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There Goes the Neighborhood

In Amazon’s latest “gothic” thriller film, Them: Covenant, this is one of the main monsters. And you know what heroes must do to monsters.

by Douglas Mercer

“…hereafter no part of said property or any portion thereof shall be… occupied by any person not of the Caucasian race, it being intended hereby to restrict the use of said property… against occupancy as owners or tenants of any portion of said property for resident or other purposes by people of the Negro or Mongolian race.”

IN THE 1960s in Britain an unofficial campaign slogan was “if you want a Nig for a neighbor vote Labor.”

Of course no one does. Want a Negro for a neighbor, that is.

In the early 1970s, even “New South” Georgia governor Jimmy Carter said he saw no problem with northern urban White neighborhoods retaining their ethnic purity. Though the old ghost must sing a different tune about it today.

In his book Slaughter of Cities E. Michael Jones details how federal government policy starting in the late 1930s led to Blacks overrunning and ultimately decimating vast stretches of White ethnic enclaves in all big Northern cities.

There is a world-famous meme with four panels. The first pair of panels shows Hiroshima in 1945 as little more than irradiated rubble, alongside Detroit in 1945, a gleaming and prosperous city full of life and radiating progress and a bright future.

The second set of panels shows Hiroshima today, a gleaming prosperous city, full of the future, full of life and hope. Its companion shows Detroit today, a sorry wasteland and s***hole, decimated by poverty and crime.

The lesson is that a city can must more easily survive a nuclear blast than the thermonuclear savagery of Negroes.

Which is why no one wants a Negro for neighbor.

And now Amazon Prime is touting a show called Them: Covenant which harks back to the bad old days when bad old Whites didn’t want a Negro for a neighbor, a show all dressed up in the sci-fi horror genre. The real horror, of course, is having 100,000 Negroes for neighbors. What started out in Jeff Bezos’ garage has all these years later morphed into a monstrous juggernaut for the round-the-clock propagation of the hatred of the White race. (Had Bezos done the opposite, would the Jews who hold the real financial and political power in this country have treated him and his business differently?)

But even so, no one wants a Negro for a neighbor.

* * *

From time to time, when he wasn’t sucking up to the Blacks and the Mexicans and the perverts and the Jews, Donald J. Trump would make a damn fine point. Then he would return to his full-time dedication to his first love, himself. What he said, not in so many words but essentially, was that White Americans shouldn’t be forced to have a Negro for a neighbor and pay for the privilege. The gay Mulatto had promulgated something called the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act,” which has the unofficial name of the Negro In Your Neighborhood Act, because when you use the word “affirmative” or a cognate thereof, you can be sure it’s a big negative for White people. What this act did was mandate that so-called “low income housing” be built in pure and pristine White places, which of course means the Blacks, Browns, and other people of marginal and menial racial heritage will come flooding into a home near you, drive down your property values, rape your daughter, break into your home, play their intolerable “music” at 140 decibels, steal your car, and make everything near you seem like a Mad Max roadscape. Thanks, Obama. Apparently there’s no blue or red America any more, everything’s going Black.

Some Jew-run “mainstream” media site spewed:

Trump vowed on Wednesday to protect suburbanites from low-income housing being built in their neighborhoods, making an appeal to White suburban voters by trying to stir up racist fears about affordable housing and the people who live there.

Thank god for those “racist fears,” they are a tried and true force of Nature. Like “anti-Semitism,” this is a deep-rooted survival mechanism among our kind that our current illegitimate ruling class wants to extirpate, leaving us, well, defenseless. That is, they want us to be caught unaware when the assault comes right up our doorsteps. Time was when man’s home was his castle, now it’s a killing floor.

Mr. Trump painted a false picture of the suburbs as under siege and ravaged by crime, using fear-mongering language that has become something of a rhetorical flourish in his general election campaign.

Well they’re right about the rhetorical flourish part; Trump was at best a paper tiger and in any event what Trump would have accomplished for us in this area would have fallen somewhere on the spectrum between Jack and sh** at exactly the time Jack left town. But the Brown and Black siege of our homes is not a false picture; it’s grisly reality.

