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Beware the Coronavirus Vaccines

by David Sims

AN EQUATION or two for your consideration:

The Coronavirus Vaccine / The Tuskeegee Syphilis Study ≈ 1
The Tuskeegee Syphilis Study − The Coronavirus Vaccine ≈ 0

Don’t be getting the coronavirus vaccine. It was rushed to market, mostly so that Big Pharma could make a profit, and the usual regimen of testing was skipped. The vaccine is believed to attack the placenta of pregnant women and cause abortions. It may also cause blood clots, liver failure, and sterility. A nurse having just taken the vaccine fainted on live TV and had to be hospitalized. And now the Washington Examiner reports:

A Utah woman in her 30s died four days after receiving the coronavirus vaccine.

Kassidi Kurill, 39, was healthy and happy and “had more energy” than others, according to a KUTV report. Then, four days after she received her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, she suddenly died.

“She came in early and said her heart was racing and she felt like she [needed] to get to the emergency room,” her family said. Her father, Alfred Hawley, said he woke up to her asking for help.

Hawley said that after she received her second shot on Feb. 1, Kurill “got sick right away, soreness at the shot location, then started getting sick, then started complaining that she was drinking lots of fluids but couldn’t pee and then felt a little better the next day.”

Kurill worked as a surgical tech, had no known medical conditions, and had advocated for her family to get the vaccine.

She spent two days in bed after receiving the second shot, and then, on the third day, she was taken to the ER, where she began vomiting.

Doctors later told Kurill’s family that her liver was no longer functioning.

“It was a total shock, and I was even afraid to tell my wife,” Hawley said.

She was taken to a trauma center, where doctors determined a liver transplant was the best option to save her life. But doctors were unable to stabilize her, and her heart, liver, and kidney shut down.

She died 30 hours after heading to the ER.

[A number of deaths and other adverse events have been reported in connection with the vaccine in both the United States and Europe. Usually, after the initial reports, we get reassured that the vaccine could not possibly have anything to do with the person’s death or other adverse outcome. This in itself is suspicious, since all vaccines carry definite risks, otherwise we would not have the massive database of adverse events that was mandated after Big Pharma pushed through the law protecting themselves from lawsuits, and we wouldn’t have that law either. The blanket statements that this vaccine — with even fewer safety measures than most vaccines — “couldn’t” have caused the reactions are preposterous on their face. — Ed.]

The Facebook propaganda blurb that auto-attached itself to the bottom of this information when I posted it there is misleading. It says “COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they’re approved. Source: World Health Organization.” That isn’t quite a lie, but the quote is so misleading that it should be regarded as a deliberate attempt to deceive readers.

COVID-19 vaccines are authorized under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). They haven’t been “approved” by the Food and Drug Administration because, before a vaccine can get that approval, it must be tested and proved to be safe according to legally mandated standards. [Your editor questions the “safety” and “effectiveness” of all such vaccines, even those that have undergone the full FDA tests, after editing an upcoming book on the subject. Watch this space for more information. — Ed.] The COVID-19 vaccines haven’t passed those tests, and that’s what the Facebook propaganda blurb is trying to obfuscate.

* * *

Source: Author and National Vanguard correspondents

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NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
15 March, 2021 3:10 pm

It’s worth doing. Astra zeneca is now promoting its rebranded vaccine, allegedly from “Russia”. In fact, the Jews arranged a partnership with Astra Zeneca and now the same Astra Zeneca is selling to the world a rebranded vaccine called Sputnik. Not only do they rebrand and inject placebos, the fact is that one injection is enough for efthanasia. A lighter version of the vaccine with one component has already been put on the market. Remember whether A satellite, whether it be Pfizer, whether it be Astra zeneca, these are two component vaccines, apparently the same in composition. I do not think that it is possible to create different two-component vaccines while supposedly in different countries and in a short time. They are obviously the same vaccines and have the same… Read more »

Reply to  NEW ORDER needed on earth
15 March, 2021 9:37 pm

Latin-educated man told me that ‘AstraZeneca’ means: Killing the stars.Killing the White slaves under Jewish ruler? There is space for interpretation.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
15 March, 2021 5:20 pm

Anyone in the world over 30 years old, who gets this vaccine, there’s not much that can be done for them. I remember the late Tom Metzger used to quote his grandmother: “If you don’t listen, then you’ll have to feel.”

