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New York: Keeping Out the Jews

by George Mosley

TAKE NOTE of this from channel 5 in New York City:

The expansion of Hasidic communities in New York’s Hudson Valley, the Catskills and northern New Jersey has led to predictable sparring over new housing development and local political control. It has also led to flare-ups of rhetoric seen by some as anti-Semitic.

“Seen by some as anti-Semitic.” Seen by others of course as sound common sense.

Around 1800, Russia tried to take a census of its Jews. But the poor census taker told his superiors that such a task was impossible. He said that when it came to Russia’s Jews they all wore the same black hat, had the same black beard, wore the same black coat — they all had the same name, and they all moved around all the time. One might as well be counting cockroaches for all the good it would do you.

By the 1930s there were only two kinds of counties in the world: those trying to keep the Jews out and those trying to be rid of them.

New York City is a pestiferous bastardized race-mixing city lorded over by Jews. Race hustler Jesse Jackson didn’t call it Hymietown for nothing. In fact there are more Jews in and around New York City than any place but Israel.

In contrast, upstate New York is relatively rural, bucolic, with plenty of unmixed White folks.

But it turns out there is a kind of Jew that isn’t all that crazy about living cheek-by-jowl with Blacks and crime: the Hasidim. So now they, too, want a piece of the White man’s pie.

But the Whites who live in upper New York weren’t just fleeing mixed-race menials or the ever-present knife-wielding Puerto Ricans and the jungle-bred Blacks and all their attendant crime. They were fleeing Jews too. And a conservative Jew is still a Jew. In some ways even worse.

Look at the Hasidim of today and you’ll see the kind of dregs in a pristine state that were pouring through Ellis Island around 1900. Most of them coming from Poland (though not in any way Polish) and parts near there; imagine a boatload of that pestilence being dumped on your fair shores. With their strange clothes, their alien, distorted faces, their black beards and curls, their unrelenting “me first” attitude, and the snarling Yiddish they speak, they don’t present a pretty picture.

Indeed, it was just such a creature that Adolf Hitler frankly confessed made him nauseous.

Hasidic Jews have been flocking northward in New York state for some time now. Their goal is to colonize more space for themselves and their enormous families. They come into town, they don’t mix (thank the gods), the don’t assimilate (more thanks), they give the other townsmen no by-your-leaves, they wall themselves off. It’s just like the Sharks versus the Jets, a real turf war, a race war in fact. The Jews against the Whites. It’s the battle of the womb and a test of wills. A battle for what Hitler said it was all about: living space.

But in their new neck of the woods these Jews meet a White man they hadn’t quite reckoned with. An unreconstructed White man, not beholden to the multicultural shibboleths. The fact is plain: They just plain don’t like Jews, don’t like their kind. And they aren’t afraid to do something about it. They moved to this fair part of the Earth to live among themselves, their own kind. Not give it up to odd, vile, hyper-aggressive, ugly mixed creatures bent on territorial aggrandizement.

And these White men have a weapon: zoning.

Airmont, New York has become ground zero for this zoning war, this racial war. A real estate blurb for it once said:

In a peaceful corner of the Hudson Valley, a broad expanse of land sits at the ready for hundreds of homes ranging between 2,500 and 3,400 square feet, with views of the surrounding hills. There will be a recreation center and tennis courts, and nearly half of the development’s 117 acres will be kept as open space.

Sounds like paradise. But, as specified, there is a snake in the garden.

Just to orient you, the current demography of Airmont is: White: 84.50%; other races: 7.03%; Asian: 4.58%; two or more races: 1.93%; Black: 1.80%; Polynesian: 0.16%.

America was more than 90 percent white in 1960, so, while 84.5 per cent. is good, it needs to be bumped up a bit. And you can be sure that some of that 84 percent is now Jewish, though the “other races” category is ambiguous as well as ominous. (And, by the way, if you are “two or more races” you really need to listen carefully. Brazil is calling you.)

Airmont is not a one-off situation, either. Hasidic Jews are invading numerous White spaces. Consider this typical tragedy:

Rockland County, 15 miles northwest of Manhattan, now has the largest Jewish population per capita of any U.S. county, with 31%, or 90,000 residents, being Jewish. The ultra-Orthodox population is highly visible in small towns like Monsey, where bearded Hasidic men in black overcoats and fedoras converse in Yiddish along the sidewalks and Orthodox women wear modest black skirts and head scarves as they go about their daily errands.

No one wants to see that. You can see why the good people of Airmont and places like it are so persistent in keeping out the Jews. As a resident of Airmont said: “The only reason we formed this village is to keep those Jews out of here.”

Now that is a great American. Pin a medal on that man. They should put that on the City Seal: No Jews.

But things now are coming to loggerheads. When Airmont was founded they made smart zoning laws to keep Jews out. But now the long arm of the “law” in the form of the illegitimate Washington regime and its “Justice Department” are swooping in to protect the anti-divine beings we are required to obey and worship. On December 2, 2020 the Justice Department slammed Airmont for it’s sane policy of Keeping It White:

“As a jury found over two decades ago, the Village of Airmont was born out of a spirit of animus against a religious minority,” said Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss. “Sadly, rather than working to overcome that shameful legacy, Airmont has flagrantly ignored the terms of a court judgment and implemented land use practices that by design and operation are again meant to infringe unlawfully on the rights of a minority religious community.

