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Civic Improvement

Busted bust: The decline of our civilization stands out starkly in the public “art” that is subsidized and permitted to be shown.

by Kenneth Roberts

ANTI-White Black man Tyler Perry once gave $100,000 to the defense fund of the criminally minded savage Black male in whose “crib” Black female Breonna Taylor was gunned down after she became known to authorities as a holder and transmitter of funds for a drug gang — and after her “friends” fired on police. Perry was lauded as a “valiant warrior for justice” by the enemy media. Naturally. Don’t go see his stupid movies.

“Breonna Taylor,” much like “Michael Brown,” or “Trayvon Martin,” or any of the litany of the establishment’s new “heroes” — many of whom are simply feral Black monsters who ruthlessly terrorize innocent White folks — has become a synonym for “civil rights.” Civil rights in turn has become a synonym for White genocide, or rather Jewish camouflage for what is really going on (White genocide). As such, the name “Breonna Taylor” will be trotted out as often as poor blackie or poor Sol needs it. Which is pretty much all the time.

A while back some fool named Leo Carson put up a “bust” of Ms. Taylor in the former White city of Oakland (legendary haunt of legendary uncompromising White man Jack London), a city now run by a hostile super-Jewess named Libby Schaaf. (I was in Berkeley once, late at night, and someone said he was going to Oakland; someone else said “Be careful. I mean I don’t want to be racist or anything but you know how that goes.” Indeed we do know how that goes.)

Apparently some solid White folk couldn’t stand the ugly thing, and the genocidal regime it symbolizes, and so they improved it aesthetically with a hammer. Blow struck. Many dispossessed Americans would say that’s one for the good guys.

Mr. Carson vows he’ll replace it. They never learn, do they?

Pictures of this monstrous “bust” reveal it to be a hideous thing. Flat-nosed, big-lipped Taylor has here a reasonable facsimile. The artist made no attempt to hide her grotesque Congoid features; there are no discreet alterations of her bulbous Negroid outline. For years, our would-be executioners have somewhat “Europeanized” the aliens among us, by selecting the best-looking or more mixed ones as models or actors, or using artistic license — lest the slumbering Aryan giant be shocked into consciousness. But now in the post-Floyd world, this artist, and the Jews that run the ad agencies, are putting the most unalloyed hall-of-horrors semi-human types right in our faces. That may be helpful.

Fool Carson said this act of “vandalism” is an act of “racist aggression and intimidation.” The alternate and correct view is that it was an attempt to make sure that the White womenfolk wouldn’t be scared, and we didn’t startle the children or the horses. Really this “artistic” abomination calls for an exorcist to rid that space of its demons.

As for the real-life Taylor, the newest in a long line of sorry “civil rights” icons, she was a crime-spree hooligan up to her yellowish eye-sockets in wrongdoing. She was mixed up with something called “Jamarcus” (a name which by its lonesome comprises a crime). The body of one of Jamarcus’s co-savages was once found dead in the trunk of a car that Saint Breonna was driving. To be fair, a dead body could be randomly found in anyone’s car trunk, I suppose. It’s never happened to me or to you and never will — but still, these Negroes have a story for everything, they didn’t do nothing, sir. But I think it’s safe to say that when a corpse is hidden in and decomposing in your car, it’s all but certain that a solid citizen you are not.

Jamarcus was a pusher dealing in fentanyl and the Black stand-by, crack cocaine. He and she were some of those “super-predators” that deranged female banshee Hillary Clinton once spoke of, the ones she said needed to be “brought to heel.”

Well, you can’t get more brought to heel than dead. That’s the end of the line. And when someone in the gang that Taylor was “hanging” with, was a “bag (wo)man” for, was a member of, gets brought to heel it’s hardly the tragedy the liars say it is. It’s more like what’s left of White society taking care of its own, a thing which even now it still does in a minor way from time to time. You might also call it a small eugenic miracle.

“Say her name, Breonna Taylor,” they demand.

No, don’t say her name; don’t soil your lips. And let that unspoken name be covered with nothing but anathema. She wasn’t fighting for justice, that’s for sure. She was doing whatever it took to get high — and get rich off other people’s misery. Whatever her job skills and accomplishments might have been, on balance she was bad even for her own people. And she damn sure was bad for our people.

And what’s good for our people should be our definition of good.

* * *

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3 January, 2021 10:47 am

When this story first broke, I was somewhat sympathetic because I heard that the man who fired back at the police was a legal firearm owner who reasonably considered execution of a no-knock warrant in the middle of the night as a home invasion. This was a common view among those that commented on the youtube channel of the gun rights blogger I (used) to follow.

Then the truth started dribbling out and it turned out to be typical negro crime/dysfunction.

Ever notice that almost all the “racial injustice” incidents happen in far Left urban areas with the government, police and courts all run by progressives and negroes?

3 January, 2021 2:57 pm

Now, that’s funny!

3 January, 2021 8:22 pm

The upward Path demands we Whites of like mind and character band together and ship the feral congoid somewhere that we aren’t.

No one can do it alone.
National Alliance –

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
5 January, 2021 9:41 pm

damn hot take here KR. i live in this dark s—hole Louisville the Jews have huge billboards of this hideous, bulbous Simian Sheboon dotted all over their low-grade highways … not only is this failed black witch a hero amongst the mind—-ed White and black population of this city, so is the filthy thug Congoid that shot at the cops when they came thru the door… if these porch apes could write….they’d score books out of this dilemma….with filthy Jew/Kike publishing houses following them around with contracts… last i heard…they ceremoniously fired a couple cops who were just functionaries that typed up the search warrant to initiate this arrest-gone-wrong….they were not even there… we have a little ferret kike mayor who takes his directives from the black community -that his… Read more »

7 January, 2021 8:12 pm

If the Marxist filth in the USA feel that it is their moral duty to dismantle monuments to Aryan heroes of the past, than it should follow that I have the right to do the same inversely!