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Telling the truth about what is actually happening means that, from time to time, an honest publication has to publish very unpleasant pictures.

by Douglas Mercer

THE “SQUAD” is growing. They’ve got a new Negro in tow and she hates White people like vampires hate holy water.

If you want to know the ideology of Congresswoman Cori Bush, I’ll save you the trouble of researching it. Most of her sentences consist of a noun, a verb, and “White supremacy.”

She wakes up in the morning and screams “White supremacy.” Big-lipped Bush claims “it’s not divisive to call out white supremacy. What’s divisive is to not work to eliminate it,” as if such a thing even exists in a country that allows her into the once-hallowed (but since besmirched) corridors of power.

White liberals, Christians, and non-racial conservatives: You have empowered this. And it’s not going to be pleasant.

Bush gained her spurs (such as they are) as a nurse during the Ferguson riots. She claims a cop hit her, but you know how those Negroes lie. And, if he did hit her, there’s a much better than decent chance she had it coming. To this day she thinks that Michael Brown is a “gentle giant” who didn’t do nuffin’. She probably thinks Darren Wilson should be crucified, even though even the Obama administration said he really didn’t do anything wrong.

In 2020 Bush parlayed her local prominence into becoming the first Negro Congressperson from Missouri, a state which obviously has fallen on hard times. She ran for Congress before, and the Jewish media were so captivated by her sassy negritude that they profiled her in the Netflix “documentary” Knocking Down the House, which was basically an all-in Jewish tongue bath for Alexandria Cortez. Miz Bush was only the sidekick in this degraded film — but the title was apposite since it’s true to say of these folk that they don’t know how to build, but they’re damned good at knocking things down. Then we White folk have to clean up after them and pay for the damage done.

Words fail me.

In Congress just a month now, she’s wasted no time in calling out the “maskless” and asking for the crucifixion of the righteous stormers of the Capitol.

You see, she’s a Negro “with attitude,” as they like to say. A country in which her base kind flourishes is a country on its way out.

At one point in his sad life, Senator Ed Markey might have had a shred of self-respect — but, if so, by now it’s long gone in the mists of time. He’s an old geezer in a party of rising mongrel monsters — and he knows it. Instead of quietly departing standing up, he’ll crawl out of the room on all fours.

Recently Markey burned whatever bit of dignity he had left (admittedly it was not much) and tweeted out: “congresswoman Cori Bush is a powerhouse leader in the progressive movement whose experience organizing to protect Black lives makes her the future of the Democratic Party and Congress. I am very proud to partner with her to combat white supremacy and dismantle systemic racism.”

Who let the digusting traitors in? And how can we toss them the goddamned Hell out?

And as for “organizing to protect Black lives,” I don’t believe it. If anyone really cared about Black lives (I certainly don’t, not one whit), but if one did one would go hunting where the ducks are. That is, they’d be talking day and night about Black fathers who suck on 40s and hit the pipe rather than care for their kids, and the superpredator Blacks who genocide the members of their own race by the thousands year in, year out. But of course the likes of Bush would never mention any of that; they focus on the one White cop who guns down a career criminal who resisted arrest — and that’s what allows them to hold the banner as the champion of the darkies. How gullible these Untermenschen are.

Black lives don’t matter to them; I just proved it. What matters to them is power, pure and simple. And that’s a difference with a distinction.

Of course this mentally lazy Negro has it wrong, to wit: “I’m so tired of the framing of unarmed Black people. There is never justification for police to kill with impunity. We deserve to live. All of us. The police need to stop killing all of us. Full stop.” Mind you, she is saying, it’s not that I’m so tired of juvenile and not-so-juvenile Black hoodlums shooting Black babies by accident in botched drive-bys, not Black criminals terrorizing Black neighborhoods, not Black dealers hooking Black youth, making a full stop to their lives — no, none of that; that would give energy to the “White racists” and show that they (that is, we) are right.

But we are right, of course. Full stop.

Just for the record, she also wants to abolish ICE, which shows how little she cares about the job and wage prospects of Black youth. Hurting Whites is her categorical imperative, and one does wonder what demons planted the malice in her pygmy soul. Perhaps the same ones who fund her.

A small sample of Cori Bush’s supporters, from her own Web site.

She also gives a big Black shout out to the Jews and the soul-sick White misfits of Antifa. “Antifa was on the ground with us during the Ferguson Uprising working to keep black protesters safe (even when the cameras had left) when a lot of other folks weren’t.” By “keeping black protestors safe” she means interfering with duly instituted law enforcement’s ability to quell rampant Black criminality.

Naturally Bush is fully on board with the George Soros-funded Big City DA Theory of Law Enforcement, which is: When it comes to Blacks, invaders, and anti-Whites don’t enforce the law. While she gives Negro murderers a great big Black pass, she vilifies those who seek to stop them: “Incarceration is a weapon that has long been used to inflict violence upon Black and brown communities. For us to heal, we need to do more than close private federal prisons. We need to grant clemency, decarcerate, and dismantle our carceral system.”

She wants Whitey (as if “Whitey” still has power) to let her people go. So her people can resume preying on her people. Makes sense in a sick and perverted kind of way.

