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Minnesota: Importing Revolution

by Anglo Norman

MINNESOTA USED to be the White man’s land, the Great White North.

Peopled heavily by Swedes, Norwegians, and Germans, it was an Indo-European heartland in the New World. As recently as just a few decades ago, one could travel across nearly the entire state and never see a non-European. Kevin Alfred Strom’s parents were both born within two miles of each other in northern Minnesota in 1931. A little over a century ago Charles Lindbergh’s father represented Minnesota in Congress.

Now some black-as-night hooligan named Dolal Idd (I kid you not) got rightly shot and killed by the authorities and America is in turmoil again (is it ever not?).

In 2016 a mock election of Minnesota high schoolers made Donald Trump the winner. At the time Newt Gingrich assured me that Minnesota was going to be “all red” into the future. But in 2020, after George Floyd, after they dug bodies out of the rubble in Minneapolis, the opposite happened. If dark-as-night and dark-as-coal untamable savages ravaging your fair former White cities all summer won’t scare you straight into voting at least somewhat White, what will?

Nothing, that’s what.

Dolal Idd (July 18, 1997–December 30, 2020), may he not rest in peace, incredibly enough was actually born in these United States to “Somali” parents. Apparently his mother came to America from “war-torn” Somalia — that is, like the suckers we are, we felt sorry that she had to live in an ultra-violent s-hole of a country, so we brought her here to spawn criminals committed to ultra-violence. Smart, smart.

Idd had ten siblings. Ten, count them, ten. (Last I checked, when it comes to young White kids these days they have no spouse and live in their parents’ basements and have green hair.) And all of those ten future Idd law-breakers — as American as apple pie, right? First we had the Winthrops and the Huntingtons, now we have the Idd clan. No difference; equality!

Naturally Idd was a violent criminal (born and bred). He lived in a Minneapolis suburb called “Eden Prairie.” Think of the hope and love that must have been involved when our White predecessors named that place “Eden Prairie.” Then think of Idd — and you’ll know there is a serpent in the garden of the former Eden. At the time of his timely demise, Idd was just completing a three-year probation. Idd was living in a basement of a home, having been kicked out of another home for scaring the children by firing a weapon into the shower wall while said children were sleeping nearby. He had been convicted of possessing an illegal firearm, had a felony theft conviction, had a felony drug conviction, was once driving a suspicious vehicle which contained drug paraphernalia and a stolen handgun.

At the time of his justified killing he was the target of a sting in which he attempted to purchase yet more more illegal guns. So, about average for your average black-as-sin Black man in our Black cities.

Guns, theft, scaring little kids, drugs. Yeah, I don’t need to see the video. He’s guilty as hell. Idd is dead. Bye bye.

This is what happens when you import revolution.

* * *

The anti-White congress-foreigner Ilhan Omar is another case in point (remember, the father of Charles Lindbergh was a congressman representing Minnesota 100 years ago). Omar’s family were big-wigs in the war lord game in the open latrine of a country called Somalia. They got on the wrong side of the wrong war lords and their entire lineage was slated for unceremonious slaughter. But do-gooder and self-hating White people just can’t let Nature take her course. They had to intervene (the suckers). They couldn’t leave well enough alone. So they swooped in with our money and brought her family to a camp in Kenya, where they lollygagged for four years on our dime. Then, in a truly stupid move, the losing-side war lords were brought to America. Saved, they were.

But the brush with near-certain death did not instill humility in towel-head Omar. Nor a sense of gratitude. No sooner was she safe in our shining city on a hill than 9/11 happened. Her response was to don a hijab. Now she takes every chance she gets to slander her rescuers, to call them evil and such, to lecture us about Wounded Knee and redlining. What is she to Wounded Knee or Wounded Knee to her? For her it’s just a weapon to be used to eradicate the ones who took her in.

This is what happens when you import revolution.

