity has wrought on our European race, you place yourself in with the unthinking herd when it comes to pop culture and your worship of this decadent “goddess.” Was that your best takeaway from Wolf’s comment? Really?

[I]t is a sheer conformity to the dominant trends, the herd instinct. “If all around me reckon this pop-star to be a genius, it means [she] is a genius and I too should worship [her].”

comment image

Thank you Wolf. Thank you Millard, and thank you Angelicus. May your clear-sighted wisdom “on these vital matters” become contagious to awaken the sleeping White People.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
31 May, 2021 1:59 pm

Well, I think it is a stretch to lump her in with the band. She struck out on her own as a successful artist many years ago. True, she sometimes appears with the band (or more  accurately – what’s left of it) and she is no friend of the Christians. In 2012 I journeyed up to Charlotte to see her. A bevy of Christians – which were cordoned off by the Charlotte police – were vigorously and viciously protesting her appearance.  According to them, she is a witch and an associate of the Devil. I have been extensively reading Wolf Stoner on White Bio. He is a most remarkable writer. As a thinker, I personally think he is right up there with WLP! His grasp of the issues is nothing… Read more »

Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
31 May, 2021 8:16 pm

I am unfamiliar with much modern music but who is leaning over her? Is it Schlomo Shekelstein’s nephew? The other blokes don’t seem happy to be in the photo.

Alex Wells
Alex Wells
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
31 May, 2021 11:54 pm

Stevie Nicks has had multiple abortions. She is aware that this has been emotionally hard on the children’s fathers, but this hasn’t stopped her from having them.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Alex Wells
1 June, 2021 12:40 am

There has been an Internet rumor
floating around for many years that
she aborted Don Henley’s child after
he rejected a desire from Stevie to
have the child. Rumor also persists
that the haunting lyrics of “Sara” was
the name of the child she had aborted.
I have no way of confirming this. It
was all so long ago…dating back to
1979 and before. The only ones who
know are Stevie and Don Henley…and
neither of them are talking.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
30 May, 2021 3:25 pm

Hello, “Wolf”! What a pleasure to see how do we agree on these vital matters. Yes, Christians should be expelled and denied a leading voice in any White/Aryan minded community. Christianity has only been a factor of division and hatred amongst us. Look at the beautiful Aryan faces that decorate the monuments, palaces and churches of Europe! They killed themselves for centuries in the name of a vile Jewish charlatan Something powerful and healthy made me reject Christianity. Although born and bred in a Catholic country, I never accepted/liked the filthy vagabond promoted as “God’s son”. As a kid, I instinctively loved the Aryan/Romans in opposition to the filthy Semite mobs representing “Jesus’ followers”. A Spanish national-socialist I met many years ago put it nicely: “You were able to listen… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Angelicus
31 May, 2021 7:07 am

Hello Angelicus! Yes, Christian ideology is the main European problem; everything else is secondary. All other problems are the branches of this one poisonous tree. We can’t solve them without cutting down the main trunk. There is no purely political solution to this problem. It should be primarily the religious solution. 
By the way, I am now rereading Nietzsche’s Zarathustra; it perfectly depicts the very essence of the ongoing struggle. 

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
5 June, 2021 7:36 am

Thank you, Wolf! I wish we, the White cattle, had more men like you among us. Kind regards, Lucy.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Lucy
8 June, 2021 2:50 am

First of all, the bipedal cattle is least likely to read materials on NV; they are too busy to watch sport channels and MTV. My extended reply is here: