Why the Negro Will Never Leave the Plantation

Here we see “Wakanda,” which, like everything else in Jewish Hollywood, isn’t real.

THIS IS AN article for everyone. Yes, I speak to you too on this occasion, Black man! Make no mistake though, I do not speak for you, nor should you want me to. I have no time for you, Black man, but you ought to consider that a good thing. When I look at slavery, I look at how the plantation owners betrayed the poor of their own race by employing Negro slaves. The Negro should have been left where he was, in Africa, for better or for worse. I believe only separation can be good for the races, and integration, multiculturalism, and segregation have only been good for perverse shadowy cosmopolitan elites interested in creating artificial and oppressive social structures.

Two events made me write this article: The first was the death of the Black actor Chadwick Boseman, whose most famous role was that of “Black Panther,” a superhero for the Black Lives Matter crowd. The second was an argument with SJWs on Faceberg about my negative reaction following the screening of the anti-White TV series Lovecraft Country. This is of course the typical double standard with SJWs: when Whites involve themselves in culture perceived to be “Black,” they cry “cultural appropriation” — but when Blacks not only appropriate culture created by Whites, in this case by H.P. Lovecraft, but also deconstruct and denigrate it, that is to be celebrated. And unsurprisingly enough, many of these shrieking SJWs were college-miseducated Whites, although there were enough of the usual low-IQ Negroes on display — not, you understand, that I believe every Negro has low IQ.

A Black reviewer presents the trailer for Lovecraft Country
The real H.P. Lovecraft was a White racialist whose visions of horror often had overtones of the dangers of miscegenation and alien races.

One might think, if one were Black, that Blacks were winning. Black Panther and Lovecraft Country feature Black casts who are invariably depicted favourably, especially in contradistinction to White characters, or, as White characters are called these days, “evil racists.” Indeed, the word “racist” has merely become an equivalent of the word “nigger,” as it used to be used. It is merely a term to subordinate and imply inferiority and supremacy on a racial basis. One might indeed think that America and its vassal states were being ruled by Black supremacists. Yet one must pose the question: have Blacks themselves created this culture? And indeed, are Blacks really at the top of the racial pile in the Multiracial States of America? These are rather rhetorical questions; anyone with even half a brain can see the answers are resounding noes.

The fact is the top tier of Occidental societies is made up of Jews and their White liberal shabbos goyim, an astounding number of whom turn out to be sexual perverts, especially paedophiles. These people are easy to control. There may be the odd Negro pervert thrown in to show that everything is above board as regards the new utopia of social justice and racial awareness, but they are the exception rather than the rule. But hey, the Black lumpenproletariat are allowed to loot and riot to their hearts’ content for the time being and the advertising agencies and Jollywood tell him he has white women on tap, so the Black man can’t complain, right?

Well, what if a Black man wants to do his own thinking? What if that particular Black man gets the idea that he might like to define himself on his terms, not in contradistinction to other races, but just in terms of what suits him and those like him? What if he wants to create his own culture and his own society in his own image? What if he wants that society to be exclusive for his own race of people? What if he wants to ask questions about his history and how he got to be in the state he is in today? I think I can answer that. Look at whenever Blacks try to create their own society. Look at every time a Black man addresses the subject of inordinate Jewish power or a Black historian investigates inordinate Jewish involvement in the slave trade.

Idi Amin Dada was probably no worse nor no better than the average African tinpot dictator. His atrocities were as typical as they were gruesome. Why then is Idi Amin always singled out as the secular demon of Africa? The answer is that he turned Uganda into a racial-nationlist state and broke off diplomatic relations with Israel after ousting the Jews, who, in Dada’s own words, were bankrupting the country. Idi Amin knew the Israelis very well, as he was trained as a paratrooper in Israel. We may well laugh at the pseudo-academic “discipline” of “Black Studies” and its “we wuz kangz” take on history, yet what is interesting is when the Black Studies professor Leonard Jeffries, Jr. decided to have a serious and unbiased look into the transatlantic slave trade and the Hollywood film industry and their treatment of Negroes, particularly the so-called “special relationship” between Jews and Blacks. He found, of course, that Jews heavily controlled both and that Hollywood creates negative stereotypes of Blacks — something we looked at in the Mjolnir at the Movies episode on Coonskin.

