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Nationalism and Socialism

Nationalism is for the nation; socialism is for the people. Be a National Socialist.

by William Joyce

THE MYSTERY is that Nationalism and Socialism should have remained separate for so long. That mystery is solved only when we realize that our ”other values less glorious” have embraced useless butchery, foolish jealousy, inane snobbery, prostitution of patriotic fervor to Jewish interests, the hatreds of Class War, the sacrifice of the British worker to the oppression of international finance and his asphyxia in the miasma of Marx.

Of these two terms that we are considering, it is always the sinister connotations and never the decent that have caused disruption and suffering. The moral is to build on what is good and to leave less glorious values alone for a while. We shall then begin to understand how absurd it is to regard true socialism as in any way dependent on internationalism; and we shall see how stupid it is to describe as true nationalism any sentiment or doctrine which ignores or fails to cure the sufferings of our people in the mass.

Nationalism and socialism must be either one blessing or twin curses.

Nationalism stands for the nation and socialism for the people. Unless the people be identical with the nation, all politics and all statecraft are a waste of time. People without a nation are a helpless flock or, like the Jews, a perpetual nuisance; a nation without people is an abstract nothing or an historical ghost.

Nation and people must be one; there must be no division amongst the people themselves. Wars of class and party are calculated to make such division, and thus they are evil in themselves.

Hegel thought that a nation must have a soul of its own; many thinkers refuse to believe that the people who are so vital individually must be dead collectively. At any rate, it is true that human society, unless the victim of anarchy, tends to organize. A nation or people must be a living organism, no more to be divided than the human organism, in which division means disease or death. This principle may be described by some as totalitarian, and by others as organic; but the term “organic” will suit us very well. In an organism, no part can be considered without reference to the whole; otherwise it dies. Nor can the whole be considered without reference to its parts, whilst the whole itself expresses much more than the mere sum of its parts, because the life principle runs throughout.

* * *

Philosophically, then, National Socialism proclaims the triumph of man over environment and mere natural difficulties; still more, the National Socialist laughs at the gloomy theory of determinism propounded by such sages as Spengler, who write of cycles in civilization and hold, with Baldwin of Bewdly, that all empires must decay. That empires and civilizations have hitherto crumbled and fallen is undisputed knowledge, but the National Socialist is not content that his order shall live as long as possible; he is determined that it shall live forever. In the whole world, there is no power or obstacle that he regards as unconquerable. He is the true rebel, the divinely inspired revolutionary, who lives to make destiny, not to be enslaved by it. Only greater forces than human can claim his submission.

— excerpted from “National Socialism Now” by William Joyce (1937)

Joyce’s last words were: “In death, as in life, I defy the Jews, who caused this last war: and I defy the power of Darkness which they represent. I warn the British people against the aggressive imperialism of the Soviet Union. May Britain be great once again; and in the hour of the greatest danger to the West, may the standard of the Swastika be raised from the dust, crowned with the historic words: ‘In spite of everything, you have been victorious.’ I am proud to die for my ideals and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why.”

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
12 May, 2021 4:13 pm

And to think…this guy was not even a Brit.
I believe he was from New York City. It
was – and it still is – a haven for International
Jewry. Nevertheless, it is still American

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
13 May, 2021 6:50 am

I fully support this approach. Nationalism by definition should be social, otherwise it makes no sense. Nationalism should not allow unlimited accumulation of wealth in the hands of a small group of people. Small business should be given a freeway, because it is the foundation of human creativity. Humans are much more diligent and thriftier when working as owners, instead as hired hands. Humans evolved in such a way as to be accustomed to the small scale local production. Yes, this mode of production brings lesser profit but gives moral satisfaction and doesn’t disrupt social and family cohesion. But the modern society needs huge industrial capacities to make various complicated devices or to produce huge amounts of the vital commodities (electricity, oil, coal and so on). In such industrial sectors… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
13 May, 2021 8:04 am

Albert Pierrepoint, the hangman, reportedly said that William Joyce was the bravest man he ever hung.

No Step on Snek
No Step on Snek
21 May, 2021 8:01 pm

The obvious problem is, no matter your guiding philosophy, when you gather all the power into one place, that power will be seized by a person or persons with no regard for those subject to that power. If wise, generous, loving rulers could be guaranteed, then almost any system would work well. Meanwhile here in reality, the only solution is to absolutely minimize the centralization of power.

21 May, 2021 9:49 pm

Why are we attracted to lonely, vast
landscapes? Because they corres-
pond to our original ice-age habitat.