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Katherine Johnson in 1980

by David Sims

THE FILM Hidden Figures — which makes the claim that several Black women made the Apollo moon program possible, but were denied proper credit because of White “racism” — is mostly a myth. It’s true that Katherine Johnson, one of those females, was hired by NASA to do trajectory calculations. But she was one member of a large group of human calculators who NASA hired to do this job. Her contributions weren’t exceptional. The claim that she calculated the trajectory for Apollo 11 is false. The contention that her calculations saved Apollo 13 is false.

Jack Crenshaw was the real brain behind NASA’s orbital mechanics computations, and it is outrageous that the credit due him is being transferred, via historical falsification, to three Black women who were singled out for fame and glory by the Jewish Hollywood propaganda machine for reasons of racial politics.

The leftist “mainstream” media have concocted false or misleading narratives many times since. Disney made a movie, based on the book The Queen of Katwe by Tom Crothers, about what a wonderful chess player a Nigerian girl named Phiona Mutesi is. That movie is an exercise in propaganda deception. Phiona Mutesi never had an elo rating above 1686 (in 2013; it has since declined). The minimum rating for the lowest chess title — Woman Candidate Master — is 2000. The World Chess Federation gave it to Phiona anyway, because she is a Black African female. There is a White boy in New York, Nicholas Checa, younger than Phiona Mutesi, who has an elo rating of 2527. He is a chess grandmaster. Neither Disney nor any Hollywood movie production company ever showed interest in making a movie about him.

If the media’s Jewish bosses thought that they could get away with it, they’d announce that every Black country in Africa had a space launch capability. As it is, they often leave this very claim implied by the way they present news stories about the fact that some African countries, notably Nigeria, have legal ownership of satellites in low Earth orbit. Their omission of the additional facts — that Nigeria, like all other Black African countries, neither manufactures satellites nor launches satellites — is intentional. While they did not explicitly tell you the lie that Nigeria built and launched the satellites it legally owns, their news summaries implicitly and purposely give their audiences that impression. And, by ingrained habit, I work to correct that impression.

Here’s Gulf Coast Commentary‘s take on Hidden Figures:

We live in a time where is everything for public consumption is increasingly fake and propagandized. Much of it comes from the MSM, a huge amount from Washington DC, and a bunch from Hollywood. These are places where professional liars and propagandists are in charge.

Hollywood’s latest propaganda is the movie Hidden Figures which tries to portray a story that a handful of Black ladies were the key to the Apollo moon shot and that they had to battle racism to accomplish their feat.

The problem is that it’s mostly not true. Yes, it’s true that Katherine Johnson did calculations for NASA and she technically was Black. And that is a good thing and I’m happy for her. But Katherine herself said that she was only part of large teams [tasked] to do hand calculations in a time of limited computer capability. And there were large teams to check the other teams. That the movie tries to portray Katherine as a key figure in the program is extremely misleading.

And the “racism” that these heroines supposedly had to battle was largely fabricated. How do I know? Because no one would even think that Katherine Johnson was Black at all. See the photo above. The “racist White” aspect was mostly made up for the movie — to fit the “narrative” in order to vilify White people in general. White people continue to be under attack in our cultural propaganda.

The real heroes of the moon launch were all White folks. How about Werner Von Braun who invented the rockets?

Or take Dr. Jack Crenshaw. He was a computer genius and literally invented the trajectory and the equations that were used by NASA to circle the lunar vessel around the moon and back. In other words, Dr. Crenshaw invented the Apollo mission! Without Dr. Crenshaw, there wouldn’t have been a moon mission or any need for the human “calculation teams” glorified in the movie. See an interview with the real hero here. Why aren’t we making a movie about him?

A bit more about Jack Crenshaw from The Space Pioneer that No One Ever Heard of: “Dr. Jack Crenshaw was one of the pioneers in designing the figure-8 trajectory which became known as the free-return trajectory. The early Moon missions set off for our closest celestial neighbor in the free-return trajectory which, if uncorrected, would loop them around the Moon and return them straight to Earth. In order to orbit the Moon and land on it, the Apollo spacecraft’s Service Propulsion System (SPS) engine had to fire in order to slow the vehicle down and settle into lunar orbit. Delicate calculations were needed in order to ensure the orbit would not bring the craft into a collision with the lunar mountains.”

But no one wants to portray one of the real heroes of the Apollo moon mission — because he was White. Instead, his monumental contribution is being minimized and buried in history rather than memorialized as it should be. Worse, Hollywood misleads you by claiming three Black ladies were the real brains in the story. This is because the liars-in-charge have to make up stories to glorify any Black “accomplishments” no matter how small, at the expense of White accomplishments. Welcome to “fake history”– compliments of Hollywood propaganda machine.

The simple truth is that more than 95% of all the major technical, scientific, medical, engineering and all other important intellectual advancements in all fields were accomplished and exploited by White people. 

* * *

Source: Author and Gulf Coast Commentary

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4 March, 2021 3:32 am

Particular women were vital to the space program. The core memories of computers were based on numerous wires threaded through minuscule ferrite toroids. The only people on the planet able to do the job were Irish embroiderers. Unfortunately Hollywood does not want to know about these White women

4 March, 2021 8:26 am

So far my prediction for 2021 is coming to fruition: With “Orange Man Bad” out, the number of Covid 19 cases are suddenly subsiding. The rest of the tale still remains to be seen, but here goes: By late summer, victory will be declared, the pathogen will be totally eliminated and a magical negress will emerge in some capacity (a mathematical calculation, a peek under a microscope, etc.) as being “The One” that saved humanity!

4 March, 2021 12:30 pm

That Katherine Johnson had an awful lot of cream in her coffee. In true, sub-Saharan Africa she would be considered as white as the day is long. I’m not going to bother looking it up, but I’ll bet in the movie, the actress playing her was quite a bit darker.

If a 1/8 black person does something notable, it receives undue attention, and the person is touted as “black.”

Robert Speer
Robert Speer
7 March, 2021 2:45 pm

I’ve never had anyone satisfactorily explain to me how Blacks could have been systemically discriminated against so that nearly all were reduced to menial labor and simultaneously responsible for building America. The two claims appear mutually exclusive to me.

Reply to  Robert Speer
11 March, 2021 11:28 am

Especially when you look at the conditions in cities and nations completely dominated by negroes.

I looked into the cities identified in a top ten list of the wealthiest black cities in the US. What I found was that many were unincorporated areas that relied on police, fire, schools etc. provided by the county or neighboring towns. So few, if any of these services were administered or staffed by negroes. Many of the inhabitants were from the sports and entertainment industries. The one exception proves the rule: Prince Georges County, MD is majority negro, heavily dependent on government employment and spending. Even though PG County’s median wealth is greater than the national average for whites, its schools are mediocre at best.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
11 March, 2021 11:51 pm

I highly recommend a book by Paul Kersey entitled Whitey On the Moon which deals with stuff like this. A close relative worked for NASA in the glory years. He personally knew most of the astronauts. He also called BS on a whole slew of black females doing the math that made the moon landings possible. If we attribute black females and not Arthur Rudolph, Gene Cranston, and Werner Von Braun for our space exploits we have truly entered clown world. Black females cannot even get my order right at McDonald’s. I damn sure don’t want them in charge of the space program!