* * *

In the 1990s some Mestizo invaders used to wave the Mexican flag in Los Angeles when they were protesting American immigration policy. Some White traitors, fully down with their cause, told them that that flag wasn’t the best look. Having got the message now, when invaders protest the evil of the White man wanting to maintain his country, they fly Old Glory. That is, they lie. They lie for public consumption.

Apparently the Somalis in Minnesota haven’t been told this yet, or perhaps they feel so confident of their power that they think they’ll just brazen it out. In any event when Idd died in the gunfight he started, they protested — and the centerpiece was that they hoisted the Somali flag over the gas station where it happened. That’s called marking your territory. Color-blind conservatives take note.

* * *

In and around Minnesota there is a creature named Toussaint Morrison, to whom the media like to refer as an “artist-activist.” Said title means, of course, that he is a professional hater of White people. Morrison was once interviewing the self-loathing White woman who is the first lady of Minnesota, Gwen Walz. Walz is big on “criminal justice reform” meaning she kneels in front of Black men at the drop of a hat. She wants to give Black felons voting rights, and supports the entire “they didn’t do nothing” and “it’s not their fault even if they did” theory of no law and no order. During the interview there arose that pesky fact that 20 per cent. of “Minnesotans” are non-White but 50 per cent. of the prisoners in the state are non-White. Morrison asked her why Whitey lock us up so much when we didn’t do nothing. Naturally the first lady didn’t ask Morrison why the Negroes are possessed of such criminal rage, why they punch so high above their weight. She was just at a loss for words. Having no spine and no self-respect, having lost her way so deeply so long ago, what could she say?

Nothing, that’s what.

* * *

If ever there was a suicidal paragraph here it is, direct from the Minnesota bureau of CBS News:

[L]ocal, volunteer resettlement agencies that work with governments to help refugees find housing, schooling and jobs. Minnesota’s agencies, including Lutheran Social Services, Arrive Ministries, International Institute of Minnesota and Minnesota Council of Churches, have a long history of successful refugee resettlements.

Successful? If you want to turn your nation into a Black-run charnel house, I suppose. But these Jews, these Catholics, and these Protestants, they make their money off these refugees and I suppose a few of them are so delusional they think they are scoring points with The Man Upstairs. (That explanation wouldn’t apply to the Jews of, course — they just want the White man dead.)

Such are their “good deeds.” But there’s a reason why they say no good deed goes unpunished. The only problem is that they do the “good deeds” and we get punished.

They used to say that the Constitution is not a suicide pact — but now it has become that. And the way religion is practiced, it is one too.

A suicide cult. Really.

* * *

As many as 250,000 Somalis live in the Twin Cities, having been settled there by US charities as refugees after clan wars plunged Somalia into anarchy in the early 1990s.

Ah, clan wars — yes, let’s bring clan wars to our wonderful country. Eden Prairie sounds like a good place. Ah, yes indeed, little Mogadishu.

Mogadishu — isn’t that where those Americans were dragged through the streets for the whole world to see our shame?

Now we don’t need to go across the world to have that happen. Now they can fly their flags right here and drag us through our own streets. We’ll get an extra lollipop from Jesus for that.

No more Germans, no more Swedes, no more Norwegians. No more Lindberghs, that’s for certain.

Once paradise, Minnesota. Now Africans for as far as the eye can see. It’s their land now. Soon we’ll no longer be living in it.

And an ominous thing, that guy’s name: Toussaint. Taken, likely, from the Black man who ended up as top dog in the Haitian Revolution, the one that ended in a furious orgy of ceaseless slaughter of White men, White women, and White children. White people were forced to eat the cut-out fetuses of White children before their own torture and death in that glorious revolution they didn’t tell you about in school or on television.

So you can see what their aim is. A name like Toussaint is a sign to all the world. For many it’s a signal. A signal for the ceaseless slaughter of White people.

This is what happens when you import revolution.