Mr. Trump said on Twitter that ‘people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream’ would ‘no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood.’ The president was referring to the administration’s decision last week to roll back an Obama-era program intended to combat racial segregation in suburban housing. The program expanded provisions in the Fair Housing Act to encourage diversification and ‘foster inclusive communities.’

Of course “inclusive communities” is a euphemism for White replacement and genocide, just like “social justice” now means race war against defenseless Whites.

Why, just the other day in this topsy-turvy world of ours some Black hack on the left said that when Whites move out of neighborhoods overrun by Blacks they (they!) “devalue the property” therein. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you, Sunshine — it’s the Blacks who do that, in spades, literally. It’s akin to when some predators in the wild can’t eat an entire carcass, they urinate all over it so at least no other competing predators will get to eat it. When feral Blacks move into a White community they might as well be doing exactly the same thing, and in some cases that’s not just a metaphor. Certainly no decent person would want to live there anymore.

“People fight all of their lives to get into the suburbs and have a beautiful home,” Trump said. “There will be no more low-income housing forced into the suburbs. It’s been hell for suburbia,” he added, before telling the audience to “enjoy your life, ladies and gentlemen.”

“Low income” is one of those seemingly anodyne buzzwords but just about everyone ever the age of 10 knows they mean Negroes. For some reason or other they’re reluctant to just come out and say it.

Mr. Trump has also invoked the suburbs to try to increase apprehension about Mr. Biden. Last week he provocatively tweeted directly to ‘the Suburban Housewives of America,’ warning, ‘Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream.’

Too bad Orange Man was a rank charlatan. We really could have used a man who really meant all that. Someone needs to pick up that cudgel. It’d be a winning one.

* * *

Recently fake “right-winger” little Bennie Shapiro (a Yid of the first magnitude and also a phony tough guy) tweeted a tweet taking certain “conservatives” to task for always moaning that some other “conservatives” try to fight the culture wars and don’t focus on “policy” — or some other weird pointless detail on a subject no one actually cares about. Yid Shapiro said policy is downstream from culture — ignoring the indisputable fact that the racial degeneration of White societies is downstream from Jews. Tweet that one out, sheeny.

Then yet another phony tough guy (and Christian Jew-lover of the first order), former Secretary of State and current imbiber of think tank and foundation money, Mike Pompeo, retweeted the Yid’s tweet, solemnly adding that America’s “founding principles” are “under assault” but you can be sure he will always push back against that.

By “founding principles” Pompeo means unswerving dedication to “equality” as defined by Jews, not the real founding principle that this is a White man’s land. As for “pushing back,” he’ll continue to yak it up, imbibe the think tank and foundation money, live nowhere near a feral Negro, and maybe even get elected to the office of president — where he’ll smugly preside over the White Holocaust without even so much as a mention of it or even a how-do-you-do.

Shapiro is on record as saying “it’s ideology that matters, not race.” Tell that to Netanyahu and Soros, Jack.

Pompeo recently decried “people who try to split us up into groups and subcultures” because that is “un-American” since “everyone is made in the image of God.”

A pox on them all!

When Black and Brown “refugees” are dumped in White places, and they come marauding into town and into our homes, these two will have nothing to say about it, nothing to say about this struggle for life and existence — because, for them, keeping us confused, defenseless, pinned down, and with throats maximally exposed is the essence of virtue.

* * *

Way back in nineteen-hundred and fifty-two, while the American government and institutions were making their brutal lurch leftwards, regular Americans still had a lick of sense and some fight in them. Despite a 1948 Supreme Court ruling that restrictive covenants were illegal, some good folks in Washington state kept right on excluding and the best thing is they made no bones about it.

