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We Can’t Live This Way

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 13 March, 2021 2021-0313 – We Can’t Live This Way.mp3

by Kevin Alfred Strom

First, let me say that I am very aware that this ADV broadcast is late, and I don’t like that. But the production of several new books, including a new book by National Alliance Chairman William White Williams which will be out soon, and the moving of our studios to a new location, and the fast-growing baby in the Strom household, and the need to make ends meet, have slowed production of ADV. It will all be made up to you, dear listeners, soon — including a special interview with Chairman Williams in coming weeks. On to today’s show!

WE CAN’T LIVE this way. And I mean that literally. Whites in America — Whites everywhere, really — are being forced into conditions that are not conducive to our continued existence.

Major media outlets — CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS, and all the rest of them — under Jewish leadership, transmit an endless drumbeat of self-hatred, discouragement, and death to our people, and incite the other races to hate us with passion and make war on us whenever they think they can get away with it. Here are just a few of the hate-and-and-guilt-inducing headlines from just one “mainstream” site over the last few weeks — and the headlines are enough; no need to read the articles for confirmation.

Why I Will Never, Ever Work on MLK Day

My Boyfriend’s Parents Were White Supremacists

Why Black Girls Need Black Stories (This one might not seem anti-White on its face, but we all know that stating the truth that White children need White stories, White heroes and heroines, would be decried and attacked as “racist.”)

The Racist History of your Homeowners’ Association

Congress Has Been Ignoring Racist Capitol Police for Years

An Anti-Racist Future: A Vision and Plan for the Transformation of Public Media

White Allies: You Don’t Get to Not Be White Right Now

What I Would Do If I Had White Privilege For A Day

There Are No ‘Mixed-Race’ People; Why it’s troublesome to believe otherwise

Now Is the Time for White People to Pick a Side (Hey, I even agree with this headline — but I’m pretty certain my conclusions are the opposite of what they’re pushing.)

Take Your Huckleberry Finn and Shove It! — English Lit is making Black kids miserable.

White Privilege Up Close and Personal

How “Well-Intended” White People Uphold Racism

The neuroscience of hate: What were the insurrectionists thinking?

How A White Woman’s Anger Makes Her Racism Spill Out

Does Period Fiction Have to Be Racially Accurate?

I Got A Great Job Offer, But It’s In A Racist City

White Women, Stop Using Racism as a Nonprofit Marketing Tool: Let’s talk about our role in upholding racism

Yes, This Was a Coup Attempt — Against Blackness

Why Reverse Racism Is A Myth: It doesn’t exist and it’s a lie.

Songs of White Privilege and White Supremacy

Hate groups have rebranded and your old tropes about them allow them to sneak past you undetected.

I Love Your Complexion! — and other micro-assaults on Black women

Message to White Allies from A Black Anti-Racism Expert: You’re Doing It Wrong

The Most Terrifying Three-Word Phrase Might Just Be ‘Whites-Only Church’

How the Racists Are Weaponizing the Classics: The Red Pill community has been using Greek and Roman antiquity to bolster their credibility

White People Make Life Harder For Black People

Dear White People, Please Stop Invading My Space

Can Black Women Have Safe Friendships With White Women?

This Is What it Feels Like to Be Black in White Spaces

Don’t Rush To Forgive White Folks, They Know Exactly What They Do

Six Dog Breeds White People Love More Than They Do Black People, Ranked

Often, headlines like these — and there are worse ones — are the majority in any given day on outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Medium, Yahoo, and many others. Imagine the intensity of the propaganda day after day, hour after hour, year after year, multiplied many times by the same messages of guilt and hate being repeated in school curricula, pronouncements by governments and politicians, and messages subtly and not so subtly embedded in modern fiction and drama. The Jew has positioned himself to do this to our people nearly every hour of every day of our lives — and do it he does. It never stops.

What are the results of this stoking of guilt and hate by the media?

