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A Parade of Horribles

Trump and his nominee Gorsuch

by Douglas Mercer

WHEN, IN 1987, Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork to be on the Supreme Court, famously bad driver Edward “Teddy” Kennedy sounded the fire bell in the night:

Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back‐​alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids, schoolchildren could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists could be censored at the whim of the government, and the doors of the federal courts would be shut on the fingers of millions of citizens.

The segregation part sounds better than what we have now, the censorship part would be great if we had our own government again, and of course the slamming of the courtroom doors on millions of fingers has a music all its own — no privileges for you queers (that what he was really talking about).

Kennedy was lying as usual. Bork was really just a moderately toothless “constitutionalist conservative,” but since he was perceived as someone who might, occasionally, ever so slightly slow down the Jews’ agenda, Bork got Borked. He was out on his ear before you could say here comes pervert sex.

In his stead, Reagan then nominated a pot-smoking liberal Jew who was nixed for the pot smoking and not for the Jew part, and then a fag-loving liberal — Anthony Kennedy — who was confirmed.

Lucky us.

“At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.” So said not the pot-smoking liberal Jew but the very reverend jurist Anthony Kennedy, childhood friend of Joan Didion, greaser of skids, sage of the slippery slope, who spoke for the American Sanhedrin sending us slouching towards Sodom.

It was the very august Anthony Kennedy who in Obergefell v. Hodges said that there was a “constitutional right” to man-on-man “marriage.” Wow. Much freedom, saith the Doge. And as for the inalienable right of two dykes to tie the knot, really, it was all James Madison ever talked about; it got so bad people had to tell him to shut up about it.

When the pervert-loving Justice Kennedy bought it, the kikes and dykes around the county lived in terrible dread and fear that “fascist” Donald J. Trump would appoint someone who would take us back to the bad old days, that the long march towards pervert “rights” that started when Oscar Wilde died a hallucinating, bloated old carcass in a Paris hotel room, those “rights” demanded by those sorry sodomites at “Stonewall” (which replaced Lexington and Concord in our children’s history books while you were checking out the lastest from Netflix) and furthered by Lena Dunham getting naked in public — that those “rights” would be rolled back. (Yes, this is actually how these worthless bags of waste see the world.)

But they needn’t have worried their pretty little heads. In Weimerica, pervert rights only roll one way, don’t you know. Downhill swiftly towards Hell.

In a landmark, and unexpected, decision yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that firing an employee because of their sexual orientation or gender identity violates federal law. To hear Justice Neil Gorsuch — who wrote the 6-3 majority opinion — tell it, the landmark ruling was a straightforward one.

What Gorsuch and the rest said was, incredibly, that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits employment discrimination based on “race, color, religion, sex and national origin” also meant total protection for the queers, trans, and other assorted oddballs. They said that “sex,” which quite obviously meant “male” and “female” only, also applied to males who posed as females and the reverse.

Confused? Don’t be. These folks simply consult the latest guidelines from Schlomo and Co., pull some made-up “reasons” out of their nether regions, dress it up as “great thinking,” shuffle and patter a bit for public consumption, trot out the dog and the pony, haul in the smoke and the mirrors, have some clerk put a stamp on it, and tell the rest of us to suck on it.

Now barring discrimination — that is, barring choice — based on race and the rest of it is bad enough. That was a turning point in American history when we were compelled to work with, and for, Negroes and other non-Whites and give them as much of our country as they wanted, and when women were told that quitting the most important job in the Universe — creating and nurturing and enculturating the next generation of our Folk — and instead working their lives away for some faceless Jew-ridden corporation was “liberation.”

But now the Supreme Court says that all laws mean exactly what they say they mean — what they say they mean today, that is. What those laws meant when they were written, or what they meant last Tuesday, signifies nothing. What clear English prose obviously means is also irrelevant. They decide, and sometimes they change their minds. Quit noticing inconsistencies, slave.

It’s the whole cloth meets thin air school of jurisprudence.

The law is now a license to steal anything they want to steal, including your life and your country.

That’s just the way things roll in a Jew-rotten and Jew-ridden country. Don’t like it? You’re lucky we let you live, bigot. Go bake the cake and wax the testicles like we told you. And if you complain, watch how fast we ruin you.

