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Colin Jordan’s Trafalgar Square Speech

British National Socialist leader Colin Jordan delivering this speech in Trafalgar Square, 1962.

PRESENTED HERE is the greater part of Colin Jordan’s speech to the huge National Socialist Movement (NSM; no connection to the later American group using the same name) meeting of 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square in the centre of London on July 1, 1962.

On the evidence of the senior police officer on duty, a gang of about 300 Jews and Communists stationed themselves immediately in front of the platform and made it clear before the meeting began that it was their intention to try and prevent any meeting being held. They continually attempted to charge through the police cordon and assault the platform, and eventually, at the point where the below extract terminates, the police closed the meeting because of their disturbance.

In the outcome of prolonged court proceedings, Colin Jordan was given one month’s imprisonment on the grounds that his speech had been insulting to these trouble-makers and had provoked them.

* * *

John Bull Today

MR. JOHN Bull of 1962 still calls himself a British subject, but he is virtually a subject of the Jews, as can be seen by looking at just a few of the facts of the everyday life of the average man. His home is probably either rented from one of the Jewish property syndicates or being bought through one of the Jewish mortgage companies.

Part of the crowd of 5,000 at the NSM meeting, Sunday, July 1, 1962. The banner reads “Free Britain from Jewish Control.”

His furniture almost certainly comes from one of the huge Jewish furniture chains, such as Isaac Wolfson’s Great Universal Stores, controlling, through the 750 shops of British & Colonial Furniture, Smart Bros., Jackson, Cavendish, Jays & Campbells, Woodhouse, and Drage, half of the entire sales in the country. Wolfson’s other interests are enormous, and he is the biggest single retailer in Britain.

John Bull’s clothing comes from one or other of the Jewish clothing chains such as Montague Burton with its 15 factories and 450 shops which alone controls a fifth of the clothing trade in Britain today.

His shoes come from one or other of the various well-known Gentile-sounding concerns, such as Freeman, Hardy & Willis; True-Form; Dolcis; Manfield; and Phillips Bros.; with a total of 1,500 shops controlled by the Jewish financier Charles Clore.

When his wife goes out to do the shopping, it means patronising one or other of the mass of Jewish firms which dominate the shopping centres of every big town in the land. Some with their authentic Jewish names. Some trading under assumed Gentile names. A Jewish economic empire in the heart of Britain, which includes Marks & Spencer, Lewis’s, Selfridges, H. Samuel, John Collier, Alexandre, John Blundell, and the 260 Lyons teashops of the Salmon and Gluckstein families.

Jewish Hire-Purchase

John Bull himself quite probably works for one of the thousands of Jewish or Jewish-dominated firms, headed by such giants as I.C.I — founded by the Jew Ludwig Mond.

If the car in which John Bull comes home from work is on hire-purchase, he is in the clutches of the Jewish hire-purchase companies, whose rates of interest, reckoned relative to the progressive repayment of the hire-purchase balance, are monstrous. Isaac Wolfson alone controls more than 50 per cent. of the hire-purchase transactions in Britain today; and, incidentally, these facts and figures are not of our compilation, but are facts and figures given in the business columns of the daily press.

Home comes John Bull. When he slips off his Montague Burton jacket, drops into his Isaac Wolfson armchair, and lights a cigarette, it is probably produced by one of the Jewish tobacco concerns such as Godfrey Phillips, or Gallaher.

When he opens his newspaper, he reads what the Jewish journalists, the Jewish news-agencies and the Jewish advertisers want him to read.

If he goes to the pictures, he ends up in a cinema run by a Jewish syndicate, seeing films produced by a Jewish film company. The theatre is similarly a Jewish monopoly.

If he sits at home and listens to the radio or watches television, he brings the sound and sight of the Jew into his own home, thanks to the arrangements of Mr. Bernstein of Granada, and the other Jewish rulers of radio and television. There they are, telling him what to think and what to sing about.

Jewish Shadow-Government

Every now and again, John Bull is given a special treat. He is allowed to vote for one or other of the Jewish-controlled parties — Tory, Labour or Liberal: Tweedledum or Tweedledee — all of which guarantee to keep Britain a land fit for Hebrews to live in and rule over. These parties always protect from criticism the Jewish minority in our midst because of the financial power it possesses and the extent to which they are dependent on it, and because so many of the leaders of these parties are either Jews themselves; or, like Gaitskell or George Brown, married to Jewesses; or are on the Jewish pay-roll; or else are servile admirers of the Star of David.

