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The Jabberwockies’ Jabber

by Revilo P. Oliver

IT IS A MEASURE of the squalor in which White Americans choose to live that it remained for a Japanese, the former Senator from California, Dr. S. I. Hayakawa, to propose that English be officially designated as the language of the United States, and that legislation is now necessary to require what everyone should take for granted. This should be sufficient to remind Americans that they really should have kept their country, when they had one.

It all began, of course, when the Jewish invaders persuaded chuckle-headed females and epicene males to take pride in the lovely stench of a “melting pot” boiling garbage collected from all over the world. And that, of course, inspired the “educators” when they were sneaking up on the boobs. Their first act of sabotage was to eliminate the language that was the grammatical criterion, Latin, on the grounds that vulgarians did not need it. Then they proceeded to sabotage English itself, claiming that the effort to learn correct use of the language caused trauma in the stuffing of imbecile heads, and anyway, Americans, like apes, should be able to make their wants known with just a few sounds and gestures. I myself have heard some of the “educators,” female zombies, who teach in high schools, declare that (a) the correct use of English is “too hard” for the weak minds of children, and (b) correct syntax and a vocabulary of more than a few hundred words is “aristocratic” and must not be tolerated in a proletarian slum. Most recently, the gangsters have been forcing White children to learn the jabber of niggers as a “second language,” presumably so that the little wretches can make themselves understood when they beg for mercy from niggers who are beating them.

And now our criminal courts, following directions from the Revolutionary Tribunal in the District of Corruption, have decreed that the spavined Spanish spoken to some extent by the mongrels that are streaming across the Rio Grande is an official language in some states, to be used on ballots, in governmental statements, and in courts. This is true in the states that are being prepared for planned dismemberment of the United States, when the American nitwits in the Southwest will themselves experience what they (for theirs was the power) so gleefully imposed on the Germans in Sudetenland and elsewhere.(1) In some places, e.g., Seattle, a dozen tongues spoken by imported vermin are officially recognized in the crime-breeding centers that are called public schools and supported by unthinking taxpayers, but a low Spanish seems to be the principal tool of the wrecking crew at the present time, since it will be used for “majority rule” in the states returned to Mexico.

The Spanish used by the mestizos (Indians with some tincture of White blood resulting from the lust and Christian stupidity of the Conquistadores provides the Jews’ liepapers with a pretext for calling them ‘Hispanic’ – a deceit which, I am glad to see, has at last evoked protests from persons of Spanish blood, who are defamed by the verbal trick. I do not know whether the sly misuse of the word is involved in the criminal activities of many clergymen. According to the latest count in the press, 136 punks in pulpits have persuaded their feeble-minded congregations to make their churches hideouts for the few vermin that the sadly understaffed and maligned Immigration Service is trying to remove. And I have before me a copy of a letter, written by a holy female, called a Sister, who is the sidekick of a holy male, called a Bishop; in the name of her Church, she preaches the Gospel of Marx that “poverty” justifies any violation of law, with the implication that she and her episcopal soul-mate have every right to inflict pests from Mexico on White Americans. The Christian scoff-laws are presumably acting from sheer malice, rather than greed, (2) but their crimes should remind us that it is time for the world’s beasts of burden, American taxpayers, to stop subsidizing the salvation-business by granting its marts exemption from the taxes that are imposed on businesses that are necessary parts of the national economy. Whether the exemption of churches from taxation was ever justified by their supposed efficacy in inhibiting crime, is doubtful, but in any case such an apology can no longer be made for them.

As for Senator Hayakawa’s proposed Constitutional amendment to recognize English as our language, I am inclined to believe that if it is feasible, it is unnecessary. All Americans have to do is to recover possession of the United States – if they can.


(1) It is worthy of note that the region that was once inhabited by 3,000,000 Germans, who made it one of the fairest and most prosperous parts of Europe, is now inhabited by some 1,800,000 poverty-stricken Bohemians, who are leaving in droves a region of dilapidated cities, mouldering ghost-towns, and deserted farms. G. A. Amaudruz, writing in the Courier du Continent, suspects that the gradual depopulation of the Sudetenland may be arranged by the Soviet as part of a plan to use the territory as bait for West Germany, to which it will be returned in compensation for some outrageous concession. That is possible, but the ruin of the land may be no more than another manifestation of the Jews” insatiable lust to destroy wherever they go, work in which their Yahweh is pledged to assist them, as all readers of the Bible well know.

(2) There seem to be no reliable estimates of the part that greed plays in fostering the invasion by our enemies from across the Rio Grande. A friend of mine conversed with a prominent attorney in Texas who has political ambitions, and suggested that he make a campaign issue out of the clandestine immigrants. “Oh, I couldn’t do that!” the shocked lawyer exclaimed, “why some of my best clients are making a lot of money out of their ‘wet-backs’ ” [mestizos who are supposed to have swum across the Rio Grande on dark nights].” It is true that employers who need peons and are being harassed by our labor gangsters must be tempted by the opportunity to employ clandestine immigrants, but nevertheless, they should be capable of some concern for the future of the places in which they have their homes at present. It is true that dogs will take, without thinking, any gob of hamburger that is offered them, but Aryans were once believed to be more intelligent mammals.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, April 1985

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Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
20 March, 2021 9:37 am

R.P.O.: Most recently, the gangsters have been forcing White children to learn the jabber of niggers as a “second language,” presumably so that the little wretches can make themselves understood when they beg for mercy from niggers who are beating them. — It is fortunate that Dr. Oliver’s ears were never assaulted with the more recent jabber of niggers by Whites who should know better — for example, the word “woke.” Found this: Despite the recent spike in its usage, ‘woke’ is not a new word. It was first used in the 1940s and was created as a political term by black Americans. It means to be awake to issues of social justice and racial justice. I axe you, what self-respecting White person would talk like a street nigger? — FULL CONJUGATION… Read more »

Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 March, 2021 8:33 am

I remember the old days – maybe about 2 years ago- when ‘woke’ still meant something positive. They do like to flip everything upside down, they do…..

22 March, 2021 8:32 am

If English – a mixture of Anglish, which is virtually identical to Middle High German, Franco-Latin and a little bit of Gaelic spelling – is to difficult for them, they should consider themselves lucky that the Coomonwealth of Pennsylvania didn’t vote to make German the official language when that issue was up for debate in 1700-something, German grammar being far more complex, compound nouns much longer than any English word……