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The Great Dispossession

by Douglas Mercer

ONE OF THE great ironies is that in the 1920s when Jews were discriminated against by the Ivy League schools, they cried out sharply in pain. It was another Shoah, they said; and the Shoah hadn’t even happened yet. Not that it ever did.

But now Jews lead the charge to discriminate against White people in university admissions, and in every other aspect of American life.

What goes by the genteel name of “Affirmative Action” or, more recently, “equity,” is really a racial spoils system. It’s just so many pigs at the trough, eating the White man out of house and home.

Recently “President” Biden announced that he was offering a relief package for small businesses hit hard by the government-induced Covid hoax. Imagine you and your wife both left your job ten years ago to pursue what had always been a dream: to open a restaurant. You struggled mightily, and there were many dark days, but a few years ago you saw the fruits of your work. You were still close to the edge but you had yourself a successful business. Then Uncle Sam lies to you and tell you for “public safety” you need to downgrade your business to “take-out only.” Soon the dream was unraveling. You had to let bus boys, cooks, waitresses go. You have early teen kids and over the table you and your wife worry. Then magic appears. Your government, the one you’ve always paid your taxes to, and paid them on time, tells you help is on the way for people just like you. Your heart leaps. Until you read the fine print, or the bold print really since this provision was touted proudly by the Jew media.

You learn that help is on the way but not for people “just like you.” You see, you are White. And the “President” has announced that Blacks, Browns, Indians, Arabs, Asians, everyone who falls under the sinister sobriquet “person of color” — those small business people will get help, but you — Whitey, back of the line, son. Whatever crumbs are left over after the Rainbow Coalition has sucked to its satiety, well, we’ll toss them from the table and let you White folk crawl on your knees for them.

That is: You’re out of luck. Your heart sinks. You think of your kids.

How angry would you be?

As angry as you’ve ever been, I’d wager.

You see, White people in America are second class citizens. White people have all kinds of legal and administrative disabilities heaped on them by the government they pay for.

And you’d better not talk about it, racist.

* * *

Ask the average White person what “Affirmative Action” is and he’ll probably say it’s something like some Black kids get into Harvard. He will likely not know that this is just the tip of the iceberg, that the depth and breadth of it is astounding, that it is entrenched and entangled in American law and policy, that it is not just about Blacks, or that it is never going to end unless we do what Nature demands of us.

The American government is a system of racial spoils (paid for by you, White man) and all the pigs we were stupid enough to import are lining continually up at the trough to stick in their filthy snouts in order to get their fill of your money. At this point the American government is little more than a vast, tyrannical bureaucracy, backed by the force of a million thugs with guns, set up to prevent you from doing anything while those who long to see you dead stick their greasy paws into your pockets and reach for their machetes.

“Equality” is yesterday’s news and was bad enough. The watchword now is “equity.” Which is a word which, translated, means it’s time to shake down the White man for all he is worth.

* * *

When the initial “civil rights” legislation was passed, the White people of America were sold a bill of goods. The tender-hearted felt that we could “rectify past wrongs” by granting Negroes “equality” — and also preferences. They misjudged the Negro; they thought that these insatiable savages would be content with sticking to a deal, however informal. Unfortunately we were never given a receipt — but the broad and general understanding at the time was that the Blacks would need a little preferment “for a while,” but that this was time-limited and only for descendants of slaves or those who had lived under segregation. But that was all conveniently forgotten in just a few years.

Now, emboldened by enemy media, no matter what they are given, it is not enough and will never be enough. Nothing is time-limited, except our lives. And with the drug overdose of violent Black criminal George Floyd, the giveaways are accelerating with no end in sight. And, adding insult to injury — now Negroes are the least of it. Any brown-skinned alien who got here yesterday can also claim to be a “victim,” and can also claim his place at the trough. Their snouts are ready to go from day one, believe you me. So now instead of being “aid” to Blacks until they “get on their own two feet,” now it’s money drained from Whites to anyone who isn’t White, generation after generation after generation, for all time, forever.

Always the stupid country.

It’s gone on so long now, so many trillions have been stolen, so much family prosperity has been stolen, so many children’s futures stolen, so many dreams destroyed that we’ll never even know much we’ve lost.