Apparently some Jew named Richard Ornstein, described as a “refugee from Austria” (meaning a truckload of payments were coming soon to his descendants from White people who were forced to shell out no matter how poor they were) contracted to move into a home in Sand Point Country Club near Seattle. Horrid Yid Bluffs would have been a more appropriate place, but Ornstein was set on fouling the White man’s nest. It turns out that neither the seller nor the buyer knew that the deed contained a wise prohibition against selling to vile racial aliens such as Ornstein, and, thanks to some courageous folks, the diktat from the American Sanhendrin was still a dead letter for a while. A man by the noble name of Daniel Boone Allison, the head of the Sand Point Commission, approached the realtor, indicating in no uncertain terms that “the community will not have Jews as residents.” Allison then assured Ornstein that he would make his life a living Hell should he rely on the law. Ornstein had the seller, the support of civil rights activists, and the 1948 ruling on his side, but a White man’s clarity was too rich for his blood. He said he did not intend to move into an area that did not accept his presence.

So he was sent packing back to Jewville. Justice served. Sometimes these historical anecdotes really warm the heart.

* * *

You get a Negro or a Jew, or one of the Jews’ fellow travelers, talking and as soon as you can say Shekels Greenstein you’ll be sure to hear the world “redlining.” Redlining is the simple concept whereby sensible White people used to draw big red lines on city maps, and Blacks went over there and Whites over there, and never the twain shall meet.

But the the big Jew bosses in Jerusalem-on-the-Potomac said cities can’t redline; but the inventiveness of the White man is endless; necessity is the mother of all virtues; and the one thing needful is to keep separate from other races; so redlining went from public to private; Whites will go the ends of the Earth to make that happen; it’s too bad we always get followed.

And as quickly as you cay say Jim Crow or Stepin Fetchit, White people banded together and formed neighborhood associations and created restrictive covenants. A covenant can be defined as “a legally enforceable contract imposed in a deed upon the buyer of property. Owners who violate the terms of the covenant risk forfeiting the property. Most covenants ‘run with the land’ and are legally enforceable on future buyers of the property.” And of course the terms are quite simple: no Blacks allowed on pain of banishment. Violate, and your property ownership will be terminated. Betray the race and you’re out. This was serious business indeed.

Racially restrictive covenants refer to contractual agreements that prohibit the purchase, lease, or occupation of a piece of property by a particular group of people, usually African Americans. Racially restrictive covenants were not only mutual agreements between property owners in a neighborhood not to sell to certain people, but were also agreements enforced through the cooperation of real estate boards and neighborhood associations. Racially restrictive covenants became common after 1926 after the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Corrigan v. Buckley, which validated their use.

And while it would seem that 1926 was a good year for White America (Lindbergh was readying the plane even then) that is not totally so. The only reason the covenants had to be used in the first place was that back in 1917 the Supreme Court said that cities themselves couldn’t segregate legally. So the White man was already on the back foot. And the Jews were ready for their all-out assault on the private sphere too.

The popular use of racially restrictive covenants emerged in 1917, when the U.S. Supreme Court deemed city segregation ordinances illegal. In Buchanan v. Warley, the court ruled that outright segregation ordinances violated the Fourteenth Amendment. In the aftermath of this ruling, segregationists turned to restrictive neighborhood covenants and a decade later, the Supreme Court affirmed their legality.

In fact, restrictive covenants became so wildly attractive (and necessary) that in 1937 a leading magazine of nationwide circulation awarded ten communities a ‘shield of honor’ for an umbrella of restrictions against the wrong kind of people.

The practice was so widespread that by 1940, 80% of property in Chicago and Los Angeles carried restrictive covenants barring Black families.

So that was redlining. A line in the sand. Covenants were a line in the sand, just a little further back.

But it was written in sand, alas.

Jews were the hurricane that would wash it all away.

* * *

As stated, the Supremes declared way back in 1917 that cities could not enforce segregation, but told the American people to have at it with private rules to keep out unwanted savagery.

But White people are always getting ejected from paradise.