1) By the stoking of guilt, Whites are rendered psychologically incapable of protecting themselves from dangerous interactions with non-Whites, even when protecting themselves is as simple as avoiding contact with said non-Whites, since the media condition our folk to believe that such avoidance is “racist,” and therefore “bad” — and, once in the middle of such a dangerous interaction, such Whites often find themselves incapable of defending themselves for the same reason, making them easy victims;

2) by the stoking of hatred for Whites, non-Whites are rendered even more hostile to Whites than they would normally be. This factor needs to be thoroughly studied and investigated, and the effects of this media-fueled hatred publicly discussed in every single case of violence or crime against Whites by non-Whites. Additionally, those who stoke such hatred against Whites need to be held civilly and criminally responsible for these crimes and acts of violence, and they need to be prevented from causing further harm.

Let’s look at the harm they cause.

Under the heading “Caring for wild animals can be fatal,” we see the following news story on White Biocentrism:

Stupid, selfless Colorado teen beaten to death in parking lot, Negro ex-boyfriend arrested

Danielle Hopton died of injuries after she was allegedly beaten, according to police. She was described as an animal lover who “genuinely cared about others.”

An 18-year-old animal shelter volunteer in Colorado was allegedly beaten to death in a parking lot by her ex-boyfriend, authorities said.

Danielle Hopton was found unconscious “with life-threatening injuries consistent with an assault” in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Fort Collins on Feb. 6, according to Fort Collins police.

She was taken to a local hospital, where she died of her injuries. Her death was ruled a homicide. Cops didn’t elaborate on what kind of injuries she sustained.

Police later arrested her ex-boyfriend Stephen McNeil, 20, for the slaying. Another suspect, Ian Rayas, 20, was also taken into custody in connection with the killing.

Danielle Hopton, who was beaten to death in Colorado

Wooly-headed McNeil is obviously of predominantly Negro ancestry; all the White mixture of centuries standing his line experienced made no practical difference in the outcome — in fact, perhaps it made it worse.

“Boyfriend” Stephen McNeil

A police investigation revealed Hopton was with the men the night of her death. The group drove to the parking of the apartment complex and parked there to hang out, cops said.

At some point, Hopton and McNeil got out of the car to talk and then the assault occurred. The ex fled, “and a member of the group called 911,” according to police.

McNeil is charged with first-degree murder, and Rayas is charged with attempt to influence a public servant and accessory to a crime.

Hopton was described as an animal lover who “genuinely cared about others.”

“Danielle loved spending her time volunteering at the animal shelter, and helping her dad raise guide dog puppies,” according to a GoFundMe page set up for her family.

“She was such a selfless and caring person.”

The harm they cause: There are no differences between the races. Bringing home Black friends shows what a “good person” you are. It’s “racist” to resist the overtures of a Black boy. White people need to stop being “racist”. We need to give our love to other races; only in that way can we prove how “good” we are.

And another example of the harm they cause:

Triple murder suspect accused of cutting out [White female] victim’s heart, cooking it, and trying to serve it as a meal before killing two family members

Oklahoma authorities said Lawrence Paul Anderson — after being released early from prison in January — killed a woman, cut out her heart, took it across the street to his aunt and uncle’s Chickasha home, cooked it with potatoes “to feed to his family to release the demons,” and then killed his uncle, badly injured his aunt, and killed their 4-year-old granddaughter, the Oklahoman reported.

Anderson, 42, faces three counts of first-degree murder, one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and one count of maiming in the Feb. 9 attacks, the paper said.

He’s accused of killing his uncle, Leon Pye, 67, attacking his aunt, Delsie Pye, and killing their granddaughter, Kaeos Yates, and the Pyes’ neighbor, 41-year-old Andrea Lynn Blankenship, the Oklahoman reported. Anderson was arrested at the Pye residence after police responded to a 911 call, the paper said.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents said Anderson confessed and said he killed the neighbor first and then cut out her heart before taking it to the Pye home to cook with potatoes “to feed to his family to release the demons,” an OSBI agent wrote in a request for a search of the home, the paper added.