Democracy is a swindle. Nominally the government of Britain resides at Westminster and Whitehall, but the real deciding force is the power behind the scenes, the power which pulls the strings, the power of the Jewish shadow-government of Britain.

The existence of this shadow government was admitted by Labour leader Harold Wilson on 2nd November, 1960, when he said these words: “The elected representatives of the people are urged to get excited about the levy on horseracing or an underground car park, but the real decisions are being taken by the Clores, Cottons, Wolfsons and Warburgs.”

The Coloured Invasion

The result of this Jewish government of Britain is the disregard of real British interests at every turn, including the present scandalous Coloured Invasion of our country. This Coloured Invasion, which is utterly unnecessary, entirely undesirable, neither in the ultimate interests of the Coloureds nor the Whites, is taking place, contrary to the wish of the overwhelming majority of the British people, because the real rulers of Britain, the Jews, want it. The Jews want it because the breakdown of racial identity and racial pride, the encouragement of a mongrel population, is essential for the long-term security of their overlordship. If Britain’s Anglo-Saxon stock remains, there is always the danger of an awakening and revolt against the Jewish government of Britain. If, however, that stock can be undermined, diluted, destroyed, then with it will be destroyed the consciousness of race which brings awareness of the Jew, and holds the danger of a revolt against their domination.

Jews Encouraging Blacks

So it is that the Jews have masterminded the Coloured Invasion of Britain.

The Jews are financing this immigration, making it possible for these people to fly or sail here by advancing them the money through loan companies, thus killing two birds with one stone, getting them here, and getting a fat percentage out of them at the same time.

Jewish firms in particular — look at Lyons cafes for example — are taking on Coloured labour on a big scale, finding places for them at the expense of White people, knowing that in helping the Coloured Invasion in this way they are moreover getting labour that will accept inferior conditions.

Don’t be taken in by the tale that we cannot do without them in order to run our hospitals, trains, and buses. This is a favourite propaganda line of the Jews who talk as though they are similarly indispensable. It so happens that we managed to run our hospitals before Coloured people came here, and could do it again without them, given decent conditions and rates of pay for nurses in a Britain free from Jewish control. Our Jewish-controlled government is bringing these people over here and putting them in these precise occupations not because we cannot manage without them, but because thereby it hopes to familiarise the public with them and to popularise them.

The Jews are at the back of the whole colossal campaign to make the Coloured people acceptable here; a campaign waged daily in the Jewish-controlled press of Fleet Street, and on the Jewish-dominated television and radio, triple instruments of the Jewish power over men’s minds. It is the Jews who are using their power over the government to keep Britain’s door open to this Coloured Invasion.

Tory Immigration Act

Don’t be fooled by the Tory Immigration Act. It is an act all right: a piece of window-dressing which makes a show of doing something about it, to disarm public feeling, but in fact does nothing more than offer the possibility of a slight reduction in an influx now amounting to more than 120,000 a year. It is not an example of the failure of Jewish power, but of the subtlety of that power.

The Jewish shadow-government of Britain, in using the Coloured people in this way as a means of consolidating its position, cares nothing for the Coloured people as such. We say to the Coloured people here in this audience this afternoon: “Don’t believe the lies of the Jews who exploit you that we National Socialists hate you. What we hate is not you as such, certainly not, but only and precisely your presence in our land at the instigation of the Jews. We believe in a square deal for you in lands of your own, where you can live your own way of life rather than exist as imitation White folk in our land. The Jews want to see the mongrelisation of your race as much as ours. Wake up to that fact, and oppose them!

The Aftermath of the War

This Coloured invasion of Britain, so harmful to our nation and destructive of our heritage, has taken place immediately following a terrible war, made necessary, we were told by the Jewish shadow government, to protect our nation and preserve our heritage. This contradiction demands that we examine more closely this most disastrous war in the history of the world, from whose effects we are still suffering.

At the outset we can say this with certainty as a guiding factor. Anywhere, at any time or place, there is a revolt against Jewish domination, a revolt against the kind of shadow government, corruption, and decadence which is Democracy in Britain today; the Jews can be relied upon to defame and misrepresent it to the utmost, to howl to high heaven that the liberation of the Gentile is the persecution of the Jew, and to use any and every means at their disposal, including war, to crush that revolt.