Now the monster is on the loose.

When people think of “civil rights,” they think of the supposed beauty of “equality,” and perhaps Black men in skinny ties and church-going Black women in wide skirts. This is a lie. Better to think of those bayonets. You know the ones.

Because “equality” was never a goal — it was a weapon. Always. And “equality” was just the floor, the beginning. The Real Enemy has since erected a monstrous edifice (that could never have been built by Blacks) filled with baleful civil servants and insidious lawyers, making sure the White man takes it in the neck every day; the Civil Rights Division of the “Justice Department” takes the long arm of the black letter of the law and shoves it down the throats of White people on the daily; this is not limited government, this is anti-White government; this is tyranny. The Kangz Writ runs everywhere. A White man’s home used to be his castle, now it’s a killing field. It’s government of the “minorities,” by the Jews, and for the Pieces of …Color. (POC, don’t you know?)

* * *

“Civil rights” is a euphemism; just like “diversity.” “Civil rights” is UCLA employing a “Diversity Czar” who rakes in $450,000 a year, which is good scratch if you can get it. This so-called “Czar” has one function: To ensure that unending and constant punitive discrimination against White people takes place. One of the wealth losses that goes off the books and never gets counted is when Tar Baby goes to UCLA and earns millions more than he deserves over his lifetime, while White Jack or Jenny is forced to go to State U. and earns millions less. Millions stolen from us — for just one tar baby. And there are a lot of tar babies. Millions to every single such tar baby just for being — a tar baby.

On it’s Web page for “diversity of admissions” in its graduate programs, UCLA prominently and proudly displays a picture of a sliding Jackie Robinson. That means if you are White and want to get in there your chances will be quashed faster than you can say “Jack Robinson.” (By the way, Branch Rickey — the man who turned professional baseball into a giant engine of racial mixing — had such a “deep Christian faith” that some of the loons called him “Mahatma.” His fame rests on his willingness to be a race traitor.)

In the waning days of his administration, Trump went after some Ivy League Schools for their “Affirmative Action” policies. This move by Trump was touted as helping Asians, because no one wants to put in a good word for the White man and his long-forgotten rights. The current “President” stopped all that cold, and told them stick it even harder to the ancestors of those who created those universities in the first place.

* * *

In the late 1970s the Supreme Court justified “Affirmative Action” in university admissions by saying it was not about promoting minorities, or harming White people — it was, they blathered, about the “general idea of diversity.” Here they made a fatal leap: they said that “diversity” was a “compelling interest” in and of itself. If the White man’s rights got trampled on the way to what they took to be the Nirvana of “diversity,” well so be it. (To the regime, there is nothing at all “compelling” about the rights or interests or even lives of White people.)

This was criminal Talmudic chop logic, not logic at all — they were just finding a way to continue the criminal process of dispossessing heritage Americans, and dressing it up a way that might be considered acceptable to enough White dunces that they would not make too big a stink about it, or any stink at all. This is also the birth of the word “diversity” in its current Orwellian sense, a word that is not so much a buzz word as a buzz saw, facilitating the chainsaw massacre of our families and our selves in our own homeland.

When “Affirmative Action” came under pressure from a few remaining Whites with some fight left in them, our enemies conjured out of their Jewish bag of tricks another redefined word — “holistic.” Using this kabbalistic spell-word, the Big Brains claimed they were “looking at the whole person” or some other vague nonsense, and thus could hide their blatant discrimination against White people behind a cloud of Jewish smoke. It was nonsense and misdirection, of course. Everything they say is nonsense and misdirection. Schlomo the Amazing talks about “mind reading” while his shill in the audience is looking over your shoulder and passing him the sign.

“Affirmative Action” quickly became a major factor in government hiring and contracting. If a bridge needed to be built they “took race into account.” Woe betide the contractor whose board, or workforce, were all White Americans. The jobs went preferentially to those who were the most ardent multiracialists, or who hired the most Blacks. Meaning you needed to be more careful than ever when crossing that new bridge.

