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The Great Booby-Hatch

by Revilo P. Oliver

A FEEBLE-MINDED Englishman named Paul Chadeyron was educated in one of England’s famous public schools (not Eton or Harrow, but a lesser one), went to Cambridge, one of the most highly reputed universities in the world, and obtained an honorable degree in law. He became, it is said, a very able attorney. Since he had a private income and did not need to earn money, he did not practice his profession in the usual way; and since his head was stuffed with Christian garbage, he established himself in Kennington and devoted himself to befriending and representing legally the filthy Congoids that are now swarming over the ruins of a once great nation. He argued that the dear little Black boys are misunderstood darlings and need only the sympathy and Christian love that horrid racial bigots begrudge beings whom God created equal and more equal than the Anglo-Saxons, whose duty it is to support their ‘disadvantaged’ guests and care for their ‘problems.’

I learn from the Daily Mail, 2 July 1986, that on the preceding Sunday Chadeyron attended the evening service at St. Mark’s Church in Kennington, where, no doubt, he mentally reported to Jesus and perhaps prayed for help in his loving care of Congoids. Jesus, who is omniscient and can do anything, if you can persuade him to help you, doubtless looked down and said to his seneschal, “Better get a mansion ready in a hurry [Johan. 14.2]; that idiot will be with us in a few minutes.”

As Chadeyron was about to enter the apartment building in which he lived with a male companion, five of his dear little Black boys stuck knives in him, evidently just for the fun of it, since there is no indication that he was robbed. He died in the arms of his “flat-mate,” calling upon “the Lord.”

Shortly thereafter, the same or other Black playboys attacked another White man and tried to slash up his face, and then ‘mugged’ another, who saved his life by handing over sixty pounds, but “was too frightened to be named,” probably because he thought the “disaffected youths” might punish him for admitting he had been robbed.

In that one rather small district of London, “disaffected youths” had murdered fourteen persons in the past few weeks and a “spate of rapes and stabbings” were reported to the police.

“Racial understanding” is obviously making progress in England, but, sad to say, there are still vile “hate mongers” who are so bigoted that they begrudge the dear Black boys the needed recreation and healthful exercise of killing now and then a few of the Aryan nitwits whose taxes support them.

Needless to say, the Jews who own Britain and the British will not tolerate such bigotry and wickedness, and they are determined to stamp out Anglo-Saxons who do not realize that, having thrown their country away to show how full of Christian luff they were, they now have the status of pigs and cows — except, of course, that it is not yet feasible to use them to relieve hunger among the “underprivileged.”

Mr. John Tyndall, the leader of the British National Party and editor of Spearhead, was arrested and charged with the dastardly crime of publishing material that criticized “colored people, Asians, and Jews, in Great Britain.” He was tried in the courts that once were British.

I am not informed about the race of the presiding judge, who may have been one of the Yids who masquerade under English names and privately chuckle at the gullibility of the goyim. I am assured, however, that the jury consisted of Anglo-Saxons or, at least, Aryans. There were four prosecutors, led by a Yid, a relative of Lady Mountbatten and one of the many who have learned how to ape civilized behavior; the others were a greasy Sheeny, a Negress dressed up in the costume of barristers, and a creature of indeterminate ancestry but probably a Kike.

The Aryan jury, horrified by the prisoner’s crime of not being as imbecile as they, found him guilty of being an Aryan cur who had not licked his owners’ boots. They probably regretted that they did not have tails to wag as they brought in their verdict.

The magistrate condemned the convicted criminal to a year in prison, doubtless regretting that he could not sentence him to be burned at the stake in Smithfield for the edification and entertainment of all right-thinking persons.

The majority of Englishmen watch these events with all the comprehension of pigs when one of their number is plucked out of their sty: They are so little concerned that they do not take their noses out of the swill-trough, which is all that matters to them.

Now optimists will tell you that the high-minded English are sound at heart — or would be, if Jewish excrement was not smeared in their faces every day by their press, clergymen, and “intellectuals.” But after decades, that oft reiterated excuse becomes suspect.

Children used to laugh at the late Mediaeval tales about the “wise men of Gotham,” who tried to rake the moon out of a pond and to drown an eel in a tub of water. But Gothamites never did anything so foolish as to subject themselves to Jews and cuddle Negroids. No British child today should laugh at the tales about the Gothamites: They were more intelligent than the majority of his compatriots, perhaps including his parents.

The Daily Mail published a photograph of the face of the nitwit, Chadeyron, whom I mentioned above. It is ominous. The smooth visage is neither male nor female; it exhibits only an epicene and soulless vapidity.