A lot of conservatives, even the ones who hated Trump, held out hopes that Donald J. would nominate “good conservative” judges. They held their noses and said “but the courts.” And when Gorsuch got on the court they said, “See? The courts! Told you.”

Ah, the courts. When the used condoms hit the fan, the great conservative Gorsuch cucked. In his great and wise and truly American decision to force us all to closely associate with “transsexuals,” self-mutilated freaks, and more, he opined:

Those who adopted the Civil Rights Act might not have anticipated their work would lead to this particular result. But the limits of the drafters’ imagination supply no reason to ignore the law’s demands.

Oh really, the limits of the drafters’ imaginations? I suppose it’s true that even those race traitors, back in the more healthy America of 1964, could not have foreseen that some half-century later men dressed up as female whores would have the whip hand, or that spiky-haired freaks with bones through their noses would hand you your ten-dollar gourmet coffee at the local bodega. What were they thinking?

Some Jew-obeying journalist wrote that this decision “ranks among the most consequential civil rights rulings in the court’s history.”

Pardon me for thinking it was better when they were excluding Chinese and saying that Negroes had no rights that White Americans (but I repeat myself) must respect. Those really were the days.

Because, make no mistake about it, “civil rights” simply means no rights for the White man, for the straight, for the normal, for the traditional; no rights that they will ever respect.

“This is as important a ruling as Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 decision legalizing same-sex marriage,” says Michael Boucai, a professor at the University at Buffalo School of Law, “simply because employment is such a basic human need. He makes the pivotal holding that while the law doesn’t explicitly reference LGBTQ employees, and while Congress in 1964 may not have intended it to cover them, it protects those employees nonetheless.”

Right, he just conjured a new “right” out of whole cloth with absolutely no warrant for it whatsoever. I’d be a “great justice,” too, if I could just toss darts randomly in any direction and have some Jews always say I was hitting a bullseye.

Thanks Federalist Society! Thanks Trump! The courts!

And though major ruling-class swell Brett Kavanaugh voted against this particular abomination, he did feel it necessary to shore up his Georgetown reputation by sending out a message that despite it being a wrong ruling for some technical reason or other, it was a “banner day” for the “gays.” His statement was not ex officio; it was from the heart.

It seems that in our craven new world, few want to get on the wrong side of the Jew-weaponized freaks.

And don’t get me started with that maudlin “conservative” Catholic lady who adopted those little niglets. She’s a bomb that eventually will go off in all of our faces.

* * *

Now of course they want to make it official and permanent.

The fact that they can reliably rely on the Robertses and Gorsuches of the world to get on their knees in front of reeking perverts is not good enough: Who knows, as unlikely as it may seem, perhaps one day there will be some justices who will think that, just maybe, the protection of anal intercourse isn’t the Categorical Imperative of American law. So the Usual Suspects are proposing the ominous-sounding “Equality Act.” If this passes, no longer will any court have to tortuously misread the words of “civil rights law,” because now “civil rights law” will say the right thing right out loud: that no one can refuse to hire, or associate with, any pervert, no matter how sick or loathsome, no matter what unspeakable perversions may be invented in the days to come by our “fellow Whites” who sometimes wear those funny little hats.

The end of America will be right there in the bold letters of the “law.” This is what Magnus Hirshfeld and his ilk would have done to Germany if the Revolution of 1933 hadn’t stopped them. This is how entire nations are murdered.

If enacted The Equal Rights Act would explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity and sexual orientation in public accommodations, federal funding, employment, housing, equal credit opportunity and juries, as well as ensure the desegregation of public facilities and education — codifying the Supreme Court’s ruling extending the protections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to the LGBTQ+ community.

Now it occurs to me the world “desegregation” is chosen deliberately; you hear a lot now about how schools with the totally normal practice of keeping boys and girls in separate locker rooms, and changing rooms, and bathrooms, are guilty of “segregation.” They want to implant in the public’s mind the idea that keeping girls and boys separate in this way is the same as the “hate-based” way Whites kept separate from non-Whites back in the “bad” old days of “lunch counters” and the rest of it. And so the slow drip of the Jews’ murder of America and Americans continues unabated.