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
15 March, 2021 5:21 pm

People are indeed still
lining up in droves across
the planet anxiously 
awaiting their turn to
take their kill shots 
-RNA genetic modifying 
‘therapy’ that absolutely
is NOT a ‘vaccine’ at 
all, but a synthetic 
material that will 
indeed reprogram cellular
 DNA in our bodies to 
manufacture pathogenic 
material that the producers
 of this horrifying crap 
claim will stop the still 
non-existent ‘virus’ 
in its tracks…But 
there is a serious 
problem that has 
now raised a lot 
of ‘red flags’ about
these mRNA materials,
 and it has to do with 
‘mutations’ of the 
‘virus’ that will 
happen very soon that
will not only make 
the present ‘vaccines’ 
totally useless, but 
could lead to a more 
serious problem by 
turning them into 
pathogens of destruction.

Reply to  Walt Hampton
16 March, 2021 7:55 am

Here, in my small TN hometown, over the past several weeks they have blocked the entrance side of the local fair area, with a sheriff’s deputy sitting in a squad car with its lights on, only allowing cars to exit. They took the time to route what they must have thought would be lines of cars going in to get their shot. I drive by this area daily and have only seen one or two cars with medical and national guard people standing around twittling their thumbs. Yesterday, I drove by and there were no cars. As I was pulling up beside the deputy, she turned her lights off and left. Maybe this is a sign that locals don’t want the jab. So I hope. Am I the only one… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  BuelahMan
16 March, 2021 8:09 pm

And Tiffany Dover – Chattanooga nurse from Higdon, AL – is still dead.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
17 March, 2021 7:35 am

May be. But she didn’t get her shot in my area and she didn’t see the deputy I saw.

Do you have a point?

Frankly, anyone who gets this shot is a fool, including Tiffany Dover.

15 March, 2021 9:05 pm

Lucky me that no one knows that my name is Rumplestiltskin.”

‘Rumplestiltskin’ is filthy, disgusting creature in a German fairy tale.

Filthy, disgusting Covid: Lucky me that no one knows that my name is Flu.”

Up until a year ago we cured the flu with vodka, sauna -. and our own immune system.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
16 March, 2021 12:18 pm

What happens when your
body’s own cells are
programmed to keep
making the protein of
an invader (weaponized
virus), nonstop, forever
and ever, with no
programmed end date?
What happens when your
immune system is in
perpetual overdrive, 
tricked into believing
there’s a pathogen that
just never goes away?

As the Chinese Reds say,
“These are very interesting

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
16 March, 2021 8:06 pm

Sterilization, paralysis, seizures, Bell’s Palsy, death – the list of (undoubtedly planned) ‘side effects’ of the killshot gets longer by the hour.
For a ‘virus’ never isolated – or even proven to exist – with a survival rate of 99,9994%.
A ‘virus’ that just so happens to have the exact same DNA sequence as human chromosome 8……

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
21 March, 2021 3:37 am

Around six months up to a year from now,
you are going to see the vac-ees begin to
start dropping like flies. “Even the best of
the Goyim need to be killed.”

Reply to  Walt Hampton
22 March, 2021 7:05 am

I used to hang out at a local sports store sometimes, just to chat with the guys – and get some parts otherwise hard to find in these times of interrupted supply. Apparently, the owner has now been convinced that he has the Kung Flu – ‘he ‘tested positive’ – the fact that he’s a MASSIVE drunk, eats nothing but fast food garbage, is going through a messy divorce and has ‘encounters’ with extremely questionable women does, of course, have nothing to do with his symptoms……which manifest primarily as very violent vomiting and confusion….. Yup, sounds like a respiratory illness allright – say the docs……’ And I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist’. He may just be stupid enough to get the VAXXX – and I may have to look for a different… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
22 March, 2021 11:53 pm

This bird MOST DEFINITELY needs
the vaccine!

WN lady
WN lady
21 March, 2021 1:50 pm

In my area, they just made the vaccine available to anyone 35 and older. I figure for them to open up availability so quickly, demand must be very low.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  WN lady
21 March, 2021 4:34 pm

They are going after the older ones first,
because usually with age, there are already
going to be other issues.