Agents found a cooking pot containing residue and another cooking pot with food inside, the Oklahoman reported.

“Anderson … cooked the heart at the Pye home and tried to make Delsie and Leon Pye eat the heart before he attacked them,” another OSBI agent wrote in a search request of the neighbor’s home, the paper noted. Investigators said Anderson stabbed them, KFOR-TV reported, adding that Anderson’s aunt who survived was stabbed in the eye.

Blankenship’s cousin told the station she was a single mother of two who lived alone and worked from home.

The cousin added that her family is unaware of any relationship between Blankenship and Anderson, KFOR added.

Anderson was sentenced to prison in 2006 for attacking and pointing a gun at his girlfriend, the station said, adding that he was back behind bars in 2012 for selling crack cocaine near an elementary school. Anderson was sentenced again in 2017 for having a gun and sneaking drugs into jail, KFOR said.

Confessed cannibal Anderson
Victim Andrea Lynn Blankenship

Released early from prison by a Jew-Soros-approved “criminal justice reform” administration. Incensed and angered, driven to such madness against White people, driven to revert to his erectus side, so far that he even killed his own family when they would not partake of the cannibal feast.

The harm they cause: White people are the enemy. Whiteness must be abolished. White people are “racist.” All and I repeat all White people are racist. White people have oppressed you for hundreds of years. The only reason you don’t have what you want is because racist White people stole it from you.

Did Lawrence Paul Anderson watch CNN? Did Lawrence Paul Anderson watch videos on “Critical Race Theory” or “abolishing Whiteness”? Did Lawrence Paul Anderson attend an anti-White church? Was anti-White literature, or “anti-racist” literature produced by Jewish-owned publishers found in his home? Did his friends and neighbors hear him speak negatively about White people? Was material produced by the ADL or SPLC or NAACP found in his home or in his browsing history? Was he “linked” in any way to any anti-White organizations? What led him to ending the life of this innocent White woman in this sick, gruesome way? We call for an investigation into the background of this crime. We call for such a background investigation into all crimes against White people. And we call for measures that will put an end to all non-White crimes against our people, forever.

In order for us to be successful in this, we need more members, we need more full-time employees working every day for our cause — and, to do that, we need your regular and generous support.

* * *

You’ve been listening to American Dissident Voices, the radio program of the National Alliance. This program is published every week at and Please write to us at National Alliance, Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. We welcome your inquiries and your financial support in spreading our message of hope to our people. We also welcome your applications for membership in our community of the conscious. Once again, that address is Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683 USA. Thank you for your help. 2021-0313 – We Can’t Live This Way.mp3

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13 March, 2021 7:55 am

The genocide against Indo-European-descent folks merits the death penalty.

Julius Streicher Jr.
Julius Streicher Jr.
13 March, 2021 10:18 am

Only JEWS are racists. It’s their Talmudic sick psychopathic religion.

BTW: Only JEWS should pay “REPARATIONS”, since they brought the black animals here, auctioned them off, and worked them on their own JEW-owned slave plantations.
Yep, most of the slave plantations were actually owned by JEWS.

Reply to  Julius Streicher Jr.
13 March, 2021 11:42 am

Jews operated the slave trade.
Every ship to carry African slaves into the Confederacy was owned by a jew.
The first person in America to own a slave was black, and so was his slave.
There were more white slaves in America than black slaves.

White people have had nothing whatsoever to do with American slavery – except making the mistake of abolishing it,

And this is the gratitude we get?

If blacks hate life in America so much, they should all go and live in Liberia.