When you give something as sinister and ominous-sounding a name as the “Equality Act,” you might as well have plucked it from 1984 or Brave New World — or just call it the Cohen Act; it amounts to the same thing. Because anything called the Equality Act is a universal umbrella under which will be destroyed anything which is sane, normal, right, healthy, wholesome, pure, or White.

“Civil rights” always and only means no rights for the White man, no rights for the straight, for the decent, for the upstanding.

Equality is not a principle; it’s a weapon.

And it’s not equality that they want anyway. They want us dead.

* * *

Some fool wrote:

Consider the very name of the Equality Act, which would add ‘gender identity’ and ‘sexual orientation’ to the classes protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While I have no interest in discriminating against anyone, we’re at a moment when the media and so much of the Democratic Party, corporate world, and popular culture consider affirming transgender ideology a tenet of secular faith.

He lost the game when he said he didn’t want to discriminate; he thus concedes his enemy’s predicate, and once that bridge is crossed you might as well go home and play Russian roulette for a few hours.

The conservatards and gentry-cons don’t fight fire with fire, they just throw more and more logs on the one that’s burning us all to death.

All kinds of righteous discrimination flourished under the Constitution for a century and more, and no one said boo about it. It’s only very recently that “equality” became a holy sacrament, and bowing before its altar will never do you any good. It’s not really an altar, Jack. It’s a place where they chop heads off.

* * *

In a land not far away, Jews have taken total control, and the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman or that there are two biological sexes is met with vehement reprisals, loss of jobs, loss of status, loss of the ability to speak; businesses engaged in depilatories for women must now wax testes too; fine family bakers must bake cakes for dripping gayboys, perhaps by, or in the sight of, their teenage children; employers must conform to new sexual norms or lose their businesses; school districts must not “segregate” boys and girls in changing rooms, locker rooms, or bathrooms, or they can be sued by the ACLU and be forced to pay close to half a million dollars; a person is fired for simply refusing to use masculine pronouns for a delusional female — he had tried to stop using pronouns altogether regarding her-he-they-it-zir-what? — but that was not good enough for the wailing banshee-turned-“boy” and her Jewish protectors; hospitals and insurers are forced to provide and pay for “trans and transition therapies” (therapies!) despite moral or medical objections; medicine becomes political by making professionals act in opposition to their medical judgment when they are forced to provide “transition-affirming therapies”; religious hospitals are sued for failing to perform hysterectomies on a healthy women with the insane desire to “become a man”; a religious hospital has to pay off a massive amount in a settlement after the ACLU (that is, the Jews) sued them for not performing a double mastectomy on a so-called “gender dysphoric” young girl; hormonal and surgical interventions are normalized as well as pervert-friendly education in the public schools and other public venues; articles in prestigious medical journals argue for the state overruling parents if they object to their son lopping off his penis; parents lose custody of their daughter because they decline to give the girl testosterone supplements; charities are forced to open up private facilities, including sex-specific bathrooms, showers, and sleeping areas to members of the opposite sex.

A dystopian novel? No sir, not at all, this is America in the Current Year. It’s grisly reality. It is a parade of horribles. All of it has happened. And the procession is heading right to your front door.

And it is bound to get worse; the slippery slope is not a logical fallacy but a perfect predictor; and, as Barbara Lerner Spectre said in a related context, Jews are increasingly seen, truthfully, as being at the center of the “change.” Thus the mask slips; though we must say the disguise was always rather thin.

* * *

The same people who shudder in horror at the lurid lies about Dr. Mengele’s experiments will be one hundred per cent. for cutting off a sixteen-year-old girl’s breasts just because she has a socially implanted delusion that she’s a boy — and if you’re not down with that you’re a “Nazi.”

Equality is not a principle; it’s a a weapon.

In the 1940s, a Jew named Israel Ehrenberg (who preposterously conferred on himself the ultra-elite-sounding Anglo-Norman name of Montague Francis Ashley-Montagu, or “Ashley Montagu” for short) was at the forefront of the sinister propaganda that there are no races. Now, with as ugly a name as Israel Ehrenberg it’s understandable that he’d want a new one, but “Ashley Montagu” is a little over the top even for the quicksilver lying Jews; he might as well have called himself Baron von White Man, or copied Dunsany’s character of the Jew who restyled himself “Lord Castlenorman.” Of course he was fooling no one.