In 1948 the Jewish assault continued. In that year the United States Supreme Court stripped the White race of one of its most important rights, the right to keep Negroes out of their neighborhoods by means of restrictive covenants. Three of the justices “had to” recuse themselves because they themselves lived in neighborhoods with restrictive covenants, meaning they too didn’t want a Negro for neighbor. The solicitor general’s brief was written by four Jews, but a fifth Jew, who oversaw their work, took all four names off the brief, because he was worried that the American people would find out that the Jews absolutely wanted them to have a Negro for neighbor, which in fact is what being a Jew is all about. (As any graduate of Harvard Law School will tell you that making it constitutionally mandatory to have a Black next door, within striking range of your womenfolk, was James Madison’s vision of the Constitution’s main purpose. But I jest. Actually he never said or thought or even dreamed or imagined any such thing. What he actually said, when he arrived in Philadelphia to frame that eternal compact, was that due to the vast influx of people into the city the price of a decent slave had shot through the roof.)

So, you heard that right. It was a gang of Jew lawyers who stole the White man’s right to live a life of his own, the right without which one has no life at all. It wasn’t the final kill shot, since de facto segregation continued for a while, but it was the kill shot that set up the kill shot. They’ve been after us for millennia, so what’s a decade or two? Hell, by the early 1970s even that famous rake and phony tough guy Donald J. Trump (billionaire) was getting in hot water for keeping the Blacks out of his properties. What’s a man to do?

Shelley v Kraemer 334 U.S. 1 (1948) was the Supreme Court case that struck down racially restrictive housing covenants.

The Court ruled that although racial restrictive covenants are private, not government contracts, they are nonetheless legally unenforceable, as they are in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. In a majority opinion that was joined by the other five participating justices, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Fred Vinson struck down the covenant, holding that the 14th Amendment with it’s equal protection clause prohibited racially restrictive housing covenants from being enforced. Vinson held that private parties could abide by the terms of a racially restrictive covenant, but that judicial enforcement of the covenant qualified as a state action and was thus prohibited by the Equal Protection Clause.

Oh, those ill-advised and totally illegitimate and illegal “Negro amendments” of the late 1860s. What endless trouble they have caused. They’ve really been the death of us all.

So the transition of White American liberty reads as follows: 1) We could live our lives as we choose, protected by our local governments; 2) We could live our lives as we choose in our own neighborhoods; 3) We were slaves.

Quick drop-off there.

And of course you can correlate that drop-off perfectly with the rise of Jews in our public life. That, as they say, is no coincidence. In fact it’s the whole point.

What happened was that in 1945 (the year the general acclamation of racialsm universally collapsed) a Negro family (the Shelleys) bought a home in St. Louis. When they bought the home the Negroes were not aware that in 1911 (when the White man was waking up) a clause had been put on the property deed that no Negroes could buy it. A White neighbor named Kraemer took umbrage at the racial interloper and sued to keep them far from his White family. The Supreme Court of the state of Missouri, apparently not yet totally in the thrall and clutches of the Jews (that would come later) ruled that the covenant was enforceable. At the same time another companion case came before the Michigan Supreme Court with the same result. When the case came before the Supreme Court, the devils were soon loose.

When the case went from the states to the federal government, all was soon lost — a pure reversal of our rights was immediately declared. Blacks could now live “legally” wherever they wanted — and where they wanted to live was right next to you. The full might and main of the “American” government would back them, not you.

The White man came up with further stratagems, keeping out Blacks by zoning ordinances, for example, but soon our enemies were “affirmatively” furthering our demise, using all their growing power to shatter our remaining defenses. And the devils are still on the loose.

It is indeed no wonder that the White American instinctively feels that the “national” government is his enemy.

* * *

The land south of Los Angeles is prime real estate which, unfortunately, is inhabited by racial aliens of the lowest order. Humans are supposed to make the land they inhabit more valuable through care and cultivation. But where the dark-skinned roam, values of all kinds plummet — moral, physical, financial.

Were you to expel everyone from this area, raze what they “created,” what you’d have is level land very near an international airport, ten minutes to the beach, and an hour to the mountains and deserts; –and property values would be in Monte Carlo territory. Thus the humans there are carrying costs, and in any simple and straightforward cost-benefit analysis, the Blacks and the Browns take us deep into the red, whereas their removal would mean boom times and life as we’d like to live it.