Not sadly and not shameful, Ms. Strauss. Rather, necessary and beautiful.

Way back when the Federal government cracked down, Airmont refused to back down. Keeping out the Jews is a full time job.

The Jew-run Justice Department has other ideas:

“Furthermore, targeting Orthodox Jewish individuals for the purpose of excluding them from a community is both illegal and a direct assault on this Nation’s fundamental values.”

Presumably those “fundamental values” are worshipping, cringing before, and always obeying Jews. They sell it as “all men are equal” but it’s just anti-White policy, anti-White hate, and pure Jewish supremacism decked out in a supposedly universal moral framework. We’re on to these tricks by now.

The complaint, filed in the Southern District of New York, alleges that the Village adopted a zoning code that, in violation of the terms of a prior federal court judgment, eliminated residential places of worship as by-right uses and applied its code in a manner that made it impossible for members of the Orthodox Jewish community to obtain approval for religious schools and home synagogues.

The “Southern District of New York” is mainly Manhattan, Jew Central. Hymietown. Home of pestiferous bastardized race-mixing and skyrocketing crime. By rights these invasive Jews at the southern tip of this filthy island shouldn’t even have a say in what by-right uses the decent White man in the North can use.

But as another foreign interloper said:

“Unfortunately, the Village has returned to its old ways in recent years,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Stephen Cha-Kim in a lawsuit against the town. “Airmont has once again unlawfully interfered with the rights of Orthodox Jewish community members to freely exercise their religion.”

According to another in-the-pocket-of-the Jews White man:

The town also arbitrarily enforced certain local laws — like not allowing homeowners to clear trees, which made it difficult for Orthodox Jews to construct sukkahs, which are huts that they take their meals in during the holiday of Sukkot, the feds said.

The White man came to America to build sturdy houses, and leave “hut” living behind. Imagine a bunch of Jews on their front lawns in “huts” practicing their perverted and bizarre foreign religion which preaches hatred of the goyim, which means hatred of us. There goes the neighborhood; there goes the country. Let it go much longer, there goes our entire race and civilization.

Why, it’s enough to shock one’s sensibilities. And to avert this, the good people of Airmont did what the Jews now say is “the night of the broken Sukkahs.” Another Shoah, for sure.

Perhaps the White townspeople just don’t want to be “suckahs.” You know?

As one local Jew belly-ached: “We definitely don’t feel welcomed. There are people who feel like we intruded. There are some who clearly do not want us here.” No one wants you here. Go home.

In a nearby city, a town official nixed a housing project. Locals “openly fretted” about the size and density of the 431-unit development, the “Greens at Chester.” Some even had the courage to state their fear of the likely intended home buyers: Hasidic Jews. “There’s nobody on the board, there’s nobody that works in the town, there’s nobody that wants this development to go through,” said a leading light of Chester. “There’s nobody.”

There’s nobody. Nobody wants the Jews.

Aron Weider (check that early life history, you can be pretty sure Poland is mentioned — leaving Poland anyway; see “no one wants them” above) stated:

In the last few years in Rockland County I have seen a rise in hate rhetoric, and I was able to foresee it would end in violence. You have seen on social media where the Orthodox community has been called a cancer, leeches, people who don’t pay taxes. It has become normal and accepted to say derogatory and hateful things about Jewish people.

“Hateful things”? Truthful things. When saying these truthful things is “normal and accepted,” we win. When it is normal and accepted to speak the truth, their spell will be broken. Airmont shows the way.

“As a jury found over two decades ago, the Village of Airmont was born out of a spirit of animus against a religious minority.” They are not a “religious minority”; that’s what they want you to think. They want you to think it’s about “religious tolerance.” No, it’s about a racial invasion. Of hostile racial aliens. With their distorted faces, strange clothes, unrelenting “me first” attitude, and the snarling Yiddish they speak. You can’t count them, they’re like…

But it’s heartening, this story. Neighborhoods are ground zero, where the Jew hits the road. Where everything hits the road. And it looks like there are still more than a few self-respecting White men left. White men who will use very last means at their disposal to keep the Jews out.

Because when you get right down to it you can never count this ever-moving, ever-expanding, and constantly deceiving race. And, one way or another, if you care about your community, care about your country — care about your people — care about your race — then when it comes to the Jews you’ll either be trying to be rid of them, or trying to keep them out.

Indeed, our salvation will be born of this spirit.

As always, fighting Jewish power is the health of the state. Go to upstate New York; you’ll see.

* * *

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26 January, 2021 6:51 am

“Hateful things”? Truthful things. When saying these truthful things is “normal and accepted,” we win. When it is normal and accepted to speak the truth, their spell will be broken. Airmont shows the way.”

