One Way Jews Censor Non-Jews

And you may be sure that organized Jewry is doing the same thing when it comes to “issues they care about” besides Israel, too.

by Jan Lamprecht
with additional notes by National Vanguard correspondents

TAKE A LOOK at how Jews “make it fun” for their people to run around censoring anything that goes against the state of Israel. Look at how they are using the White man’s technology and inventions. In this video, a Jewess boasts that 2,000 people reported a meme on Facebook using her agency’s app alone — and she is proud that eventually Facebook censored the meme as a result. Multiply this by a hundred times a day, and then by another hundred times since (due to exposure, the url is dead; Jews have switched to other platforms and applications) and its successor is surely one small player among many. Then factor in how many platforms are already Jew-owned and/or Jew-friendly or Jew-compliant, and you can see why the rat-face people have so much success shutting the mouths of the angel-faced people.

We need to work hard to ensure that we get our message across. Be aware that they are actively trying to destroy the truth. Realise that, therefore, the truth alone is not enough. You need to push forward aggressively with the truth and even so you will meet intense and stubborn resistance. This is the nature of the struggle.

* * *

Source: History Reviewed

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Walter Green
Walter Green
29 May, 2021 5:01 am

She is mimicking White girl’s gesture as in trying to be cheering.
But it rubs me the wrong way.

Reply to  Walter Green
29 May, 2021 10:18 am

Truth in advertising would compel them to change the name of the app to ACT ILL.

I wonder if the app could be used against them by infiltrating them, downloading the app and doing the opposite of what the “mission” calls for? The app probably instals malware and monitoring capabilities to combat this.

29 May, 2021 10:15 am

I’ve been put in the Faceberg 3-day penalty box several times. Mostly it has been due because the alphabet people find what I’ve said to be offensive.

The LA Times has found a new way to censor me without actually appearing censor me. They’ve limited the number of times I can post in a 24 hour period. They don’t even tell me I’ve violated the nebulous “community standards”. Supposedly this is done to prevent third world spammers from hawking bitcoin, binary options/forex trading schemes or fortune tellers. Nevertheless, the third worlders are as numerous as ever.

I’ve also noticed that the LA Times admits in an obscure corner of their Faceberg page that their page managers are located in the US, Canada and … ISRAEL.

Walter Green
Walter Green
Reply to  guest
29 May, 2021 10:59 pm

ISRAEL!!? in a corner of obscure page…
(((They))) are itching for boasting that (((they))) are the real kingpin.

For me, I am often posting some comments on Youtube about the Holocaust
when the subject of the videos are related.

The other day, when I linked some videos revealing very clearly that the Holocaust is
full of non-senses and lies, I have been enjoying this by the way,
but later I found that the link is blocked to other users.

It has been visible only to me.

Even when I was participating in the real time chatting on Youtube,
the links to those truth telling videos about Holocaust has been blocked
right after I typed in. Other people cannot see it.

30 May, 2021 7:33 pm

“One Way Jews Censor Non-Jews”
One Way !? How about the almost infinite number of ways JEWS CENSOR just about everybody ?

1 June, 2021 10:38 am

Lying sack of pus.