So it’s not surprising that she give her baboon’s hello to the 1970s Queen of the Black criminals, Angela Davis. Bush sent a love-kiss tweet to this geriatric Communist savage, who she called “auntie.” Angela Davis? Auntie? Really? Really.

“Happiest of birthdays to my revolutionary, iconic, freedom fighting Auntie Angela Davis.”

Davis, who still breathes, is the Mulatta who gave a gun to some Black gangsters who duly kidnapped a judge and killed him. But the judge was White, so it was really all about “freedom” and becoming “iconic,” I guess. Davis herself got off scot-free allowing the media to endlessly disgust us with her face, omnipresent for at least a decade on our beloved telescreens and liepapers, and allowing her to endlessly bore us with the “theories” she learned at the knee of Jew Herbert Marcuse which amount to little more than poorly paraphrased versions of something that was unreadable, false, and totally worthless to begin with. (Davis, who was a card-carrying open member of the Communist Party, USA, had her legal defense paid for in large part by the United Presbyterian Church.)

Angela Davis: one-time poster girl for Jewish communism

The Bush Hog also gave the nod to St. Martin of the Lorraine Motel, whose legacy is communism, rape, and the murder of White America: “Our work is to honor Dr. King’s legacy for more than just today. Every day, we must fight from a place of deep love for one another to ensure that each and every person has what they need to live a decent life. Every. Single. Day.”

Every single time is more like it.

And, finally, with these people it’s always the gibs, gibs, gibs — and Bush kicked off this February begging for more:

“We need reparations — for slavery and the world it created.”

Reparations? With the crime, the “welfare,” the jail costs, the hospital costs, the trillions in other “benefits” for these “people” who can’t support themselves in one of the most resource-rich continents on Earth, the ruined cities and neighborhoods and entire regions, the White lives ended too soon — everyone, even the Blacks themselves know it’s us White folk who are way out of pocket. It was a big, perhaps fatal, mistake to accept them as slaves or in any other way into our societies. Most certainly they owe us by now. The problem with us ever getting our reparations is you can’t get blood from a turnip — they being flat broke. (Though, as Kevin Alfred Strom once said, just them leaving, forever, would be worth one trillion, raised to the trillionth power, dollars.)

The Hog also quotes White-hating and very unfunny Congoid “comedienne” Wanda Sykes, who said: “black history is American History.”

No, it’s not. American history is the Atlantic Passage — of Whites. It is the conquest of a continent, the creation of a civilization, the sending of men of our race to set foot on another world. American history is building great things. Not knocking them all down.

And she just loves fellow anti-White “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley, quoting her: “White supremacy is when Black skin alone is treated as a crime punishable by death, but white skin allows you to incite a violent overthrow of the government & still act entitled to hold elected office.”


The real violent overthrow has already happened (see Davis, above). Soon all Congress will be The Squad. Then come the killing fields. The best time for Whites to secede from this mess was twenty years before Angela Davis’s face was first seen on TV. The second best time is now.

* * *

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Larry Harmon
Larry Harmon
4 February, 2021 6:23 am


Reply to  Larry Harmon
4 February, 2021 11:26 pm

Join us in the National Alliance then, Larry. The anti-White Bush’s are legion and working every single day for our destruction, we must be just as or more dedicated to our survival and putting ourselves on a better path to the future.

The hour is getting late.

4 February, 2021 7:17 am

I have been calling the country formerly known as the United States the People’s Democratic Banana Republic of Nothern Brazil, but maybe Northern Haiti would be more appropriate.

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
4 February, 2021 11:28 pm

Call it whatever you want, Prinz, but individual Whites like National Alliance members are doing more than just applying snarky labels. My hope is that you are too.

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
4 February, 2021 10:37 am

The chimp/gorilla hybrids were deliberately brought to us by the International Parasite to destroy a noble experiment to build a new world for White People in NORAM. The average IQ of negroes is 73.3. Yes, there are exceptions; they being the lucky negroes with some Irish blood or perhaps a bit of the parasite’s slime. Tentacles of the parasite love doing it with negroes, apparently. They have no shame so it’s a given that the crews of the slave ships, being mostly kikes, would have done whatever to the black goyim, including throwing them overboard all chained together. Spielbug forgot to mention the part about the kike’s role in Amistad for example; he being a spawn of the tribe and a very adept propagandist for the enemy. Hollywood is notorious… Read more »

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 February, 2021 11:28 am

Phil and Nick are the same person. The nature of the comments is the same.

Josef Tone
Josef Tone
4 February, 2021 12:54 pm

I find it morbidly interesting how American blacks are different than say Brazilian blacks. Brazil imported ten times as many blacks as slaves as did America, but our primary enemies are not interested in what Brazilian colonists did in regards to the enslavement of blacks (or in any other Latin American or Islamic country as well). They’re soley interested in what occurred to blacks in America. In Brazil, the various races and mixtures all seem to be surprised when they see American black celebrities actually marry other blacks. Blacks in Brazil, generally males since nobody is genuinely interested in black females, are even more pathological about marrying basically “the fairest person possible.” It’s so much a part of Brazilian life that nobody even bothers denying it… even the usually shamelessly… Read more »

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
Reply to  Josef Tone
4 February, 2021 7:50 pm

Brazil is the Kalergi Plan made flesh.