That is precisely what happened in the case of the revolt in Germany three decades ago. A vanquished nation lay under the yoke of the Jews, experiencing the corruption, poverty, exploitation, racial-pollution, disunity, and degradation of the Weimar Democracy. The old parties were impotent and subservient. The Communists were marching in the streets. The scene was set for collapse and ruin.

Hitler Saves Germany

It was then, at the eleventh hour, that the revolt began. Down the streets came the National Socialists fighting for the survival and revival of their race and nation under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. He awakened Germany from slumber, aroused the people from their apathy, fired them with the will to struggle to smash the old system and build Germany anew.

In 1933, with a membership of a million, the National Socialists gained power. The stranglehold of the Jew was broken, and a state dedicated to the protection and betterment of the race, and the unity and welfare of the whole nation, established.

At once the Jews of the world began economic and political warfare against National Socialist Germany. The great Jewish lie machine went to work to manufacture hate propaganda against her, and thereby incite a war to destroy the German revolt against Jewry.

In the six short years of peace allowed it, before the Jewish War of Revenge could be instigated, National Socialist reconstruction went ahead at an unprecedented rate. All the problems which the Democrats had failed to solve or never tried to solve or declared insoluble were tackled successfully. The slums were rebuilt and unemployment eradicated. The peasantry were safeguarded and the youth cared for. The economy was stabilised and the workers given justice and security. The culture of the ghetto was replaced by an Aryan one. While in Britain the hunger-marchers trod the streets and the disabled ex-servicemen lined up to beg in the gutter, in National Socialist Germany the workers went away on the ocean cruises of the Kraft durch Freude project, and returned to a homeland whose giant new highways spanning the country and beautiful new buildings towering high symbolised the upward and outward reach from the dust towards the sun of a force which had put health and strength, honour and duty, courage and vision, higher will and purpose into the life of a people.

Jews Work for War

But the Jewish lie machine, operating through the press and radio and the spokesmen of the puppet parties, made sure that it was not the constructive achievements of National Socialism that the British people heard about, but a stream of lies, turned out daily in order to incite Britain against Germany.

At the same time the Jewish shadow government of Britain exercised its power over the puppet parties to ensure that all the efforts by Hitler to achieve the friendship of Britain, which he wanted, were spurned, and that instead the puppet politicians involved themselves in hostile commitments such as the guarantee to Poland for its retention of such historic German territory as the 90-per-cent. German city of Danzig. Had Britain responded to Hitler’s appeals for friendship and unity as a foundation of a new order in Europe, how infinitely more favourable would have been the circumstances of our country during the past twenty years and her situation today. Britain and Germany together would have been invincible. We should not today live under the shadow of the Soviet menace, pushed off the pavements of our own capital by the incoming hordes from Africa, Asia, and the West Indies. However, it was the crack of the Jewish whip that Britain responded to, and our dismal condition today is our reward.

Britain Fights for Jewry

On September 3, 1939, the blackest day in British history, the long and intensive Jewish campaign was crowned with success, and the Jews of the world rejoiced. Britain declared war on Germany. As Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister at the time, confided to the American Ambassador Kennedy, father of the present President, and also to former South African Defence Minister Oswald Pirow, it was because of Jewish pressure. The Jewish shadow government had demonstrated its ability to send Britain to war on behalf of the Jews.

From our vantage point today we can now clearly see that this most tragic of wars was engineered and conducted by Jewry not for any of the avowed ends presented by the Jewish propaganda campaign, such as the defence of Polish freedom or the preservation of the British heritage, but instead for Jewish aims: namely, the restoration of the Jewish domination of Germany, the dissolution of the British Empire, the advancement of Communism, and the promotion of global race mixture as the means of safeguarding Jewish control against any further attack.

We say never again must the young men of Britain be sent to their deaths and our land devastated on behalf of the Jews. No longer must the Jews have the power to incite our people and manoeuvre our country into fighting a European brother nation in order to refasten the Jewish yoke on it. Britain must instead break free herself. We believe that there is only one way to do it. The way it has been done before for the one and only time so far. The way that Germany showed us. The National Socialist way.

Hitler was Right!

We of the NSM, founded on April 20 of this year, believe that nothing other than the same heroic inspiration, the same ideals of national health and strength that rescued Germany from the depths and raised her to the level of the Third Reich can similarly rescue Britain from decadence and raise her new-born in the future. We have in the twelve points of policy of the National Socialist Movement the only policy which can make Britain great again and put her in the front of the world where she belongs.