Reply to  WN lady
22 March, 2021 6:56 am

It’s like when you see ‘first month’s rent free’ or similar signs at apartment complexes. Means no one wants to live there.

ulysses freire da paz jr
ulysses freire da paz jr
21 March, 2021 5:53 pm

Dramatic appeal to WHO: major virologist warns of massive deaths from corona vaccinations “We will pay a huge price for the mass vaccination campaign for corona,” says a leading virologist and vaccine developer. He calls on WHO to stop vaccination campaigns around the world “immediately”. One of the world’s leading virologists and a strong advocate for vaccines is sounding the alarm. Geert Vanden Bossche, who has worked in the field of infection research and vaccine development for the pharmaceutical companies Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline, as well as for the GAVI organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, warns that mass vaccination campaigns against the corona virus , a global catastrophe of “epic proportions” will be unleashed. The expert addressed the issue directly to the World Health Organization (WHO) in an… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
23 March, 2021 3:21 pm

What is happening presently 
in Western countries is a 
ludicrous acting out of 
some bizarre science fiction
nightmare. Tragedy repeated 
becomes comedy. That’s why 
I find the present world 
“pandemic” situation so 
humorous. As expected, 
here comes the next 
installment. Reported
from NY, the “Brazilian 

23 March, 2021 3:40 pm



The Jewess Angela Merkel: “The pandemic will end when everyone in the world has been vaccinated.” End of quote.

24 March, 2021 4:00 am

No discussion about it!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Oleg
26 March, 2021 5:44 pm

There are far too many “coincidences” 
for this to be an accident. The Judeo-
Bolsheviks rolled out the same play 
book as they did 100 years ago to 
achieve their objectives.


26 March, 2021 7:16 pm


  1. Mandatory-Vaccination-Antifa!
  2. Get vaccinated or we’ll do it!

In other words: Kill yourselves, or we will do it.

Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
26 March, 2021 11:07 pm

I have a baby daughter and I am concerned. I think I speak for Germans and foreigners alike when I say: We’re fed up – fed up.

I said last May: “Anyone who doesn’t believe in Corona is a fascist.” Correct!

Now I say: “Anyone who is against vaccinations is a fascist.” Correct!

It’s rumbling in German cities. No matter who demonstrates against corona restrictions. Whether Germans, Russians, Poles or Turks: The ANTIFA attack them all. Many videos serve as evidence. I don’t want to describe the feelings that ANTIFA triggers in me.

Note to other readers: ANTIFA = JEW-YOUTH

26 March, 2021 9:02 pm

Meanwhile in Germany

Attila Hildmann fled to Turkey – arrest warrant!

My public message to Attila Hildmann:

Attila, kehre nicht nach Deutschland zurück, um dich einem Prozess zu stellen – unter keinen Umständen. 
Die Juden werden dich verhaften, einsperren und durch eine Injektionen töten lassen. Die jüdische Presse wird dem Pöbel erzählen, du seist an “Corona” verstorben, um deinen Tod propagandistisch auszuschlachten. Organisiere den Widerstand gegen die JWO in der Türkei. Wir sind über das Internet in Kontakt. Attila, berichte uns aus der Türkei.

Aufruf an alle Türken: Bewaffnet euch – aber schnell!

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
26 March, 2021 11:43 pm

So, despite the nonstop propaganda  blitz, a significant portion of the population remains unconvinced,  unimpressed and steadfast. Go  figure? Of course, this is just  Round 1. Soon, persuasion will  turn into coercion, and from  coercion to outright force. It’s  already clear that air-travel  will require vaccine passports,  and that public transit, concerts,  libraries, restaurants and, perhaps, even grocery stores could follow  soon after. Vaccination looks to  be the defining issue of the next  few years at least. And those who  resist the edicts of the state  will increasingly find themselves  on the outside; outcasts in their own country. https://www.unz.com/mwhitney/you-refuse-to-get-vaccinated-but-are-you-ready-to-be-an-outcast/ There is NO WAY IN HELL that they can get away with trying to force  everyone to be ‘vaccinated’ by  their kill shots for the FACT  that the shots are NOT… Read more »

27 March, 2021 8:49 pm

The Jews want good, genetically modified goyim!


The PCR-Test makes people – including children – unable to father male offspring!