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
13 March, 2021 11:16 am

now it is worth replacing all European languages ​​with more tolerant varieties.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
13 March, 2021 2:41 pm

Another outstanding essay. In interracial crimes against Whites, the connections of non-White and anti-White criminals to Jewish and other Establishment sources of hate speech–“news,” entertainment, the Internet, “social media,” Left-wing groups, universities, schools, etc.–should be thoroughly investigated, documented, and recorded in government statistics to determine the racial, political, and ideological views of the offenders, and where their ideas came from. More often than not there will be a trail a mile wide leading straight to the most “respectable” elements of society. The perpetrators of such crimes should then be punished as hate criminals, and given enormously enhanced sentences. The individuals and entities who generated the speech they consumed and were influenced by should be banned, censored, shut down, and denied access to banking facilities, etc. Of course, none of this… Read more »

14 March, 2021 10:10 am

They call us “racists” as if that was a bad thing.

Reply to  Iceman
16 March, 2021 1:03 am

I know right. I actually can’t help but be pleased with myself, as I cannot refute it. At least I am being honest.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Geli
9 April, 2021 8:11 pm

if i’m called a racist…i thank the hapless defective for the compliment…and ask it if it also likes my new shoes.

14 March, 2021 11:22 am

All the writing in the world will not stop the Jews. They simply do not care what you say. They are in charge of our government and are going to wreck this nation and genocide the White Race, their mortal enemies. Just think how clever they are ; they actually managed to completely infiltrate the government of their mortal enemies and have now taken control of every facet of White life. Think about that. You gotta hand it to ’em. What a position to be in !! And no one cares, and everyone just waits for death to come to their front door. It’ll all be over soon, AFTER THE GREAT GUN GRAB. Prepare for rivers of blood and heads on pikes.

Reply to  Sam
16 March, 2021 8:00 pm

…no one cares, and everyone just waits for death to come to their front door. It’ll all be over soon, AFTER THE GREAT GUN GRAB. Prepare for rivers of blood and heads on pikes.

So much for their being too docile and petty for their own good.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
Reply to  Sam
9 April, 2021 8:12 pm

thanks for the trite, platitudinal defeatist reminder.

14 March, 2021 4:26 pm

Those evil racist Whites spent a large amount of money and evil White teachers spent years becoming teachers so that they could teach you not to be a cannibal but you sure showed them eh, Anderson.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
14 March, 2021 8:11 pm

Looks like the Black gentlemen did not pay enough attention when they got their Kalergi Plan marching orders. They weren’t supposed to kill the White girls – if at all – until AFTER they had given birth to several mochachino lo-IQ future consumer-worker slaves.

18 March, 2021 6:44 am

Additionally to the above observations, it should be noted that these media attacks come in waves. We’ll see days of intense ‘racism’ shaming followed by days of [white] men-shaming, after which comes the next wave of ‘racism’ shaming.

At the moment we’re in a men-shaming period in the UK, following the murder of a white woman, the murder suspect being a cop. Women are being encouraged to rally against men in general while the covid-enforcing cops seem to be off the hook. There have even been calls for a curfew on [white] men after 6pm.

Unfortunately, as we see with the covid hoax, people are terribly gullible and will follow the pied piper off the cliff, no questions asked. There are simply not enough people standing up against this.

Dr. Vajayjay Gupta
Dr. Vajayjay Gupta
20 March, 2021 1:06 am

The national mainstream media is largely responsible because if it aired accurate reports on such crimes with 1/10th of the attention that the deaths of Trayvon Martin or George Floyd engendered, many, many Whites would be sufficiently alerted to the negroid danger as to prevent new crimes. This media also rejects doing any stories of a statistical nature, showing the vast difference in the comparative percentages of black-on-White crimes vs. the opposite. Of course black-on-White crimes are so common that just local coverage eventually blankets the country with horror stories.

LH Collins
LH Collins
Reply to  ulysses freire da paz jr
20 August, 2021 7:17 am

Golda Meir: “Miscegnation is worse than the Holocaust”

Meanwhile, in Israel-Palestine….

LH Collins
LH Collins
20 August, 2021 7:15 am

Black hoodie: “All White people are Racist.”

All Black “people” are parasitical scum! How about that?