4 February, 2021 1:17 pm

Why doesn’t he ask: “Would Africans be civilized without whites?
Would they have roads, supermarkets, cars, airplanes, computers,
houses, windows and doors, clothes, sleeping mattresses, medicine,
hygiene, sewage treatment plants, clothes, telephones, sanitation,
language and education? Would they know what glasses or hearing
aids are without us? I’m sure you can find a thousand other exam-
ples of what the world should be grateful to the evil white people for.”

Reply to  Ken
6 February, 2021 8:48 pm

I’d rather all of us Whites get on the same page and encourage each other to appreciate what we can do together. Yet another reason I’ve found to join us with the National Alliance

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
4 February, 2021 1:24 pm

The left is very adept at inciting hysteria. put pressure on the stupid minds of women with their emotional and utopian perception of the world. NAZIS NAZIS Idiots Great Britain and the UN did not build the fabulous Nazi concentration camp you wrote in Jewish books, but created China. To be honest, tyranny doesn’t exist. Because tyranny is a product of the hysterical fantasies of the left. But there is a transhuman state according to the Jewish plan. And this is really dangerous, because this is a project of the damned UN.

William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance
William White Williams • Chairman, National Alliance(@www)
4 February, 2021 2:28 pm

Excellent, Mr. Mercer! Thank you. Why do these idiots never demand an end to White separatism? It’s always this phony “white supremacy” that uppity darkies and their spineless white whiggers like Ed Marky plan to “combat” They can’t combat White separatism. White separatists want to SEPARATE themselves, not be “supreme” over Blacks or other races. Never again racial segregation or apartheid — those are failed supremacist strategies. We do not want to be the non-Whites’ problem any longer and do not want them to be ours. Period! Throw in whites like Ed Markey that we will separate from. Let him be proud to partner with the likes of Ms. Bush. Have them dismantle something besides White separatism. Preservation of the White race is not some sort of “extreme” position. The… Read more »


I’ve lived in the deep south almost my entire life, and except for just a handful of times in my near 60 years I have not known any white person who claims supremacy over others. But I am now seeing many people totally fed up with being called Supremacists. I lived the Civil Rights movement. I lived forced integration/busing. I lived the social change to be more “accepting” and less “racist” towards others. I even participated by having a few black friends over the years. But it ALWAYS comes back to what you said above: I do not want to live anywhere near these callous, non-thinking animals. I don’t want to see them (and their ugly faces surrounded by fake dreadlocks that stink to high heaven). I am 2 hours… Read more »

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
Reply to  BuelahMan
21 February, 2021 10:01 pm

Come home to Upper East Tennessee, Buelah Man. You’ll like it here among your own. It’s nothing like Memphrica, the capital of Black Tennessee. Contact me through this site for details.

Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 February, 2021 7:52 am

That area is one of the prettiest places in the country, for sure. I own several properties and a farm close to the TN River, so that transition would be difficult, but I am not wholly against it. Memphrica and little Memphis (Jackson) are closing in.

Periodically I get to come that way with work. Perhaps we could meet.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
4 February, 2021 2:29 pm

Douglas: The Black problem is caused by the rodent jew. In my 10 years of protesting i$rahell in Portland Oregon, I got more help from Blacks than Whites. It was the anti-fa/ Portland police and Mayor Wheeler that were against me. 88Dave

Carl Straight
Carl Straight
Reply to  David R. Westerlund
4 February, 2021 6:38 pm

You’re a brave and dedicated guy, doing this in a liberal craphole like Portland. Do you hand out any literature?

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
Reply to  Carl Straight
4 February, 2021 8:54 pm

Yes, an GR8 question. German Rudolf’s pamphlet on the gas chamber hoax & Mark Weber’s pamphlet on jew power. Email me if you wish.

Reply to  David R. Westerlund
4 February, 2021 7:08 pm

Greetings David. The intelligent blacks know that they are better in a White society than in a Jewish or Black society.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman(@www)
Reply to  David R. Westerlund
6 February, 2021 3:19 pm

Black crime is up in your city since Portland police were told to “stand down” during recent riots. Now more than 100 Portland cops have resigned early since their police department was defunded.

Your Black allies don’t care about you, i$rahell, or revisionist fliers by Germar Rudolf or Mark Weber, and they will not have your back as conditions worsen in your new Portland. Watch your back.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
6 February, 2021 6:09 pm

It was from the “…back.” that the jew anti-fa knocked me unconscious. 2019 was my last protest in Portland. I think the Blacks rioting are being imported by jew Soros.

It is encouraging to see all the comments by this article on “Our brothers of African Heritage”. That is a quote from a member of The Hitler Youth, I had as a boss in 1965. Hitler had many Blacks in the Waffen SS during WWII.

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
8 February, 2021 11:00 pm

A Negro is a Negro. End of story. A horrific, violent, alien species that has no business in White society. Send them all away.