Malcolm X said often said to never trust the White liberal. He was correct. Yet here even he avoided the JQ. While the White liberal will sell out his own race, to say nothing of others, there have always been members of another ethnicity masquerading as White liberals when it suits. When Malcolm X described NAACP labour director Herbert Hill as a White liberal who had assumed a position of power over Negroes, he was being disingenuous. Like so many of the NAACP’s directorate over the decades, he was Jewish, and he and his kind looked after Jewish interests, as when the NAACP led by Kivie Kaplan defended the aforementioned film Coonskin. Indeed, the NAACP has always primarily looked after Jewish rather than Negro interests, as evidenced by their treatment of genuine Black separatist and anti-communist activist Marcus Garvey. Garvey was one of the very few who would have the courage to stand up to the NAACP’s real agenda of serving Jewish Zionist and White liberal interests, and created the UNIA to promote Black interests and create real economic structures for Blacks. This in turn led to setting up the Black Star Line and cooperation with fellow racial separatists the Ku Klux Klan. For this, the NAACP, other Jewish groups, and federal agents conspired to have him arrested and imprisoned on a technicality for “mail fraud.” They had already attempted to destroy the Black Star Line via infiltration and sabotage, but the fact Garvey had put the image of a ship they were in the process of buying, and had not yet bought, on an advertisement to encourage investment in the company gave the Bureau of Investigation the opportunity to convict Garvey, the Jewish judge and NAACP backer Julian Mack handing him the extraordinary sentence of five years imprisonment.

And this is the problem with the Jew-Negro “special relationship”: there still exists the master-slave dichotomy. Superficially, it seems benign, but the Negro narrative is always written by the Jew, and thus the Negro becomes whatever the Jew says he is. If he ever steps out of line, he gets the Marcus Garvey treatment. Let us return to Black Panther. The character Black Panther, the imaginary country of Wakanda, and all the rest of it was was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby — or to give them their real names, Stan Lieber and Jacob Kurtzberg, both of whom were of course Jews. Stan Lee claimed Wakanda was based on Lesotho, but in terms of scientific and technological achievement, and even its original aesthetics, that is absurd. The character Black Panther’s morality is Jewish, and has changed as Jewish political machinations have changed. Back in the Silver Age of Comics, like all other Jewish comic-book creations, Black Panther seemed quite innocuous and Wakanda the utopian Liberia Marcus Garvey envisioned. Of course, Black Panther was never a hero for Blacks. Blacks at the time did not generally read comics. Black Panther was a tool to create more liberal Whites. Fast forward to the present and Black Panther is the superhero of BLM and Antifa.

And what is BLM but a wing of Antifa, a revolutionary communist group of terrorists headed by Jews and White liberals, with a few “house niggers” thrown in to show everything is above board? Would the anti-socialist Garvey have approved? Antifa promote miscegenation, whereas Garvey stood for racial purity. He understood that the Left wished to create a rootless, cultureless “last man” without identity, save that which his masters would give him. And that is why BLM are working for the plantation as slaves. As long as they are allowed to loot flat screen TVs and Nike trainers by their masters, 99.99% of Negroes won’t even notice their slavery. Nor will they notice they have been turned into “niggers” — they may even enjoy it for as long as the good times roll. Of course the good times won’t, because welfare-plus-looting is unsustainable if everyone does it.

So who is behind Black Lives Matter? Who funds them and tells them what is required? Try people like Susan Rosenberg, a Jewish convicted terrorist controversially pardoned by White liberal pervert Bill Clinton.

I joked on Faceberg that I hoped Chadwick Boseman would inspire other Blacks to become accomplished actors by fellating Jews, which caused the SJWs on the thread to go into meltdown. They of course, in their dimwittedness, missed the irony and the real point I was making. This was in response to the rabid anti-White hatred expressed on a thread about the equally anti-White TV series Lovecraft Country, again written not by Negroes, but this time by a self-flagellating liberal White European, Matt Ruff. So not only does Negress producer Misha Green have to get her ideas from a White liberal, but the White liberal has to get his from a racialist White racialist, even while deconstructing those ideas. This tells one something about the White liberal too, and why it behoves no one to let the White liberal into anyone’s fold. The White liberal, like the Jew, is only capable of deconstruction. How can one build any kind of successful society with these people? A lesson there for the discerning Negro. In any case, how can you trust someone to love your race that cannot even love his own, that cannot even love himself? A man like that is full of hate.

Equally, I would not trust the Black “socialists” like Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson, for they are feeding at the trough laid out for them by their masters. And the same goes for the Black “conservatives” like Thomas Sowell and Candace Owens; for what is a conservative but a classical liberal? Both want integration: the Black socialist to suck on the teat of the White liberal, the Black conservative as “equals,” to miscegenate into some liberal melting pot of hybridisation. Candace Owens is a personal case in point here.