* * *

There is a city in the American South that brags that it is the “city that’s too busy to hate.” By “hate” they mean White people caring about their people’s survival. If you are “too busy” to care about your race’s survival, you need to get your priorities straight, and make the time. Today “hate” as defined by CNN and the other Jewish-run media is nothing more nor less than another word for standing up for yourself; defending yourself. The people who “don’t hate” are hoisting the white flag of surrender even as they raise the Somali one. And if they think that will save them from the fate of those Whites who died forgotten in the killing fields of Haiti — the ones with no memorials and no tear-jerking Hollywood films and not even a footnote in history textbooks — they’d better think again.

But will they think? These blankos are the kind of White people who go to the concerts of the jazzed-up Negroidal queer rapper, the one who fronts as “Nat Turner” — named after the Black who in 1831, a few decades after the “mostly peaceful” revolution in Haiti, slaughtered and incited the indiscriminate slaughter of White American men, women, and children “with knives, hatchets, axes, and blunt instruments” in Southampton County, Virginia. Just watch this video of “Nat Turner” in concert below. Just look at the blankos as they watch this piece of filth. Just look at their faces.

And that’s the end game. Haiti. Southampton County, Virginia. Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Insert name of your town here.

This is what happens when you import revolution.

* * *

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Prinz Edelhart
Prinz Edelhart
26 January, 2021 9:13 am

The heavily Nordic population of the state named after a very small soft drink (mini-soda) is precisely why it is specifically targeted to receive very large numbers of Afro-Semitic Newmericans – the horn of Africa being where those two races have conmingled for thousands of years.
I always wonder just how long t takes someone from hot and dry Somalia to adjust to winters that start in October, last well into April and reach lows of -40F or worse.

Weiss Guy
Weiss Guy
27 January, 2021 2:44 pm

To move and regroup, or stay and fight? The mentality of everyone here is to just pack up and move further and further away… the reflex is to retreat. I was raised in the Twin Cites, and I still live here. It is absolutely disgusting here.

29 January, 2021 11:06 am

America simply must implode and die if the White race is to have a future.



30 January, 2021 1:04 pm

13 years ago: “CIA Chief Sees Unrest Rising With Population”

European countries, many of which already have large immigrant communities, will see particular growth in their Muslim populations while the number of non-Muslims will shrink as birthrates fall. “Social integration of immigrants will pose a significant challenge to many host nations — again boosting the potential for unrest and extremism,” Hayden said. 

31 January, 2021 9:20 am

“Taken, likely, from the Black man who ended up as top dog in the Haitian Revolution, the one that ended in a furious orgy of ceaseless slaughter of White men, White women, and White children.”

I always wondered in amazement that…BACK THEN…when I thought European (White) peoples were fiercely self-preserving and even conqueror-minded…THAT THE FRENCH DIDN’T SAIL RIGHT BACK TO HAITI WITH AN ARMADA AND TAKE *ABSOLUTE* R…..E (bring to bear JUSTICE) ON EVERY HAITIAN THAT BREATHED. Still amazed every time I’m confronted with that bit of history – pretty black-pilling.

Victor Arminius
Victor Arminius
3 February, 2021 6:31 pm

I think it is grossly inaccurate to refer to Black people as African-Americans. That implies everybody in Africa is black which must come as quite a shock to the inhabitants of North Africa who are Arabic. Calling them African-American empowers Afro-centric nonsense. I propose instead (and I use it in public with friends when I want to discuss race but other races are present) POSSAA-People of sub-Saharan African Ancestry. I pronounce it as one word. For instance, if I am in a restaurant with friends I can say: “There is not much POSSAA in here tonight.” Besides, it is much more historical and culturally accurate.

P.S.: regarding liberal Scandinavia, they were the number one donor to the African National Congress during the days of Apartheid.

3 February, 2021 8:30 pm

The faces of the “blanko” spectators look like they have relinquished not only their citizenship, self-reliance and self-worth, but also perhaps even their humanness.

(“Citizenship in the original Greek concept was not simply the granting of rights to do as one pleased; it also demanded a commitment to serve the interests of the many via personal sacrifice.” – Charles Hugh Smith, “Why I’m Hopeful About 2021”)