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A Hint of the Future

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE COOK County Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, is financed by the taxpayers and administered by the County Board. When its President and Directors discovered in some way that two of the resident physicians on its staff (race unstated) were infected with Immunity Deficiency, they also learned, evidently for the first time, that three other members of the staff, two physicians and a male nurse (race kept secret), had already died of the epidemic disease, while a fourth is in the terminal stage of the dire and incurable infection. When one of the infected physicians still on the staff refused, they said, to limit his contacts with patients, they voted to suspend him from his medical functions.

Incredible as it may seem to you, that precipitated an uproar that was reported in the Chicago Tribune, 4-7 February 1987, and had the incidental benefit of disclosing to the public some crucial facts of which they had thus far been blissfully ignorant.

Three executive committees of the Hospital, all composed of or dominated by Doctores Medicinae, met, denounced the officials for their bigotry, and forced the reinstatement of the suspended but unnamed physician, who happily resumed treating patients who were unaware that he was diseased. The final decision is to be made by a meeting of the whole County Board, which will be between the proverbial devil and deep sea. The Hospital’s revenues have already decreased sharply, since many persons, so bigoted they do not want to contract the dire malady, are staying away, now that the scandal precipitated by the high-minded sons of Aesculapius has made public what conditions do exist and may exist in that hospital. On the other hand, the Board had already been threatened with prosecution by a legal shark named Grossman, who claims to represent the hoary old Civil Liberties Union, if it infringes the diseased physician’s civil right to continue to exercise his medical skills and whims on persons who are not yet diseased and who do not know that he is.

The excited practitioners of the Healing Art even held indignation meetings at which they exhibited signs calling for “compassion” instead of “fear.” The compassion, needless to say, was for diseased physicians, not for their unsuspecting patients, whom they may condemn to a prolonged and horrible death, nor yet for the many who consult physicians everywhere and will be in an agony of trepidation, now that they know that many medical men themselves carry in their bodies a dire contagion which they may transmit negligently or even with the known urge of many of the diseased to inflict on the innocent the death to which they themselves are doomed.

The assembled physicians, so nobly concerned for the future of their profession — or should I say business? — would have had a much better chance of arousing the compassion they desiderated, if they had claimed that the diseased physicians had become infected while treating diseased patients, but instead they certified by silence that those physicians were homosexual perverts who did not have enough medical skill and ordinary prudence or self-control to avoid acquiring the incurable disease of which they knew, from their medical journals, much more than the general public.

Compassion for our darling perverts, some of whom were so filthy and debased that they copulated with niggers and so brought the dire contagion to this country, will, I predict, soon be in very short supply.

The medical men doubtless forfeited the opportunity for propaganda that could have aroused some compassion because they chose to adopt the soothing claim of the Federal Center for Disease Control that “there are no known [i.e., admitted] cases of a health care provider with AIDS infecting a patient with the virus or of a patient infecting a health care worker.” Now this accompanies an admission that one thousand two hundred (1200) “health [!] care workers,” i.e. physicians, nurses, and technicians, are now known to be infected with the deadly disease, and a recommendation that the perverts should not be discouraged from treating innocent patients, it being assumed that they will elect to wear rubber gloves, gauze masks, and the like when they do. The admitted statistic and the bland recommendation that goes with it, now made public, should be sufficient to start at least the preliminary of a panic.

When the enraged heirs of a once-respected profession decided on public clamor to intimidate the County Board, they probably failed to foresee some inevitable consequences. Every reader of the newspapers began to wonder how many of them and their colleagues were perverts, and how many of them were already infected and using their professional status and privileges to conceal it. And every shyster lawyer in Chicago, at least, spent a sleepless night contemplating the joys of endless suits for malpractice against physicians and hospitals. And finally, the impetuous M.D.s may have given second thoughts to the financiers who, as the same newspaper coincidentally announced in its financial section, are prepared to pay in cash one billion, seven hundred million dollars ($1,700,000,000.) to acquire a chain of profitable hospitals, for what is now blandly called the “hospital industry” makes money for its proprietors on a lavish scale, as did gold mines and oil fields in the old days.

If the County Board in its plenary session decides to suspend the diseased pervert, what can the indignant physicians do? They can, of course, go on a strike, but they should acquire some belated prudence before they so decide. In Ontario and in a region of California, if I remember correctly, the physicians’ union declared strikes some years ago, with the result that the death-rate sharply decreased in both localities and remained abnormally low until the merchants of health resumed their activities and brought the mortality-tables back to normal.

The fracas in Cook County may not interest residents in other parts of the country today, but when the situation disclosed by it is matched in every state, every city, and almost every county, it is likely that there will follow action that is unthinkable to the tender-minded.

And in the meantime, the physicians who started the rumpus in Chicago are destroying what little respect is still felt for them and for the once-honored profession they claim to represent.

I have seen part of the manuscript of a forthcoming book by a distinguished physician, Dr. Harold Adams, who does not even mention the epidemic of “AIDS,” at least in the parts I have read, but says:

According to a recent Harris Poll, 73% of the American people have lost confidence in the American medical system as it is today. There are many people in our profession who have buried their heads in the sand and say we have no major problems with our system of medicine. They are dead wrong. In my opinion our profession is on the verge of collapse.

And he amply documents his opinion with accounts of some of the astonishing depredations and, indeed, crimes commonly committed by “money-hungry doctors and nurses.”

The loud-mouthed champions of the perverts in Chicago should have been more wary, for their own good, but for the good of the remaining Aryans in this multi-racial country, it is perhaps well that they were not.

* * *

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, May 1987

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NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
14 February, 2021 12:35 pm

If you think that America or some other country exists now you are mistaken. there is imitation of countries. Everywhere a constitution is imposed as if our lands were seized. The UN is a tool for the de-sovereignization of countries and a powerful tool for the left. The only thing left for the Jews to do now is, instead of fomenting a pandemic, simply create a long-term financial crisis and also, as a highlight, kindle a semblance of a third world war. To once again accuse the whole world of not listening to the advice of the communists and for this he paid with war and victims. This is the simplest scenario for their obsession with taking over the world. And it will be effective now, but it must be… Read more »

21 February, 2021 8:52 am

I think the commercialization and corruption of health care may have started when the Romans slaughtered the Druids and continued with the persecution of ‘Witches’ under the Roman’s Cuckstian successors.
At this point, mainstream medicine is good if you get shot or fall off a ladder, but for anything else, you’re better off with traditional herbal and nutritional treatments.