The only Black leader I can think of who advocates racial separation is Louis Farrakhan, although he has embraced a Semitic religion and has a complete disregard for true Black history, preferring instead to sell bogus myths to his minions. Indeed, the Arabs, who created Islam, were notorious for their cruelty to, and enslavement of, Negroes in Africa. He will keep his subjects away from the historically rich cultural traditions of the Kingdoms of Nri and Benin.

Was Marcus Garvey corrupt? Probably. Every leader is to a degree; but he also genuinely cared about his people, and gave back to them. He wanted a space for Blacks only, and I still think the best way forward for America is to carve it up into ethnostates. Of course, Garvey couldn’t advocate that because of the times he was living in; but that’s the kind of leader the establishment makes sure Blacks don’t have, just like White Europeans are sold “alt right” figureheads who often turn out to be LGBT, Jewish, mixed race or have a non-White spouse, while genuine culture-bearers are starved of the oxygen of publicity. The “alt right” leaders also keep their followers servile by touting foreign slave religions like Christianity and Hindooism. But hey, keep donating those shekels….

Perhaps Blacks will never leave the plantation, but then they will be no different from poor Whites, who, one remembers, worked alongside the Black slaves as even poorer sharecroppers.

I hope to be proven wrong, but for me to be wrong both Blacks and Whites need to get in touch with their own ethnic cultures and religions and choose leaders that emerge organically from their ranks, not ones who are parachuted in as saviour figures by the Establishment that wishes to enslave them.

* * *

Source: Mjolnir magazine

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4 April, 2021 10:14 am

This international jewish war cult is horrifically taking advantage of the powerless, atomized US population,and their monopoly of mass media, to psychologically beat us to death. False histories, false philosophies, false realities, false everything. This will continue until they are physically removed. Why isn’t there a mainstream american version of the tactics and policies of the German NSDAP being formed throughout the US? A platform to remove the jews/invaders, break up the monopoly corporations, federalize the central bank, and wipe out all the Wiemar-type cultural psyops IS A WINNING POLITICAL PLATFORM! Build it and they will come. By the millions.
BTW, the edit button below looks like the jew star symbol! They’ve pissed on every tree in the forest.

Reply to  vespasian
5 April, 2021 1:06 am

Ok “Vespasian,” build it.
But we in the National Alliance seek to build our own communities in order to make these and other things possible.

Horse before the cart, and all that.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  vespasian
6 April, 2021 7:57 am

The enemy is ready for this kind of resistance and all needed precautions were taken against political opposition. There is no open political path for resistance. Yes, there are laws and constitutions that declare “rights”, but USSR too had laws and constitution that provisioned all imaginable rights to its subjects. White people should stop to believe in such figments of imagination like “constitution” or “representative democracy”. These non-existent notions are used by the ruling caste to dupe their subjects into believing that everything is all right and “according to law”. There is no real law except of the Natural Law. This is the only one which should be obeyed. Everything else is transitory and relative. We should not allow ourselves to be caught into the web of false notions of… Read more »

4 April, 2021 9:57 pm

El negro es sólo un arma biológica

Art of War.jpg
4 April, 2021 11:20 pm

JFK tried to stop Israel’s nuclear bomb program. Assassinated.

MLK cancelled his planned visit to Israel after the 1967 war. Assassinated.

Malcolm X questions the (((white))) liberals in leadership of ostensibly negro organizations. Assassinated.

Seems like several “dots” connect in a revealing pattern.

It looks like (((Herbert Hill))) was also an FBI informant.

Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd
6 April, 2021 11:05 pm

The blacks are known for magical thinking and confabulation. They are easy pickins for the Big Lie of the Juden. Eventually, you will realize that rather than fighting this, you should be doing this. Use them to your own advantage. They already hate palefaces and The Rich. Who is richer and paler than Der Juden? Help to point them at their would be masters. Der Juden will not even see it coming. Their own egos can be turned against each other. Much like the apes in Planet of the Apes kill the “mutants”, the negroes can be used to kill off their would be masters with the correct storylines. Remember, Der Juden are The Rich. Der Juden are the white debbils that control everything. What was working against you can… Read more »

Art Thief
Art Thief
Reply to  Judge Dredd
7 April, 2021 9:03 am

Do you trust a black to be able to tell the difference between a jew and a White?

Horst Wessel
Horst Wessel
17 April, 2021 8:19 pm

Never leave the JEW’s plantation….. Only jews should pay reparations since they brought the niggers here, auctioned them, owned title to the plantations that had whites indebted to them for the jew owners,, raked in the moolah. Farrakhan’s JEWS SELLING BLACKS is a good primer. Let the blacks know the jews owned the slaves, most whites were almost as poor as the nigger slaves. Jews write the
history (History Channel, Hollywood, TV, schools, universities, comic
books, media, fiction, etc…)