It seems obvious that the British who had so glorious a history until 1914 and even (pathetically) until 1918 have become flabby and porcine witlings. An historian, the pathologist of nations and civilizations, must account for the drastic metastasis. One can suggest such causes as genetic exhaustion, some inexplicable mutation of a whole subspecies, and the terrible squandering of the nation’s best blood in a foolish crusade from 1914 to 1918. But one cause that must be taken into account is a psychic disease that was contracted before the Roman legions left Britannia.

The virus of the mind operated slowly but surely. In the current epidemic of Immunity Deficiency, an infected individual commonly lives for a year or even a decade while his immune system is slowly eroded and until he dies of a disease against which he no longer has a physiological defense. It takes centuries for nations to die.

One can trace the erosion of our racial immune system by the Oriental virus. A vigorous and heroic race first began to decimate themselves in civil wars fought for no rational purpose but only over the fantasies of theologians who differed in their exposition of implausible and inconsistent tales in the big Jew-Book. The Aryan vigor of the British won them in the nineteenth century an empire on which the sun never set, but the progress of the viral infection was obvious in a mawkish humanitarianism and, above all, in the dispatch of missionaries for the purpose of filling an imagined Heaven with Negroes and wogs, although Jesus, according to the Jew-Book, never expressed a desire to have his celestial city filled with such rubbish, and even explicitly said that he was interested only in the members of his own race.

At first sight it may not be obvious that the Britain of today is rotted by Christianity. It is often said to be irreligious, because the salvation-business has, in proportion to the total population, fewer customers than ever before. I have quoted estimates that “less than one-fifth of the population [of England] are in any sense Christians today.” But the estimate does not allow for the virulence of viral infections that produce the symptoms of what seem to be many different diseases. I have also quoted a far more perspicacious writer, Professor Kenneth Latourette, who saw that through the past fifteen centuries “the influence of Christianity has mounted and has never been greater than it is today.” The infection, as versatile as “AIDS,” now appears in the guise of Communism, “integration,” “anti-colonialism,” and all the rest of the insane pursuit of “equality” between races and between individuals.

The British numbskulls who welcomed into the island all the biological refuse that is fermenting in it today may have rejected the stories about childish miracles in the Jew-Book, but they were full of the Christian doctrine of “love” and equality. Their mentality was that of the nitwits who, a century before, dispatched missionaries to make the fuzzy-wuzzies get Jesus and thus to perform the miracle of transforming sows’ ears into silk purses. The British, like the Americans, have become so mentally weak and morally depraved that they pay taxes for “foreign aid” to impoverish their own children and breed their future executioners.

The British, once virtual masters of the earth, are now squandering the few resources they have left and destroying their own industries. Their little minds are muddled with the “social gospel” of the Jewish agitator who expressly excluded the rich from his proletarian Heaven and boasted that he made folly of the “wisdom of this world.” Full of unthinking faith in their own righteousness, they take pride in their “altruistic” irrationality. And while they may still doubt the story about Jonah and his ride in the whale’s belly, they have an abiding faith in the equally plausible Holohoax because it is told by Jews, Yahweh’s vastly superior race that Aryans must humbly serve, cherish, and adore.

So far as we can now determine from the evidence, the future of Britons is precisely the future of a man in whom the virus of Immunity Deficiency has already penetrated the brain-barrier.

* * *’

Source: Liberty Bell magazine, March 1987

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24 January, 2021 11:42 pm

Once again, Revilo P. Oliver reminds us of who we were and what we have become. And this lesson on the virus of Immunity Deficiency my fellow brothers and sisters, actually took place over three decades ago. But it’s quite understandable, we couldn’t heed his warning because we were probably attending church service…..obviously learning how to turn the other cheek.

25 January, 2021 2:25 am

On the satellite map at the top right, Holland can just be seen. The fact that it was once a great seafaring nation may only be demonstrated by its natives on their man-made canals. Like children in a paddling pool.

Who will continue their traditions later? The millions of Muslims who populate their cities, hardly. By the way, in the original video of Stewart’s “Sailing” you can see the WTC in the background. Also a relic by now. New York was first called New Amsterdam.

25 January, 2021 5:37 am

90 y/o Norwegian woman was attacked and robbed several times by “enriching neo-Norwegians” (more valuable than gold), and must confess: “I felt safer under German occupation than today.”

28 January, 2021 1:28 pm

Hitler actually thought the English were White instead of shabbos goy wiggers…big mistake. Brainy folk often underrate the stupidity of others out of generosity.

You have MAGA Rednecks; England has EDL yokels. There was no equivalent to WLP.

29 January, 2021 10:40 pm

It is so sad to see the land of my ancestors in a stage of defeat and a land now occupied by vicious covert deceivers. Equally sad is the land my ancestors emigrated to over two hundred years ago – Canada. It too is occupied and in a downward spiral because of left wing scoundrels and outright traitors we have unknowingly voted in.