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Evolutionary Struggle of the Races: The Reality That Underlies All

by Douglas Mercer

BAKUNIN was on very nearly the opposite side, politically, from National Vanguard. But he nailed it when he said:

Jews are an exploiting sect, a blood sucking people, a unique devouring parasite tightly and intimately organized, cutting across all differences in political opinion.

That is, for their good and our ill, Jews are always prepared for battle.

* * *

William Pierce

Those who knew William Pierce often expressed surprise at how little personal animosity he seemed to bear towards Jews. But to him such personal hatred would have seemed as silly as to hate animals in the wild for attacking and killing each other. It is simply what they do, and to attach a moral value to it would make no sense. Kill or be killed knows no judgment, but only the law of necessity.

And when it comes to the millennia-old war being waged between Jews and Europeans it is best to take off all the words, the masks, and the ideologies — and see it for what it is: the oldest story in the book: us versus them.

It can’t get more simple than that.

Adolf Hitler liked to say that to win a war it was always best to focus on a single enemy, on one thing, lest your supporters get confused and become hard to rally.

Well, this is our one thing.

* * *

You sometimes hear people say that they can’t understand how evolution and natural selection could have come up with altruism. If it’s a dog-eat-dog world why do dogs sometimes not eat one another? Why loyalty or sacrifice? Why do some die for their country?

This viewpoint is the worst hangover from the ideology of radical individualism which has infected our race now for centuries. It sees man’s distant past as innumerable individuals wandering around looking out for number one, fending for themselves against the world — a war of every one against everyone else. But nothing could be further from the truth. For human evolution, human history, was never mainly the competition between individuals.

An individual in prehistoric times, off by himself, was very quickly a dead individual. What you had was a competition between bands, tribes, groups. You had group evolution. Some groups made it, others didn’t. It was always group cooperation that was paramount and group survival that mattered. And so you had group evolutionary strategies. Nothing has changed since this time.

It always was, always is, and always will be as simple as us versus them.

This is our one thing.

* * *

Wilhelm Marr

The final words of Wilhelm Marr’s book The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism (1879) are “Finis Germaniae.”

Thirty-seven years later, in the introduction to his book The Passing of the Great Race, Madison Grant echoed this by saying “Finis America.”

The latter was a warning. The former was not a warning, or even a prediction, but what the author considered to be a statement of fact. In his view, the war between the Jews and the Germans was concluded and Germany had met its Sedan.

As for this loss on the part of the Germans, he wrote: “Let us accept the inescapable since we can’t change it.”

I shall announce without any attempt to be ironic that Judaism has triumphed on a world wide historical basis. I shall bring news of a lost battle and of the victory of our enemy without offering excuses for our defeated army.

For Marr this age-old struggle was over the moment Jews were let into German society. He saw them as having vanquished it utterly.

This historical fact that Judaism has become the leading political and social force of the 19th Century is clearly before our eyes.

The 1800-year war with Judaism is nearing its end and let us admit without reserve that Germany has suffered its Sedan, we have lost our armies…. we have been vanquished in open battle.

How was this accomplished? Marr sees the struggle in elemental terms as a struggle between Jews and Germans, between Jewish “realism” and German (and Aryan generally) “ideality.”

He says that the Jews do not possess a religion, they possess a “business contract” with Jehovah. This contract is drained of all sentiment, and it is a hard-edged and cold-blooded quid pro quo. The Jews see the terms as: We do God’s bidding, he kills our enemies.

In his book You Gentiles (1924) the Jew Maurice Samuels lays it bare: He says that the Jews are a distinct and alien race living among Gentile society. He says that the two sides are and always will be bitter enemies, and that their interests will always remain antithetical and irreconcilable.

Samuels’ primary example is that of sports; he said the Aryans have always been a “sporting people” (from chariot races to jousts to tennis matches) and that we place a high value on being “sporting.” That is, scrupulously fair. This is the “ideality” we mentioned, what George Patton once referred to as his own innate “Saxon sense of fair play.” Well Jews don’t have a Saxon sense of fair play, not being Saxons or Europeans at all.

We Europeans were a knightly people with courtly values of gallantry, chivalry, open-handedness, fair play, objectivity, fairness. As long as we were only among our own kind, it was a noble, beautiful, and workable way of life.