It seems that in its long march from the mud to the stars, the White race rolled inexorably to the Pacific; but in the end it didn’t take.

Prior to the war, southern California was a White paradise. For many decades it had been the recipient of a vast Midwestern migration, so much so that one of its largest cities was called “Iowa by the Sea” (now it’s Tijuana by the Toilet). Not a few Jewish “intellectuals” prior to the war fled from Hitler and landed in southern California where there was a movie colony hell-bent on the destruction of the White race. No sooner did these pretended “thinkers” find themselves in this idyll than they summarily declared it to be “fascist” in spirit. If only! But then, for Jews, gratitude has never been their strong suit — you take them in and they turn right around and spit in your eye right after telling you you’re doing everything wrong, and hand me that silver — and it better not be silver plate. Wherever they go they violate the time-honored code of hospitality — because for them any place not totally controlled yet by Jews is inhospitable. And any hospitality shown toward them is as misplaced as tossing piranhas into the kiddie pool and hoping for the best.

* * *

Compton, California used to to be so White that colossal swell George Bush the Elder once lived there with his family. Then waves of Blackness moved in and it was straight to becoming a byword for a shooting gallery, with overtones of whore’s bedsheets and crack pipes. Now it’s overrun by Mexicans — so go figure.

Amazon Prime’s new show called Them: Covenant is set in Compton — and so far back in time that when a Black family moves in, it comes as a shock to the good and decent White folk living there, as well it might. “Them” of course refers to the Black family as in “us and them,” and “covenant” explicitly references the restrictive variety. So you can see the “morality” tale they are pushing: a gothic horror take on the “evil White man” and his evil prejudices and his horrible desire to live his own life with his family. God forbid that we should work out our own destiny along our own self-determined lines. That would be…. hate. No, Sunshine: It would be freedom.

The show has received mixed reviews; all have mentioned that it’s a rip-off of Jordan Peele which shows they are not stealing from the best. Many have called it “trauma porn,” but all make the mistake in assessing it as “art” or even as “entertainment.” It is neither of those things, it is straight up indoctrination and propaganda. What they really want is for the public to be inundated with “shocking scenes of White brutality” for a season or so, to imprint more guilt, mental anguish, self-hatred, and suicidal ideation in our people’s brains as they move about their daily business. It’s psychological abuse.

Virtually all television programming for the last forty years and more has been psychological abuse and dehumanization to aid and abet genocide.

The show was nominally created by something called Little Marvin, who you know is Black not even so much because of the show’s contents but because his name is Little Marvin. It is part of the new “Negro Gothic” genre in which cross-burnings and lynchings and nooses take center stage — a horror genre in which people are literally the monsters, the monsters which have to be killed by the “heros.”

The plot, such as it is, is simple and primal. A Black family moves into an all-White neighborhood, causing one White woman to intone, “This is how it begins.” The Black father is a smooth talking jet-black Black man, the kind who wears slick “gangster” two-toned shoes, the kind of shoes that once caused of friend of mine to ask of another friend who was wearing them: “You get those off a dead Negro?” The wife is of course an assertive, “powerful” Negress, and the White neighbor wives are portrayed as “racist” Stepford Wives by way of the modern Karen.

The White neighbors soon set out to make the Black neighbors’ lives a living Hell: Fires rage on their lawn, weird dolls are hung in effigy from their home; the man’s fellow employees call him “Kong” and “Buck” and “son” and “boy.” (By this point, I’m really feeling the horror.) At one point the family is referred to as “black mold.”

But these folks are much more sadistic, as they deface the family’s home and front lawn with effigy hangings reminiscent of a Jim Crow-era lynching. The family is then forced to defend themselves against the extreme hatred and cruelty which threatens their existence.

The Black family is seen as a contaminating, infecting menace (which they are) and one Black writer refers to the White Compton as depicted in the show as “a beacon of the middle-upper class, eugenicist, White supremacist suburban project.” If only!

It is always us versus them. And our covenant is written with our blood.