The money-men and their corporations have embraced the New Dispensation. McDonalds recently said they would not give bonuses to executives that did not hire “enough” Blacks. (They need to watch their language, though. The word “enough” implies that there’s a number that would be sufficient, and that implies that there’s a limit, and that’s racist!)

And in far-gone California, race traitor and former husband to Donald Trump Junior’s current squeeze (they’ve been passing her around like a cheap cigar) Governor Gavin Newsom gave White people another turn of the screw: “California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law requiring publicly traded corporations headquartered in California to appoint directors from underrepresented communities to their boards, the first law in the country to dictate the racial makeup of corporate boards.”

Hatred of White men is now in all the interstices of American law and policy. We are second class citizens in our own home. And there is no end in sight.

* * *

The first time the Marine Band played Hail to the Chief for future gun violence victim John Kennedy, he noticed that the band was all-White. Later he angrily chastised his aides and told them that the next time they played that song for him, he wanted to see a Black man in the band.

Big fat goon Lyndon Johnson went further, and insisted that White Americans be forced by law to associate with Blacks in almost every venue of working and living — and then went further still, and made White Americans the slaves of Blacks forever, by “legally” forcing them to labor part of every day for the Blacks’ sustenance — sustenance thereby denied to their own families and children.

And you’d better not say a thing about it, racist.

It was late in the Eisenhower administration when for some godawful reason they took a survey of businesses to see how many “minorities” they had on their payroll. The documents for this seemingly innocuous endeavor sat in government offices for a decade. Then one day in the late 1960s an evil civil servant used this data as justification to open up “Affirmative Action” (aka: the racial spoils system) for all “minorities.” (Really, they mean all non-Whites. Whites are already a minority of young people in this country, but you never hear poor White children being referred to as “disadvantaged minority youth” or the like — even though that’s exactly what they are.)

Suddenly it was the government’s business to wage unrelenting and unremitting war on White people on all fronts.

In his book The Age of Entitlement Christopher Caldwell wrote that the “Civil Rights Revolution” augured in a second constitution, one that ran parallel to the original one. This is wrong. What it did was create a new constitution out of thin air, one that totally supplanted the old one. It was now rule by the Fourteenth Amendment, with of course the added proviso that Whites will never get the “equal protection of the laws.”

It was race traitor and Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun (Nixon appointed — thanks Dick!) who infamously said that in order for all to be treated equally some must be treated differently. Through the Looking Glass with that Jew logic he was. Even more infamously he said, relative to the aforementioned Fourteenth Amendment, that we must never let equality become a tool of “supremacy.” He did not say “White supremacy” but everyone knew that is what he meant. In other words, he and everyone knew that if equality meant an even playing field, White people would prevail. And that could never be allowed.

The watchword now is “equity.” And soon there’ll be a new watchword. And that new word will mean what their new words always mean: Dark good, White bad — and White people are second class citizens, are domestic animals in service of the New Lords, forever.

* * *

There was once a prophet of this colossal disaster. He was a judge in California named Macklin Fleming. He was a graduate of Yale and in the late 1960s he learned that Yale Law School was adopting a racial quota system for African-American applicants. Putting to the side all notions of standards and decency, the school declared that from then on all of its law school classes would be 10 per cent. Black, no matter how stupid those Blacks were. Other schools followed suit soon after. Alarmed by this development, Judge Fleming wrote to the Dean of Law School Admissions at Yale, expressing his concerns:

The black students, unable to compete on even terms in the study of law, inevitably will seek other means to achieve recognition and self-expression. This is likely to take two forms. First, agitation to change the environment from one in which they are unable to compete to one in which they can. Demands will be made for elimination of competition, reduction in standards of performance, adoption of courses of study which do not require intensive legal analysis, and recognition for academic credit of sociological activities which have only an indirect relationship to legal training.


Since the common denominator of the group of students with lower qualifications is one of race this aggressive expression will undoubtedly take the form of racial demands — the employment of faculty on the basis of race, a marking system based on race, the establishment of a black curriculum and a black law journal, an increase in black financial aid, and a rule against expulsion of black students who fail to satisfy minimum academic standards.

A prophet indeed. We see now that all across this formerly great country, universities are abandoning standardized testing, abandoning standards themselves, abandoning decency, embracing insanity, embracing degeneracy, embracing their own destruction.