29 March, 2021 12:23 am

Bild: Seine Scheinheiligkeit der, der Dalei Lama, läßt sich angeblich impfen

Die Wahrheit: Der Dalei Lama lässt sich weder auf Corona testen, noch gegen Corona impfen, weil Corona gar nicht existiert.

Einführung in die jüdische Psychologie & in die Umkehr der Aufmerksamkeit

Bei diesem Bild handelt es sich um eine jüdische, psychologische Operation, um von der Tatsache abzulenken, daß der Corona-Test bereits die Impfung ist – die Sterilisationsimpfung für ihre Kinder.

31 March, 2021 3:44 am


“Shocking! The number of miscarriages increases by 366 percent in just 6 weeks because of Covid vaccines.”

Note: let’s not forget the corona tests.

Who has sh . . in the brains of our women?

31 March, 2021 4:10 am

Realistic interpretation – Merkel: “OPEN FIRE on all citizens!”

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
6 April, 2021 7:07 pm

It has been often said that a
picture is worth a thousand words….


Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Walt Hampton
13 April, 2021 8:32 pm

Reports are starting to trickle in. Blood clots
from the “vaccine.” It hasn’t even been six
months yet. The brain-dead sheeple begged
and pleaded for their shots. They got – and are
continuing – to get them from their overlords.
They made their beds. Now they can lay in them.

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
9 May, 2021 3:48 pm

Wie lange wird es noch dauern, bis die Pfarrer ihre debilen, christlichen Schafe auffordern, sich der heiligen Impfung (Genschere) zu unterziehen? Naja, vielleicht geschieht das ja schon . . . 

Bild: Mob-Konditionierer bei der Arbeit.

MACHINE TRANSLATION: How long will it be before the pastors ask their moronic, Christian sheep to undergo the sacred vaccination (gene scissors)? Well, maybe that’s already happening. . .

Image: Mob conditioners at work.

Reply to  Oleg Malzew
29 May, 2021 9:45 pm

I have been following NATALL for almost 30 years now, and when they were on the Net. They were alone with Stormfront (Mr. Black) back when the internet was free. Now, I can not even load the Cosmotheist page. I have changed browsers several times. Is the site up? I want to buy items and support the movement. Anyone know?

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
24 May, 2021 12:33 pm

The churches: “Sleeves up!”

A few months ago I asked my readers in Germany the following question: When will the priests start making propaganda for “vaccinations”?

Today I was surprised because I got interesting news. Really, the churches are now betraying their own m . . .

In our time nothing comes as a surprise.

Pictured: Vaccination propaganda at a Berlin church.

Reply to  Oleg Malzew
25 May, 2021 7:24 am

Churches, mosques, synagogues – they are all the same thing: temples of Middle Eastern occupation. Carolyn Emerick talked about this endlessly before she went ‘dark’ on JewTube. I keep telling her (Easter Tidings on JT and Bitchute) that she needs to write a book.

Oleg Malzew
Oleg Malzew
Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
29 May, 2021 1:49 am

I am grateful to my father today. He was a simple man, but he left the Church at a very young age. He called pastors ‘idlers’ who live at other people’s expense. In his youth my father was under the influence of a former village leader of the NSDAP, who informed him about the toxicity of Christianity. The former NSDAP-Village-Leader was obviously an authority for my father. As part of my own political awakening, I came into contact with a neo-pagan group as a teenager. I participated in a ritual to get de-baptized.

25 September, 2021 3:35 am

The former terminator is in the process of becoming the vaxxinator

Arnold Schwarzenegger on anti-Vaxxers: “You’re a Schmuck.”

Yes, as a Freemason he knows where the Corona-Wind is blowing from. The Corona-Wind is blowing from Zion. 

9 March, 2022 4:37 am

Since the time of the plandemic, a claim has been circulating in the radical German resistance which I quote:

“Virology is a fairytale science invented by the Jew, Paul Ehrlich.”

I just wanted to introduce you to this claim. I am not competent to fully judge the veracity. 

4 April, 2022 5:10 pm

Building Understanding

In the style of the book burnings of the German National Socialists, a mask burning took place in Germany.

Quote: “ich übergebe dem Feuer die Masken von Lauterbach und Drosten! Gegen verbrecherische Sklaverei! Für ein freies Leben! Das kann nur der Anfang gewesen sein!”

Click the link!