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Still the Stupid Country

by Douglas Mercer

“ASYLUM” has become a kind of “Open Sesame” for the dregs of the earth who show up at America’s door and knock insistently. They say the magic words and like abracadabra the doors open.

Still the stupid country.

During the campaign in 2016, Donald Trump gave a monster speech in Arizona in which he said that no longer can people be admitted into our country or violate our borders, hunker down, and then just stay forever.

But hunker down they have been; and with a Biden “win” the 30 million would be granted another magic word: “Amnesty.”

Open Sesame — welcome aboard.

You can be sure there is rejoicing in Guatemala today, and in the barrios and taco stands of our cities.

Still the stupid country.

ICE has a Health Service Corps (ICEHSC) to provide free health care for Brown alien border jumpers. In 2020 alone we gave the following gratis to greasers so far (through ICEHSC alone; the total numbers of invaders abusing our health care system are much, much greater):

  • 3,048 emergency room visits
  • 15,571 dental visits
  • 19,637 urgent care visits
  • 123,936 sick calls
  • 69,985 mental health visits
  • 270,222 prescriptions
  • 52,278 physicals

It cost half a billion dollars. Disease-ridden scum trample all over our sacred sovereignty and you’re out of pocket. And that’s money drained from White people given to the wogs.

And they infect you with viruses to boot.

Still the stupid country.

The so called “law of asylum” is a high-sounding concept pretendedly precious to One World initiates who want to kill off all the White people. The “law of asylum” is sacred to churches and synagogues who want to kill off all the White people. The “law of asylum” is moral according to “liberal” do-gooders who want to create a mixed-race dystopia in which White people will be subjugated.

Asylum is not only Open Sesame; it’s also open season on White people.

The modern version of the law of asylum was concocted out of whole cloth by One World global initiates in 1951 at the United Nations. This is the vaunted “international law” that was created by the something rather ominously called “the UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.” America still had a tiny sliver of dignity, self-respect, and common sense in 1951 and was not a signatory to this written dagger aimed at the heart of the White world.

But in 1967 some White race traitor signed the Convention’s “1967 Protocol” which, by dint of some crackpot mumbo-jumbo sub-heading, incorporated “kill the White man” into the original convention.

That person might as well have signed America’s death warrant.

Whoever it was that signed it should have his corpse dug up and his skull placed atop a pike on the edge of the Potomac as an example to discourage others.

What this “Convention,” what this “Protocol” means is that any beaner can waltz right up to our border, claim they like to indulge in sodomy, say the people back home aren’t crazy about sodomy, that they are “persecuted” for their sodomy, and they would like to enter the land of Uncle Sucker where sodomy is protected, indulged, encouraged, and glorified.

Right this way, sir.

That is, they can make up any tale of woe they purportedly suffered in their benighted s***hole of a homeland and America is obliged to “hear them out.”

Once in, of course, they are like ants: you can never get rid of them.

Still the stupid country.

Trump tried to stem this to an extent but he ran smack into something called the Flores Agreement which in 1997 was a “settlement” resulting from an original 1985 court case brought on behalf of a racial alien from El Salvador named Jenny Flores.

So a wetback hopped our border and her “case” was tied up for in “our” subversive courts for twelve years.

It should have taken twelve seconds to give the back of our hand and a swift kick on her wet back.

The Flores settlement was the work race criminals posing as moralists and what it stipulated was that Brown minors could only be detained for a short period of time before they had to have a “hearing” or be released into the interior of out ancestral homeland.

This is the infamous “catch and release.”

Of course there are so many Third Worlders clamoring at our gates that “hearings” take some time to arrange; so that means they “must” be allowed to enter, and prey on you and me, and live off our dime.

But unlike us they are not stupid, and they don’t show up at their hearings, but squat and hunker down and wait for the Great Amnesty in the Sky promised them by the Brown and Black and White criminals in our corporate/media/party/government complex.

The idea of Reconquista tells them that possession is not nine-tenths of the law: it is its entirety.

Trump braved it for a few days but when “kids in cages” caught on he folded like a cheap suit. It was always too much for him to bear when Ivanka cried.

In the recent debate Trump even accused Biden of building those cages.

As if that were a bad thing.

The truth is that when it comes to invaders, cages are too good.

Still the stupid country.

Now of course Biden and his racial-revenge-minded Black-Indian mystery meat vice president are all set to wave their magic kill-the-White man wand and grant the official imprimatur of “American” on all of the illegal aliens in our midst.

Just like that, they will be as American as George Washington.

As American as me and you.

With all the rights to take our land and our money and our everything.

They hunkered down. And now the stupid country will give them a piece of paper and render this holocaust complete.

By such means is a great people defeated.

By such means is White race suicide committed.

Still the stupid country.

And it is by such means that America has become a trough, in front of which all the pigs of the world line up and get their fill.

It is by such means that America became the universal sewer into which the filth of the world is flushed.

Close your eyes and watch it circle the bowl.

Still the stupid country.

* * *

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4 December, 2020 2:28 am

I’m sure, that under at least Biden, self-defense against the “American-as-George-Washington” people will be a civil and criminal offense.

The question is, what could the “American-as-George-Washington” people rename all the newly acquired lands into?

4 December, 2020 9:13 am

The problem with America’s multi-European nationality foundation is that A) Juden were included and that thus B) America became an Anti-Europe…possibly the ACW or Spanish-American war later was the start. I would think secession long overdue both for the good of Euro-Americans and Europeans-and indeed, for the world as I can’t see what else would keep this old Red nut, Gibberish Biden out.

7 December, 2020 12:36 am

I wouldn’t worry too much, come to think of it, these invaders will only take the place of the current welferians who are coddled by the goverment. They won’t want my job, because they wouldn’t want to work. The goverment will spend on them, feed them, clothed and house them, but goverment has forgotten where it gets its money, us the working class… Government won’t realize it until they can’t control them, just like Raspail had predicted in his book, “the Camps of the Saints.”

24 March, 2021 11:26 pm

Fantastic article! 10 out of 10!

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
30 September, 2021 2:13 pm

another great archived synopsis of our defilement as a White Aryan Race by filthy , yet unified , cyclops.

These ugly Jews aren’t necessarily smart….but they are not stupid.

They have literally turned our Race into existential mush ….our families, our childern , are turning against us due to the
malevolent propaganda that these Spirit-destroyers spit forth daily.

who is more to blame?
The filthy, genetically-wired Kike?

or our credulous, intellectually lazy families and childern?

cockroaches can only be cockroaches.

Lions always have the chance to be Lions.

mortal goyal
mortal goyal
30 September, 2021 5:06 pm

jews are great

just lovely, vampiric people

there is nothing malevolent about them at all

their journey on earth involves joy and non-divisive chaos.

they understand equality the best….because they are the desert plague-rats who are
required to experience its real life ramifications least.

damn these legless-larva …and whoever on earth they think they are.

nobody cares.

deal with things.

nobody cares.