But Jews have never subscribed to these high-minded Marquess of Queensbury rules of life. They are gutter fighters bereft of ethics, unconcerned about extending justice to their enemies. They are without scruples of any kind.

In this mismatched contest the naive and guileless Aryans suffered. Gallant fair play becomes totally unworkable when Jews are around.

For the Jews are cold-blooded pragmatists always keeping an eye on the main chance, their main chance; their slogan is “buyer beware.” (Whereas the Germans, says Marr, had been the country of misty-eyed dreamers, the nation of “poets and thinkers.” One could say that of other Europeans, too.)

The fact that Germany had of late become “hard” was too little too late according to Marr. The horse was not only long ago out of the barn; the fox already ruled the henhouse. By the time of Bismarck, the armies had already left the field — one in victory, the other in defeat.

Marr says that in ancient Rome the Jews met another realistic people; so they introduced the “ideality” of the Christian religion to fragment it. Later they would meet the unsuspecting Germans on their own terrain, a terrain soon to be theirs.

Into this clumsy Germanic element penetrated a Semitic element, smooth, crafty, pliable Jewry with all of its gifts of realism; as far as astuteness is concerned, they look down on the German with his knightly lumbering and enabled him in his vices.

By simply purchasing newspapers, the Jews soon began to dictate the things that Germans could and could not say about them: “From the very beginning of emancipation Judaism has been declared off limits for us Germans.”

Nothing in subsequent years has proven him wrong;

Richard Wagner

Just before his death, Richard Wagner read Marr’s book with great interest and said that he broadly agreed with it. He said that the only possible solution to this was dramatic and decisive action against the Jews. But he saw around him no powerful impetus to bring such action to reality.

* * *

It is said that the secret of the success of the Jews is that they are versatile, that they are agile, and that they are able to change and adapt themselves to meet new circumstances — and thus dominate them.

This is wrong, very wrong. This is looking down the wrong end of the telescope.

The Jews don’t change, they change us. Once a Jew always a Jew, and always the same Jew.

Were humans to travel to an inhospitable planet they would “terraform” it, that is, make it Earth-like, make it safe and livable for us.

Jews do the same thing in the societies they penetrate; they “Jew-a-form,” if you will, that society

They Judaize it. They make it safe for Jews.

The Jews don’t adapt, they select. They transform the society that is antagonistic to them so they can make themselves at home; they make its founders and former owners into “aliens,” exiles in their own land. It is soon no longer theirs; it belongs to the Jews.

They don’t find themselves in an inhospitable environment and adapt to it; they change the environment to suit them. They don’t try to fit in (except as a very temporary measure, at first); they make a Jewish world in which they become the most fit.

That, as they say, is a distinction with a difference — all the difference in the world.

Marx, a Jew himself, admitted that as soon as Jews are allowed into a society that society becomes Jewish. Nothing that has happened subsequently has proved him wrong.

Madison Grant said that the primary reason for the passing of the Nordic branch of our race was that the world of the Industrial Revolution did not suit them. Nordics were best in the outdoors, sailing the oceans, up in the mountains. An urban, cramped, bureaucratic world stifled their instincts and they withered on the vine. By contrast this world suited the Jews just fine. Because they created it.

Jew Yuri Slezkine called the 20th century “the Jewish century.” He might as well have said the same of the 19th and the 21st.

The world that we have now is the world that is best for Jews because it was made by them via a massive deformation — in many ways, inversion — of the civilization we used to have. It’s no coincidence. How often do you hear Jews ask of something, “Is it good for the Jews?” That is their only criterion for anything. It is their one thing.

We know this Jewish world only all too well:

A world with no history,





A liquid world of capital

A constantly changing world

A world of constant movement

A culturally and sexually degenerate world

A world with no borders

A world in which White people and their history are considered evil

An urban world

A cosmopolitan world

This is the world made by the Jews, made for the Jews. They made it in their own image. And divine it is not.

This is their world and we are only living in it.

How long this latter will be true is the question of our time.

* * *

In 1933 T.S. Eliot went to Virginia and spoke about tradition. He said that for reasons of religion and race it was always a disaster for any society to have in it free-thinking Jews.

