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The Variant Strain

by H. Millard

WE KNOW FROM the Teachings that come from God that the primary purpose for White people, as the latest evolutionary form of Homo sapiens, is to evolve even more into a new species: Homo novus. This evolution is to be accomplished with the help of God and by having Right Blood, Right Belief, and Right Action.

One is born of Right Blood if one’s parents, grandparents, et al. are pure White. Pure White doesn’t mean that one is perfect, but that one is of non-Jewish European descent, no matter where one lives or was born. Right Belief is to have the core beliefs based on Whiteness over all. Right action includes all the ways one lives, including having as many White children as possible. We know from the Teachings that come from God that increasing our pure White population is necessary to help with our evolution and even with saltation (quick evolutionary change).

But not all Whites will be the progenitors of this new species — this new improved model of humans: Many seem to have an almost Williams-Beuren Syndrome condition as it relates to races of humans. (Williams-Beuren Syndrome is a genetic disorder symptoms of which include facial changes including underdeveloped chin structure, intellectual disability, overly friendly nature, and near-total lack of racial “bias,” according to studies.)

But Whites today who are of a new and different variant strain — either by birth, or by the power of their minds, and who follow the ways God wants them to believe and live — will be the progenitors of the new species.

These “new model” Whites, these ones who are of the variant strain, are different from other Whites even though they may not fully realize this. They’re a little bit smarter, a little bit healthier, and a lot more aware that they must stay separate from other races and stay only with Whites as much as possible, even if many of the Whites they must stay with are not of the same strain.

Now a strain is simply a variant group possessing a significant mutation, but one not significant enough to make the group a new species. To become a new species means, at least in its most important aspect, that one can no longer breed with earlier kinds. As we evolve into this new species we will no longer be able to bear children with other races. And when this stage of our evolution is reached, God tells us that the speed of our evolution will speed up and we will eventually and naturally replace other types of humans just as Homo sapiens replaced earlier forms. And this evolution and replacement has been happening since the start of life on Earth. It is completely natural, and God is behind it and causes it by manipulating what happens on Earth and throughout the Cosmos.

Whites are the new model human on Earth. We are a later evolutionary development than other races and we only really emerged as we are today about 5,000 years ago when certain significant variations started to occur in Europe. Some of those were blue or light eyes of various hues, White skin, and lighter hair. These became relatively common in Europe. This is not to say that Whites with dark hair or other than light eyes are not fully White, because they are. The point here is that Nature was beginning to experiment with visible traits that could possibly mark us off as a separate subspecies, and in the future, a new species. Of these, the most essential and easily seen characteristic is, of course, white skin. And there could be future experiments that we can’t anticipate yet.

God, by using Nature, has color-coded the major races and this makes it easy to tell who is us and who is not us from a safe distance. If a person is not White on the outside, he is also not White on the inside — and one should be alert to stranger danger; and one should avoid mixing and mating with him or his kind. God has made our sight the king of our senses. Use it to tell like from unlike.

It’s not really that odd that Nature (and God is in Nature as well as being outside of Nature) constantly brings forth new models of all types of organisms including humans, much like car manufacturers evolve automobiles year after year. With automobiles it is often common for a manufacturer to make a new model one year and then the next year make only minor changes; and these are akin to variant strains in living organisms. Then, at some point, the manufacturer will make a major change in its automobiles and these are akin to a full mutation into a new species. Consider a Model A Ford compared to a modern Ford SUV as an example. White people are the new SUV in this analogy. It’s still an automobile but it is a different species than a Model A.

By believing right and living right, we Whites can make changes to our own DNA to become the variant strain. All pure Whites are born this way, but some have the variant strain in a stronger version and are thus born “racists” (a holy thing — not a bad thing!), while others can become that way by the power of their minds, through right belief and right actions, and through the grace of God. God can use your spiritual growth and new behaviors to tweak genetic outcomes and make you and your progeny become part of the variant strain. Beliefs have real world effects.

Don’t be upset that other Whites don’t get it. Just realize that you are different than they are — you are a different variant strain of White — and that you are not alone. There are many, many more of us who are of a similar strain to you and we shall become a separate people from those other Whites who have given in to the dark forces who want to cause our complete genocide.

Remember, ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

If we all do that, the outcome will be good.

* * *

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20 February, 2021 3:21 pm

Look at Alfred E Neuman and see Williams-Beuren Syndrome.

24 February, 2021 1:24 am

Rather than, “ask of everything: Is this good for White people?” I’d rather “ask if this what will help bring about Higher Man and ultimately godhood, or will it hinder?”

But that’s the Cosmotheist in me.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  JM/Iowa
1 March, 2021 5:01 am

A fascinating read! Going with the Ford car here. Talking to the older folks on this forum who remember the remodeled Corvette from the 1958 model, to the 1962 model. All of you remember, I am sure. Remember the TV series “Route 66” wherein Buzz and Todd were driving the 1962 model while on the road. Then, low and behold, the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray came into production and WOW! I never watched it for the drama…I was (and still am) in love with the Corvette Sting Ray series! I doubt if this commentary is going to collectively raise us all to the stars, but that Corvette Sting Ray will be with me ’till the end of days! Here is the best one! Now all I need is a… Read more »