During the war of terror against White Europe and its rightful leader, famed visionary Adolf Hitler, Ehrenberg did his bit to condition White people to quietly accept their own deaths by writing a tendentious book called Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race in which he denied what everyone could easily see with his own two eyes, and denied the knowledge and wisdom of millennia, by arguing that race does not exist.

Race, however, far from being a myth, is man’s most precious inheritance. And, as William Pierce taught us, man’s most dangerous myth is equality.

It was Thomas Jefferson’s near kin and arch-nemesis John Randolph who said: “I love liberty; I hate equality” — neatly expressing the sane person’s view. Failing to reject the mania of frenzied levelling and de-humanization wrought by the fake concept of “equality” is a sign of mental or psychological sickness. Nothing is equal; Nature has an order and hierarchy which man must respect; the preaching of “equality” is nothing but the attempt to drag the higher peoples into the mud. The people pushing it pose as idealistic saints but really are cynical bastards; they know that race is the foremost force that could stop them from implementing their “new world order.” And so it has to go.

Scientists in many disciplines, and especially biologists and evolutionary psychologists, know that race is real. But most cower in fear to make any but a glancing reference to this ultimate reality of the human condition.

If race was the shot across the bow, biological sex is the Jews’ attempt at a knockout blow. Race, then sex — their one-two gut punch to our people. They chose to do race first, for with Hitler as the bogeyman and the wind at their backs they knew that would be the smoothest sailing. No one in the weak, over-civilized, too-comfortable White Establishment, concerned more for share prices and sinecures than for truth or even survival of their kind, wanted to touch the issue, much less defend against the Jewish onslaught. No, that “wouldn’t do,” not with CBS and ABC and NBC and the New York Times all saying that wanting your White children to marry White leads pretty directly to burning millions of innocents in gas ovens. The Christians, especially, folded at the first few syllables from the self-chosen. As for the broad middle of self-styled conservatives, they generally don’t want to die on any hill, but they sure as Hell weren’t going to die on a hill called “racist.” (Media control is what really matters, in matters of power.)

* * *

Just the other day Bethany Christian Services, which has heretofore refused to traffic in the adoption of children to “gay” adoptive parents, or to put innocent children in the clutches of pervert foster parents, truckled and buckled and reversed course:

Bethany’s informal policy (to refer LGBTQ people elsewhere) became increasingly challenging for the organization in recent years, as various states and municipalities began requiring agencies to accept applications from L.G.B.T.Q. couples in order to maintain their government contracts.

Ah, the contracts. The filthy lucre. Now they are fully on board putting little children in these houses of horror. Soon you will see one after another of these supposed stalwarts cave; the pressure is immense, and is going to be even more so. Time for the strongest among our people to take sides, resolve beforehand that pressure will not avail, and drive these killers from our presence.

* * *

In addition to being spot on about the Jews, the National Socialists also shut down the pervert “institutes” and burned their pervert books. They were rightly concerned with purity in all of its many and important forms, and they knew that the mind virus of Jewish “sexology” contained the nitroglycerine that would explode our race’s integrity — and threaten its very survival.

And killing us is the end game of the Jews.

* * *

When he read Gorsuch’s opinion on twisting the law to force us all to accept perverts, Justice Alito said that this was not textualism; this was not constitutionalism; this was a pirate ship.

But, sadly, that’s what America is now, a pirate ship — sailing to god knows where.

* * *

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
6 April, 2021 8:10 am

Short version: There is no political solution.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
9 April, 2021 6:46 am

To all who think like this: The solution is spiritual, get your posterior in gear and join the National Alliance to change this. Talking about other unworkable avenues that we already know about is itself a dead end.

And if you don’t want to join? Be a financial supporter.

Can’t do that either? Get out of here, we need builders, not shirkers of responsibility.

6 April, 2021 9:52 am

Trump was either astoundingly incompetent at selecting members of his administration, a liar or had no control. The first two possibilities indicate Trump should have been nowhere near the presidency. The last reason suggests that the president is a figurehead.

Reply to  guest
9 April, 2021 6:52 am

Government has long been under the control of racial aliens, as the author rightly pointed out, media power plays an enormous role in determining who governs.

We in the National Alliance seek to build our own power through institutions such as media, education, fundraising, and so on.