In 1941 Charles Lindbergh called out the Jews as the instigators of the oncoming war which would spell such horror for the White race. For his trouble Lindbergh was made a pariah. In her diary at the time, his wife said that she knew that what her husband had said was true but wished he hadn’t said it. She wondered earnestly if she’d ever be able to go shopping again in New York City.

In the middle of the 20th century a British politician gave his opinion about what was the most momentous event of his time. He said without hesitation: “the abdication of the White race.”

Raymond Chandler

In 1954, Raymond Chandler said there was nothing left for him in Los Angeles, adding that “it’s only a matter of time before a Gentile has to wear an armband there.”

When the Bolsheviks finally made it into St. Petersburg they expected there to be fierce firefights at all points. But when they walked into the government’s buildings they were shocked to find them all empty, their former possessors having fled some time before.

This past summer, when rioting Blacks and treasonous Whites, and their Jewish herders, came upon police precincts and set to overrun them, the police were ordered by treacherous politicians to stand down. They were ordered to retreat and to flee. Like good goyim they obeyed, and skittered off with their tails between their legs. The Blacks and their allies and facilitators simply occupied the precincts, their former possessors having fled some time before.

These are the sorry terms of surrender of the race that only yesterday ruled the Earth, created science, and made the highest civilization ever known in time or space.

And that dramatic and decisive action which Richard Wagner could not see in his time? Let us find it soon — let us find it now — and let us make it overwhelmingly real.

This is our one thing.

* * *

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brian boru
brian boru
26 January, 2021 11:15 am

To do that our civilization has to become a lot less comfortable for us so that we will be forced to abandon our suicidal altruism for other races which is destroying us at present.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
26 January, 2021 4:44 pm

This item has brought the ever-lingering ghost of the
abominable Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum. May this
Jewess bitch roast in the Christian bowels of Hell

26 January, 2021 5:19 pm

Interesante artículo, entonces ya sabemos, hay una solución única.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
28 January, 2021 3:50 am

There is such a glorious wealth of knowledge on this website. This one article is prime example. If nothing else the National Alliance should serve the purpose of teaching us what it is to be white and what it means to be white.

NEW ORDER needed on earth
NEW ORDER needed on earth
28 January, 2021 1:30 pm

White’s main mistake is the appearance of the word “love”. Love is a destructive concept Freedom Love Equality does not exist. Because of love, we are waiting for the wife, like a puppy from the trash heap, to come to the house for the sake of “children.” Because of love, we get divorced. Because of love, we have just disgusting matriarchy in families and femenism. YOU DO NOT LOVE JEWS YOU DO NOT LOVE ASIA it is just a cry of the one who came up with this word, which in fact does not mean anything special, but is very harmful to public health.

28 January, 2021 2:30 pm

This one article would be sufficient to explain everything one really needed to know about the world we live in. Thank you very much for it. I appreciate everything on National Vanguard but now am giving special kudos to Douglas Mercer’s articles.

1 February, 2021 1:56 am

What you expect will happen.You attract what you fear. Set your antennas to receive success. Success is what follows (Erfolg ist, was folgt). Mindset is everything.Conviction makes the difference. The inner flashlight with which you illuminate the world.Believing, wishing and hoping is for beginners. Confidence is the language of winners. A radio set must be tuned to the desired frequency to hear your station. If the world is not suitable, it will be made suitable. A rich man expects wealth. Because he is convinced that it is his due. That he deserves it. He makes an unconditional claim to it. So this wealth will find its way to him. A poor man “desires” wealth. But he is not willing to work for it. Nothing comes from nothing. This is the language of… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
1 February, 2021 4:08 am

This article deals with the crux of the overall problem. Yes, the main problem is the fact that the modern western society is thoroughly juwenized. The prevalent behavioral patterns reflect jewish mentality and are absolutely alien to the inherent white mindset. The result is that the people that possess the most distinct white traits of character, find themselves to be the most alienated and out of place people in society (“deplorables”). And on the contrary, the white traitors, who adopted jewish mentality as the modus operandi, succeed well. These traitors are the main factor that allows jewish power. Jews alone would never be able to hold society under totalitarian control. It is the same everywhere, be it Bolshevik Russia, or USA now; the dirty anti-white attacks are executed mostly by… Read more »