This order cannot stand. It is dead already. A New Order is coming.

* * *

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5 March, 2021 1:09 am

you capitalized the word negroes

Reply to  dfafsd
5 March, 2021 7:06 am

Yes, and he also said, “A New Order is coming.” The National Alliance has the program to bring that New Order to fruition. To grouse about capitalization isn’t going to get us there, being a White man or woman who joins with us and contributes positively will.

Go here, you’ll see what we’re about:

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
Reply to  dfafsd
5 March, 2021 1:03 pm

Is that your takeaway from Mr. Mercer’s article? You spell your silly unpronounceable name with a lowercase first letter and a lack of vowels. That’s my takeaway from your thoughtless comment. When writing of the three primary racial divisions of mankind it is normal to capitalize Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid. We in the Alliance also capitalize Black, White and Jew to standardize language among us. If it was good enough for William Pierce it’s good enough for us. Those who aren’t followers of Pierce reveal themselves soon enough with white, jew, or negro. — What goes by the genteel name of “Affirmative Action” or, more recently, “equity,” is really a racial spoils system… — Exactly. Another excellent article, Douglas. In UK Affirmative Action has an even more insipid name: “Positive… Read more »

Anthony Kimball
Anthony Kimball
5 March, 2021 9:20 am

If every single race realist over the past 50 years had actually done something besides compose lengthy essays (there were a tiny handful of exceptions to this, but far too few to make a difference), America today would likely be in far better shape. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: only deeds will change our current situation, not words. Knowing about how awful something is will never, in itself, be sufficient to remove that something. Only by acting on that knowledge will we ever begin to bring this long dark night for our people to a close and start to see daylight once again.

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
5 March, 2021 11:26 am

White people are chumps. A new world order composed of chumps will still be chumps.

To me, it is a fool who says that he believes something that he has not even looked into. White people, for example, are always saying that they believe in the Bible, when they do not even have the curiosity to read what they say they believe in. When I hear one of them, like George W. Bush, say that “the Jews are God’s chosen people” then I know that this person is an idiot.

Tim Wise
Tim Wise
5 March, 2021 6:46 pm

Great article. Never knew that about JFK having a problem with the Marine Corps band being all-white. Until now I thought he was one of the more uncucked of the Kennedys. As for Johnson, I always considered him the “man” who initiated some of the worst damage to our country and our people, which endures to this day.

It is beyone surreal that White western countries, the USA leading the way, have decided to revere the least-accomplished, lowest IQ, most violent race on the planet. And to diminish and discriminate against the race who has accomplished everything and anything of value in this entire cursed world.

As a correspondent of mine once put it, we Whites may have high IQ, but most have an SQ (survival quotient) of zero.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
9 March, 2021 10:28 am

Douglas: Your article blames too much on the people of color, where I see the problem is the one throughout history. “the jew” Many people of color see “the jew” as the problem too. Let’s join forces with the colors, as we seem to be loosing blaming all. The greatest man in history was for the Volk in his nation, his only quest was to rid his nation of “the jew”, not the other colors. 88 Dave W.

10 March, 2021 1:17 pm

If the white man does indeed go the way of the dinosaur, there is one absolute “revenge” that he will have. That is… the lower races who would inherit his earth will almost immediately drive it back into an unmanageable and savage jungle… literally. Dr. Pierce once made a broadcast about the fall of Haiti back in the early 19th century. Virtually every white and mulatto person on the island was brutally murdered. What resulted was swift reversion to the primitive. The infrastructure built by the Europeans began to decay apace. And there were accounts of literally hundreds of new black “Generals” strutting around in their arrogant splendor and regalia… mimicking the showiness, but entirely lacking the substance. I see this today with all of the black “Doctors”, “Professors”, “Artists”… Read more »

10 March, 2021 2:13 pm

Without Jews in control, none of this would be happening, period.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
8 April, 2021 2:13 am

A new catch phrase: “The white race is under all-out attack on all fronts.” Put it on all your mail, put it eveywhere you can.

Sound the alarm, Jews have ridden their Trojan Negro inside the gates and have taken over the castle! Helen and her sisters are being murdered and there is little time left.