So does the National Alliance show the way. With consistent legal application, our pro-White message is seen in the Quad Cities (4 cities clustered together on the Iowa/Illinois border that have a total population of over 350,000- around 80% White) on a regular basis to where our views are accepted by all but a few noisy Jews and their useful idiot followers.

Pitch in and help break the spell!

Reply to  JM/Iowa
26 January, 2021 7:28 pm

Visit Airmont and the ‘quad cities’. Spend money there.

Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
26 January, 2021 9:24 am

A couple of years ago, local news ran a story urging Hispanic women to find out if they had any Jewish roots – they actually used the terms Crypto-Jewish and Conversos on TV – because someone had (allegedly) discovered a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer that seems to target Jewish women much more so than others.

Reply to  Prinz Edelhart
26 January, 2021 1:56 pm

The jews are getting nervous about a negro slave revolt. Too many negroes are asking embarrassing questions about jews. The jews are betting on hispanics as the next big thing.

Even AOC is acknowledging her jewish ancestry.

26 January, 2021 1:53 pm

I grew up in upstate NY. There are still many communities that are 98% white. Unfortunately, the state suffers from policies mandated by Jew York City as well as the offshoring of US industry advocated by the jews that run our nation. The economy has been in decline since 1960.

One thing “conservatives” who hate negroes (while fawning over the dream of Dr. Kang) will never admit: The “conservative” jews in these occupied white lands in upstate NY have the highest percentage of welfare use per capita in the country. Higher than Detroit, Baltimore etc. Plus all sorts of fraud involving government programs.,_New_York

26 January, 2021 7:41 pm

Do Jews allow Whites into their ghettoes?

27 January, 2021 8:47 am

<i>And, by the way, if you are “two or more races” you really need to listen carefully. Brazil is calling you.</i> Great line. I look around today and/or view every form of pictoral media and see a continual parade of “mixed race” freaks, chimeras, and all manner of human unnaturalness. I simply can’t imagine another age in which such total overthrow of any natural sentiment <i>and</i>…the playing out of that perverse sentiment has taken place as we are now seeing in the West generally and America in particular. The word “shocking” is not strong enough to describe any rational reaction to what we are witnessing – <i>horrifying, revolting…</i> throw in your own. But as to the Jews that were let in beginning in earnest some 130 – 40 years ago… Read more »

30 January, 2021 8:59 pm

Ship them all to is-ra-el or let them be gone. You have your “paradise” over there go be happy be queer and leave america alone. Maybe they will take the evangelicals as well?

31 January, 2021 5:59 pm

We all wear our “masks” (see CG Jung). But for Jews, the mask is attached to their face. They truly believe they are “God’s ground crew.” But with two or three good questions, you ram their facade in, only to drag a little puffery spirit out of the rubble behind it and into the light of day.

31 January, 2021 6:15 pm

The opposite of “love” is indifference. Hate is only the other side of the same coin.
And it is worth nothing. Who “hates”, wants to be loved in truth. That’s why chil-
dren do all kinds of stupid things to finally get the attention of their parents.

Do I hate Jews? Nope. They are not even worth this childish “emotion” fixated on
them. I can only despise and disdain them. And this with all my “passion of heart”.

31 January, 2021 6:53 pm

“In Gefahr und größter Not bringt der Mittelweg den Tod.”
In danger and greatest need, the middle way brings death.

In war and in love, everything is permitted, it
says. I can’t determine the wind, but I can di-
rect my sails to get to my destination anyway.

31 January, 2021 7:08 pm

My motto: Whoever is not noble towards you,
you don’t have to be noble towards him either.

31 January, 2021 7:38 pm

“You become what you hate.” (That’s why feminists look like men.)

But those who are bitter have become what they
claim to fight: a Don Quixote against the windmills.
the Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance. They are
themselves the disease they think they are curing.

31 January, 2021 7:50 pm

Those who do not discipline themselves will be disciplined by their environment. Women despise “needy” men. Which is not even their fault, but that of these cowards and wimps. Submissiveness provokes aggression. Every behavioral scientist knows this and it can be well observed in nature.Who begs for “love” and struggles for attention, who sends out masochistic “push me around” signals, is inevitably kicked in the ass as “thanks” for it. Nature detests crawling worms, so they are crushed. Those who truly want to make an impression should finally stop trying to “make an impression”.

31 January, 2021 8:00 pm

The lion rules with few looks and gestures. It is enough when he yawns bored to show everyone who is the master in the house. His females hunt his prey and are shortly shooed away when he comes to his feeding place. Only small ankle chompers and pinschers yap incessantly. Which leaves large dogs completely unimpressed and cold.

But in Clownworld, the monkeys rule the zoo. The
eternal extras are zoo inmates in the human zoo.
comment image

1 February, 2021 1:06 am

The Jew never invites parties to “reconciliation”, but always only to play off the opponents “put in position” by him against each other, and to suck financial honey from the provoked “show effect”.

At least he gets a punch in his ugly trap himself now and then. Why does this disgusting creature remind me of his depraved homosexual “tribal brother” Wyngarde?