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The Road the Invaders Should Take

Import the Third World, become the Third World: Detroit, Michigan.

by David Sims

THE REPLACEMENT of aged White Americans, who were innovative and productive in their younger days, with Third World immigrants (whether legal or not), isn’t as good as having a White birthrate high enough to make those immigrants superfluous as laborers.

White people have a higher average human quality than most non-Whites do. The very fact that those non-Whites live in, or until recently lived in, the violent, impoverished, war-torn Third World attests to their low human quality. Their desire to escape from the nests that they and their like fouled is proof that they do not deserve to be accepted by any White country.

Taking them in might seem charitable, but this is a charity that we cannot afford. Better to give them half of our money and keep them overseas. Better still to fence them out, and ignore them entirely as they rape each other, rob each other, and bash each others’ brains out. They will do such things to us if we are within their reach.

The best-case scenario is that they follow the road that the Australopithecus took.

If Whites had a birthrate that ensured quantitative replacement, then biological inheritance would automatically ensure the preservation of human quality. But mass immigration, while supplying quantity, will reduce quality. The costs of maintenance will be greater because of the reduction in the average resident’s moral circumspection, and the return on investment will be less because of the average immigrant’s inferior intelligence.

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Rommel 41
Rommel 41
2 April, 2021 11:50 am

Great little pithy summation. More could be written but this suffices for the thumbnail. Nobody, if they’re being honest, sees most of ‘these people’ as quality. The bigger problem, and an aspect that nauseates me, is that we’re taught (propagandized) to be uncomfortable with it, and that others will be made uncomfortable by it. It’s perfectly Ok though to compare cars and all manner of consumer products … which (chuckling) reminds me that when many of these quality humans get their hands on enough of our money to step up, they buy a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. Of course ‘quality’ can only be applied to “products” but NEVER to people, as for example those who who designed and built such products. Ha, ha …THAT would be racist. Of course no… Read more »

3 April, 2021 2:51 pm

Taking them in might seem charitable, but this is a charity that we cannot afford.”

 We’re not taking them in; we’re being forced to take them in – big, big difference …