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Unhuman Rights

by George Mosley

THE WAY the US Supreme Court works, with its byzantine precedents, with its chop logic, with its tiers of courts, with its usually tortured “reasoning,” it resembles nothing so much as rabbis arguing about, and within, the Talmud. This is no coincidence. If they were honest they should call this court the Sanhendrin of the Learned Elders, and out of this Jewish matrix come bizarre thoughts and rulings.

A Supreme Court justice once warned us that we should never allow the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to become a “tool of White supremacy.” In other words, “civil rights” was never about equality; it was always about denying White people access to resources. And if White people were ever to demand actual legal equality they would be “fascists,” according to this Republican-appointed sage.

This same through-the-looking-glass judge also stated that in order to treat everyone equally we must treat some differently. Ah, war is peace, and peace is war; you know the drill. Of course the Supreme Court also “found” that it was a “fundamental human right” enshrined in the Constitution for a woman to murder her unborn child As if historians would tell you that, really, that was all James Madison would ever talk about; in fact he became a bore after saying “abortion is a human right” for the 10,000th time.

These same berobed vermin were bamboozled by a Black doll into saying that Negroes had a right to go to any school with Whites, a ruling that was later enforced with bayonets. But as our current President-Select said back in the 1970s, why is it that Black children need to rub elbows with White children in order to “feel equal”? A most excellent question.

And the Court also told us that is it illegal for public schools in America to deny access to illegal aliens. Which means that the entire world has access to our taxpayer-funded schools. All they have to do is show up, which millions of them have and will.

The “sacred” 14th Amendment extended birthright citizenship only to the offspring of Negroes, which was horrible enough. But now the Supreme Court says that if any criminal alien females drop their offspring on our magic dirt, said offspring are entitled to a US birth certificate and citizenship papers. And getting said papers is like winning the lottery. It means we’ll never deport the parents, and the progeny are considered to be as American as Ben Franklin. This is where the Talmud leads us.

A few weeks back, White Americans received a new kick in the teeth from the Court, which now includes that great White lady with the two Black babies that the winner of the last presidential election gave us. And, no surprise, the decision is a whopper of a disgrace.

Not too long ago the city council in College Park, Maryland joined six other towns in extending the vote to green card holders, illegal aliens, and other non-citizens. College Park is a scant six miles from Washington, DC, so it’s fully in the treason triangle.

That’s where we are headed folks. Hop our border, and just go straight to the government offices and they’ll sign you up to vote. Just remember — when the bastards cry about “voting rights,” this is what they mean. The whole world will vote on who gets what the White men built.

* * *

When it comes to immigration, Kris Kobach is one of the last self-respecting White men we’ve had in our public life (though he does pander to Jews and Israel, which is a true shame). He was the one who came up with that wonderful Arizona law, the one that Obama said could cause him to be out getting ice cream with his children and be asked to show he belonged there (he doesn’t, for the record). That is, this was the wonderful law that our enemies caricatured as the “papers, please law.” Though when it comes to Covid-19, “papers” are the least of what they will ask us for on our public streets.

Kobach came up with another great idea in 2013, mandating that in Kansas people had to prove they were bona fide United States citizens before they could register to vote. Moderate and sensible legislation, but to our enemies he might as well have dug up the corpse of Emmett Till and hung it in effigy while whistling.

It should have taken the court five seconds to say well, of course that’s legal — next case please. But in our courts which are criminal, they said no, that law is not legal; it’s not legal because some Ebola-ridden Negro from outer Angola might have sneaked in — and we would never want him to be unable to weigh in on something as important as our future.

And just a few weeks ago, in a sneering vote, the Supreme Court (the one with that lady with the imported Black kids) said they would not even consider the case; that they would not take it up. That is, they left the lower court’s treasonous ruling intact. They could not be bothered with anything that might aid the White man in his survival.

And so the monstrosity stands. It is now illegal for a state to make anyone prove they are a legal citizen in order to be able to vote.

Think about that. They can come in at will, give their children automatic citizenship, drain our hard-earned wealth in a dozen different ways, outvote us and cancel out our votes by ever-greater margins, go to our schools, get our health care, drive on our roads, clog our hospitals, foul our air, litter our countryside, mock our laws, slander our heroes, ruin our nation, cut our throats, kill our relatives — and there is nothing we can do about it. (Actually, there is.)

Our enemies believe that to think otherwise is to be a criminal; it’s illegal to deny the illegal anything; and even to say differently marks you for the gulag.

We’ll remember that.

* * *

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19 February, 2021 10:03 pm

Son payasos vendidos como jueces.

johnny handsome
johnny handsome
19 February, 2021 10:27 pm

pretty clumsy piece here
your sounding like hannity
not getting it

yes …the “others” are bad
we know
nothing at all like us


least you mention kikery

Reply to  johnny handsome
20 February, 2021 1:15 pm

Johnny, I disagree with you completely. The author does indeed “get it” and unlike Hannity, he suggests a far reaching course of action by joining with those who have dedicated ourselves to doing something productive and in accordance with sound principles.

Go here;
and after giving it consideration, come back and try posting something worthwhile instead.

21 February, 2021 8:56 am

In a nutshell: There is no political solution.