The Jews and their minions are now beginning to realise to their horror that National Socialism, which they thought they had destroyed, is alive today and is gathering strength anew. Try as you will you cannot destroy an idea as strong as National Socialism. You can smear it or misrepresent it with all the means at your disposal. You can persecute it. You can ban its books, and songs, and symbols. You can do everything you can, but it will still live on in the minds of men. Our opponents have done everything they can to destroy National Socialism, but the fact that we are here today testifies to their failure. Despite the stifling mark of misrepresentation, more and more people every day, prompted by what Democracy and the opponents of National Socialism are doing to our land, are opening their eyes and coming to say with us: “Hitler was right!”

* * *

Source: Redpill Action via New Order

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David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
5 February, 2021 11:12 am

Thank you Rosemary for Jordan’s speech. Yes, we of the Aryan Race need a new “Hitler”, but I fear we have fallen too far to be rescued from total jew control. Today 2021 National Socialism is considered a crime, not an honor.

Reply to  David R. Westerlund
8 February, 2021 4:29 pm

Perhaps he is here, just waiting for a star to fall from the sky, for there can be no light without darkness, and “in order to shine like the sun, first you have to burn like it.”

There will be countless false prophets, yet when the one True Chosen Führerious King comes before you, the deceivers will tremble, and the honest and faithful elate. Only those by the Grace of Providence are endowed with such power, but without the people to bundle and lift up the axe, the Fasces has no Imperatum.

Anthony Salt
Anthony Salt
5 February, 2021 12:25 pm

I cannot believe that this has been sat on for 59 years! If it wasn’t for an Englishman and an Australian I fear this would never have been made public. Congrats to both of them. The old guard National Socialists should take away something from this and make as much material available that they are sitting on before it is too late. Hail Colin Jordan!

5 February, 2021 12:56 pm

“Thilo Sarrazin is not a Nazi and not a racist”. Fine. But many
of his tribal brothers see things very differently. Nevertheless,
the Zionists (like Henryk Broder) promote Sarrazin, because
he praises in his books the allegedly “high IQ” of the Jews,
which is “genetically inherited”. But Sarrazin is still far from
being Kevin MacDonald who would behind bars in ZOG-FRG.

5 February, 2021 1:03 pm

“The result of this Jewish government of Britain is the disregard of real British interests at every turn, including the present scandalous Coloured Invasion of our country. This Coloured Invasion, which is utterly unnecessary, entirely undesirable, neither in the ultimate interests of the Coloureds nor the Whites, is taking place, contrary to the wish of the overwhelming majority of the British people, because the real rulers of Britain, the Jews, want it. The Jews want it because the breakdown of racial identity and racial pride, the encouragement of a mongrel population, is essential for the long-term security of their overlordship. If Britain’s Anglo-Saxon stock remains, there is always the danger of an awakening and revolt against the Jewish government of Britain. If, however, that stock can be undermined, diluted, destroyed,… Read more »

Il Fascismo
Il Fascismo
5 February, 2021 1:25 pm

Thanks for this….He was a great man.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
5 February, 2021 8:03 pm

Two more Brits who saw the light or came close: Ian Stuart Donaldson and Nick Griffin.

Lesley Spear
Lesley Spear
Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
6 February, 2021 3:01 am

Griffin? Haha. He’s a White Jew grifter and hypocrit.

Reply to  Lesley Spear
6 February, 2021 6:37 pm

Guess you missed the ‘came close’ part.
Nick Griffin was held back by his Christcuckery, other than that, he did get pretty close to the truth. Certainly closer than any other politician I was aware of before a couple of Republicuck ladies who have apparently just very recently woken up.

Reply to  Lesley Spear
7 February, 2021 6:54 am

Indeed…Dad was a Freemason-cohencidence? and introduced Thatcher-Blairist crypto-Trotskiism into BNP.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
6 February, 2021 8:22 am

Donaldson, certainly.

6 February, 2021 8:21 am

Great man, the greatest Englishman of the twentieth century, apart from TE Lawrence and Henry Williamson.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
13 February, 2021 6:08 pm

would have been nice to sit down with this individual over some pale-ales.

man amongst maggots and queer Jew-fetishist…..

who do we have?

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
13 February, 2021 6:55 pm