3 February, 2021 12:48 pm Europe – Cradle of Mankind?Is the cradle of mankind not in Africa, but in Europe? A 7.2 million year old lower jaw found in Athens shows pre-human characteristics, as does a tooth found in Bulgaria; on Crete, fossilized footprints indicate that a being walked upright here six million years ago, earlier than in Africa.For decades it is certain: Africa is the cradle of mankind. Numerous fossils of our ancestors seemed to prove this, and our closest relatives still living today, the chimpanzees, also live there. Now, however, more and more findings suggest that the evolutionary lines of chimpanzees and humans may have diverged in Europe. For example, Tübingen paleontologist Madelaine Böhme tracked down a fossil believed lost that was excavated in Athens as early as 1944: the lower jaw… Read more »

3 February, 2021 6:51 pm

This series from the 90s would not be produced or broadcast today. Sequence translation: Teacher enters classroom: “I’ll give you a cue: it starts with Neger and ends with the second most beautiful thing in life.”Student: “Negerkuss (chocolate-covered marshmallow)?”Teacher: “Plural! After all, not just one wants a kiss, but everyone wants at least two.”(enthusiastic clapping)Teacher: “In order to prevent a disruption of the lesson, the kisses are not distributed immediately, but five minutes before the break.”Pissed student raises her arm to speak, “I don’t think they say Negerküsse anymore, Mr. Specht.”Teacher: “How then?”Student: “Chocolate kisses.”Teacher: “How did this renaming come about?”Male student lecturing: “Because the term Neger is discriminatory. You should really know that, Dr. Specht.”Teacher: “How do you call a Neger?”Student: “Black.”Teacher goes to the blackboard, “Not… Read more »

Reply to  Ken
4 February, 2021 7:34 am

I remember Negerbrot (negro bread), which was a chocolate bar with peanuts, the only such candy available at the time. Peanuts are (were ?) not a staple in Europe and, during my childhood and youth, only available late November/December (imported from Africa), while you could get Negerbrot all year.

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
5 February, 2021 1:48 am

Nice story, Prinz, thank you. “Russian bread” was produced in the communist “East Zone”. I remember “Hitschler” Sweets (sounding like Hit- ler). German Walter Diemer invented the bubble gum. There was also a Konrad Hitschler, Lieute- nant General of Police and SS Gruppenführer . During the Second World War, however, the company had to switch to other products, as the supplies of raw cocoa available at the start of the war were only sufficient for a short time. According to the American Jewish Committee, the company employed forced laborers during National Socialism. After the war, 85% of the Berlin plant was dismantled as reparations.After 1945, Wilhelm Koppe (1896-1975) became managing director of the Sarotti chocolate factory in Bonn under the false name Wilhelm Lohmann. He had been jointly responsible… Read more »

Reply to  Ken
5 February, 2021 12:24 pm

The WW2 Germans paid their forced laborers the same wages as German labourers. Regarding “According to the American Jewish Committee, the company employed forced laborers during National Socialism. After the war, 85% of the Berlin plant was dismantled as reparations.”, the Jews would have seized the factory without any reason.

Reply to  Ken
5 February, 2021 6:44 pm

Having to work in a cookie factory….oy vey! The horror!’ I watched a lot of PBS in the late 90s/early 00s – before they lost their marbles and went full-on SJW Kalergi Plan – and on some cooking show, which may have been Martha Stewart, Baking with Julia or something similar, there were a couple of Jewish people baking bread and telling stories of you-know-what. Their main message was how horrible it was for them to have to eat ‘black’ bread (Schwarzbrot, a very healthy and robust farmer’s bread unique to central Europe and especially the Alpine regions) and how much they yearned for white bread, such as made in America (which isn’t really bread at all, at least not something a European would recognize as bread, but rather sponge… Read more »

Reply to  PrinzEdelhart
5 February, 2021 1:50 am
5 February, 2021 4:54 am

Far too often, the Jews have exposed us to border-
line situations of an existential nature with their dis-
gusting invasion tactics of third-world immigration.
Then one must not think long, but act immediately.

If someone comes at you with a broken beer
glass, you have to follow your survival instinct
and let this creature fly across the hall with all
the force at your disposal (including furniture)!

The ladies present will honor your strength and
bandage your injured hand. It is the guarantor
that you will never forget what they do to us.

Reply to  Ken
5 February, 2021 10:44 am

Ken, how are you acting immediately on the White situation of an existential nature?