* * *

Until the 1950s, 90 per cent. of all public cemeteries in the United States employed racial restrictions. Hallowed White land, final home of our ancestors, the last redoubt. Indeed. But now that’s all gone, too. They intend for us to die: but never in peace.

* * *

They relentlessly chased us to the ends of the Earth. They took everything we created. They tortured and torture our remaining children. With the increasingly clear intent of killing us all. They brought what is about to happen upon themselves.

It shall not be our last redoubt.

* * *

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11 April, 2021 7:28 am

I don’t believe there has ever been another era in human history when a people have been so thoroughly hated for their racial being and this hatred being spoken and published in absolute terms. When has this ever been laid down before? Perhaps in very local situations that are barely traceable historically – and certainly historically insignificant. But we are talking A BILLION PEOPLE in every ancient and more recent land possession of Europeans around the globe. And ADD TO THIS MORAL HORROR that that hatred is purely for their race alone. That is that this hatred is FOR THEIR PATENT RACIAL VIRTUES. Here it is classically summed up in a quote by Joseph Sobran – <i>The concept of envy – the hatred of the superior – has dropped out… Read more »

11 April, 2021 8:21 am

A time for White men and women to decide whether we shall Be, or not to Be, has been thrust upon us over the ages. Once again that time has arrived.

We stand together and Be, or apart…

11 April, 2021 10:53 am

Notice they DON’T make a film about the mestizos driving out negroes. And there is no uproar that only 1 of 8 elected officials in Compton is mestizo even though the city demographics show that Compton is 2/3 mestizo. I’ve read somewhere (wish I could recall where) that much of the property owned by Japanese forfeited under FDR’s Executive Order 9066 ended up in jewish hands. Before WW2, Compton had a significant Japanese population. This article about the surge of jews into Compton following WW2 makes you wonder if jews benefitted by EO 9066 making more housing and property available to them. Today, the only jews in Compton are recording industry lawyers with contracts for newly discovered “talent”. I didn’t find any jewish opposition to EO 9066 at the… Read more »

Reply to  guest
24 April, 2021 3:17 pm

 “if jews benefitted”

if? hahahahah

Reply to  guest
24 April, 2021 3:26 pm

in the tribes plans when the white man is not around(well that is what they are wishing for) in the big cities they will have mestizos(along with the asians and indians) get rid of the lazy street loving blacks in the long run… because the mexicans and other immigrants do all manner of good work for them (from landscaping/construction/cleaning etc) blacks would just rob and rape and sell drugs to the yidish girls and boys at the end of the day and they know this….the blacks do not have a clue what they have planned for them…

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
11 April, 2021 11:59 am

By Crom, my blazing sword would spill the innards of these modern priests of Mithras with their seductive words that come from soft mouths that have only tasted the best Aquilonian wine and the premier Shemitish mutton, lifted by even softer hands, at staid tables made effeminate by their womanish gibberish!

How I would bespoil with their own blood their fine silken garments that enshroud their flabby useless muscles and mask such unmanly flesh that their even their male prostitutes recoil in disgust and make sport of them among the bejeweled eunuchs of decadent crumbling palaces!

11 April, 2021 3:07 pm

I was just skimming California Senator John Tenney’s 1953 book “Zion’s Fifth Column; a Tenney Report on World Zionism”, where on page 76 he wrote, “Amicus curiae briefs were filed by AJC [American Jewish Committee] and the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith in the following cases: Shelley vs. Kraemer, which struck down racial covenants…” Tenney said: “Most of these AJC activities are in violation of the fundamental principles of American freedom. If freedom is the right to life and liberty; the right to acquire, own, use and dispose of property, circumscribed only by the same rights of others, regardless of race, color, or creed, then these AJC activities can only be evaluated as an attempt to limit and restrict freedom.” They don’t make them like Tenney anymore. The book is… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
12 April, 2021 8:04 pm

I’ll take the Covenant ‘monster’ pictured above off their hands, even if she’s the Cuckstian variety.
I’m sure she can be awakened.

13 April, 2021 2:39 pm

Amazon: “White people are Satan themselves!”

Also Amazon: Abuse workers and barely pay them.