Anthony Kimball
Anthony Kimball
6 April, 2021 10:25 am

Our people, whether they realize it or not (and, thankfully, more of them ARE realizing it every day) are in an actual, not a hypothetical or figurative, war to the death. We really DO have an enemy. And this enemy is in no mood to bargain, compromise or “work” with us….no, he wants us DEAD. And he will not stop until we are, in fact, wiped from the earth. This is the real, unvarnished truth of the matter. Now, knowing this truth, do you, White Man, honestly believe that more talking about our current situation, more highlighting the latest crimes against our people, will really help alleviate our plight? Knowing what our enemy intends for us, do you, White Man, honestly believe that preaching to the choir is an effective… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Kimball
9 April, 2021 6:56 am

So Anthony Kimball, what are you proposing “what must be done?”

Recruiting and organizing the best of our race and building a new order for us as stated here: — is this what you want?

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Anthony Kimball
14 April, 2021 2:01 pm

Yes, there is no political solution in the straight sense of this word. Actually, there is no silver bullet, that would solve all problems. As in all wars, all services and branches of military are important, even if some of them are not especially glorious. For example, all kinds of supply agencies providing military operations don’t receive popular acclaim as members of special forces, who make daring exploits into the enemy rear. But all such heroic exploits would be impossible without proper functioning logistics of the supply services. The same is applicable to all other aspects of struggle and competition. The ultimate success depends mainly on the ability of cooperation and dedication of all branches of the given social organism to the common goal. In the current situation there is… Read more »

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
6 April, 2021 1:57 pm

Yes Douglas Mercer: Well written article, correctly attacking the enemy “jew”. They truly are the enemy of all races, but mostly the White Race. You mention the “Civil Rights Act of 1964” a few times, but I then think how much better the USA would be today if “Mr Republican”, Barry Goldwater (all jew) would have won the 1964 presidential election. Also I cry thinking how much better the world would be if Hitler had won WWII. How would Hitler have accepted a Barry Goldwater? Today jew perverts are trying to change LGBTQ and put a P in there for pedophile. What chance is there for the White race, when over 80% of Whites support the rodent jew? I have no answer how to stop the jew today. Only Hitler,… Read more »

New World Ebola
New World Ebola
Reply to  David R. Westerlund
14 April, 2021 12:04 pm

hindsight is amazing… don’t forget that stalin was also preparing to invade Europe.
it could have been even worse for Europe if Hitler hadn’t made the first move.
you can blame UK and USA for helping the parasites over their own blood brothers.
USA dropping supplies to the red army storming Europe was pure insanity and blood betrayal of the worst kind. Never again – no more brother wars.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
Reply to  New World Ebola
14 April, 2021 6:15 pm

In hindsight, Hitler should have headed southeast in 1941, to the oil fields and the mouth of the Volga. Moscow was a poor choice. He did try that in 1942, but that was too late.

If the 3rd Reich could have captured the oil fields, Russia would have been out of oil, just as Germany was in 1942. It is very labor intensive to make synthetic out of coal and the Romanian oil fields were pumping overcapacity.

Summer of 1942 come up both sides of the Volga to Stalingrad and then Moscow in 1943.

New World Ebola
New World Ebola
14 April, 2021 12:00 pm

Trumpstein made naive patriots comfortable… trump is a traitor.
He wouldn’t have handed the Whitehouse over to Biden if he wasn’t.
Both parties are 100% ZOG.

15 April, 2021 10:05 pm

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of the countries on this planet are now owned and controlled by the hidden hand. I too was mesmerized with the phenomenon of president Trump. What a complete and utter disappointment, to actually believe that this white multi billionaire gives a rats ass about his own folk… I’m starting think that in 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were intentionally paired and presented to the masses as opponents, where in fact they were controlled opposition, worshiping the same hidden hand. I sense that the 1967 attack on the ship Liberty was truly symbolic as it foreshadowed future events for the American people. All that is left now is to decide our fate. Submit to the ghouls in the white house… Read more »

New World Ebola
New World Ebola
Reply to  anonymous
19 April, 2021 6:00 am

exactly… the whole point of (((controlled opposition))) is to make it as convincing as possible.

Patrick White
Patrick White
13 May, 2021 10:47 am

Utterly brilliant writing. Bold, articulate, informed, compelling.

Thank you.