Close Your Eyes and Think of England

by George Mosley

SOME JEW in the Jewish Village Voice once gave a rundown of the Jew show Transparent by writing that it chronicles: “adultery, abortion, threesomes, lesbians, transgenders, interracial hook-ups.” That is, sexual “freedom” at the end of the world.

An ultramontane conservative who wanted to trap society in amber would surely be disappointed, and disappointing; and society should change, but from the inside and at a stately pace, organically, and with racial integrity, racial survival, and upward evolution as its sacred principles.

But the way things go now we have revolution (devolution) round the clock; what’s current in the Current Year has a half life of a decade, at very outside.

Witness the eating alive of the once-revered hit play The Vagina Monologues. When it first appeared the court reviewers called it a “marvel.” Women were on stage speaking openly and freely of their nether parts. Surely some revelation was at hand! Once this genital Rubicon was crossed never would we go back to the “bad old days” when women were told to close their eyes and think of England. And whatever else this was, this was “cutting edge stuff” on the “frontiers of human freedom.” The old sexual order, we were told, had met its Waterloo.

Our time has shown that these revolutions never stop; no sooner is a value overturned than what replaced it is thrown over in turn. You know our country has changed with lightning speed when not a quarter century ago mass consternation met the publication of a book called Heather Has Two Mommies. The author of this book is described as an “American author” but of course she is no such thing; she’s a Jew.

This trashy piece of sleazy propaganda was taught to the kids in the little grades — second grade, third grade — to helpless, innocent pint-sized humans. When it was so taught the revulsion was genuine and widespread. Today, should a gradeschooler bring home this trash and the parents object, the parents will be targeted.

When Jew Eve Ensler came out with The Vagina Monologues she was hailed as a “brave pioneer”; she had, we were told, accomplished a breathtaking feat on par with Columbus sailing the ocean blue, the founding of America, a man on the Moon. She was at the forefront of an ostensibly glorious revolution; but what she was really at the front of was the Jewish attempt to break down the social structures of White society. She was in the vanguard of what another equally Jewish popular writer called “a form of Jewish defense in the post-Holocaust era.”

But why, one may ask, is gender fluidity good for the Jews? How does the proliferation of White perverts benefit Jews? For just as upper-class White liberals preach social revolution but live in 1950s all-White neighborhoods with Ozzie and Harriet families, so also do Jews (the eternal allies — senior allies; herders, really — of upper-class White liberals). They foment alienation, rampant drug use, racial and social chaos, contraception, abortion, broken homes, “anti-racism,” and then retreat to their new faux-stately Jewish ghettos with a husband and a wife, and kids going to private, exclusive, and tony Jewish day schools, where they network, practice nepotism, and live lives suffused with the ethnocentrism of the Chosen Ones.

The Jew mantra is : Chaos for the White man, but never for us.

But now, even as uber-liberal J.K. Rowling has run afoul of the Woke Junta and has been roundly castigated for expressing doubts that men can be women, so too has The Vagina Monologues become reactionary. For the unpardonable sin of being “gynocentric,” the author might as well be Prince Metternich standing athwart the Gates of Vienna preaching Kings and Queens to the unwashed masses and shouting: Thou Shall Not Pass.

Just like that, in a flash, the Jewess author goes from hero to zero.

Why, she might as well be Adolf Hitler shutting down degenerate sex institutes. Does she burn books too?

Meet the new boss, the new boss who has abolished human nature, for whom gender trouble is no trouble at all. Now a man can be a woman on “its” own say-so. No sooner is a thing wished for than it is had.

In the wake of this purge, colleges and theaters across this former nation have canceled performances of the play. When it comes to being on the knife edge of “progressivism” no one wants be caught with their pants down (unless of course that’s part of some performance art). This is not Germany in the 1930s, is it?

One worrying thing about this is that the now-fashionable freaks and freakettes pushing the anything and everything goes line may in turn become outmoded. After them, what parade of horribles can possibly be in store? All you can be sure of is that when it comes to sin and deviance they always have another rabbit in their hats. To be sure, three mommies will be the least of it.

So perhaps it was not such a bad thing to ask people to close their eyes and think of England. When you do that now, your mind’s eye will see adultery, abortion, threesomes, lesbians, transgenders, interracial hook-ups, the whole grab bag of loveless Jewish filth.

As for me, when I close my eyes and think of England I see the rivers running red.

* * *

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6 February, 2021 8:42 pm

And why is that vision of England where the rivers run red? A guess: because too many otherwise responsible White men and women chose to do nothing to reverse course on a civilization-wide scale while there was still time.

There is still time to act effectively, but not to reverse this situation. To prepare the lifeboats.

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
8 February, 2021 3:51 am

Для тех кто еще не понял почему бунт бесполезен Первое Вы собрались на площади до определенного времени вам нужна еда вода хлев . Вы же не будете спать на улице есть барахлр с улицы бомжевать на площади то не благородное дело . Да и вы же не хотите сдохнуть на площади правильно по этому вы куда пойдете после митинга рано или поздно правильно домой. Где вас ждать будет не каменный то пол а своя кровать и еда . Вы сами себя уничтожаете понимаете ? Какой же смысл покидать свой дом ради митинга на трассе какой смысл устраивать весь этот цирк с перекрытием трассы если даже дворнику понятно то что вы пойдете домой рано или поздно . Получается порча имущества , бездомность , и голод и все это ради !? Того… Read more »

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
8 February, 2021 3:52 am

Просто потому что например гробовщики ушли бунтовать .
Вообще внутреняя напряженка прям лакомое время для тех кто живёт спокойно . А че пока собака хвост себе грызет иза блохи почему бы обьект не захватить ?
Это очень удобно . Но нет вам кажется завтра будет лучше чем вчера есть исключительно добрый дядя который все знает всех обьдеденит итп .
Чистой воды шизоидные проявления в массы . Обязательно завтрашний день будет лучше если мы нажремся .
Правда похмел больно бьет но это не завтра а потом .

9 February, 2021 12:20 am

England, O England, has shed enough blood upon this earth that may God have mercy on them. England, who put the Boer’s women and children in concentration camps during the second Boer War, and when the children became sick, doctors chided the mothers saying, “Don’t you know that children under five must die!” The blood runs deep in England, they would cut off limbs of people in Congo during the 19th cenury when the Brits found the mineral that makes plastic today. This cutting off limbs was done when a worker refuse to work. Then the people of Northern Ireland, taking away their religion and language, then killing of German women and children before even WWII began with Germany. Dropping bombs in German towns, because the refuse to have a… Read more »

15 May, 2021 2:38 am

Jews are such trash. They create nothing beautiful. NOTHING.